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Save Tons of  Money & Still Have a Sparkling Clean Pool: 10 Money Saving Tips

**Save Tons of Money & Still Have a Sparkling Clean Pool: 10 Money Saving Tips**



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In this video I cover several aspects of how to save money while maintaining your pool. The cost of electricity and chemicals can punch large holes in your monthly budget.

I know what it is like to try to save money and then have Murphy show up and sock you in the gut. We have been on a journey the last several year to become Debt Free! To read more about that click on this link:

More on Tip #1 & 2
I talk about running your pool just one cycle per day. You will need to know your pool size so here is a video on how to calculate it:

Calculate your pool volume (how many gallons):

Here is the bet flow meter on the market today:
FlowVis® Flow Meter – H2flow Review & Overview:

You will also need to know your pump’s flow rate. Here is a link to a cheat sheet listing most pool pumps by brand and hp and flow rate:

You also need to factor in Total Dynamic Head (TDH) – resistance to flow. Here is a good write up on it:

Basically I knock off 20- 30 gallons per minute depending on the filter type and how far the pool is from the skimmer. Most flow rates are calculated with the pump 20 ft from the skimmer.

Not really very complicated. You can save $20-$50 a month on your electric bill by simply lowering your pump run time.

More on Tip #3:
Getting a good test kit will eliminate your need to run to the pool store each week and in doing so you will eliminate impulse buying and guilt buying, “well they tested my water so I should by this at least…”

Test Kit Comparison: Which Kit is the Best?:
Taylor Complete FAS-DPD Pool Water Test Kit K-2006:

More on Tip #4:
Using the BBB Method is a good way to save lots of money on chemical cost and to also avoid the expensive shocks and products found at your local pool store. For example a 1 lb bag of Cal-Hypo 73% shock is not any stronger than one gallon of 8.75% Clorox Bleach. And it is at least $2.00 more in price. You will also find Alkalinity Up (it is just Baking Soda in a fancy bag) to be twice the price or more of just plain Baking Soda…

Here is the BBB Method Playlist-

The BBB Method of Pool Care:

More on Tip #5:
Keeping your pool clean is essential. Leaves, organic debris and dirt all use up the Chlorine in the water faster. So keeping the surface and the bottom clean is important. Also, keeping the skimmer free of debris will allow the pool to run better.

How to Clean Your Pool Skimmer Basket:

Playlist covering Skimming and Vacuuming your pool:

Pool Guy (Gal) Basic Training Series:

More on Tip #6:
So the upfront cost of an Automatic cleaner is a bit high, but the benefits are great if you get the correct cleaner. It will help pick up leaves and dirt and save you time also -and time is money. Plus it will make maintaining your pool easier and that will go a long way in easing the frustration of owning a pool.

Automatic Cleaners on my Route, the Best of 2014:

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this video I'm going to show you how to maintain your pool at the lower possible including your electricity and your chemical cost so your standard pool pump will actually raise electricity bill substantially as you're running it so you want to run your pool as little as possible so even in the summer all you need to do is cycle your water through your pool at least one time per day it basically means that the pump will be running long enough that all the water in the pool will go through the filter at least once per day so for this to work effectively we have to know your pool size I have a separate video on measuring your pool I won't go into a lot of detail here we basically learn how many gallons of water are in your pool once you know how many gallons are in your pool you want to take your pump size this is a 1/2 horsepower pump and I'll tell you how many gallons per minute I'll pump through your filter when the filter is running at optimal I'm going to make sure your filter is clean and the right size for your pool this here is a 4 and 20 square foot cartridge filters so I have this pool set to run five hours a day in the summertime we get one cycle of water through you so writing your fool for the minimum time yet one cycle through will save you a substantial amount of money so depending on your pumps horsepower and how long you run your pump each state will determine your electricity cost average cost anywhere from forty to sometimes over a hundred dollars if you're running your pump too long so we cut that back to the minimum one cycle run time can save yourself anywhere from ten even forty dollars a month significant savings over the course of one year so in the wintertime you don't want to rise your pool you can actually lower your bowl down to two or three hours a day the water temperature is really cold chlorine tend to hold better no one's using the pool and the bacteria the virus is still thrive in really cold water you we also want to invest in a good test kit this is a K 2006 you want to be able to test your chemicals to get an accurate reading of your chlorine level the pH in your alkalinity calcium hardness and division or level whether having to go into the pool store every week or two so testing the water keeping it balanced keeping your conditioner level between thirty and fifty parts-per-million checking your water and balancing every week will move you away from the expensive pool shock and the algaecides your pools safe sparkling clean and balanced all year round a great way to save money is to switch over to the BBB method of fool care using Clorox bleach as your sanitizer using baking soda to raise a community and using borax raise pH a great way to save money and your chemical cost so by maintaining your fool with these household products you'll eliminate the need for expensive shocks the track or tablets so by staying out of the pool store the savings by using the BBB method can be substantial you and you also want to skim your pool every week or more to get the organic 3 off the top of the pool and keep the chlorine from being absorbed by the leaves and included in that is to make sure that your skimmer basket there's debris away the pump will run more efficiently basically you want to keep the pool running at peak efficiency you want to keep the pool surface and bottom clean of any organic debris so I recommend keeping your filter clean keeping the pump basket clean of debris also you just want the circulation be as efficient as possible so you can run your timer the least amount of time I also recommend investing in a good automatic pool cleaner this here is the Blair's 369 booster pump version of the Polaris having a good automatic cleaner save you a lot of time in your maintenance and also will keep the organic debris from absorbing a lot of the chlorine even though the initial investment will automatically nor could be high you save time savings and the cleanliness of the pool we can a week out makes getting on a cleaner a bit of us you if your existing pump and motor needs to be replaced I would definitely go at a variable-speed pump to save a lot of money on electricity here by using one of these and here's the pump running at low speed 15 here rpms you can see the wattage is 200 watt so it's like having two light bulbs on your house at this speed it would take maybe about eight hours sick of the water cooler size pool here they're putting a minute and 1,700 but the speed of your normal comfort around that would be the speed of your normal pump to see how much water you using when you're running your normal pool pump reverses the variable speed also the rails become you don't have to run it nearly as high all the time so you can actually lower the RPMs down and say electricity that way also if you're running on a lower speed than that a twenty three hundred and fifty create using eight hundred eighty six watts that's actually pretty good speed to circulate the water in the pool but there are definite benefits of a variable speed pump running it on a semi high speed and circulate the water and save you a lot of electricity that has the possible Satur come a side benefit of the variable speed pump is that the motor itself lasts a very long time I've several first generation rails be pumped about eight years old seems that why is running on low speed the bearings last a long time and in so I have not yet to replace one of the rails beep uh motors you if you have a natural gas heater I would suggest using it sparingly when I heat Michael in the summertime my gas Bell goes from about $40 to about 160 so significantly raise with your gas bill my bill quadruples when I use my heater and generally speaking if you were to heat your pool everyday in the summer to 82 degrees we had an average sized pool your gas Co would be anywhere from six to eight hundred dollars or sometimes even more so using your heater significantly raises the expense of running your pool if you're on a tight budget definitely having a full service as a luxury and not a necessity like the gardener and a housekeeper full service is something that you have when you can afford to serve it's a self so having your pool service every week by a pool professional is convenient it's actually very nice but again it's an expensive item in your budget you you so if you follow the tips that I outlined in this video here save a lot of money on your full maintenance or full care every month

How to cut down monthly bills and save more money

**How to cut down monthly bills and save more money**



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How to cut down monthly bills and the way I do it.

what's going on YouTube my name is ty my blocks the ex-king calm and others are very dark day today just getting my work and I want to shoot a quick video on how to save money on how to save money how to cut things out me a wife has done some custom bills out and some things that people might not have thought about too recently so you know saving money one way to make more money it's a save on money right no you know if you're trying to make more money the best thing to do is look at your bills and what can you eliminate it and we eliminate some bills and we dinner ourselves and one bill that we got eliminated was the pest control service the orchid man the man was a great service and we lead them because there was a poor service a really good service on knowing bad thing was that you know was paying seventy seven dollars every other month so just running it up plus tax the most eighty bucks every other month to monthly that's forty eight bucks a month and you know in the beginning yeah I'd used them guy had these spider crickets in my home Oh camel crickets with the column in my home and I got it kind of hard to kill so I got me a pest control service and get rid of them which is fine and dandy but don't you have a kid you know stuff got your cut so that's what happened well had my son and stuff had to go so I called and canceled them and I invested in a one gallon water sprayer which I'll do review about that I'm about to get tossed are pro top star P and I heard a good chemical insecticide to use and I'm gonna use that to keep the bugs out so I can spray the yard I can spray the trees the the perimeter the windows actually the backyard the front yard and it kills mosquitoes too one thing about the orchid man I didn't like that you know we worried nine to five it was very hard walk I put it I was working in the world before I went you know across the street what they call it so the White House I was on Wednesday Thursday and Sunday so Wednesday I got make an appointment for Wednesday they coming to house pray and be done since I'm working 9:00 to 5:00 mode through Friday and they close at five o'clock it's very hard to get them inside the home versus Saturdays and Saturdays they work every other Saturday and then why do scheduled for Saturday it'll be close my neighborhood there'll be there's nothing I close but they'll be booked so the past four times I'll call for Saturday they make it pretty booked so why do and when they do come to the house they always spray once every other month so I mean which is fine but when they do spray will be at work so I don't know what they're doing I don't know if they're doing a good job or not I don't know do the sprayer the windows are they spraying the whole foundation or spraying the bushes to I don't know I really don't know so yeah you know nothing about the service but it you wonder that's why I decided to get rid of them and to do it myself and the product of doing the self is to positive things don't think it's just prozac all I know the con is that I waste more time but will take me maybe you know 30 35 minutes to get this mix of chemicals together put some clothes on and spray the whole house use the whole gallon whatever but the pros are I save money and I know that the work is done I can spray it knowing the house but the bushes the grass the trees shrubs the backyard I have a shed as well in my back I can spray that as well there's a lot of spiders and bugs in there I can spray that as well keep the bugs out of there as well so it looks like it's a good thing I counsel them so that's one thing the next thing we have done is we go spaying a lot of money for home security and it was paying about 50 bucks a month that's a lot of money for home security and no one of our family members said they pay way cheaper internet I'll talk to Taylor 15 bucks a month that's why there's a research on that and I know do with just soft security systems is on the rise right now and and I I can also mine once I saw the price how much would pay you got paper clip in the front but your pay 10 15 bucks 20 bucks a month for home security and then you know what will get me long story short the company that I had got bought out three four times so I was paying $25 more than beginning which is not bad but every other year they got bought out and the price keep going up and no and then the thing is but my my equipment did get better stay the same so I decided to it Do It Yourself security system and I kind of enjoyed doing it once you do it yourself versus get so I also come to it it feels better when you do it do you know it's done you know that the doors got sensors when those got sensors everything so it feels better so I eliminated that bill when I eliminated well I got cheaper bill so that's that really helps so those two bills I I got lured or eliminated on one thing we did was I invested in a hedge trimmer I invested in a weed whacker and I put much cutting all the grass all year long this year last year I hired a guy he forty bucks two more long I was pretty hot last year and this year wasn't too bad but this year I did all myself so if you paying someone to cut your grass then you older person you can't physically do it keep paying that person cuz you wanna be out there hurt yourself but you know a young person and you could do it yourself going investing money into a lawn mower a lot more like 90 to 100 dollars and now I'm a lot more maybe four or five years ago it's still going strong so will pay for itself I invest into a hedge trimmer by sixty bucks I got your weed whacker for like 45 so I thought all these things to help me keep my lawn good into the winter time when I'm growing more and it saved me money so how to hire someone to do it so the way you do it in square cut your grass dam with it know what to spray that I got a sprayer I go I go and Samari outside go ahead make stuff up and spray and and be done with it and be done with it so those are some ways you can start saving money see what bills you got now lower than light bill is harder maybe gets on energy-efficient bulbs into efficient appliances for your car insurance try to call around different companies and see the benefits the pros the cons and the cost compared to what you're paying now awesome one other way that's kind of if you're paying 120 and coming constantly what's hard you send in five eighty dollars I'll go ahead and do it because over time it will save me some money so try that as well I think what's something else another thing you could do with foam service that have a rising horizon sprint all the plates are extremely high I have a rising fault 115 years I'll have about 15 you got every one was 30 there was expensive I was paying $90 for one line and now I'm paying 80 bucks for two lines for me and my wife so I was like okay I'm seven ten dollars about she online I got a line and we split the bill we was clicking wireless that runs up 80 phone service is fantastic so hey if you got sprint verizon thinking about going to a prepaid service that has great services to be there there's so many out there and they think service is just as good so there's a couple things that help you save money dude don't do it yourself do yourself a pain exterminator learn how to do it yourself body stuff buy the equipment by the pesticides insecticides it'll last you a long time tossed our Protoss therapy with an uber I wanna do review about that as well I did I see somebody bought a plan of that stuff it lasted my year so it's imagine it is like $31 so after one bus will last me a year so they'll try to do it yourself cut your grass yourself do your peasant roll yourself do your home security yourself monitored yourself through apps try get a lower phone plan try go to a prepaid plan copy pay plan your bill never just never goes up and down it's always the same try to use more energy efficient equipment I mean the devices in your home and try to cut out cable I made people I mean people my job paying to 20 to 30 a month doesn't cable internet it'll need these days the cable is dead I would rather using Hulu or Netflix was internet service and my bill will be cheaper I mean in you know my youtube channel I show you how you can watch movies and TV shows for the world real real low okay so there's no reason for you to pay to 20 a month and the cable and you work 40 hours a week and you have kids so how many shows do you actually watch besides power and they have they have none so I mean you only watch three or four shows Mable's with sports but you pay the 220 a month that's ridiculous give her the cable going Netflix go to youtube live YouTube labs like like 30 or 40 bucks a month so what's your internet by self might pay for it for the lives of my 12 youtube live you might I paying forward you've had a hard I was a month but you're cutting your bill in half if you cut your bill in half so these are the ways to save some money you can save some serious money by cutting things out you don't need you could do it yourself you call around get a better quote and everything else stop eating out so much know maybe from from September there is a timber to December you should try to save money because know why the hot got Christmas coming up new year's Thanksgiving you have a lot of family soldiers going out coming up Black Friday and you need money so the best thing you could do now as a stop T now say more money hoping high-yield savings accounts to put that money in cook cook you a big possible get eat that for two three days cook you some chicken wings eat number two three days make up Potter lasagna and make eat that for two three days and use coupons week a lot of coupons in the mail use coupons you get in the mail that also helps use cashback apps on your phone use the dollar app you get a dollar back and it's not a lot of money but over time adds up you usually get outside gas at a time you get gas you scan your gas receipt and you get cash back right now since I've been using a gas app hell I've been using it since April to September I'm a $61 that's my scaly my gas receipt that says free money so these are some ways to save money just rethink your bills what bill can you eliminate and what bill key made cheaper what Bill you do yourself cat cut the grass myself I'll do myself alone can I do I'll do this oh security system saves the money I have to do it myself I can I cut out this pest control bill cut out cable and go out with another lor bill can I cut out there's a verizon bill the Sprint bill that's a lot of money mobile bills a lot of money can I cut those things out but cutting those things out you will save money how I say my my light bill many more installation in your home energy efficient devices lights all key things off that's what also helped you know save on gas you know when you one thing I do like instead of me you know sometimes if you get out were a good time and he goes if you're already out go ahead and do your good shopping while you're already out they come home versus on your day off you know except you get your car and go to the store coming back you're burning gas how about you go ahead and go shopping while you're already out they come home that way when we can you don't have to go buy groceries you can do anything but stay at home and save that gas money so yeah the plenty of ways to save some money you want to save money by cutting up bills and expenses kind of things you don't need and what it could not faith you could do yourself that's security bill the security bill right now and the orca man and you throw cutting grass I probably save $150 a month just cut those things out and do them myself that's it and with the home security won't you just it's easy it's easy you just stick it you good to go you good to go and but this goodness says that once you have a cell it's done it's done you'll read nothing else you've got a checking it out this is done and in and with the pest control you do it once a month you do it once a month you do we cut the grass do it once a month so all these things have to cut out you do it once a month you do it once a month and you save money you save money so but anytime what else can calm I read a blog post about this as well I have more videos coming out and I got a new video coming out I'm gonna do soon Peyer tomorrow Saturday it's called the peace of hunt hack I got I find a way to get we want a piece of her pizza you get cash back on to apps that didn't know had on there and check that video out download all these links below the video acorns you know acorns get money back your account by buying stuff get the dogs out you don't say get the dogs out go ahead and get it and you cash back on restaurants by link below get the get up side gas app you just get your gas receipt you get cash back within four hours get couple dollars back over time adds up that link below the video as well my name is Tyler asking comm help you save money make more money hide the whole money and I'll see you next time

How to Reduce Electric Bills and Save Electricity in India & Pakistan

**How to Reduce Electric Bills and Save Electricity in India & Pakistan**



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How to Reduce Electric Bills and Save Electricity in India & Pakistan

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"Make Big Money Helping Others Save $$'s On Electrical Bills!"

**"Make Big Money Helping Others Save $$'s On Electrical Bills!"**



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Make BIG Money Helping People Save $$ on Electric Bills!
when you think about household energy and you think about money chances are you see it as a one-way street use energy you pay money but think how it would feel if you walk to your mailbox and instead of finding an energy bill to pay you found that energy was paying you now that's an idea and it's an idea whose time has come now that consumers have a choice and where they get their energy from ambit is how you have the opportunity to benefit from the enormous energy market place of today just think about everyone you know uses energy interval everyone you'll ever meet uses energy in there let's say you could offer your friends and family affordable a seamless transition from the energy provider they're using now and a better deal every month that would be a win for them right now what if you could offer that kit and earn a residual income from the monthly energy payment that every single one of them that would be a big win for you that win-win is what ambit is all about it's simple really you become an ambit consult with a small initial investment and you'll be amazed how quickly you can earn it back to get started you join for a one-time fee of four hundred twenty nine dollars and a monthly fee of twenty four ninety-five for your personal business building system now you can start earning immediate income your first customer will be you and your website will count for to customer points when you gather one more customer in your first four weeks you will earn one hundred dollars sign up six additional customers and you'll learn another one hundred dollars and when you personally sponsor a new ambit energy consultant and help them gather their first four customer points in their first 28 days they'll learn one hundred dollars and so will you help a second ambit energy consultant do the same that's another hundred dollars to them and to you when you do all of this in your first 28 days you will have earned four hundred dollars at this point you have earned most of your initial investment back and you can start realizing the real power of the ambient compensation plan and once you sign up a customer chances are they'll stay customers then you can offer that great deal on energy to everyone you know you'll get a bonus when they sign up and you'll earn residual income from their energy purchases every month plus when you let other people know about the sweet deal you're getting they're going to want in on it too well guess what not only can you earn even more income by sponsoring them to be amba consultants you'll start earning a residual on all their customers business same with the people they sponsor in the next generation and the next through seven levels of your organization and you can qualify to earn a bonus on every new customer or consultant in your organization through unlimited levels that's right I said unlimited that means you're earning income from the customer of the guy who was sponsored by the girl who was sponsored by that other guy you sponsored and so on indefinitely then the fact is it really doesn't take much to start building a substantial income it works like this you gather a handful of customers that shouldn't be so hard since everybody uses energy and you sponsor three new consultants then you help those three new consultants get new customers and you help them sponsor three new consultants that's how serious growth begins let's look at a couple of examples you enroll 20 customers and you personally sponsor two consultants who enroll five customers of their own if they in turn personally sponsor two consultants will enroll five customers and this duplicates down through seven levels your check would be two thousand two dollars a month or suppose you want to earn more or even replace your monthly income starting from our previous example let's say instead of two personally sponsored consultants you helped three consultants and each of them just gather five customers if they do the same and this repeats itself through seven levels your monthly check is now 20 8921 dollars and seventy-five cents maybe your dreams are a little bigger than well ambit can do that for you too if you personally sponsor three consultants who enroll half the customers you did that is enroll ten customers each and this continues for seven levels your monthly check grows to 50 7840 two dollars and fifty cents there's really no limit to the income you can earn it's your decision and it starts with you gathering repute the same there's a whole lot of earning potential behind the ambit compensation plan we encourage you to learn more about the detail but here's the gist of it you can earn money helping people save on energy something every person you know consumes every day of their lives you can start earning money fast hemet has jump start bonuses we can start paying you the same way you join the company you can keep earning from the customers you sign up they pay every month you earn everything you gotta love residual income you can earn more by building an organization as you grow in leadership your earning potential expands you owe it to yourself to find out more about how hammock can be a win-win for you talk to the person showed you this video they're ready to get you started with your own ambit business today you'll never know what it could do for you unless you try you