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Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard

**Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard**



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Hey guys! Today I am sharing my top 10 favorite life hacks for traveling! These tips will save you guys time, money, and space in your suit case! Thumbs up this video for more life hack videos!

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Save Time + Money at The Grocery Store with These Tips

**Save Time + Money at The Grocery Store with These Tips**



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Hate grocery shopping because it takes too long or you spend too much? Check out some great tips from Rach and Food Network star Ted Allen.
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and tents here to give us his top tips on just work in the supermarket from what to buy how to know if it's fresh or not and how to get out of the store quick right that's for that's right and how to save money and how to save money which everybody cares about you don't like throwing food away and you don't like food that costs a lot of money you know all of our marketplaces today have artisanal breads and fancy this and that tons of variety but it costs a lot of money you don't want to waste that money no I can't stand wasting food and we waste something like 40% of the food that we buy in the United States net chili its rough and there if there are ways to work around at planning is one of them but they're there lots of good tips I think to help you I want to start in produce why don't we start in produce and by the way when you're in the grocery store try to stick to the perimeter of the store where they sell fresh real whole food so the number one most important thing to know about saving money and having the best food is to shop and cook seasonally this season with buy things when they're fresh ripe in season if you and I lived in a little village in Italy we might have a supermarket but we would also shop at farmer's markets and farmers markets in Italy or the United States where we have farmers markets as well only sell food that is fresh and ripen in season that's all they have they grew it locally it's abundant and delicious cut aparts middlemen that's right in the prices are lower the prices are lower and at farmers markets you can ask for what's called seconds if you're going to cook the tomatoes for instance you're going to cook the vegetables the seconds look imperfect but they're perfectly fine they're just selling them at a much lower price well that a good check that's a great segue to one of the tips I want to offer which is look for ugly so-called ugly fruit that's why you see this melon this melon has this bear patch on it that's a lot not as beautiful as a food stylist might want but we're doing this for a reason this tells you that this melon sat on its side in a field and it ripened in the field on the stem and the same is true of tomatoes are better when they ripen on the vine no one's going to give you a better tomato than you're going to grow yourself the tomatoes in a commercial supermarket have to put on the truck green they ripen on the truck they ripen in the warehouse and they're not as they're not as sweet basically with vegetables like say corn or peas they they're dis they're tasty and sweet because they have lots of sugars in them the second you pick that corn or you pick those peas those sugars start converting to starch that's why you want to get those products as fresh as you can and sometimes better off buying I got an ah I got it all but it but it's but it's true and for that reason sometimes it's better to buy frozen peas and frozen corn because they're frozen quickly when they're still sweet no we know we were talking a lot about corn but at the end of the season for corn I bring corn home and you you can blanch your own vegetables and make your own frozen food when the prices are best and when the produce is the best buy excess bring it home blanch it then I put on a sheet tray so it stays nice and loose and wrote in a baggie and data it throw it in your own freezer and by the way say when in the summer when blueberries are in season they're expensive when they're out of season then but when they're in season they cost half the price we like to take blueberries and freeze them on a sheet tray just snack on them grow delicious they're really really good grapes also free uh grocer great net frozen grapes they're wonderful in cocktails they're just a nice that's right because they don't make the cocktail watery just cold that's right that's a great tip frozen grapes instead of ice cubes in your drink keep the drink cold and they're also not gonna any bubbles in it the yeast on the outside of the grape keep the bubbles going – that's right I'll do this all day we could talk cocktails all day but let's get back to wholesome delicious cake so when you're buying sweet corn you want to buy an in-season you always want to pull the husk back a little bit and check to make sure that the kernels are plump and juicy and that'll tell and if they look dried out don't buy it now you might be off-put by the fact that this looks like some little critter has gotten to this ear of corn and you might think that's bad news I'll tell you once it's not it's good news I once brought home some organic corn and peel back the husk and the critter was in there I found a living critter lounging on my corn and I dropped it because I've kind of freaked out but that's actually good news it tells you that the corn truly is natural inorganic and wasn't sprayed with something because the critters allow is the way yeah so you can share that much of your corn with the critters come on they gotta eat too we're now applauding critters by the way yeah let the critters have some – hey what do you think about these salad in a sack or prepared produce semi prepared pros well you know lettuce in a bag can be helpful if you'd if it's labeled that that you don't have to rinse it again that you don't have to wash it if you have to wash it why buy it you know this cost probably about 4 bucks and a head of lettuce cost less than that and it has a lot more lettuce yeah and this has another tip about these bagged lettuces Joe I don't like to buy mixes of multiple kinds of lettuce because one of those heads of lettuce is almost certainly older than the other two and so one's gonna go back first musty pieces of the smaller bits of lettuce sometimes they're even treated with citric acid so they just smell musty you're always gonna get more for your money if you do a little bit of the work washing a head of lettuce that big no yeah I mean we're all trying to save time and money but if you get a salad spinner and wash it yourself I just think it tastes better I just think it's a better get more for your money no some some people say that if you are buying bagged lettuce to watch out for a bag of lytx that looks puffed out because that means it started to go bad and turns off gas and by the way one more point about seasonal cooking cook and shop seasonally buy things when they are in season a asparagus is a spring vegetable now we live in America where we want access to whatever food we want whenever we want but if you buy asparagus in the spring it's about three bucks a pound if you buy it in December it's about six bucks a pound because someone had to fly it from Peru exactly Staffing and it's so it's there for older it's not as fresh it's out of season it's more expensive it's bet this is a spring value when you and I live in our little village in Italy we're gonna eat asparagus in the spring gonna eat tomatoes August and then all winter long all we have is turnips of the pain okay what are we what are we gonna talk about over here okay so here we have a beautiful chalkboard illustration that's telling us we can buy three lot three sodas for five dollars or ten limes for $1 my store often has a special on limes ten for a dollar there's no law that says you actually have to buy ten unless you're making marketing right exactly now if you're making margaritas not that you would do that uh my husband does do use a handy guy to have around you might need ten limes if you're making margaritas otherwise you probably just want a couple of them and you'll get two limes for 20 cents right you don't have to buy the number that's on the board no there's no ball hungry there is no bar okay let's do the checkout let's go so now Rachel I want to give you some advice that is counterintuitive get it checkout counter oh very funny honey so let's say let's say you're in the market and you see one line that has a person with a full cart and another line that has say three people with just a few items apiece which one you gonna pick probably the few items of piece wrong take the one with a lot of things that are good there are people there are very very uptight people who study this kind of thing and they're people who are in a real hurry they must be New Yorkers they're in such a hurry it takes up about 41 seconds to for a cashier to greet you to say hello to say paper or plastic and it takes about three seconds per item to bring up those items so if you got four people with five items apiece they're gonna take longer to checkout than one person with 20 items Wow I mean if you're so manic that you're in that kind of a hurry you might need a therapist in addition to grocery store but anyway well I already look at the full cart people and I'm like there's gonna be a lot of paperwork involved there that's a person who planned and they got coupons I feel yeah okay I don't mean to be unkind but I also recommend do not get behind anybody holding a checkbook yeah against to make sure I know it's 2016 folks so what what so one more little tip so if you want to be helpful um you know what what's your cashier is looking for of course is this barcode because that's what they scan you can actually hand the item to them where they can see the code is scan it they put it your bag and you're on your merry way I also organized my basket cuz I'm cookie that way like with the stuff that goes together in that area the pantry the stuff that goes in this part of that so that when I'm unpacking I like that whole bag is going to one place or another you might need some therapy as well but though I think that's logical in New York City we have recycling for paper for bottle snake and then we have regular garbage and when I put those bags out on the sidewalk I organize them for the garbage guys because I want to help them out and okay we're both in the same edge hey Ronnie we need to save therapist

Frugal Living Tips: Save Time AND Money | Cooking Tricks, Tips & Hacks | Eat Well For Less

**Frugal Living Tips: Save Time AND Money | Cooking Tricks, Tips & Hacks | Eat Well For Less**



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Cooking at home doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen! Use these tips to save yourself TIME and MONEY.

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Marie Kondo Reveals Simple Ways To Get Organized, Save Time And Space | TODAY

**Marie Kondo Reveals Simple Ways To Get Organized, Save Time And Space | TODAY**



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Acclaimed organizing consultant Marie Kondo gives TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones tricks for making her day easier – starting by decluttering her purse. Kondo also addresses closets, the proper way to fold, and how to decide what to remove.
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Marie Kondo Reveals Simple Ways To Get Organized, Save Time And Space | TODAY
now our new series called one small thing it's all about finding little things you can do to make a big difference in your day this morning we're looking at some minor changes to help you get your house in order Chanel has more on that this is life changing and I'm not even kidding so I'll admit it's like a hairdryer again this is even better wait for it okay so I'll admit like a lot of working moms I get busy and sometimes things get a little bit cluttered so just show me how to restore order we've called in for some expert help and this isn't just any expert I got a house call from a global phenomenon Marie Kondo is on a crusade to get us organized her two books spark joy and the life-changing magic of tidying up have sold more than six million copies worldwide this Tokyo native has a cult following in not only Japan but the u.s. too proving no matter the language her message is universal and through an interpreter she agreed to show me some tricks to make my everyday just a little easier first the purse purge how important is it for women to declutter their bags the thing that they carry around all day long so she's difficult dating a little condo says decluttering your purse helps you know what you have and exactly where it is with that in mind we dig in and take everything out that's condos method removing and analyzing everything it's what to help you streamline I'm ashamed now look at this this is what I'm carrying around every day let me get me get in this giggle she says sort through and only keep the things you need everyday within minutes my bag went from a messy catch-all to an orderly tote it actually closes next she gave us a clinic on the right way to fold our clothes YouTube videos of her folding have been viewed more than two million times well what the Hondo says she puts love into her palms as she folds what is the thought behind putting love into your clothes and the joy and the happiness part of all of this was a kid but in law's house you're thinking organizing she says is all about taking care of your things and only surrounding yourself with things that spark joy in you things that make you happy with pants fold them in half then fold them in half again from there you fold it into thirds and when you're done it should stand up like this for t-shirts fold both sides toward the center then fold it in half then fold it in thirds this way they'll take up less space and you'll always be able to find them and I couldn't let her go without asking for help with our coat closet it stresses me out every time I open the doors Kondo had us take everything out you know I thought everything we used everything in here I thought I only had things that spark joy in there but as we sorted the pile of things my family didn't need anymore got higher and higher and the items we put back in the closet all really are things that we'll use that's all so Wow can I give you another hug I don't see what you got Wow it's like a night and day sunup to sundown any of these tips can make a real difference in your busy day okay look at this I want you to realize what this does for your drawers oh wait okay look at this this would be what your drawer normally looks like mine see this we put the same amount of shirts guys what's that you want to try it yeah ready go we've already built it there yes and then you fold it again in half and right yeah okay all right and then you fold it again and like in third the third I'm just like rolling it oh not prop it up okay wait the winner gets a t-shirt ready wait can you pop it like this we got to go I did it hello today fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives

#1 Tip for Saving a Lot of Money & Time! [in TAMIL / தமிழ்]

**#1 Tip for Saving a Lot of Money & Time! [in TAMIL / தமிழ்]**



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In this video I share the #1 Tip for Saving Money & Time (in Tamil). Please subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you.


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