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How to save money online: Book flights and trains at the cheapest times

**How to save money online: Book flights and trains at the cheapest times**



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Find out how to save money online with voucher codes:

Learn how to save money on train and flight tickets by getting your timing right. The cheapest time to book train tickets is 12 weeks in advance and with flights it’s five weeks before departure. You can also save money on travel by setting up email alerts to get advance notice of the best deals. Or by downloading an app for your desktop or mobile that will notify you when prices drop.

For even more ways to save, watch our money-saving tips below.

Find out how to save money at online outlets:

Find out how to save money online by setting up price drop email alerts:
whenever you're booking a train or flight ticket it pays to get your timing right. The cheapest time to book a flight ticket is often 5 weeks before and with a train ticket it's twelve weeks. You can even set up reminders, so you don't miss the cheapest seats. make sure you're better off online.


**FAMILY MONEY SAVING TIPS || Baby on a Budget**



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10 tips on how to save money as a parent. These help you spend less and save more. Follow these simple hacks and you will save yourself hundreds of pounds!

Who ever said babies are expensive anyway?

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Sound Effects at end: Edward’s first laugh.
who even said that babies are expensive hi guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is Eve Hemingway and if you enjoy my videos please hit that subscribe button and the notification bell so you never miss another video I don't know why people say that their knees are sore expensive I have literally profited since having Child Benefit no I'm totally joking but seriously you can seriously cook the cost of buying things for your baby using these top ten tips that I am about to give you now number one have you ever tried to sell your baby things you probably won't get a lot for them but if you're on the other side of this you can get so many great cheap things just by using Facebook or going down to the charity shop it's it's so good and you can buy good quality things as well these are just a few things that I've bought secondhand to have you seen in charity shops or on Facebook where people are selling things brand new I always see this and I have purchased a lot of things that still do have the label on for like probably a tenth of the price that these people paid for them the reason for that is that people just buy too many cloves for their babies apart from baby growers you can never have enough baby gorillas and best for that matter but these things are cheap anywhere like literally the other day I went to Asda and bought ten vests for nine pound 50 that is less than a pound per vest and they're not just like white ones either like they they have patterns on them they look pretty nice but yeah I think when it comes to buying your baby outfits you don't really need too many just because like these sort of things are really expensive cute little jeans and nice little dresses and things just things that you put in your baby to make them look like not a baby I don't really think they're very comfortable either but every time I see Edward in a baby growing it makes me wanna wear a baby girl there is no wonder that onesies took off like five years ago they are most confused things ever tip number three before having a child you have to make sure that you have other friends and other family members that have also had children so that they can pass down all of their clothes this is great for the people that are passing down the clothes as well because babies grow so fast you go is gonna have like a bunch of clubs in the in the laughter in a club in dirt they're not using anymore because they've like quickly grown out of them and the easiest way is just to give them to your friends I have a few of my friends that are pregnant at the moment and I honestly can't wait to give my clothes out because I need the storage and it's also really nice to pass down your things to other people so out of everything that I've bought Edward it was the prominent that was the most expensive I got one of those travel system things it had like the carry car and the car seat and everything where they can sit off which is basically like a stroller the thing is with these they're just they take up way too much room like I could never fit that in my car and to be honest we're never really used it the best thing that we bought was the harness what's a bit of fabric compared to like a big-ass multifunction pram if you don't have a silver cross or an eye candy pram people are gonna look at you and judge you for your prom so why buy a really expensive prom when you can just buy a harness and no one's gonna judge you at all if anything people are gonna think it's even cuter that you're holding your baby around your fern I love it when I see people do that Tim no guys I get all my nappies and baby wipes from Aldi because they are just so cheap I have tried so many different brands of Nafees and I always found Aldi ones are by far the best quality and by far the cheapest it's literally five pounds 492 nappies you can't go wrong Tim even though I've bought and I have been given loads of toys Edward is still prefers to play with the doorstop on the wall so I actually installed another one in the living room just randomly and he will literally push his toys out the way to get to this doorstop so that he can play with it tip number seven putting shoes on a baby can resort to their feet looking like this no I'm joking but seriously it can actually affect their mobility Plus shoes for babies are so expensive they are so hard to get on and then they just fat sliding off or they'll kick them off so you have to pick it up off the floor and then put it back on their foot like it it's just such a pointless thing although when Edward does that walk in his first years are gonna be don't mind so I'm serving up using these amazing tips tip number eight talking about feet how annoying are baby so you are constantly pulling them up especially when they're starting to crawl like ten miles an hour they just fly off something that annoys me is that they don't sell tights for baby boys but a few weeks ago I was just like gender norms I'm gonna get him some they are amazing when he crawls they stay on all day they never come off they are the best thing I have ever bought him number nine I cannot stress enough that making your baby food is so much more cheaper honey is way better for your baby I don't know if you've ever bought packet or jar food for babies even the stage three ones they are still pretty pureed and now that Edward is starting to want to feed himself with a fork or with his hands he hates anything pureed so he will literally just cry when I tried to give him those sort of things but surprisingly he likes his mom's cooking even though it just took obviously a little bit longer to make the baby food if you make them in bulk and then just freeze all the little parts you've gotten for like at least two weeks so healthier for your baby and a lot cheaper for you number 10 and finally take full advantage of grandparents I learned this at Christmas when I was like right I'm not gonna buy Edward a lot of things I hate when I see things on Instagram or Facebook and mums are literally competing with each other of how much their baby gets for Christmas my parents and my grandma and a lot of my friends had bought Edward so many things it's just easier just to buy them one thing and just let your family do the rest so if you have any money 7 tips to do with babies or to do with life then please leave a comment below the kiss I'm going to Vietnam next month and I really need to start serving thanks again for watching and I'll see you next time

11 Quick Ways to Save Money at Home

**11 Quick Ways to Save Money at Home**



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Looking for quick ways to save money at home? Here’s 11 great ideas to get the ball rolling. Which one will you try first?

Get a quote from one my trusted professionals and see how much money you could be saving:
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– You guys, I swear by
those three recipes. They are so good, so good. All right, here are 11 different things that you can do at home to
actually save you money. Number one: Make snacks. So instead of buying the
little individual packs of your kids' snacks, buy
the big thing at Costco, and then put it in little bags. This is what I do. It's kind of a pain, I know. But listen, you're gonna
save so much more money doing that. I promise. Number two: Have everyone bring a dish. Yes, so if you are hosting a big party, have everyone bring
something so you're not the only one cooking and
spending all the money on food. Number three: Learn to turn a wrench. I'm preaching to myself
here, people. (laughing) This is good. I've learned
to do a couple of things, and it actually saves you
money if you can fix things like your toilet or your air filters— you can change those out. Different things like that
can save you a lot of money versus calling someone to do it. Number four: Learn to sew. Now I'm not talking about
some like elaborate, beautiful smock dress,
even though I love those. I'm talking about just fixing a button or something that's torn. Sewing it up so you don't have to go buy new clothes. Number five: Organize, organize, organize. Yes, when you start to organize things, you'll find that you don't need half the things you have. You can throw it away
or even sell some stuff— get some money that way. But also, in the end,
you're just gonna feel more refreshed and more organized versus going out and spending more money on stuff that you don't need. In fact, I did this. I took the minimalist challenge. If you don't know what that is, check out the other
episode with The Minimalists, because it was amazing. And I threw out and sold so much stuff, you guys. And it was incredible, trust me. When I say to organize,
oh, I love it so much. Number six: Always negotiate. Winston is famous for
this, calling Comcast every quarter of the year to see if we can get a better rate on our cable. So when you get prices like that, don't just say, "Okay, we'll take it." Ask if you can get a better deal. Number seven: Hang dry your clothes. Now, you might be a little
bit iffy on this one, but trust me. When you actually don't dry your clothes and you let them air dry,
the quality of your clothes lasts longer so you don't have to pay for new clothes as often. Number eight: Share baby gear. Now, I'm not talking about old
bibs and that kind of thing. I'm talking about swings,
like the big stuff. My sister and I did
this. The way our babies have lined up, we don't need a swing. I don't need the swing,
so she takes the swing. And when she doesn't need
the swing, I take the swing, because I end up having a new baby. It works perfectly. So if you can find those big things, find a mom in your area, do that. That will save you a lot of money. Number nine: Don't pay
full price for kid clothes. Listen, they grow out of them so fast, especially if you have little babies. So, do some things like swapping with other moms in your area. Swap clothes or even do consignment sale. My spiritual gift: I
always find the best things at consignment sales. I love them so much, and
you save a ton of money. And number 10: Learn to
say no to fundraising. When there's a knock at your door or the doorbell rings, it's always some sweet middle school kid
trying to sell you things, and some of you, it might be your sweet middle school kids. So there's a part of all of us that wants to help, but when you're dishing out $20 or $30 for every kid that knocks on your door, you're spending a lot of money on stuff that you're not gonna use. So, learn to say no to certain ones and have some boundaries. It's okay. All right, last but not least, save money on checking your insurance. This is huge. And I'm talking about your home insurance, your auto insurance, all those things. Most people forget to do this. They just set up their insurance, and they don't look. But go and see if you
can get a better deal. Go check out our endorsed local providers. In fact, people that do this, they save on average $731 a year. That's a lot of money. So those are some quick,
easy ways, 11 ways in fact, for you to do things at
home to save you money.

Frequent flyer programs grounded for good?

**Frequent flyer programs grounded for good?**



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Frequent flyers earn more miles. Makes sense and it should, because that’s how it’s always been. But, a third major airline is changing the way it rewards …

Do You Know How To Save Money??????

**Do You Know How To Save Money??????**



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