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How To Save Money On Home Phone Bills In The UK

**How To Save Money On Home Phone Bills In The UK**



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Save money on home phone and line rental
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hi today I'm just about to go and what's the England rugby match against Wales the Welsh colors of the red dragon so I'm going to have to take this red jumper off and go and put my white rose jumper on instead anyway yesterday we talked about saving money and save on bills now and I thought it was a good thing to share particularly with this current economic climate that we're in and everybody's wanting to to sort of cut back and see where they can save on their household expenses and yesterday we talked about broadband and home phone today I'd like to just talk a little bit more about a home phone we both the UK's cheapest line rental give me my phone is going minutes I'll have to just say I'm busy for the second today I want to talk about home phone and we both the UK's cheapest line rental plus guaranteed savings and again I want to stress the double the double the difference price promise that we offer but why pay mo more for your home for your phone calls we have an award-winning landline service that costs just ten pound 75 a month so one stays over fifth bout a year on the line rental compared to most little cousins I'm so sorry this phone is going again I'll just have to switch it off a second anyway we save over 50 fits about a year online rental compared to most BD customers unlimited free calls to other members low-cost calls to mobiles and international numbers choice of extra call services and no minimum contract term again I stress that we don't have minimum contract terms unlike other companies we feel as though you know we're pretty pretty good with our services and we don't need minimum contractor so most of our customers stay with us they don't leave and as I mentioned yesterday ninety-six percent of our customers would recommend us to their friends and family so for you it's hard to argue against fixed line phone service it has the UK's lowest line rental and means you can enjoy free UK and international calls when you take other services from us so anyway if you'd like to have a look at this site and thank you for listening to this video and I would talk to you again later on when I will speak a little bit more about maybe broadband so thank you again hope you have a wonderful weekend and you take care now bye bye for now

Budget and Finance Series Part 4: Save Money on Your Bills

**Budget and Finance Series Part 4: Save Money on Your Bills**



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In this video, I share lots of ways to save money on your bills. I’ve included ways to save on your gas, electric, water, phone, cable, internet, mortgage (interest), car, college, car insurance and health insurance bills.

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hi guys this is part 4 and my budget and finance series if you happen to miss parts one through three I'll put links to each of those videos below in case you want to catch up on those today I'm going to talk about saving money on our bills I've received a lot of questions about what to do if you live paycheck to paycheck or what if you don't have the money to set aside for the different things I mentioned and I thought that this would be a good video no matter what your income is or what bills you have to pay because who doesn't want to save money right I'm going to share a lot of things that we've done things that we still do because we like to save money and this allows us to have money to see for certain things but there are just suggestions so you know take them as that and hopefully you'll get some great tips I'm going to get started I have quite a few suggestions on ways that you can save money on your gas and electric bill ours is combined so I'm just going to kind of throw ideas for both of them all at one time but the first thing would be obviously to either turn down your Heat or your air conditioning and just kind of dress warm if it's cold in your home or a dress a little cooler if you don't want to you know run your air conditioning as much that's you know pretty simple also you can turn it down at night I think we sleep a little bit better when it is cooler anyway so if it's you know winter and just turn your heat down one thing was turning your heat down though is that your furnace has to run pretty hard to get it back to the temperature that you are comfortable with you know during the day when you're up and moving around and everything so you don't want to reduce it to low because it might really not save you much money if you have a programmable thermostat the best way to do it would probably be to reduce it in the evening and then allow it to gradually increase until the time that you wake up so that your furnace doesn't don't work as hard the scene with air-conditioning if you turn it off for eight hours during the day while you're at work and then want it to cool down to a comfortable temperature when you get home it's going to have to work really hard so it might not be the best to you know turn it way down because it will just have to work harder but if you can you can gradually reduce that or just drop it by a little bit so that it doesn't have to work as hard also definitely turning lights off just get in the habit and try to have your family get in the habit I know one mom who was really trying to save on her electric bill and if her kids left a light on they had to give her a quarter so you know that depends on what you want to do but I just thought that was kind of cute and she had a little story to go along with it but obviously don't want to ramble too much but it was kind of a cute way to do it also instead of turning on all of the lace open up your curtains open up your blinds and use natural sunlight as much as you can instead of you know turning on overhead lights and lamps things that are plugged in that might not even be turned on are still using electricity and you can definitely unplug things that you rarely use so if you have lamps in rooms for just for decoration you could unplug those or unplug you know your toaster if you hardly ever use it or just plug it in when you use it I am such in the habit of unplugging our coffeemaker that I always do that even though I use it every day but it would have to you know sit there for 24 hours until I use it the next morning I'm plugged in it no you're not going to save you know $20 a month simply by unplugging things but it will add up so that's just one way to reduce it by a little bit and the combination of a lot of things will really help think about ways and that you can cope without turning on your oven I use a slow cooker a lot I use it at least once a week sometimes twice and that way I don't have to turn my oven on and heat it up another way to save would be to turn your TV off especially if it's just running and no one is watching it we have our TV in our family room in the basement and it never gets turned on during the day I'm always just doing sub John's working and the kids are at school and we really aren't huge TV watchers so we watch it in the evening but that's about it but you know if your TV is in the main room of the house and you just like it on you know think about turning it off just to save a little bit there another thing would be ceiling fans it cost quite a bit to run ceiling fans so just make sure that you're turning those off if you're not in a room or not over using those because they do cost quite a bit to run so just you know kind of monitor that a little bit you can also save money by turning down the temperature on your hot-water heater um just so it doesn't have to run as much to heat that water and you probably won't notice much of a difference you can save quite a bit by running your dishwasher on the 1-hour wash I always rinse our dishes just really quickly and we put our dishes in the dishwasher throughout the day so I only run it one time a day when it's full and I use the one hour wash because my dishes aren't like filthy I mean they need to be clean but there isn't all kinds of food stuck on there and the one hour wash gets them clean and everything because like I said there isn't like a lot of food on there or anything I also turn the heated dry off on my dishwasher and I see a lot of money that way and I've noticed that before I noticed way back before I did that and when I doing that that there was a decrease in our electricity so every single day running the dishwasher with that heated dry will really add up and of course if you don't want to cut certain things you don't have to I'm just giving suggestions but that is one way so I usually run it after dinner and then by the time my boys unload it later in the evening they're pretty dry and they just dry off you know if there's a little bit of water or something and you know I know it's and I know for sure it saves money you can also save by running full loads so like I mentioned we run hours after dinner every night and that also helps with keeping things clean and everything but you know it's very full it's a full load every time I wash it but I save money by not running it when it's you know three-quarters full and then you know running it again later because I want you know certain things have you washed or whatever it just really helps also you can save by running full loads of laundry you will save a lot of water as well and that will be another topic but you won't be running your washer and dryer as much I also hang up pretty much all of our laundry with the exception of towels and sheets so I Drive those because they're kind of crunchy if you hang em up but as far as our clothes what I do is stick them in the dryer for like 10 minutes to get a lot of the wrinkle that I still iron but that way they're not like really wrinkly and you know it's a lot harder to iron but I hang up pretty much everything and I've just been in the habit of doing that clothes real tall and I don't want to shrink our pants so there are other reasons but I know I would have to constantly be running my dryer so I know I saved money that way and now this next one would be an expense that you would have to pay for but ultimately you would be saving money get your ducts cleaned on a regular basis we just had hours done over the winter and we checked around for the best deal but made sure that it had recommendations and everything and our furnace runs more efficiently and everything on because there isn't a lot of dust in our ducts that it has to work through to heat our home so that's another way that you can save money but it might cost you a little bit up front you can check for drafts of with your doors and either seal those or there are lots of different ways that you can you know make sure that cold air isn't coming in also be sure to check and see if your windows are cocked properly and make sure cold air isn't coming in that way so that it doesn't cost more to heat your home because all of that cold air is coming in also if you need to replace appliances you'll just want to check and make sure they're energy-efficient and you'll save money over the long run in that way last thing for saving money on gas electricity we have interruptible service for our air conditioning it was set up that way when we moved in so we have a separate meter for our a/c and we save so much money because I know a lot of my friends in the neighborhood will complain about how high their clean bill is and ours is a lot lower than theirs and some people complain about it so definitely you know check with if you have a neighbor that might have it or just you know really read about it but we haven't had any problems in our our cooling bill is so much cheaper but basically I think what it is is they are allowed to turn your air conditioning off for like 15 minutes I think per hour and could be wrong on that if there's an emergency I've never noticed them turning it off so I've never had a problem with it and we save a lot of money that way so that definitely something to look into I don't really know about how to get the meter set up for anything that would be something you would have to research like I mentioned it was already in our home but it's definitely something to look into we have a few ways to save money on our water bill of course we all hearing and turn the water off while we're brushing our teeth so that makes perfect sense take shorter showers obviously you're going to use less water also turn the water off while you're washing dishes you can either fill up your sink with soapy water and wash them and then rinse them all if you have a double sink you could you know have one part for washing them and then set them aside and rinse them all at once instead of you know just look allowing your water should run throughout the whole process also like I mentioned using the one-hour wash you're going to use less water if you're using the one-hour launch as opposed to pots and pans those are some ways if you water your lawn you can definitely cut that up completely it's not absolutely necessary but if you want to water your lawn what you could do is either water it early in the morning or later in the evening instead of when the Sun is beating down because the Sun is going to you know absorb some of that water and it'll just take more water the same goes for watering your flowers you'll use a little bit less if you water earlier in the morning or later in the evening and then you know if you're watching your car I'm just be sure to turn the hose up instead of just letting it run you can check for leaks in your toilet what you do is just put a few drops of food coloring into the tank and don't flush it and see if overtime that color drips down into the toilet bowl and then you know you have a leak in your wasting water that way be sure to get either toilet leaks or faucet leaks fixed quickly so that you know you're not wasting money that way check your pipes for leaks and things like that so those are just some things to keep in mind with saving money on your water bills now a phone cable Internet now these are things that aren't absolutely necessary they can be we have to have internet for my husband's job because he mostly works from home but if you really really want to cut in your you know struggling you don't have to have the internet you could just use it at the library for things like homework or whatever and just make that part of your routine to go once a week or something like that a phone you know we don't have to have smartphones you know we kind of feel like we need them now because four years time or whatever but we don't have to and that is a way that you can really cut just keep it basic if you have a landline that you never use and you all have cell phones you know you can get rid of it and save some money there as far as like kids with phones and everything you know that is completely up to you you could just you know have your cell phone and your husband cell phone and then a cheaper phone if you if your kids are older and you don't want them home alone without a phone you could get just a really cheap phone or a free phone and and keep some minutes on it or whatever there are a lot of ways that you can save money and those things aren't absolutely necessary one thing that we do and we just did this be sure to call at least once a year and check to see if you can get a lower rate on your cable or Internet even your phone we always save money every single time we call and this leads into cable we recently just got rid of all cable so we only have Netflix and you know we could pay the bill fine and everything you know there have been times that we got rid of cable just because it was one thing that we could cut out but we weren't watching it ever really we got Netflix and wait like I mentioned before we don't have the TV on much so we were paying this money and it was only for about three months that we were paying on it and just watching Netflix and I started to realize you know we're not even watching that so we called canceled it and also checked an internet feed and if we could reduce our internet cost and everything and we were able to save quite a bit of money so definitely check back and see if they have better deals on shop around for those things make sure you don't have channels that you never watch or if you're really trying to cut costs just cut them out and rent movies when they come you know out use red box and that flicks if you you know really want to be able to watch something but if you're really trying to reduce cost you can also rent movies from the library and sometimes they have recent movies some libraries are free some will charge you like a dollar or two some will only charge you if you're late so that's a way that you can you know have some entertainment but costs barely anything or just a tiny bit of money red box they're only a dollar something to rent for one day so you know there are a lot of different options I mean it kind of all depends on what you want to reduce if you need to um you will save money by bundling them so if you have the same provider for internet cable and your phone usually you'll save money that way we do that so it kind of all depends definitely shop around also a lot of people don't know this but some phone companies I know AT&T they offer discounts for different companies so a lot of times if the company you work for uses AT&T just for example other companies might do this as well they will give you a discount as an employee so there are a lot of discounts that way I think I'm not positive on this I think there is a teacher discount as well but just be sure to check that if you want to take advantage of X I'm not a hundred percent sure look into all kinds of military discount senior citizen discounts any discount that you can get on pretty much anything but I know definitely though type of things they usually offer something like that then with your phone be sure you're not overpaying for things that you never use if you're paying for unlimited usage and you never come even close just take a look and see if you actually need that but make sure you have enough so that you don't get go over because then you know you can really get in trouble and have a higher built that way so just kind of balance those things out those are some ways that you can save money on phone internet and cable for most of us the largest expense that we have would be our vent or our mortgage for rent I would say if you aren't currently in a place that you have a contract with to really look around and and find the best deal um check and see if things are included like your water and things like that because one place might have a lower rent but it doesn't include things like water and even some places include all utilities to just really kind of check all of those things out and find the best deal that's really the only tip I have as far as rent there are a few different ways that you can save on a mortgage if you don't currently have a mortgage the best thing that you could do it would be to really search around and find the lowest rate because some companies will offer you know quite a bit lower of a rate so just really shop around also if you have really good credit a lot of times you can qualify for a lower interest rate so that's really important if you you know really keep your credit score up or do things that will increase it just making sure you're paying your bills on time you know really work out that before you go to get a mortgage I'll stay with the mortgage if you get a 15-year mortgage as opposed to a 30-year mortgage you are going to save a lot of money your payment will be higher of course with a 15-year mortgage because you have less time to pay and you always want to make sure that you are actually going to be able to pay that on per month because it will be more but the interest that you pay on a mortgage is crazy my first semester in college I still remember I was only 17 so I didn't know a ton but I remember we had to figure out how much you actually pay on a home over the course of 30 years so my calculations came to over twice as much of what the home was purchased for and I thought I did it wrong and my teacher was like no that is what you actually will end up paying for your home so you pay so much interest so if you can't afford it getting a 15-year mortgage is the best a lot of us can't afford to do that it's just simply too much to take on per month what you can do though is just pay one extra mortgage payment a year you can either do that all at once and just make sure that you note that it's going towards the principal and you'll end up paying a lot less in interest or you could just divide it by 12 and pay that little bit extra toward your principal every month that will drastically reduce the amount of interest that you're paying on your loan and it will basically cut the life of your mortgage in half so it is a great way to save on a mortgage I apologize for the lighting first it was really bright in here and now it's a little bit dimmer so I apologize but there are some ways that you can save money on your car insurance I mentioned in a previous video that if you can you know put aside your money for your car insurance every month and then pay it all at once you will receive quite a discount obviously that might not work for you but one thing that you can do is definitely shop around and continue to shop around so see you found the lowest cost with the best coverage and everything be sure to check back at least once a year because things change and there are a lot of different ways that they will give you discounts so if you are a good driver you know different companies have different things but be sure to check back and make sure that you are getting the best rate you have your car insurance and your homeowners insurance with the same company a lot of times they will give you a bundling discount so you can definitely look into that also be sure to check on things like no deductible or a low deductible and kind of you know see if you actually need that or if you could have a higher deductible and pay a lower premium and that is completely up to you we have a little bit higher of an inductive ol but we have the money set aside for a deductible and that way our premium is a little bit lower so that's definitely something to consider also there are there are a lot of benefits to being a safe driver a lot of times you will receive discounts if you haven't had a ticket and so long but also your insurance is going to go up if you get a ticket so you know of course you want to drive safely but it is going to save you money as well so another reason to drive safely and don't text and drive this is something I found out a couple of years ago but a lot of insurance companies now and maybe they did this before and I just didn't know about it but they look at your credit score it was important to keep your credit score and check for a number of reasons but also for insurance rates so those are just a couple different ways that you can save money on car insurance as far as health insurance be sure to shop around and know what your coverage is so one coming might have a lower premium but they might not cover much you might have co-pays just really you know check and see you know how much you're going to use it what you use your insurance for and see what's covered shop around and continue to shop around just like with car insurance be sure to cover it at least once a year and make sure that there aren't any other deals that would work better for you also with health insurance consider deductible as well if you barely use your insurance you might I mean this is completely up to you and I don't want to tell you to do this but you can consider a little bit higher of a deductible if you there if you don't use your insurance very often we always make sure we have money set aside for it our deductible because that isn't something you want to have to worry about if something happens you know but that is just something to take into consideration I'm just really look at what you're using your insurance for and what your coverages and then consider deductibles and things like that and also shop around and also with insurance make sure you stay in your network if you have one so that you don't get charged or things aren't covered because you didn't stay in your network I'm sure you probably knew that already but just other things to keep in mind with insurance now with credit cards of course you know we can give it into a lot of trouble if you choose to use them shop around for lower interest rates of course I feel that it's best to pay them off but you know sometimes things happen and you know you charge something so it is best to have a lower interest rate and there there's definitely a variation in that so be sure to look around if you do have a credit card balance and you're trying to pay it off be sure to pay the minimum if you can really you know look around for ways that you can save money or get that money together because if you don't you're going to get late fees and charge interest and all kinds of things so try your best to do that if you have credit card debt and you're working to paid off look to see if you can find one with a 0% offer and this is completely up to you do your own research I'm just giving ideas but sometimes vidiians will offer a 0% interest rate for a certain period of time but look carefully and make sure there is either no transfer fee or is very low and just kind of consider if you're going to save enough money to cover that but that's just something you can do something you can look into to save a little bit of money instead of you know paying that fifteen or twenty two percent interest for a whole year you could possibly transfer it and I want to mention again you know do your research make sure there aren't any hidden fees and things like that but it's something you can definitely keep in mind I have a couple more things with cars if you are going to buy a used car be sure to do your homework look at CARFAX look at reviews um take someone with you who knows about cars especially if you're buying a used car have someone check it out because if I went to buy a car I would not know what to look for I would need someone to go with me and like really search it out and make sure that it's going to run well because it might look cute on the outside and you know whatever but I get it and you know it has all kinds of problems so have someone look it over even if you have to take it to a mechanic and have them look it over if you are going to buy a new car obviously shop around and shop around for interest rates again the better your credit score is the lower your interest rate will be a lot of times they offer a lot lower if you have a really high credit score huh Khurana see if a credit union or a bank will be better and just you know look at those things I would say make sure you're paying down your car if you choose to go that route make sure you're paying your card down as it depreciates so that you can sell it for what you still owe that's important to keep in mind because it doesn't always work that way with our payments so you don't want to owe more on your car than what you could sell it for and like I mentioned CARFAX it will tell you if the car's been an accident and things like that so definitely check that out if you're purchasing a used car as far as leasing a gun shop around and make sure you get the best deal and be sure that you have enough miles that you're not going to go over your miles really consider any of the extra charges that they offer a little you know insurance on this and different policies they try to have you you know add all these things on just really carefully sitting it out and of course it's completely up to you but just make sure that they are things that you want to add and your you know it's worth it so just think about those things obviously keep the car in good condition so that you aren't going to be charged you know extra things for you know scraping up the car and things like that keep up with meit and keep up with maintenance oil change and things like that a lot of these are common-sense things but sometimes it's helpful to have reminders now college if that's something you're considering or you know me to save on there are a lot of grants and financial aid options available scholarships really look into that you know do your research there are tons available and see if you or your child qualifies for any of those and then because and then you can also consider having your child stay home instead of going away in that way you don't have to pay room and board as far as books there are so many ways that you can get used books instead of having to pay the outrageous prices to get them new under John line and see if you can find them used and save money in that way so I hope you found some helpful tips in here I would love to hear your ideas and ways that you save money on your bills and I think it would be good for us to be able to read through the comments and all kind of get each other's ideas so please share if you have some ideas I have a lot more ways to save them money on all kinds of other things so be sure to stay tuned for next week's video thank you so much for watching