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Join Today And Start Saving | :DentalPlans

**Join Today And Start Saving | :DentalPlans**



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Visit :DentalPlans Here

A dental savings plan functions a lot like a membership at a warehouse club. You pay an annual fee and get access to significantly reduced rates. And dental savings plans offer many benefits over traditional dental insurance. Things like no annual caps or limits and absolutely no paperwork.

Visit: and learn more about how to save money at the dentist.

Start saving today! Join. Save. Smile.

And if you can’t visit us online, give our :DP AtYourService™ Team a call at 866-794 -1154 and we’ll be happy to help you find a plan that is affordable and can solve all your dental cost concerns.

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millions of people today have no dental insurance if you're without insurance do you have a plan to care for your teeth without spending a fortune well we do introducing dental plans I'm a huge fan of dental plans because there's no waiting to get approved so you can get what you need to have done when you need it to get done as a member you pay one low annual membership fee and then save money every time you go to the dentist with dental plans I can alleviate the financial stress because i can plan when i can go to the dentist it was very easy to find a plan that that met our budget with dental plans you choose your dentist we have more than 100,000 dentists that accept our plans nationwide it was really wonderful to have the ability to see my regular dentist and to pay so much less money for it dental plans has no health restrictions you can't be turned down for a dental savings plan and there's no waiting so you can join today and start saving at the dentist tomorrow dental plans is great value for a single mother with children on a limited budget with no annual caps or limits you can visit your dentist as often as you need and save money at every appointment and get this there's no paperwork to fill out best of all no question ever goes unanswered our DP at your service team is available to help you get the most out of your dental savings plan the customer service people have been fabulous very friendly very knowledgeable and easy to work with there's even a 30 day money-back guarantee so if you don't have dental insurance you now have a plan dental plans I love dental plans because of the savings and the ease of use dental plans was completely a no-brainer for me my penis loves me because i use dinner plans join today and you'll say fifteen percent off any dental savings plan will even give you one month free with this limited time exclusive TV offer visit dental plans calm or call eight hundred 2407 695 you

Investing Money vs Savings for beginners - Malayalam - Thommichan Tips 2

**Investing Money vs Savings for beginners – Malayalam – Thommichan Tips 2**



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Through this video you can learn about investments and savings. Difference between savings and investments.

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Join Today And Start Saving | :DentalPlans

**Join Today And Start Saving | :DentalPlans**



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Visit :DentalPlans Here A dental savings plan functions a lot like a membership at a warehouse club. You pay an annual fee and get access …

How To Manage Your Money On A Low Income

**How To Manage Your Money On A Low Income**



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Would you like to learn how to manage your money on a low income?
If you’re on a low income and probably living paycheck to paycheck and think that if you only had a bit cash more you could make your finances work better.
While that might be true, you actually need tips on how to manage the money that you earn right now.
So let’s explore how to best manage your money when you earn a low wage.

I cover starting with 1. a mini reset of your finances, 2. building your foundation – budget, paying down debts, building savings, 3. how to maintain your budget when life gets in the way.

Enjoy 🙂
so you're on a low income and you're probably living paycheck to paycheck if only you had a little bit more money you could probably make your finances work just like everybody else here they probably don't have it figured out either well extra money would help I'm going to go over in this video tips on how to manage the money that you have right now so let's jump in on how to manage your money when you're on a low income start with a reset so if you're on a low income you're probably thinking about money all of the time so it's good to have a reset and to take a break from all of that so for a week or maybe longer if you want to go longer I want you to go on a spending freeze so however long you want to do this either a no spent week or longer if you can do it just a period of time that you're not going to spend any money unless the things that you have to pay for like bills etc just so you can take a break from money for a bit now you're probably not spending a lot anyway so this shouldn't be too much of a stretch but why this can be a good idea just to start with is that it can reset your habits and your thoughts about finances it just puts you in a better frame of mind to start again and start putting a plan into place on how to manage your money so it's just basically taking a break before you jump back in now obviously you still need to pay for your bills and for food but before you go to the grocery store take a stop take of all of the food that you currently have so go through your pantry go through fridge and freezer and just write a list of any meals that you can make with what you already have so the more meals that you can make from what you already have the better not only will you be able to use up what you already have and prevent food wastage and save some money when you have to go to the grocery store you'll only be supplementing to add to those meals that you can already make so you won't be buying everything from scratch you'll just be supplementing also during this reset period take a note of any free activities in your area so perhaps your council or your district has a list of all the activities in your area there might be festivals or events or even shopping centers sometimes have free events for kids although I would caution to stay out of the shopping center if you can help it anything that sounds fun is worthwhile considering so perhaps you could pack a lunch and go and see free music somewhere or something else that's going on perhaps you could visit the art gallery if that's free to enter you can go to the library and borrow books or libraries have a lot more other things to borrow these days as well from CDs music DVDs lots of things so during this reset period try to make it a goal to spend as little as possible nothing if you can do it although that's probably unrealistic just to take a break from thinking about money and spending money and all of that and so then you can move into the next phase to build your foundation so now that you've sort of had a break and reset your thoughts and your habits around money now it's time to put a system into place so under this section we're going to cover three things one is building your budget the second is paying off debt and the third is studying a savings plan so let's start with building a budget now if you already have a budget that's great you need a way to be tracking your income and expenses now I don't like general budgets the one where you're supposed to just fit your figures into some sheet or app or anything I prefer people make personal budgets for them based on what they actually earn and what they actually spend and so the only way to do this is to track your income and expenses for one whole month track every bit of income that comes in and anything that you spend now it doesn't matter if your income is weekly or monthly it also might be that it's the same each paycheck or it might vary depending on how many hours you've done just get it all written down somewhere it could be in a journal it could be in a spreadsheet it could be in an app whatever makes sense for you you're just tracking it do the same for all of your expenses anything that you spend money on track of that as well so include anything that you're paying money on bills food shopping transportation anything so anytime you spend money just write it down you can either categorize things if you want to put everything under say entertainment or transportation or you can give everything its own separate line that's entirely up to you I always think that in the beginning it's a good idea to keep things separate because then you can start to see trends really easily but once you've been doing it a while then you can start to categorize things into general groups so at the end of one month you should have a good idea of what a typical month is for you so tell everything up expenses on one side income on the other and just see where you're at so do you have any money left over at the end of the month the goal is to spend less than you earn so even on a low income you want to be spending less than you earn because the only way to get ahead is to have some money left over so if that's already the case then great but if not you're either gonna have to do one of two things increase your income or reduce your expenses now reducing your ex is probably going to be easier because it's in your power it's not as easy to just find extra income but it can be done now eventually down the track you want to look at how you can eventually get out of being a low income earner and how you can better yourself that might mean studying or moving cities or moving jobs all of these things take a lot of logistics and might be costly though so you have to really consider them so now that you've tracked your income and you got a little bit of a working budget for you now's the time to put a plan to reduce debt so make a list of any debts that you have that might be credit cards car loans student loans you can include your mortgage in this if you have one it's up to you whether you want to pay it off early or not some people like to some people just let that out because they don't think it's important to pay off quickly that's up to you if you are thinking about borrowing for a car I would say hold off and don't do it and try and save up something instead because cars depreciates so fast and you end up paying so much more for something that's just not worth it in the end but I know for some areas there's no getting around it you need transport just try and find the cheapest thing that you can anyway beside each debt I want you to put the minimum payment how much you owe what the date is that you're meant to be paying by and also the interest rate if you know it usually this is somewhere on your statement on how much interest you're paying but sometimes the bank will list it just on their website so if you know the interest rate that you're paying put that there too because that's gonna be really important now from your list of debts you're going to choose one to focus on just one and then you're going to pay the minimum on the rest so which one are you going to choose it doesn't really matter you could choose the one with the lowest balance that means you'll be paying it off faster and so you'll have less debts overall you could pay the one with the highest interest rates that's gonna save you money in the long run or it could just be the debt that you just want to get rid of because you've had it for so long and you just want it out of there it really doesn't matter that much there are pros and cons to H it depends whether you want to save a little bit more money or you just want to get rid of a particular debt at the end of the day it's just focusing on one and paying the minimum balance on the rest and then when you pay one off you focus on the next one and so on now the reason you want to focus on paying off your debts fast is that it's going to free up money for other things a lot of people spending so much money on paying off debts that they could be using for something else and if you're on a low income you need that extra money so now you have a plan in place for your debts let's move to save it so the third step is to build your savings now generally you want to be paying your debt off before any savings except for two things you want to be building your emergency fund and also your yearly expenses fund so your emergency fund should come first it's like your insurance for in case anything goes wrong so say you need a new tire on your car or something else breaks and that you really need to get it fixed that's what your emergency fund is for so how much you need in your emergency fund is going to vary on how much things cost in your area but if you're on a low income just look at starting with about $500 and if you can get it up to a thousand that's great a lot of people say that you should have six months worth of income in there and that's great if you can do it but if you're in a low income I think that's unrealistic to expect someone to be able to afford to save up that much money in a short period of time just focus on five hundred or a thousand to start with that's more than enough to cover any minor emergencies you can build it later on but just get the basics there first so next is your yearly expenses fund this is the fund where everybody has these big yearly expenses that could be insurance that's true once a year it could be Christmas so what you want to do with this fund is to work out how much things are going to cost over the course of a year how much all of your big yearly expenses are going to cost and then divide it by how often you get paid so the goal is to put away a little bit each pay so that when the expense comes around each year you'll have the money there and you won't have to scramble and try and find it you'll already have saved for it now of course this does require some pre-planning you have to work out how much you need and then start putting some money away and you might need to put a little bit extra in the beginning because you won't have a full year's worth of saving to for it this is just gonna stop those certain times of the year where he's just struggling for money you just want to have built up your yearly expenses fund to cover those big expenses that come around each year you've got your foundation built you've got your budget happening you've got a plan for reducing debt and a plan for building some savings what's next the third stage is just to live the plan and what do I mean by this so as you go through just living your life trying to manage your money as best as you can life is going to adapt and therefore your finances is also going to adapt so like living it's important to be flexible with your finances as well and I'm constantly changing my budget according to what's going on in my life and if my expenses change or if my income changes I'm constantly changing things as life changes but if everything's not going to stay the same how do you make it all work well I think it's important just to keep on top of things and just keep gradually trying to get rid of the debt start saving and just trying to spend less than you earn overall you want to treat your finances with as little emotion as possible and I know when it comes to money people are irrational and emotional but the more that you can be level-headed about your finances the better that you're going to be in the long run you want to separate who you are from what you earn your money and how much you have it doesn't define who you are you want to keep them separate you just want to keep a level head about your money so no emotion so since you're not going to be emotional it's time to be responsible about your money because if you can change your attitude to money you can change your life so now just go through and analyze your spending habits and try and see where you can cut back so even if you do have some spare money left over it's good to be critical about all of your purchases now what you keep in your budget is going to be up to you it's going to be personal because personal finance is personal I suggest just keeping those few things that you absolutely love that you can't live without and either reducing or getting rid of the rest look if you're on a low income it's likely that you're spending as little as possible anyway but it doesn't hurt to go through and see whereas you can cut back being frugal is nothing to be ashamed of some of the biggest billionaires in the world are frugal a lot of the times we tell ourselves that we deserve something because we've had a bad week or we're not feeling great about ourselves but as I've said before saying I deserve it is killing us financially you deserve more than just the stuff that you have you know what you do deserve to be empowered about your finances and not to get sucked into the constant marketing messages the constant social media pushes the crazy consumerism that we just seem to be bombarded with so cook your own food take your lunch to work turn off any heating and cooling anytime that you can look for a cheaper phone plan think about selling your car if you can use public transport and it works cheaper you might have to do the thumbs on that one just stop buying so many things and just spend less overall go out and find cheap free and fun things to do you want to enjoy life but not pay for the privilege if you want a second job that's great that can be a great way to bring in second income but do be mindful not to swap all of your personal time for money in every case and of course look to improve your position but not if the cost is too high remember the goal for managing any sort of money is to spend less than you earn but I also think having a good life is important too so just keep tracking your spending in your income keep working down those debts put savings plans into place and don't let your income define you you're probably not going to be on a low income forever this might be just a small part of your life but even if it comes a time where you are earning more these money management tips work no matter what you're earning anyway I hope you've enjoyed this video and got something out of it I will see you in the next video take care and

How to Save Money: Tips to Save Over Five-Figures | TIAA

**How to Save Money: Tips to Save Over Five-Figures | TIAA**



View Time:2:18Minutes



Watch to hear multiple young individuals talk about how they were in debt after college and how they saved money to where they had over five-figures in their savings accounts. There are multiple ways to save money in order to create financial security for you and your family.

Saving money does not have to be difficult. It takes patience and commitment to save for the future. So how do I save money?

Best Money Saving Tips
You never want to get to the point where you have a financial scare. A build up of student loans and trying to afford rent may be difficult. However, you can begin saving money right now. Saving is a lot easier than you think, so try not to put yourself in financial prison. Get in the habit of putting money away and change your spending. Try not to live beyond your means. If you can, attempt to live a little under your means, thought it may be difficult at first, you will start to see your savings increase. There are other money savings ideas to get to your financial goals. You can start a savings plan. Put some of your check into a high yield savings account and the rest into your checking account. These accounts in particular earn interest based on the amount you put in.

How to Budget and Save Money?
Sticking to a budget is easier if you pay attention to your finances. Figure out what you are spending each month. For example, look at what you are spending each month on groceries, rent, bills, etc. See if you can cut some costs, such as your gym membership. It may cost you $100. See if there is another gym near by, which is only $50. Create a financial goal to save for the future. Are you saving for property, having kids or a wedding? These are all great goals to start saving for.

How to Start Saving Money?
TIAA offers high yield savings account to help you on your savings journey. Visit to learn what interest rates TIAA has or visit to learn how do savings accounts work.

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I started working when I was 18 years old ever since then I've always been saving money when I used to spend really frivolously and when I reached a point where I had nothing I hit my rock bottom and that sort of when he had the realization that you never want to get to that point again when I was in college I had a financial scare where I was spending like crazy I thought I had money in the bank i had student loans and then one day I couldn't pay my rent after college I was working pretty consistently and then there was a period where I didn't have any work that's when I started to accumulate a lot of debt I begin saving money at a very early age I saw my father do it and it was a nice sense of security that he had and I also wanted that security for myself saving was a lot easier than I thought it would be at first i thought i was putting myself and some sort of financial prison and it wasn't it was actually very liberating taking the habit of learning how to get out of debt helped me accumulate my savings and the way that I did that was I already had the habit of putting money aside I also radically changed my spending once I got my full time job I put half of my check into a high-yield savings account and the rest of it into my banking account I didn't live beyond my means and also didn't live at my means I lived a little bit below my means make sure you stick to a budget make sure that you look at your finances and figure out what you're spending each month on bills groceries etc and then put the rest aside well one of the reasons I'm saving is for peace of mind for you know a rainy day but I'm also saving for my future for owning property one day or having kids I'm not exactly sure what I'm saving for I do have a separate retirement account but in terms of my general savings I just know that if I were to ever lose my job or want to change careers or go back to school that I would be able to now my cigs account is forty five thousand dollars and I'm very proud of that three years out of college before you know it you know after a year or two of working and putting money away I had that five figures and I was really proud of it