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How To Super Cool Your House and Save Money on Air Conditioning I Fun On a Dime Money Saving Tips

**How To Super Cool Your House and Save Money on Air Conditioning I Fun On a Dime Money Saving Tips**



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Check out more fun and tips at (screenshots of our power bill/usage will be there soon)

Best Money Saving Tips For Young Adults!

**Best Money Saving Tips For Young Adults!**



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Smart Money tips for anyone who wants to make the most of today, to have a secure future tomorrow! Small changes, big differences with :
hello and welcome to let's talk about money with Bank bizarre calm here are some smart money secrets for young people who really want to make the most of today to have a secure future tomorrow tip 1 start earning at an early age so that in times of need savings can be accessed without thinking price and yes by early I mean the legal age limit dude and using legal means don't want you to get inspired by those Manmohan Desai movies and start polishing shoes and blame me for it and yes complete your education or else you'll actually be polishing shoes for the rest of his life tip 2 splurging might keep you happy today but will make you cry tomorrow learn how to budget and phone you're saving instincts let's look at ways always order your soup 1 by 2 m if you're eating alone no because when you order one by 2 you don't get one you get one five two for one point two five in a restaurant ask for free line pieces water is there salt and pepper is also there quickly make yourself a fresh lime water it's healthy and it's also free 3 3 tip 3 pay yourself first resolve that you are going to save and invest a part of your income take 10 percent of your paycheck pay yourself first and put it away in a special account for financial accumulation and yes give their account away from everyone hello I think of it as Africa which instead of the cops you're paying yourself basically you're bribing yourself on the sly for securing your own future developing this lifelong habit of saving and investment takes practice start today and your entire financial future will be in your control it's at every step if you're drinking sugar cane juice always for the heist later if you're visiting someone during Ganesha 2 3 always go during lunch time never stop saving learning and growing until you become financially independent these are some ways to save money and become rich throughout your lifetime don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more financial tips and tricks you need

2018 Top 3 Money Saving Tips | 52 week money Challenge | ItsTeamUs Second Episode

**2018 Top 3 Money Saving Tips | 52 week money Challenge | ItsTeamUs Second Episode**



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In this video we shared our 3 most favorite money saving methods which were:

1. 52 week money challenge
2. Money-Jar dues
3. High yield Savings Account

After trying various techniques, we found that these 3 methods kept us accountable, effective, and most importantly- saving ! Hope you enjoy.

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hello everybody I'm Byron Wesley and I'm Leslie Wesley and welcome to our second show so for today's video we wanted to share our favorite methods on money saving tips so I have to read in tons of personal finance articles reading books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and attending tons of financial seminars we compiled a list of our top financial methods on saving money which are the 52-week challenge the money jar and the high-yield accounts so starting with the 52-week challenge it was kind of something we found by accident on social media you might have seen some other things such as the ad challenge the squat challenge well this is the 52-week money challenge and thanks to her uncle who passed it off to us it was gonna be a one year thing but it works so well that here we are three years later still doing it and we love it because it works anything you want to say about that for me I love it because it's automatic it's basically steady then forget it so what we end up doing was we created an additional savings account to keep our 52 week challenge funds separate from our from our other allocated funds so I know you guys are interested in knowing the intricate moving parts of the 52 week challenge so without further ado here we go so to make this easier what we're gonna actually do is put it on your screen so you're gonna see the actual chart and here it goes alright so as you can see week 1 you deposit one dollar with week two you deposit two dollars with week three $3 we fit it to 52 dollars so basically the week correlates with the amount that you need to deposit so to turn it up and at the bottom as you can see you get 13 78 but if you do it with a partner together you both can save 2750 in a year not bad Wow first year doing a 52-week challenge we actually stuck to the format it wasn't until the second year that I wanted to kind of switch things up and deviate from the format so what I ended up doing was I created I came up with a specific amount I divided it about 52 and that's how much I had to basically pay myself each week every single Monday it will automatically transfer into my account it doesn't matter how you do it as long as you're doing it on a weekly basis that's the most important piece of the chart set a goal and follow it on a weekly basis and before you know it you'll reach your goal so the whole reason the whole existence for the challenge is to do not forget to pay yourself my thing is we paid all the bills in the world we pay like gas electric like whatever whatever it is you name it we pay it but why don't we pay ourselves so with this 52 week challenge this is you actually paying yourself and the chase yourself like a bill exactly and the best part about it is at the end of the 52 weeks that money that you say can now be invested into whatever it is a small business stocks and bonds it can be for start-up it can be you name it first time homeowners exactly a down payment flow investment property also so do two out goes 52 weeks that is a perfect time for you to ponder on what exactly that you want to invest that money here right that gold down focus on it keep it nearby cuz it'll make the 52 week challenge a lot more fun agree stick it somewhere put it on the wall somewhere did you have to walk past every single day so it's a reminder the only reminder of what you're working towards so definitely 52-week Chavez so this brings us a method number to call the money jar rules something that I failed horribly in my favorite but it kind of means that I saved money compared to him I was this close to being rich because of her little nasty mouth yes but before we get into that let's talk about how it works so with the money jar what you have to do is set something that you want to change in your life you don't want to use profanity you want to work out you want to stop smoking whatever it is if you break it like set a regiment if you break it you basically have to pay so for us we set five dollars per profane usage I didn't realize how much of a potty mouth I had until we actually set this goal and boy did I fail I'll be honest I got caught up maybe like three times that the Mo's more than that more than that make maybe ten times but my ten times compared to her thousand times almost got me rich like I stated before and let me just justify that it's not even like the worst word in the world but I think I just had a bad habit of using a SS to describe everything and it was a horrible habit so this was actually a fun way to save money while breaking the habit and that's what made it fun and that's what made it effective the most important part to actually make it work is that you have to do it with a partner because it's actually that partner that's holding you accountable so every time I curse it was kind of up to me when I was by myself whether I wanted to reveal it to him or not but that's why when you're around that Center partner and you are both aware of each other's goals you can call it out and you can make each other make the deposit man we almost forgot about the drinking part oh that's right all right so it's also in association with the money jar so we wanted to stop drinking so we attached a fee on to it so the feed was $50 I immediately stopped drinking because I did not want to pay whatever how much to drink cause in addition to fifty dollars into our savings account so this all right here once again got us rich not that bad that one was not as bad as the potty mouth but you know I have a bunch of girls and every time there's a birthday I kind of needed a glass of wine so $50 for one drink was pretty expensive so it just made it fun we made it very interactive and we were able to keep one another accountable so even got to the point where if we weren't together we'll still come back and be like babe you know what I got a deposit $50 over babe I used a profane word today I have to deposit $5 so the money added up quick we were able to use that money towards the rest mints also so it was like I said it was fun very interactive and very effective for investments there you have it with the money jar so method number three hi newest savings accounts so one of the most effective and important aspects of saving money is to set it and forget it if possible put it in a completely different banking institution out of the access from your check-ins and your regular savings and your daily savings put it put it somewhere different yes remember if your car breaks down your FPL goal comes up higher or whatever electric company is in your state pretend like the money is not there it's only for the bowl that you set it for so if anything comes up that's not the goal it doesn't exist I totally agree and just remember once you reach a determined amount switch your hats from your savings and put on your wrist Oh hats because remember we save to invest we don't save to save safe to invest and make more money from what you see all right so we're gonna switch it up a little bit and what I want to do is like a interview style and I want to ask miss Leticia Wesley some questions so I'm gonna pretend like I'm part of the audience and let's switch it up so Miss Leticia yes why a high-yield account as opposed to a money market or a CV good question the money market in the CV actually has lower rates than the high interest savings accounts upon research I think we first started with the money market and I kind of looking around and I asked around and actually a friend told me about the high interest savings account and I found out that it does have a great rate of 90.9 o or higher so being that we had an American Express credit card we went with the American Express high interest savings account I think synchrony bank right now holds the highest our 1.05 but the American Express has 1.90 which is better than a lot of money markets and a lot of ZD offerings out there so that's why we went with the American Express ventures savings so question number two walk me through opening a high-yield savings account how would I go about opening one well that's very easy for this particular institution of American Express you actually don't even need a card card all you have to do is go online and there's gonna be a few questions that it's gonna ask you and everything is automated online that same day you'll get approve and your account will be open you see very easy question number three so what will be my actual over here for operating a high-yield savings account so while most popular banks charges you a monthly fee the American Express is actually totally free there is no minimum deposit that you need to put in the bank on a monthly basis it's totally free free free I need to sign up right now along with you yeah get on that computer and they set up a high-yield savings account so is there anything else associated with the high yo savings account that you think we should know yes most of you must be thinking online banking how is back on the word what's actually really simple after you have it set up all you have to do is add it to your current checking account so you'll log on and do your mobile banking how you normally would and you'll just add the account as an external account and then go forward it'll be a really quick simple just like a transfer to your savings account with your current bank you'll actually transfer it to your external savings account so it's really simple so if we have any questions I'm guessing we can reach you at it steam us at gmail.com absolutely and also feel free to email us any of your money saving methods that you like best so we can definitely come back and on our next episode we can mention those at the beginning of our episodes good idea perfect so I just want to thank everybody for coming watching and sharing and don't forget to hit that subscribe button and come back next Sunday at 7 p.m. he loved it a lot of good money out of nothing financial literature articles financial books like real thing oh what's that outside you heard that's alright the crackle

Japanese Money Saving Tips -  Invest Diva

**Japanese Money Saving Tips – Invest Diva**



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3 Secrets To Make Your Money Work For You:
saving is a big part of growing your wealth Warren Buffett himself is the master of saving it is very rare to find two people who have the same exact spending habits and more often than not it is okay however sometimes these spending habits can create problems especially for couples my name is Kennedy Danielle and this is your investigative report my husband and I are polar opposites on this one he is the spender and I'm the favor so the beginning of our life together we had to find a middle ground one of the reasons why I have such passion for saving comes from the habits that I acquired during my seven years in Japan most Japanese are the Masters of saving here are six habits my husband and I have agreed to kick off in order to become better savers don't shop on impulse write down a less and stick to it especially when it comes to grocery shopping don't move in a non green building green constructions are structured to save you a bunch of utilities and their environment finally especially if you're buying a place this can make a huge difference in your long-term electricity bill don't use unnecessary air conditioning or heater remember these things called shades use them to block the Sun when it's hot and open them when it's cold and let the natural heater warm up your place never ever being credit card debt if you don't have the money and your checking account to pay for it don't buy it and the story while I've never had this problem with my hobby it was probably the biggest culture shock that I came across when I came to the u.s. being in credit card debt is a no-brainer no no in Japan I can't even begin to understand the thought process of people especially those who have college loans or worse unemployed who do this like are you going to buy this and hope that you can magically earn the money to pay for it and in the meantime you pay the fine on the debt do you understand that the spine can pile up huge amount why don't you get sick and can't work like what don't take caps everywhere yes it looked cool insects on the city but trust me walking a few blocks ain't gonna kill you it's actually good for you it will also save you a bunch ladies can carry flats and change them into high heels when getting to the destination my hubby gave me this cute little shoe bag that I carry with me everywhere I sometimes carry my makeup in it to do your winter holiday shopping after Christmas chances are you'd find better and real sales because the retailer's want to boost their empty shops now I want to hear from you how do you keep the Bucks in your setting account have you and your spouse found the common ground on spending leave it in the comments and hop on investiga com for more thanks for watching and don't forget to grow your wealth like a rock star because you look like an investor





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