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Car insurance made simple

**Car insurance made simple**



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Root uses AI to save you money. How? By learning how you drive, and then giving you a rate based primarily on your actual driving behavior. Better driving = more savings. It’s stupid simple. Download and take your own test drive today!
okay we're route and we save you money on your car insurance by using a I seriously sounds crazy but it's stupid simple download the app and take the route test-drive the better you're driving the more you save in fact good drivers save up to fifty two percent off their car insurance so stop paying for bad drivers agents and big marketing budgets and take control by getting fair insurance a try start your test drive with route today

Anyone Can Get Car Insurance Easily at Kanetix.ca

**Anyone Can Get Car Insurance Easily at Kanetix.ca**



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Getting the best deal on car insurance is so easy at , even Procrastinator Paul can do it. Paul isn’t just lazy – he’s incredibly lazy. He’s too lazy to …

Easy Ways To Save On Insurance | CNBC Make It.

**Easy Ways To Save On Insurance | CNBC Make It.**



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NerdWallet lays out seven ways to save on homeowners insurance to get the protection you need at a better price.
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Easy Ways To Save On Insurance | CNBC Make It.
tip number one bundle your auto and home insurance policies many providers such as estate progressive and American family offer discounts which could save you as much as twenty percent tip number two make your home more secure you can qualify for cheaper rates by upgrading systems like plumbing and electrical or by adding features that make your house tougher to penetrate like storm shutters and deadbolt doors tip number three look for more obscure discounts simply setting up automatic bank payments or being a new homeowner could qualify you for discounts so make sure you ask tip number four raise your deductible a common deductible is between 500 and a thousand bucks making that number higher could bring your rate lower tip number five shop around since your provider may no longer be offering the best deals it always pays to browse around and compare you

Quick & Easy Money Saving Tips

**Quick & Easy Money Saving Tips**



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Want to know how in just a day you could potentially save a little money ?

Sometimes saving money doesn’t have to involve doing tedious budgets and cutting costs heavily. These quick simple tips won’t dramatically impact your day to day life style but will make a huge impact on your wallet.

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Nathisha Paramasivam is the Director & Principle Financial Adviser of Gold Tree Wealth Advisory
hi guys welcome back my name is Leticia para sebum I'm the senior wealth advisor and director of gold trade Wealth Advisor II we're a financial planning business based here in Melbourne today I want to talk to you about how we all could be saving a little bit of cash we could be saving for school fees holidays maybe getting into the investment game and buys shares or property we obviously need some cash to do that and a great way of saving up that cash is to look at saving things that we didn't even know we're spending a little bit too much on so the first thing we could be looking at is insurance policy so a rule of thumb is that we should at the very least be reviewing our insurances every two years so your insurances could be income protection your home and contents insurance your car insurance whatever that may be always rue or have it reviewed so you know that you're paying the best price for the most comprehensive policy out on the market in one way of saving some cash on our insurance premium is to pay for that annually so if I paying for your premiums annually you're probably saving somewhere between 5 to even 10% on your premium so it's a good way of saving a little bit of cash if you can afford to pay for it as a lump sum up front but the other thing is tell you some of us have gotten into insurance policies and we've paid for it annually more times than not we don't have to wait that until that full year is over before we can actually review our policies a lot of us aren't aware that again you've got to check with your policy provider then if you decide to cut it halfway you actually get refunded the period that hasn't been used so for example I go into an insurance policy in January now it's the end of October and I decide to cancel the two months that are left over which is November in December will get refunded back to me but make sure you call up your provider and don't check that the other thing you can look at doing is bundling the policy so we have current roads and home and continue you might be underfunded with them to save a 20% or even more or less depending on your insurance provider so finally is a great tool but also keep in mind that when you fund all you want to make sure you still have good policies just because you're saving a couple of percentage here and here you might be complement compromising the type of policies that you have the quality of polyps either you do it yourself or give us a call we'll be able to help you with that kind of stuff other thing you should be looking at is online savings account so a lot of people might be a little bit worried about online savings account but typically a lot of the online account providers government-backed so that means that up to $250,000 that you put with them it's basically protected by the government you need to do your research on that they usually would that stipulate that but go through their private disclosure statements as well as independent research that you can find or email us and we'll double-check for you the other thing you can look at is if you have a mortgage you should be reviewing your interest rates constantly and if you have a fixed term period don't worry you can still review it early and mortgage broker will help you out and give you advice on whether you can exit early without huge penalties so if you email us we've got a broker network that we can refer you on to the reason why because if it means in point five percent that could be a lot of money on your line again it depends on the value of your loan but you should be reviewing your interest rates all the time if you don't want to go through a broker you can do it yourself it's very simple you will get to another bank you feed them your scenario you ask them how much they would provide as an interest rate on your life and then to see me doing the paperwork of having to change go back to your bank and say hey Bank number B is offering me this interest rate can you match it or beat it and chances are you might get lucky and they might be willing to come to the table and even actual beat your interest rate that you're getting off it and you back the other thing you should be looking at is where you're saving funds I have clients who have a mortgage and an offset account linked to their mortgage at the same time they've got all these other external accounts they might have a holiday filing they've got a kids education fund which is fine and I love that I love that my clients are trying to save and get ahead but this is the thing that happens when you've got these accounts happening so when you have a loan and an offset account and you had all those accounts sitting in that offset account you're basically saving five percent interest on your loan but these accounts on the side if you had fun sitting in there there early knew maybe 2.5% an interest so it becomes a question of do I earn two point five percent or try to save five percent it's almost double so in this scenario it's more beneficial to have those external accounts just an amalgamated into your offset account if you have a lot down some people prefer to have those external account so they don't touch it but when it comes to numbers obviously it's more beneficial to save money by having fun sitting in I've said then an external bank account anyways guys I'll bring you so many tips down the track for now I'll leave it here thank you so much for watching please subscribe if you haven't already and until next time I'll see you again bye

How Root Insurance Saves Good Drivers $$$

**How Root Insurance Saves Good Drivers $$$**



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Good drivers deserve better rates. Not only does Root use A.I. to give you a rate primarily based on how you drive, but we also don’t insure bad drivers (the small group of people who cause most of the accidents). That means you can finally get the great rate you deserve – freeing up $$ for what’s truly important to you.
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