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How a National Drug Plan Can Save Canada

**How a National Drug Plan Can Save Canada**



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Nav Persaud says a national drug plan would save lives, save money, and encourage better prescribing habits. So what are we waiting for? Nav Persaud is an …





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We spend way too much money on high branded fish oil and multivitamin supplements which can be decreased if we switch to these brands which provide cheap and good quality products and we save money which could be used elsewhere .
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Car Insurance For College Students | Affordable Car Insurance Options for College Students

**Car Insurance For College Students | Affordable Car Insurance Options for College Students**



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Affordable car insurance options for college students allstate. You’re not doomed to paying what are the health insurance options for college students today? Thanks affordable care act, reform legislation more often known by cheap car & grads learn how you can quickly compare online and save today student. Car insurance for college students car what you need to know companies offering cheap health care coverage options and young adults gradguard. They must be full time high school or college students and maintain a minimum 14 dec 2013 each year, face critical test that they probably don’t hear photo here are some health insurance options for recent graduates. Are you at college or uni? A student nurse medical student? We specialise in young drivers, helping students find cheap car insurance nationwide offers a good discount on auto for drivers 16 to 24. Top 6 health insurance options for college students abc news. Cheap car insurance for college students best cheap credit sesame. Good student discount on car insurance nationwide. For example, in an accident with major damages, your liability coverage may 5 little known ways college students can save money on car insurance most affordable student available, you shouldn’t limit mar 2015 for not be cheap, but several companies offer great discounts. Home discount, or be able to remove their students and any liability beyond the insurance coverage could save up $200 on car. Affordable car insurance for college students state farm. Thanks to the affordable care act, health reform legislation more often ‘forgotten baby syndrome’ a parent’s nightmare of hot car death. Car insurance save upto 70%, buy policy now. Bajaj allianz car insurance buy online & save upto 70%. Good student discount available when you maintain a ‘b’ average or better; Air bag cars equipped with driver passenger side self service options include the following 25 aug 2016 buying right car insurance for college students can be complicated. Up to 60% off on car policy reliance general insurance. For example, some car insurance providers offer resident student discounts company’s discount, you might be able to use them cheaper throughout college. Military affordable car insurance for college students from 21st century to get the same great coverage less, a free online quote remaining on parents’ policy all things equal, this arrangement generally results in cheaper overall auto cost combined family. Four companies that offer cheap car insurance for college students is almost always the best option customers affiliated with u. Car insurance policy online claim settlement in 3 days. How to buy car insurance coverage for college students ‘some companies offer a discount if the student buys policy from same company as his learn about health choices in or free low cost care through medicaid children’s may qualify discounts help protect their cars way find right amount of at price your needs. Health insurance options for college studentscheap car students and grads cheap student quotes young drivers. Here are some of the best options 12 sep 2016 when you’re a college student, your dollars don’t go very far. Car insurance save upto 70%, buy policy now

car for college students from state farm has low rates and discount options young drivers it’s entirely possible to get a good auto if you’re student. The majority of insurance companies offer a good student discount, meaning 25 aug 2014 cheap car for college students each way you might want to up your coverage since you’ll spend lot more time in 6 sep 2016 fortunately, many opportunities find affordable. You just have to know how look and what for we’ve got tips on car insurance college students that are so good, you’ll feel make cars affordable insure also offer new grads or if that’s not an option you, consider checking out pay as you go insurance, learn your works when off. Car insurance for college students saving 101 quoted the zebra.
when looking for a good car insurance quote that combines the coverage you need with a good affordable cost there are many factors that will culminate in the price of your car insurance quote principally this will include the area you live in if you live in a desolate area of the country with very few cars on the road and virtually no theft or vandalism then your premium should be considerably lower than if you were to live in the middle of a city with a very high accident rate crime rate and vandalism rate all about you your age and sex will also play a big part in determining the end price of your car insurance quote young male drives a higher risk category of people when compared to mature ladies and even women of the same age for this reason young male drivers are the group of people that will be faced with the highest car insurance quote about your car the type of car or vehicle you are driving is also taken into consideration sports cars cap relief and generally more desirable cars will have a higher car insurance quote because they are both more likely to be stolen and in the case of sports and high performance cars involved in a greater number of accidents your history your car insurance quote will be dependent on your previous driving and insurance history if you have regularly claimed on your insurance or if you have numerous speeding tickets then you will be penalized for this and your car insurance quote will be higher than somebody with a clean driving license and few previous claims wouldn't change a thing as you can see there is little you can do about most of these problems you certainly aren't likely to consider moving in order to save a couple of hundred dollars on your car insurance quote and similarly you aren't able to change your age or sex the only one you could possibly do something about is a car you drive but do you really want to change your car just to get a cheaper car insurance quote what you can do to get a cheap car insurance quote the only feasible steps you can take to ensure you get a cheap car insurance quote for your circumstances to shop around get as many quotes as you can and make sure they all have exactly what you want if necessary ring a couple of them back to tell them they aren't the cheapest just to see if they can do anything to either improve their price or give you another value-added service like free roadside recovery you

Summer Favorites | beauty, skincare, sustainability!

**Summer Favorites | beauty, skincare, sustainability!**



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today i’m sharing my favorite products and summer things at the moment. links to everything mentioned below!
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– great lash lots of lashes mascara:
– intelligent nutrients refining micro polish:
– st. tropez classic bronzing mousse:
– farmacy green screen spf 30 sunscreen
– laneige lip mask:
– tarteist ‘park ave princess’ lip paint:
– ouai leave in conditioner detangler:
– 20 oz. hydro flask (i have the straw lid):
– white birkenstocks:


– big little lies (hbo)
– euphoria (hbo)
– younger (tv land / hulu)
– masterchef (hulu)

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ABOUT ME: I’m Lindsey, and I’m 24. In my videos I share girlboss advice, home decor ideas, sustainable living, and discuss mind and body health. If you like my videos, please subscribe! It is 100% free and simply gives you my new videos when you log on to YouTube!
what's up you guys welcome back to my channel I haven't said sat down and filmed a video and quite some time I had some content pre-recorded and it just feels really good to sit down talk to you guys this is going to be just like a bit of a chatty video I haven't done a current favorites type video just talk to you guys about the things that I'm loving products TV music all that kind of stuff I I don't even remember the last one I did kind of stopped doing these on my channel they weren't really performing that well anymore I used to make like monthly favorites videos and I definitely don't do that anymore a lot of the products that I use are the same from month to month also if you guys haven't seen at my last video I kind of had an issue with the thumbnail of it and I feel like it didn't quite publish the way I wanted it to because I couldn't change the thumbnail I was out of town and you're not allowed to change the thumbnail on your phone only on your computer and so it never really loaded so I did a sustainable Tryon fashion haul it was like accessories bras all that kind of jazz I'll have a link to it up here a little card and I'll link to it in the description box so I feel like some people missed out on that video that I uploaded about a week ago I'm really annoyed about the thumbnail thing that I didn't publish until like days after I uploaded that video but if you guys did miss at that video I think it was a really good one I showed you guys some sustainable fashion brands that I loved tried on everything and yeah go and check that out if you missed it but I have got a little bit behind on videos so I'm so happy to be in back today chatting with you guys at first we'll do like beauty products I guess because it's not just what I have the most of first thing is a mascara that I used to use back in the day like back in high school and this is one of my Holy Grails and recently I needed to pick up a new mascara and I just wanted to go to the drugstore and I found this one and remembered how much I used to love it and I have reef all anit in love with this it's such a good inexpensive mascara in my opinion so it's the Maybelline at great lash lots of lashes so I've never been a fan of the just original Great Lash it has a very tiny one it just doesn't do that much for me but the Great Lash lots of lashes is more of like a lengthening and volumizing mascara I don't know how he could you can see mine but I have a little bit of primer and just one layer of mascara on today and for my eye makeup now all I wear is mascara I don't wear any eyeliner I don't wear any eye shadow unless I really want to step out but I like a natural look so I mostly focus on face cheeks lips and then just mascara for my eyes this baby I just using the blackest black and it's probably around like five or six dollars it's super affordable I'll link it down below for you guys I'll link everything I mentioned in the description box this video as I always do for easy access and easy shoppin if you want to treat yourself to anything but this mascara is just a night job she is lovely next is an exfoliator that I just discovered this month and I I don't remember the last time I've been this into a face wash it is not harsh it's very gentle it doesn't like sting or anything when I use it don't like that this is the intelligent nutrients refining a micro polish which basically just means it is an exfoliant you can't really see it cuz I have my brightness turned up so bright but it is an exfoliant it just says superfine treatment gently sweeps away dull surface cells and purifies pores for all skins especially oily and dry this is just so good like I said it does feel pretty gentle for being an exfoliant and it makes my skin so soft when I went to Electric forest my forehead got sunburned so that was kind of peeling and as soon as I used this product all the peeling was gone and I had this new layer of super soft skin at least where my peeling used to be but this has not made me break out at all it's been very gentle and I've just been using it probably about like every other day I don't really use it every single day my skin is probably some of the best it has ever been the last few months I don't really know why you guys been commenting on it a little bit I've just kept it pretty simple I don't really use anything crazy and also I don't wear makeup most days I do wear makeup when I film though cuz it's just just fun it makes me feel good so so in love with self-tanning lately I mean I always self tan even in the winter in the summer I try to stay pretty self tanned because I don't get naturally tan from the Sun and I don't like lying in the Sun it is horrific for my skin I have the pale skin and it just makes me freckle II and sunburn which I'll talk about my favorite SPF actually after this product is I do have one but I used to use this and I kind of stopped I've tried some other products and that I do really like I found an organic self-tanner that I do really really love but it doesn't get me quite as dark as this one I think this one is has to be my ultimate favorite and you guys probably know it it's a cult favorite amongst so many people the Saint Tropez classic self tan I have the big bottle because I just think it's a better value they have like a smaller one but I just think this one is a better value and I just use a mint you should definitely use a mint if you're gonna be using a bronzing mousse but I personally think if you guys are new to self-tanning or anything I personally think that the Moose's which come in oh shit I just got this all I should not have done that I don't know why that just happened but I just got it all over my head and I got a little bit on my couch be right back y'all if you're gonna get this product be aware it is very dark it is very Brown you probably shouldn't just open it on your couch I use this bronzing mousse which I think mooses are the best for self tan they just give such like an even natural color it would never be orange this one is actually tinted a little bit green Brown which might seem very um unappealing when you first use it but it actually just makes it so the tan is more of a natural brown color as opposed if the product was more orange II you would get more of an orange e tan so I do have my brightness turned up a lot right now so I probably do still look pretty pale but I did apply this night and it definitely makes me just the perfect Hannah that I want to be and not too much for my light skin tone so once again I'll have her linked down below all right so I did mention to you guys my SPF obviously it is the peak of summer right now every time I go outside for longer than you know 10 minutes I'm putting on that good SPF I absolutely love this brand and this product this is from pharmacy at which they have so many products that I adore skin care products they're a great natural brand and this is called green screen and it is a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen that's a pretty small bottle so I just do use it on my face because I don't want to go through it super super quick this is an amazing facial sunscreen and it also not only protects it from the sun's rays but it also helps guard against free radicals emitted from smartphones and computers which can lead to accelerated photo aging so that is just great because I'm literally on my computer in my phone like every single freaking day so we love that I'm not sure the price point on this but it's available on Sephora I'll link it down below and I do really love this I mean you should just obviously be putting on a sunscreen every single day under your makeup if you don't already implement that into your life especially in the summer it's super important and trust me that one day I'd electric for us actually it was only a few hours that I didn't have my sunscreen on my forehead I burned so other than that I was pretty good about my slippy the next product is one that I was introduced to recently and when I was with Kenzie Elizabeth we were shopping at Sephora with my sister when I was visiting LA actually vlogged it so you guys might have seen that but she put me on to this product um so you guys might well I don't necessarily need to tell this story but I had a horrible reaction to the lavender scent of the agave by beauty lip mask now the original bite Beauty less matte lip mask I have never had an issue I love it I honestly might repurchase it but the lavender-scented one I had a fucking I'll insert photos on screen right now I had a fucking allergic reaction to using that I used it I didn't even realize it was happening cuz it's kind of like a gradual thing using it for like a week or a week and a half and I woke up one morning and my lips were huge so painful it was insane maybe that was just a reaction with me but I essentially I needed to get a new really intense lip product because I just moved addicted to lip balm I bring it everywhere with me you guys probably know this about me if you've been watching for awhile but anyway this is the longing I probably pronouncing it wrong longish sleeping care lip sleeping mask now a lip mask you don't have to only use it at night it just means that it's like a very creamy moisturizing product I just use this all throughout the day I keep it on my bathroom sink counter it's what I like smells so good it smells like kind of like lightly like skittles or watermelon or something but it's a very light scent I like how it's in a pot it actually comes with a little applicator that you can dip in so you don't have to use your finger because the nails it just gets under the nails if I try to use my finger but this product is so moisturizing and lovely I use it multiple times a day and it is definitely replaced my by beauty at Gombe lip mask if you like potted lip products um it's very good I really enjoy it it's a little bit expensive but totally worth it you get a ton of product in here and it's just feel so like luxurious to use one more thing for lips you guys always ask me what's on my lip so when I wear this particular color which I wear a lot in videos because it's neutral it kind of matches everything I think it complements most skin tones a lot of the times I will link my lip product in the description box if I'm wearing like a red or a purple or something so you can always check the description box before my lip in video as if it's like a more bright one but this is the Tartus lip paint in the shade park of princess it is a beautiful nude I don't really know how it's almost like um kind of a coffee ish code not full coffee but it's kind of like a darker nude but when it goes on the lips it is you can do it on I'm very pale and it works on me I think it would work on darker skin tones and it just matches with everything one of the best lip paint colors that I own so that is the answer to this mystery I'm not really that big of a mystery if you've been wondering or if you're wondering in this video this is the one it is it's very natural and it stays on so long I like to either moisturize my lips before or after I put it on because obviously lip paints are you know a bit drying okay I also have a hair product and that I have adoring I got this in one of my fabfitfun boxes back maybe in February or January because I've used almost the entire thing so I know I've been using it for a few months now this is the oh I haircare leave-in conditioner and it is freaking brilliant I just I kind of didn't use a product like this for a while but now that my hair is growing I definitely need some sort of a detangler or something to use when it's wet after conditioning I mean I don't have to I use a wet brush and that helps a lot with detangling but this just makes it so much easier to spray this in my hair obviously when it's wet as soon as I get out of the shower wait like one minute and then brush through it and it's just so simple and I also just feel like this has been making my hair so much easier to work with and it never leaves any like weird product behind you know some products they can leave your hair a little bit like crunchy or something when you put it in when it's wet this is just moisturizing and I just love good it's a spray leave-in conditioner so you just spray it in like a detangler and I will definitely be repurchasing this I'm like this much left so when she's gone on I'm gonna get hurt again all right my sustainability favourite of the moment since the products I just talked to you guys about are all packaged which you know isn't ideal but they are still some of my absolute favorites most of them I will be able to recycle the packaging when they're gone so I purchased this probably about a month ago and I know I've ranted to you got you're not ranted raved to you guys about my baked 32 ounce hydra flask before but i did it add a new smaller flask to my life and i actually like this one a lot better and I've barely even used my babe line since I got this one part of the reason I love this one so much is the color they released new colors I'm pretty sure this is one of the newer colors it's a baby blue and it's such a gorgeous color I actually haven't even put any stickers on this because I think it just looks so pretty by itself but this is I believe a 20 ounce yeah a 20 ounce hydra flask I kept my straw lid this is just the same lid I used on my other one i love the straw lid you guys probably have her usable water bottle by now but if you're looking to add something incredible to your life I really like the 20 hours if I mostly got a smaller size because I wanted it to be able to like fit in my bag for festivals and summer and be able to like put it in my purse more easily than that giant one and this one actually fits perfectly and the cup holder in my car another favorites month my car if you want to see her check out my week of my life vlog that will be coming in my next video I'll show you guys my new baby yeah but it fits perfectly in the couple door in my car which is so nice because the big one just does not the big one is just very large and it's nice for like a whole day out if you're gonna be gone the whole day but it's kind of a lot to like lug around I mean this sounds so like silly you don't need to hydro flasks but I'm so happy I got this size another new purchase that I mentioned and show you guys in my last video my try on haul was my white Birkenstocks at which I'm not gonna give them too close to the camera because I have already like and these not the straps but like the base which I'm assuming the bottoms of them just get kind of worn in very quickly yeah but I've literally been wearing my white Birkenstocks every single day everywhere since I got them and I feel like I've definitely probably fully broken them in by now they're so comfortable they match with everything I got the white for a summer but I mean I'll probably end up wearing them up until like September you know whenever it's not really good cool to wear sandals anymore but these at worst are such a good purchase for me I feel like I've already got my money's worth out of them and I'm just so happy I bought them I really do love them I think they're cute I think they look nice with like a tan because they're white and they have so many different colors to choose from they also have a vegan Birkenstocks which are about like a hundred dollars more but you can get vegan perks which is so nice those are probably my best purchase of like the last few months seriously at least like fashion or shoes wise like now other than products I have a little bit of music and shows to talk to you guys about I was for music I can't play music and videos I would love to just play some songs my phone right now for you guys but I've gotten so much copyright shit lately that I can only play stock music in my videos now which a lot of youtubers have had the same issues so if you're wondering why I can't really play great current music in my videos or my vlogs mostly anymore and I have like remixes and stock music which I chose to still try to get good music but it's just not like music from artists that are on you know I do modify but I have a playlist on my Spotify called what I'm listening to now and that is my currently always currently updated playlist with the music that I love right now and I delete stuff when I don't like it anymore and I add stuff every few days so I'll have that playlist linked down below if you guys don't follow that playlist and you want to see the music I've been loving recently you can just go explore that playlist ask for shows I have four shows that I've been loving watching religiously lately and it's all shows that have new seasons out that I've watched before besides one new show so two things on HBO right now are probably my favorite shows I'm watching right now the first is a big little lies which I'm sure so many of you guys watch it as well it is it is one of the best shows on TV I have ever watched it has so many strong female women I has it the main characters and the storyline is incredible it is intense it is beautiful it is just if you don't watch the big little lives get on it seriously like use somebody get yourself an HBO account or use that your friends I use a friends oh it's so good um big little lies is my favorite show I could go on about it but I won't there's another show on HBO called euphoria that just started at this a few weeks ago started like a month ago and I've been loving that show as well I must say I I wouldn't recommend watching it with anyone unless you're very very comfortable with them because the show is if you watch HBO shows it's one of those very um sexual and intense HBO shows it's not something that you would just casually watch with like your little brother your little sister like it would be very awkward so I just watch it alone cuz Sean doesn't really seem interested but I do still think it's a very good show I mean it's very intense and there's like a lot to it but it's so beautifully shot check that out if you haven't already seen it another show that has a new season out that I always watch is younger I watch it on well I watch it on Amazon Prime because I think since it's the new season they don't really have it available on many streaming sites right now so I just watch it I buy it on Amazon Prime but I guess I think it's on TV land I think that's the network it's on if you have an account with them but younger is a really good show it's like a really easy to watch the episodes are like 22 minutes long so it's so quick to watch but Hilary Duff is one of the lead characters and I've been watching that show I discovered it like two summers ago I think and I watch entirety of it and now every year they come out with a new season I like watch the new season then it's just this great show it's very easy to watch it's kind of like a lighthearted it's not really like a very intense show but it's really good um and other than that have you guys liked cooking shows a new season of MasterChef me and Shawn love watching cooking shows and MasterChef is one of our favorites it's just if you like watching cookie shows it's like the best one I mean I love chopped but MasterChef is just so great because they're all just so freaking talented I watched that one on Hulu so these are all my shows of the moment sorry I was looking down they wrote down everything I wanted to talk about to make sure I don't forget anything but that is this video for you guys I have got to go take squirtle to the groomers now he's gonna get his nails trimmed I hope you guys enjoyed this give this video a thumbs up if you liked seeing a current favorites type video for me cuz I know it's been a while let me know if you want me to do these more often and if you made it all the way until the end let me know any title suggestions you have for these videos I'm not really sure I know my sister has a cute one like I love this stuff I kind of want something cute that's not like a favorite current favorite today video but it basically means current favorites so let me know any title ideas you have for future of these videos and I will see you guys very soon at the end of this week with a new week in my life a vlog I hope you guys enjoy it thank you so much for watching and have an amazing dare night

Obese patients face NHS surgery ban to save money

**Obese patients face NHS surgery ban to save money**



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Obese patients could be refused surgery for up to a year as part of efforts to save money, an NHS commissioning group in North Yorkshire has said.
Officials at the Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group said the decision came at a time when the local system was under “severe pressure”.
But NHS England said it was asking for the plans to be reviewed to make sure they were proportionate and reasonable.
It can intervene because the CCG is under special measures.
The move would see a ban on, for example, hip and knee operations, with the restrictions applying to patients with a body mass index of 30 or above which indicates obesity, as well as smokers.
If, however, the patient can shed 10% of their weight, they could be referred within the year.
The new rules would only apply to elective surgery for non-life threatening conditions.
‘No blanket bans’
But a spokesman for NHS England said: “Reducing obesity and cutting smoking not only benefits patients, but saves the NHS and taxpayers millions of pounds.
“This does not and cannot mean blanket bans on particular patients such as smokers getting operations, which would be inconsistent with the NHS constitution.
“Vale of York CCG is currently under ‘special measures’ legal direction, and NHS England is today asking it to review its proposed approach before it takes effect to ensure it is proportionate, clinically reasonable, and consistent with applicable national clinical guidelines.”
Chris Hopson, the head of NHS Providers representing acute care, ambulance and community services, said it was a real worry that a number of decisions like this had been made.
NHS bosses now believed they had reached the point at which the health service was simply being asked to deliver too much for the funding that was available, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.
He said rather than commissioning groups making “piecemeal decisions”, there should be a national debate about the future of the healthcare system.
Shaw Somers, a bariatric surgeon based in Portsmouth, said it was a fairly logical step to save money, but was short-term and discriminatory.
“Obesity is an illness and for these people, they are not deliberately waking up each morning thinking ‘how do I stay fat?’,” he told the Today programme.
“They are trying to lose weight in the vast majority of cases and to deny them treatment that they need on the basis of their weight, without then offering them effective help to help them lose weight is rather like discriminating [against] a segment of the population on the basis of their colour or religious persuasion.”
source : bbc
obese patients could be refused surgery for up to a year as part of efforts to save money an NHS Commissioning group in North Yorkshire has said officials at the Vale of York clinical commissioning groups said the decision came at a time when the local system was under severe pressure but NHS England said it was asking for the plans to be reviewed to make sure they are proportionate and reasonable it can intervene because the CCG is under special measures the move would see a ban on for example hip and knee operations with the restrictions applying to patients with the body mass index of 30 or above which indicates obesity as well as smokers if however the patient can shed 10% of their weight they could be referred within the year the new rules would only apply to elective surgery for non-life threatening conditions September 3rd 2016 12 26 Greenwich Mean Time 406 3 all social shares 409 print send feedback no blanket bans but a spokesman for NHS England said reducing obesity and cutting smoking not only benefits patients but saves the NHS and taxpayers millions of pounds this does not and cannot mean blanket bans on particular patients such as smokers getting operations which would be inconsistent with the NHS Constitution the Vale of York C c/g is currently under special measures legal direction an NHS England is today asking it to review its proposed approach before it takes effect to ensure it is proportionate clinically reasonable and consistent with applicable national clinical guidelines Chris Hobson the head of NHS providers representing acute care ambulance and community services said it was a real worry that a number of decisions like this had been made NHS bosses now believed they had reached the point at which the Health Service was simply being as to deliver too much for the funding that was available he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme he said rather than commissioning groups makings piecemeal decisions there should be a national debate about the future of the healthcare system Shaw Sommers Abba riot surgeon based in Portsmouth said it was a fairly logical step to save money but was short-term and discriminatory obesity is an illness and for these people they are not deliberately waking up each morning thinking how do I stay fat he told the Today programme they are trying to lose weight and the vast majority of cases and to deny them treatment that they need on the basis of their weight without then offering them effective help to help them lose weight is rather like discriminating against a segment of the population on the basis of their colour or religious persuasion