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Save Money on Healthcare

**Save Money on Healthcare**



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Say goodbye to long waits, unnecessary visits to urgent care around sick people and difficulties getting a lastminute doctor’s appointment. As a member of our Telehealth Discount Program, you and your entire family/household living in the same home can gain fast access to a doctor 24/7. With the use of your smartphone, tablet, laptop and or other devices, you can quickly consult live with a doctor from the comfort of your own home or anywhere.

For only $35 per month, per household, you get on demand access to health care providers that can treat & diagnose over 80% of common medical conditions. This low monthly price covers any person(s) that is part of your household; be it your spouse, dependents and or any other person residing in your home. This amazing service gives every member of your household unlimited medical consults and unlimited dermatology consults along with 3 free behavioral health consults per year, per household.

This service can save you and your entire family time and money! It allows health care providers via live video to address all your medical concerns and if necessary, prescribe the proper medication to treat your condition without the need to leave your home. All prescriptions prescribed to you are rapidly sent electronically to your local pharmacy of choice for pickup. TeleMedicine services are designed to replace ER or urgent care visits with licensed physicians in all 50 states for non-emergency issues in multiple languages.

The Telehealth Discount Program is a month to month program with no long-term commitments, copays and or hidden fees. Everyone is eligible to enroll! Even if you don’t have a Social Security Number and or currently have insurance.

Join now and we will activate your account within 24 to 48 hours!

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Saving money on health care

**Saving money on health care**



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Easy ways to cut the cost of your medical bills in half.
health premiums have increased by ninety-seven percent that's no surprise to consumers who see the decrease in their paychecks from employers but there are ways to save up frontal medical expenses on your side consumer advocate Jen Strassmann is here tonight but how to bid on health care it doesn't matter if you have insurance you're uninsured or underinsured there are simple steps you can take to save money without compromising on the quality we shop for deals to restaurants clothing stores and spas so why not shop for health care savings it's different Tom mirror is willing to try new ways to slash his health care bills he saved fifty percent on a routine lab test just by bidding for the test on a slight cold bid on health it's kind of like Priceline for the hotel business like Priceline you name the price for the health test you want in Cleveland and Akron there are over 80 for lab tests you can bid on after your price is accepted you find out the name of the lab I go to a Medical Center and go directly to a very well-known recognized name in the laboratory services business tom was paying thirty dollars on a pocket for the test he now pays just fifteen dollars if the quality of the care or in this case the quality of laboratory work is equal then I don't see any reason why you would not try to find a less expensive alternative in Ohio bid on health only offers lab work it helps to add radiology soon the site is already testing that option in two states such as doctor approved I think that anything that helps people be healthy and have healthy wallets is a good thing dr. Scott Frank is the director for the Master of Public Health Program at case western reserve university school of medicine he says cost is a discussion with more than half his patients well I think it starts from the fact that our health care system is basically broken and the cost of care has gone too high to cut costs shop around for medical care Ohio hospitals list their prices for the top tests and procedures on their website and call different facilities for pricing into it labs and imaging centers charts cheaper fees for example a local hospital charges more than forty four hundred dollars for an MRI of the abdomen an imaging center we checked charges nineteen hundred dollars that's a difference of fifty-five percent offer to pay cash and you might save even more dr. Frank encourages his patients to look for these cheaper options but he says you need to be careful I think the mistake would be if people start to consider themselves their own doctor and aren't working with a health professional to make decisions that are evidence-based some money saving offers don't even require a doctor's prescription we saw a Groupon for three hundred and forty dollars worth of lab tests the cost on the daily deal site just forty nine dollars a Center in turn to see what the company is telling patients $49 our intern got a thyroid liver kidney glucose and cholesterol test vivienne look it's the creatinine which is kidney functions electrolytes suppose that was the only explanation given and the lab didn't want to talk about this offer on camera the results are mailed to the patients dr. Frank said you need to proceed with caution when trying to read the result on your own just because your results are two points above or below the average doesn't mean you have a health problem the amount of anxiety that we see even when you have somebody to help interpret them is very high daily deal sites like groupon and livingsocial are also a good way to save on dental services one dentist told me many people began cutting back on dental visits when the economy did so he began offering cheap exams on daily deal sites on your side Jen strothman newsChannel 5 if you

How to save money on diabetic foot care? | Health Tips | Affordable Healthcare | Dr.Pradeep Gadge

**How to save money on diabetic foot care? | Health Tips | Affordable Healthcare | Dr.Pradeep Gadge**



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The next up in my series of sharing tips for affordable Diabetes management is a video about the most dangerous mistake that patients commit.

Diabetics are often prone to multiple complications, neuropathy being one of them. A lot of my patients end up ignoring the early signs & thus complicate the situations a lot more & this results into heavy expenditure

This fifth tip is an attempt to save diabetics from the expected treatment costs for future

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7 Tips To Save Money On Healthcare

**7 Tips To Save Money On Healthcare**



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Are you looking for ways to save money on healthcare? Look no further. I worked 7 years as a pharmacist and have seen many people use creative ways to save money on healthcare. At one point I was on over 20 medications and I have used many different strategies to save money on healthcare. Here I share ways to save money on healthcare and medical costs.

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you're here because you want to save money on health care I actually wrote an article seven tips on how to save money on health care for seven years I worked as a pharmacist going to the same place and I saw many patients that came up with creative ways to save money because health care isn't cheap health care seems like it's gone off it was 200 a month and then 400 a month in some cases it's seven hundred or a thousand dollars a month so no wonder folks were having a hard time paying for health care and health care costs too there were a few years where I was on over 20 medications okay I was in and out of doctors offices in and out of pharmacies been through the entire system they grab some water here been through the entire system and found some really creative ways to save money on health care there are like 11 way you can save money on health care is always ask the doctor if you can pay cash and what kind of cash deals are available i have seen instances where a person didn't have insurance and they asked how much the cash price was for a doctor visit it was like a hundred bucks for a doctor visit and normally it would be two hundred bucks if the person had insurance that was really interesting there's other ways to save money too you can ask if a certain test needs to be run or not some tests or ask is it necessary because there's this place that there's hundreds or thousands of tests that can be run because the body can be checked for so many things but which ones actually really need to be run so those are just you know some tips there but I have the entire article on my blog post down below click there and that will bring you to the seven tips to everything they actually shows you much more many more ways how you can save money on health care once again down below is the full article click there and that will bring it to my blog post with that make it a wonderful day

Join Today And Start Saving | :DentalPlans

**Join Today And Start Saving | :DentalPlans**



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A dental savings plan functions a lot like a membership at a warehouse club. You pay an annual fee and get access to significantly reduced rates. And dental savings plans offer many benefits over traditional dental insurance. Things like no annual caps or limits and absolutely no paperwork.

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millions of people today have no dental insurance if you're without insurance do you have a plan to care for your teeth without spending a fortune well we do introducing dental plans I'm a huge fan of dental plans because there's no waiting to get approved so you can get what you need to have done when you need it to get done as a member you pay one low annual membership fee and then save money every time you go to the dentist with dental plans I can alleviate the financial stress because i can plan when i can go to the dentist it was very easy to find a plan that that met our budget with dental plans you choose your dentist we have more than 100,000 dentists that accept our plans nationwide it was really wonderful to have the ability to see my regular dentist and to pay so much less money for it dental plans has no health restrictions you can't be turned down for a dental savings plan and there's no waiting so you can join today and start saving at the dentist tomorrow dental plans is great value for a single mother with children on a limited budget with no annual caps or limits you can visit your dentist as often as you need and save money at every appointment and get this there's no paperwork to fill out best of all no question ever goes unanswered our DP at your service team is available to help you get the most out of your dental savings plan the customer service people have been fabulous very friendly very knowledgeable and easy to work with there's even a 30 day money-back guarantee so if you don't have dental insurance you now have a plan dental plans I love dental plans because of the savings and the ease of use dental plans was completely a no-brainer for me my penis loves me because i use dinner plans join today and you'll say fifteen percent off any dental savings plan will even give you one month free with this limited time exclusive TV offer visit dental plans calm or call eight hundred 2407 695 you