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How to Save Money In College

**How to Save Money In College**



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This video covers the 6 tips for saving money in college. Whether you are in college now, or will be soon, it’s important to understand your personal finances and how you can optimize your savings and financial knowledge for after school. Learning how to save money in college now will be especially beneficial as you move through college and into your career.

Many college students struggle with not having enough money, overspending, and constantly feeling broke.

This video will give you a few ways you can make extra income, save money on school expenses, as well as book recommendations for personal finance.

Here is a brief overview of the 6 tips.

1. Set a budget

2. Find a part time job.

3. Avoid tempting credit card offers while in college.

4. Avoid new textbooks, and buying at your bookstore.

5. Learn the basics of financial literacy.

6. Understand your student loans.

Those were the 6 tips and make sure you stay to the end and get the bonus information we provide you on saving for retirement.
in this video I'm going to cover six tips on how you can save money while you're in college the first is to set a budget the most important part in establishing your spending plan is analyzing what your income will be per month whether it be money from your parents student loans or best yet a part-time job this should only take 20 to 30 minutes and you should do at the beginning of the semester or quarter your actual expenses might change a little for month-to-month but the most important part is that you have a general outline to follow you'll want to focus on how much you can spend on food entertainment transportation and books for the semester once you see everything together you can figure out what you can cut down on to save a certain amount if you are a freshman living in the dorms you will most likely be required to buy a dining hall meal plan and this will be creating your spending plan a little easier but one thing I watch out for is how much you go out to eat with friends because this will add up quickly when you enter into college you will finally be on your own and will be responsible for your own finances take this time in college when you have a limited income to build good habits now one great way to tackle all your spending is by using the free app and online service mint this is not a sponsored video or anything but rather something I personally used to keep track of my own finances tip number two is to find a part-time job a great way to improve your spending plan is by obtaining a part-time job while you're in college a part-time job will give you extra income to do fun things with friends go out to eat travel on the weekend eat healthier and more luxuriously than mac and cheese or Top Ramen one of the most convenient places to work at is your school on-campus jobs are perfect for students because these jobs are typically more flexible with your school schedule you can find on-campus jobs at your gym bookstore restaurants dining hall or grading for professors another option you might want to consider is becoming an RA or Resident Advisor for the doors of your school after your first year this is a great option for students looking to save money on room and board because most schools will give you free housing and exchange for being an RA which can easily save you ten thousand dollars for the year number three is to steer clear of tempting credit card offers by the banks on your campus although it is important to build credit if you're trying to finance a car or get an apartment waiting till you graduate college and having a monthly income is most likely the best decision for most students it's important to realize that credit cards are not free money whenever you spend on a credit card you will need to pay off at the end of the month the difference between a debit card and a credit card is that with a credit card you are billed at the end of the month for your spending whereas a debit card is linked to your checking account and the money comes out immediately if you use your credit cards and maybe buy a meal each month and you always pay it off then awesome you'll build credit and won't gather any fees or interest payments but many students go overboard since they don't have to pay the money back immediately tip number 4 is to not buy new textbooks and ideally don't buy it from a University's bookstore you should always rent buy used bar from a friend or find a free PDF version you can save hundreds of dollars each quarter or semester simply by renting or purchasing used textbooks which can add up to at least a thousand if not more in savings over the course of your college career just to show you an example I looked up a book called fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics a required book for mechanical engineering students at the University Bookstore I checked out it was $200 to buy used and 228 to buy new that same book sells used for 150 on Amazon and you can rent it on Amazon for $50 there's also Chegg which is a popular site to rent books a website I personally used with slug books comm all you do is type in the book you want to look up and it lists up a bunch of different websites and tells you the prices of the book at all of them and whether it's to rent it or to buy it in addition to buying used textbooks you should always wait to buy the book until you attend the first class session to see if you actually need the textbook first week of every quarter or semester is primarily used for taking attendance and going over the syllabus and with services like Amazon and Chegg they can get you a textbook in two days there's really no need to buy the textbook ahead of time unless the professor specifically tells you there will be homework due in the first week of the term lastly if you think you will very rarely need the textbook and don't want to rent or buy the book your library should have a couple copies on reserve however it is important to know that come midterms and finals week you and your classmates might be competing to check out the same book number five is to learn financial literacy begin investing in yourself and start learning the basics of financial literacy the best way to do this is through personal finance books and podcast reading for recreation is often a challenge during the school year because of the volume of reading assignments homework papers and labs so an alternative is listening to books on audible or listen to podcasts while you are walking in a class start educating yourself on the basic retirement accounts like an IRA and a 401k when I started my first job as an engineer the second day I just set up my 401k once I got to the page I needed it gave me options to invest in small cap stocks large cap stocks bond international equities and more and my boss as well as yours will not explain this to you it's all on you luckily there's often an option for you to set a year you will likely retire so for those starting out it might be a 40 year plan and they invest the money for you but if you have more experience in this then you can control where your investments go and I don't know about everyone else as an engineer no class I ever took taught me about investing stocks or bonds but luckily I taught myself a little about this before graduating if not I would have had no idea what any of these terms meant you should learn the difference between a Roth and a traditional IRA or 401k and possibly start investing when you come across some extra cash the most important part is you know the basics of financial literacy you are ready for when you graduate college three books that I found helpful and understanding the basics of personal finance include I will teach you to be rich the Total Money Makeover and money master the game just by reading these books you will pick up the basics and be prepared to be financially responsible for when you graduate college and last is to understand your student loans when planning your spending plan you want to look at how much money you will need for school one huge mistake students make is that they take out more student loans than they actually need unlike any other loan student loans stay with you forever until they are paid off you cannot declare bankruptcy on them and make them go away like you could a car loan it's important to look into which loans you qualify for know the interest rates and always know the principle balance you owe let's break this down if you have student loans at 7% interest per year and have to pay them off in 10 years here's what your monthly payments would look like and just remember how much your interest increases the total you'll pay over the 10 years so for example if you take out $40,000 in loans at 7% at the monthly payment over 10 years you'll pay fifty five thousand six hundred and eighty dollars that means you pay 39 percent more than what you took out seven percent didn't seem so bad but it's more than you probably think and look at this if you can manage to take out 30k instead and pay it off over ten years you'll pay a total of about $42,000 so look at that by taking out ten thousand dollars less than student loans you spend over thirteen thousand dollars less over the ten years so you see every scholarship every early payment taking that are a job for free room and board or renting the textbooks will seriously help to saving X amount on loans now really means you're saving more later on and just a disclaimer know that there are different types of loans out there and you will likely have many with different interest rates so make sure you know what applies to you in addition students should not take out more student loans than their projected first year annual income when you get to college is a good idea to go to your financial aid center at your school at least one to two times a year so you can stay up-to-date on information about your student loans grants you might be eligible for and scholarships if you are getting student loans you will need to apply for FAFSA every year and lastly it's important to know who your loan provider is what type of loans you're receiving and how much you are taking out every quarter or semester in conclusion it's crucial for students to implement good spending behaviors early no one is going to learn personal finance for you start with these financial tips and grow from here and as a final tip one thing that gets overlooked by young people because retirement feels so far away is that they don't start saving as soon as possible remember if you put $1,000 into a retirement account at 20 years old it will be worth around fifteen thousand dollars that retirement if the market does well doesn't seem like a lot but starting early allows that compounding interest to happen even faster this will be covered extensively in the personal finance books listed before but it is never too early to set aside money for your retirement we live in a time where retirement age is being pushed back and where social security pensions will be a thing of the past the simplest approach to personal finance and savings for retirement is using the 80/20 rule using 80% of your earnings on your bills and expenses then 10% for long term savings and 10% on yourself if you liked this video don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll see you all next time you

🤔How to Save Money with MINIMUM WAGE? (Wish I Knew)

**🤔How to Save Money with MINIMUM WAGE? (Wish I Knew)**



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You probably don’t think you can save anything making minimum wage…you’re actually WRONG, you can! This video is how to save money with minimum wage. More SPECIFICALLY, it’s helping you move on from being minimum wage with low income to becoming something greater.

Who am I? Well I just told you, I’m Nick
I worked at McD for 5 years, probably the only thing I regret for staying so long lol
But yes I started at $7.30, most of not all of you are above that amount because of minimum wage now is like $10.
I went all the way up to $12, still not buy a yacht money but it was a step

Well if you want the punch line I started and saved a goal of $10k and even up to the figure mark over the years and you can too.

So no, this isn’t a video about cutting back on eating out or your tv bill to save money. Can that work yes, my last video went over specific things.

Frugal Living Tips (SAVED $100k):

HOWEVER, have you ever realized no matter how hard you try to save you’re in the same place no matter what? I’ll be talking about why that is.

I have my last video on frugal living tips that I focused on during those 10 years of my life
I had a comment that I want to share with you that I went thru as well.

It truly is a mental game guys. And that’s the only thing that’s holding you back
Once you wake up and actually see what’s going on, it’s life changing

I remember working, getting frustrated at customers, that were wrong most the time btw, and the thing that changed my life was this.
Focus on what you have control over
That’s it. My anxiety levels lowered because guess what? Can’t control customers. Can’t control coworkers. Can’t control your low pay in this company.
You CAN change what you do. By saving, and gaining experience to eventually move on.
This sounds so simple but some don’t see it. I used to work with a woman and her husband was on unemployment. I’m not a fan of unemployment cause again, you’re putting your control in someone else’s hands. She said she was wondering if her husband should get a job cause then he won’t be getting unemployment anymore.
WHAT?! Liking stepping over dollars to collect pennies right?

People…me…and maybe even you are hindering yourself from moving onto better things. If you’re young like I was like 16 years old it’s hard. You need experience and unfortunately it’s unattractive but time.
But if you’ve been working for years and unhappy, you need to take control.

I moved into the financial industry, I talk about it on this channel.
You can try and save all you want, but if you think the wrong things, you do the wrong things.
It’s time to change how you think. At least give it a shot.

Materialism is a scam. There you go.
You need to work on you more than your job. I used to work on my job 125% and me like 5%. Wrong way to go about it.

Does that mean to care about yourself more than your job and be selfish a bit?
Being selfish is not bad because if you don’t care for yourself who will?

End with this for you to think about
2 week notice

Asking for a Raise (Why You’re Still BROKE):

10 Frugal Living Tips:

How to Save Money on Low Income:

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“Unshakable” – Tony Robbins

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“Rich Dad Poor Dad” – Robert Kiyosaki

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Hello, this is a easy and effective way to save. I’m not a financial advisor but this may help you on your financial journeys.

Music: As Leaves Fall
Musician: @iksonofficial
hey guys it's me again with the thought of the day or it could be the rent of the day or it could be the might have a good idea to help you for the day don't know but uh anyway okay so the thought of the doing is a quite a few things wrapped up in one you know those people who you know they were working or whatever and maybe they look income tax check and they're like oh I got five thousand off you know 505 okay I thought no I'm really John Rich okay you know so they rich okay um gone within a month I mean even probably faster so because they say oh I pay my bills or whatever and once again they think their bills are like bills water bills gas bill whatever once again I'm gonna say that's not a bill that is a necessity you have to have that all the time you will never pay that off ever bills to me our credit cards car no house no things like that that you can't pay off and then we're doing you know so anyways you know they say something like that where we're going by name-brand purses name-brand shoes name-brand tennis shoes guys whatever and not being kind of responsible with it because the deal is in the beginning people are going to do that okay fine but do that but the five years you might get a handful of years where you're gonna always get you'll get that money for a handful of years I mean I don't know maybe five years six years seven years okay first year you you just blow it and waste it whatever the next year dude seriously if you get 5,000 off once again use that five number five if you get $5,000 its surprised money it's money that I mean and you're here you are expecting it but it's money that just is not there so you get that $5,000 just pretend yourself when you get that five that is four and take a thousand of that and put it up in a savings account in a CD start an emergency savings start a spending account of course you got a bill account because everybody's got paid bills but start these things and of course you're working hopefully you work at a place where they have 401k and of course you're putting back for Social Security now I know I say Social Security everybody says so it's good not gonna be in here don't know okay I didn't say that for ages it's still here I'm working to pay my mother's Social Security my kids are working to pay myself security whenever it happens and yes that I want that money whatever I the work on the worst is on 15 I want that money so it's like be responsible with that big lump sum that you get try to figure it out you know put it in a CD or savings one thousand dollars to the city of your savings are split has been five-minute CDs with five in the savings and then you have this same as account okay the CDs just leave it over there leave it alone you want for my go ahead but the stages account every time like at work you've worked a job or whatever every time you get a raise hey that raise money whatever it is after you get your changing cumulate Mabel's it's a $20 your $20 take that 20 it just slide it into that same as account it's like you never got a raise you know you did but you put it in a savings account but you take it away it's like you you don't need it you don't see it take it away let it go don't get raised like oh this one I'm gonna help me buy a new car I gotta hire a car note or whatever don't do that take that 20 and put it away it's nothing it's whatever you're living off the same check that you always got and this is every time you get a raise every time now if you have a stopping point that's fine but make it stop a point a good number nine okay to raise that's it I'm done no you need that emergency account okay you need that savings account you need that spinning account you need that Bill account so be smart with it if you have to start out even if you say okay well I'm gonna start now I'm not gonna I'm not gonna wait I get a raise so I can't I can't do 20 but I can do $10 a week just automatically coming out of my check do it it don't sound like a lot it's not a whole bunch but it's the starting point somewhere so when you say you can open $10 in a week on up another chance so now it's 20 oh you know what I think I can pull $30 a week but nothing then you just keep doing it doing it but of course make sure you have your extra you know you're spending money and you know you have your bills paid and everything just burn Apple is the right way regulate your money the correct way it doesn't matter where you work and how much you make is how much you regulate regulated the correct way and you can live comfortable you can work but you can live good you can live decent you know I'm saying and in the future of course of working some people want to retire some people don't they want to work all day down like it just worked very very great work look that's your business I don't want to work I have my plan and plan but I don't want to work forever I want to retire and I want to try to retire like at 62 it's just a million years away to me but it you know I want to retire as young as I can too you know it's a lot gonna start like my mother you know but um I just don't want to work forever I don't know I don't want to work forever I don't even work part time somewhere and if I do work it's gonna be stuff that I do like all this stuff behind me this vinyl that sewing machine over there this machine over here this all makes me extra money you know I'm saying find something if you do retire you say oh I do want to work if you sorry I'm not ending this I thought I heard something but anyway if you do want to retire bring on if you do want to retire then I'm sorry if you do want to work while you're retired then find something to do extra I don't know when they have flea markets get stuff in selling see market I don't know but I don't want to work work I want to time time time I don't want to punch a clock I don't want to do that after I retire I'm gonna work a part-time I want to I want to do nothing I'm gonna do what I want to do I'm gonna get them to outside and look at the Sun Rise I don't know but um anyway so that means you have to have some kind of plan savings account 401k working a job that puts in 401k working a job that puts in Social Security if you're getting paid under the table or if you have your own business and you're not putting back you know you might want to start doing it now because we are all getting older every single one I don't care how buff you are or whatever how many days you work out you are still your age yes eight any number that number you are still your age it doesn't matter I don't care how good you look you are still that number and everybody's gonna figure it out and everybody get tired – yes in my head there's a lot of things I want to do but then you la be like honey you know whatever it just it is what it is I always thought I wonder we like that but hey whatever it is what it is it happen I'm talking about dying life insurance people life insurance okay if you married or whatever your your y'all get life together are you not married whatever whatever get life insurance even if you're not and you're young your mother and your father are not responsible for your death they are not get your own damn life insurance policy you're 21 or whatever it is you're working a good job or whatever a decent job it doesn't even matter get your own life insurance policy no one should be responsible for your death no one should be because they might not have any money to bury you okay oh you say you want to be buried in the mines Caskey doesn't know you getting cremated too bad too sad I mean it is what it is we have to be responsible people okay so get your own dang life insurance not saying you don't have to get a million-dollar life insurance policy you can get I don't know I don't know what the lowest life insurance policy is maybe five thousand dollars I mean you know just that number five and it could be and it won't be much a month get yourself a life insurance policy now I I mean I'm not advising to do nothing but if you do get life insurance policy don't get term because tom is what it says it stops you're not saying personally I have Universal whole life I would you do whatever you want to do but whole life universe a whole life you can borrow against it if you had to if you had an emergency that's another way you have an emergency fund you probably shouldn't use it but if you have to and it's emergency you can borrow against your whole life universe a whole life insurance policy you can borrow yes if you need to if you've had it long enough you know what I'm saying and the thing is insurance policies the premiums do go up but if you you what you do is you get that whole life Universal whole life insurance policy okay if they say oh the premium is $20 don't do 20 do 40 if you do 40 then you don't have to you don't have to up it until you get like maybe 60 or 70 I mean you can always up it at an early you know younger you know a younger age or whatever but if you double it in the beginning you won't have to put more money on you don't have to make that premium higher till later you know I'm saying so double that payment but tell them you want to double that payment don't just double it tell them you want to double it anyways um but yes like I said no one is responsible for your life your income tax money won't last forever because it just doesn't it's not dependent on that when you do get it yeah that's surprise money oops I'm gonna put half of this up in a savings account or on a CD or whatever whatever and if you can do this $20 a week or $10 start with ten dollars a week coming out of your check dude you go to McDonald's and all these other places to go eat something when you know you got food in your damn frigerator ten dollars start with ten dollars a week for the rest of your life and if you can up it with a year are six months up into $20 a week let it come out automatically not you oh let me take $10 out and put it over here let's do it autumn and go to the bank and open another account st. Bank and just let it automatically come out it will build up I'm telling you if you let it if you have an emergency you can use some of it you don't have to use all of it and know that savings account is not your retirement but if you can make it be your retirement plan that would be really cool that would be super cool but if it's not at least it can be an emergency fund or a savings account fund and the same thing about going on vacation people act like they can't go on vacation you can save up $20 a week once again I've said this before you can save up $20 a week for a year and I came here how much these calculated up I don't know whatever I don't have much Oh phones right there but whatever so it's still if anything it will pay for the lodging you know what I'm saying you can figure it out there's always away and there's nothing wrong with making extra money on the side legally find a hobby find something to do people buy anything come on y'all but anyways that was a rant of today and build adults here being adults don't depend on nobody depend on your parents being adults grow up see you later and when I get a neck stop I'm going to push it here I don't care that's what I think and it may help someone if it doesn't know well if you don't like it okay but it may help someone and if it does that's great see you later it's flow nuts out and I post up like a pecs Oh bad of mixed flow nuts I see y'all later

Ways To Save Money As a Student - The "ISIC" card!!!

**Ways To Save Money As a Student – The "ISIC" card!!!**



View Time:5:13Minutes



Many students are not aware of the STUDENT HACKS and benefits they can get, and all the money they can save JUST because they are still studying, this is the first video, of others, that are about Ways to Save Money As a Student and How To Save Money As A Student.
This is the first one, and it talks about the International Student Identification Card (ISIC)

The International Student Identification Card (ISIC) is an internationally recognized student ID, but is as well offers you discounts in many places.

ISIC official website:

You can choose your country from the list, and make this your first way to save money as a student.

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hey – hurry done today so I thought I might talk to you about a hack that is very useful for students because students they usually can't afford to again you know some of the stuff that are expensive because maybe either we're we're dependent on our parents or we work and a part-time job doesn't really pay that much some companies really want to appear as if they're you know as if they're encouraging education and morning people to learn and stuff like that so a lot of people lot of companies offer substantial amounts of discounts I mean really like 50% and offering the products for free so our I'll be wanting to talk about these kind of stuff and if you currently student how can you take the most advantage of it I'm sorry it's a bit noisy today in the background because of the cars that people seem not to be able to resist the compel an urge of honking but I don't know what's wrong with people today okay so the first advice how I talk to you about is some things that is called the ID card it enables you to get discounts that might reach even a marriage seventy five or fifty percent so pretty high discounts on South usually you can get and it's constantly airlines on you know to a while traveling the main idea of this car basically is it's the student identification card so Isaac student identity is recognized all over the world and you can even use it to carry money in it use it as some kind of a massive part it won't be functioning guys as a credit card or whatever but that's that's different option okay so for that you might be needed to go to a bank for the Isaac card itself it would be a card without the metal thing and it won't be a bank card that you can actually put it in ATMs and get money out of it the Isaac card is recognized all over the world and you can identify yourself as a student and take this comes from certain shots and places that are that you can find them all on the on their website you know whether whatever country you can find discounts there it has I think discount + 2 + 1 2 plus countries so pretty good but is it for free it's pretty cheap but its prize differs country to another so let's say for example in the United States it might cost you twenty dollars but it would not cost you twenty dollars outside the United States for example in Mexico you can get it for way less than that around five dollars if I can remember correctly yeah and if you go into every one of them for example the UK if you transfer pounds into dollars let's go get you much much less than it is in the United States but even 20 bucks is not that big of a deal regarding to the amount of this constant they gonna give you all you have to do is take these discounts is just offer it while you're purchasing and this count is going to be deducted but if that store is you know except this cars in the first place it and you can know that by going to the website do I recommend get in it I know it sounded really good but I always think about the logically so do I need this stuff that they have to offer me well you can have it on you if you have them extra card holder in your wallet but you one really needed conclusion don't get it unless you travel a lot as you might usually there's as an identification card to show the errors due there maybe to get these discounts or not you know you need to identify yourself as a student that is recognized all over the world

Day In My Life NYC College Student | How to Save Money in College!

**Day In My Life NYC College Student | How to Save Money in College!**



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//Hi friends! Today’s video is a day in my life as a NYC college student–including I how save money in college! Saving money in college is super difficult, but this video shows you how I incorporate saving money tips into my daily routine as a college student. Let me know if you like these day in my life college vlogs and if you also follow any of these tips!


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hi guys I've literally just woke up this morning but today's video is really exciting cause I've never done something like this this is gonna be another day in my life vlog just a normal college vlog because you guys really like these but something about me lately that I've been really into is saving money and just being really conscious about making small little changes in my life to save money I feel like YouTube really ups how cool consumerism is and how cool like spending money and buying things is but I feel like no one really talks about like how saving money and like being financially stable it's actually really cool and so in today's video I'm gonna show you guys my favorite tips that I incorporate throughout my entire day that sort of thing you need a is for sponsoring this video I've worked with them before and I absolutely love them let's just go ahead and get right so for breakfast I would definitely recommend eating at home for breakfast it is so easy to make quick breakfast one of my favorites is overnight oats overnight oats are so easy literally all you need your oats all my milk and like maybe a banana if you want to get fancy they're so easy and so cheap I think oats are probably like three dollars for a jar almond milks probably like maybe four dollars so I just take some of these Trader Joe's quick cook steel cut oats I just take maybe like half a cup of these mix it with a little bit of almond milk overnight in a little container with a lid and then you wake up with like this really nice consistency I added a little bit to all my mouth last night I was really tired you can add anything you want in the morning I usually like to add coconut chips some agave and also a banana which is a super cheap fruit and there you have a super easy breakfast which literally takes like five minutes I would also recommend going to the farmers market it's so much cheaper I feel like before I went to the farmers market I had this idea that like farmers markets are more expensive everything's organic and like locally grown so I just got these five really nice Honey Crisp apples and these are like seven dollars when normally they'd be like nine dollars for four of them at a grocery store and so definitely check out your farmers market if you're trying to get like good cheap fruit that tastes good so basically I've just been twerking on YouTube stuff for a little bit I just posted a video I'm trying to be better at being more consistent and calling I just posted that which feels really really good I now have a ton of homework to do it just feels so good outside it's like 50 degrees I just am loving like spending alone time in the apartment it's just so important for me really appreciative it's like while I have a ton of stuff to get done and I honestly feel really behind on life I'm just really content and I'm just like happy to be where I'm at and it feels really really good definitely ready for some coffee I said that I would have is not to go out and buy a coffee would actually make it at home which is really hard for me because I love iced coffees maybe just cut back like a couple times a week I really like the organic coffee Code Java love single serve coffee sustainable ones it's like you're into that kind of stuff so I just had like a free second to sit down and it's getting really cold here in New York and I always procrastinate on or during winter clothes and so I think I might go ahead and try to order a couple of things just cuz they're like necessities I'd also like to note that this is not a hickey is to subscribe I'm also in the basement so any time I have to buy anything online I always use Yoona days and if you were a college student you should definitely take advantage of them basically all you do is sign up with your student email through your college and you're immediately hooked up on the website you can use the app on your phone or you can use it on your computer I usually use it on my computer just because I don't really like shopping on my phone a spot of all your browsing all your favorite fashion stores you can actually get discount codes for all three favorite brands like Urban Outfitters princess Polly I know it's super popular right now and I love them Nasty Gal rag-and-bone these are brands that are super duper cool and you can get like 15 to 20 percent off on all of these brands just by going through Yoona days like this doesn't cost any money the website is really easy to navigate onto so you literally just go on it and you will just click when you want to apply the discount and actually get it and then you can use it on all your favorite websites there are so many brands it's not just like random brands that no one's heard of and also if you have a friend who loves online shopping you can refer them and you immediately have five dollars off it is such a great way to save money Unity's also has a ton of giveaways on their website so if you actually want free stuff you can totally do that as well so while I don't online chop off that much I really like to use unities when I do because I save mine being college like money's tight so I'll have the link down below if you want to sign up and start saving yourself you should definitely do it I've been using this for about like two years that I've been in college literally save money by doing absolutely nothing this isn't like a gimmick or anything I just think it's really cool and another thing that I also encourage is actually checking out free resources so one thing that I love to do is read but like buying books all the time can be really expensive and so we actually have like this whole like bookshelf down in our basement I don't really think anyone uses but you can just like take books and read them I will just come down here and pick up a book there honestly there's so many books down here and they're just so nice to go through and not like actually have to go through a library or anything so it's kind of noisy out here about another tip I would have is instead of going to a coffee shop to study try finding a free spot so whether that be a public park or for me the roof of my apartment building I really really like so while I'm getting ready right here I don't want to talk about why I have shifted to more of a saving money kind of mindset so obviously like buying stuff going out to eat like that kind of stuff is fun naturally that's something that like you're going to want to do especially in college and a lot of the times I feel like you've bond with people are like over food or like going shopping with people the more I grow up the more I realized that like ultimately being happy comes from things that are not material buying things like instantly for instant gratification is that fulfilling I think for me one of the biggest parts of saving money comes from the fact that there are a lot of things later in life that like I really want to do I think a good living space is really important to me because doing YouTube and stuff you know where you live is kind of like your office it's not the place that you want to be able to work in and grow in and just feel comfortable in and that like takes having money saved up to have a place that you really like I also know that within like the next like five to ten years I want to get married and I want to have the kind of wedding that like I've always wanted and while that may seem like stupid that's like something that I want not having to live paycheck to paycheck it's also something that's really valuable which also means like you have to have money save and also if there are things in your life that are kind of stupid that you don't necessarily eat but you do like to spend money on like prioritize those and your budget like two things that I really like that I honestly don't want to cut back on or like having fresh flowers in my part literally like in my bathroom right now like buying nice coffee and those are two things I don't need like those are not necessities but I still feel like to some degree they make my life nicer having those two things so I'm gonna cut out other areas of my life that aren't necessary so I'm not gonna go out to eat that much with like my friends so I cut back in those areas so I can do the things that I want to do it's all about just if you put something into your life you got to cut something out that's how you balance aids and especially how you balance money I'm like obviously on YouTube I do make money and I have prioritize like saving that money because I want to do the things that like matter to me move so that's my rant I'm gonna go ahead and keep getting ready so just finish class and I got ready cuz I'm gonna go hang out at the park with my boyfriend that's another tip I would have for you guys instead of like eating out or doing something like that just go somewhere that you can just like walk around and talk but I definitely always enjoy like our dates in the park as opposed to like actually going somewhere more I don't know they just seem a lot more special and so I'm about to go head there hopefully catch the sunset if I'm not too late that's what I'm hoping so I'm gonna end up this vlog with a verse and just kind of a little message this is something that I want to start adding into my videos if you're feeling anxiety of you're feeling fear this is my favorite verse it literally got me through college last year every morning I kid you not I would read this verse to myself Psalm 34 for I sought the Lord and he answered me and he delivered me from all my fears those who look to him are radiant and their faces shall never be ashamed for me that verse just brings me so much peace I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want to check out Yoona days make sure to go down below and download it I really love you guys and if you like vlogs also let me know because I would love to just continue doing these if you guys enjoy them I love you guys and I'll see you as my next video five minutes