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14 Ways To Save Money

**14 Ways To Save Money**



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Times are tight, learn how to save money in this difficult times!
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[Applause] hey both of you are $40 so person thinking it's yeah laughing well how are ya oh you're having I'm having them I have them run what do you want what were my oh I didn't body misses your idea of a romantic dinner yeah it's going if your candlelight we can see be city and this food come on let's see your order sir I think sorry sorry sorry yes sir uh you gave me just chips no ficha I think you mixed up the whole fish and chips aren't these your leftovers from this morning yeah but it's good well for me okay so here's your oh I think this time you just gave me the fish are no chips huh I order fish and chips no justice thank you thank you thank you fish and chips okay hey um I have a stain on my shirt is there somewhere I can go wash it oh you want to do laundry okay you go down and you turn right okay okay thanks yes sir sorry uh this drink doesn't quite look like the one in the picture so I guess I won't be paying for this well let me let me finish it my job oh good day I really I mean I think none of you are more eager future Drina any night for three days only hey that's eg alone what is that all I'm worth to you $3.99 usually it's 12 Allah Allah what are you gonna order no you go ahead I brought food for last night's dinner okay here's your food sir they think thanks sorry sorry I'm sorry I found a strand of hair yeah I don't think I can pay buddies you know but it's white are you accusing me are you saying that it's my hair just because it's white and listen man this is not white hair okay miss plutonium blonde I had enough of this I'm not paying for it I can't take this anymore I'm leaving future really cents record oh honey don't allow them [Applause]

87% off electric heat bill: REALLY saving energy

**87% off electric heat bill: REALLY saving energy**



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I made this video to augment my article “REALLY Saving Energy with The Heat Bubble: how I cut 87% off of my electric heat by heating the person instead of the whole house”. This is a DIY alternative form of energy conservation

Camille Pearl comes over to my house and tests my energy saving theories for herself. We start off stripping off her clothes that are more than just a single, normal layer people might wear in a fully heated area. Then we have her stand in the cool area until she feels too cold, then move her to the desk with the micro personal heaters.

It was in this video where Camille first refers to this as a “bubble.” And now, that’s what we call this technique: “a heat bubble”.

She starts off too cold, and then spends 30 minutes at the heated desk area. At the end of the 30 minutes she is fully warmed up and feels like she could work there indefinitely.

We then turn off the micro heat and see how long she can hold out until she feels too cold to keep working. About three minutes and ten seconds.

Quick summary of micro heaters:
40 watts: incandescent light bulb in a chick brooder configuration
25 watts: heated keyboard
15 watts: dog bed heater / heating pad
2.5 watts: heated mouse

82.5 watts total.

A homemade approach to save the environment. Alternatives are sources for home production. This may be a big boost to renewable energy efforts.

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see she gets the point alright so you can see on the thermometer that it's like just a hair over 50 right now and so are you feeling a little cold from walking around the room my fingers are real cold my feet are cold um yeah I just pulled my sweater sleeves down alright um make yourself comfortable get some work done you thank you and don't mind if I do okay that's thirty minutes how do you feel I feel good I'm very comfortable tops of my feet it warmed up the tops of my hands warmed up okay so when you say the tops of your feet the tops of your hands warmed up I dig it too the bottoms of your hands the bottoms our feet warmed up right away right those were the first things um that I could feel the warmth from the warmth from the heat lamp is not nearly as noticeable as from the devices that I'm actually touching can you look up into the lamp and see what the wattage on it is 120 volts it looks like 40 watts all right so um now what does it feel like what's the temperature feel like where you are well um I feel like I'm in a warm little bubble I mean it could be 70 degrees in here for all I know okay how do you normally tolerate the cold um I get cold um pretty easily uh you know I can I can stand it but I get uncomfortable pretty fast and I typically work at a computer all day with the thermostat in my house set between 60 and 60 to 63 degrees but I frequently have to turn on a space heater on my feet keep it on for a while and then turn it off on my leg skate so it's kind of an ongoing process throughout the day and it seems like I mean I don't know how much energy we're using right here but it seems like we're likely using less than a space heater with require and in a way it's a lot more you know like low low maintenance because I'm not adjusting anything after I sat down all right so let's move to the next phase turn it up turn it all off tada keep on working but see how you feel getting cold alright so is it okay there I think that's called it that's time if you like this sort of thing come on out to the forums at permease comm where we talk about really saving energy homesteading and permaculture all the time

How to Save Money on Your PG&E Bill and Make Money!

**How to Save Money on Your PG&E Bill and Make Money!**



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Looking to pay less for your PG&E bill this year? We hear you. Here are the best ways to save and even EARN money this year. 1. OhmConnect. If you haven’t …

7 Ways to Save Electricity at Your Home (New - 2019)

**7 Ways to Save Electricity at Your Home (New – 2019)**



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you don't need 100 ways to save electricity in order to see a major difference on your next energy bill you just need information on our 10 proven ways to save electricity at home to get started it's summer the time of year for backyard grilling lounging poolside undocked skyrocketing electric bills that last element isn't something most people look forward to but with these 10 ways to save electricity at home you can rest assured you're doing everything you can to protect the environment and your wallet number one unplugged devices you're not using all those smaller appliances and devices in your home don't use much energy individually but collectively they can really add up basically if it's plugged in it is costing you small amounts of money that add up over time but there's a workaround for this problem powerstrips instead of manually plugging and unplugging everything in your house each day if you connect your items to a power strip and then simply turn that strip off when you aren't using something your items will not drain energy some devices do use a fairly large amount of power including computers when you're not using your computer shut it off rather than let it sleep number two shut curtains and closed doors keeping your curtains closed during the day keeps sunlight from heating up your home reducing incoming heat by as much as 30 percent that's additional heat for which your air-conditioner doesn't have to compensate consider installing awnings on your south and west facing windows to further reduce the amount of heat coming into your house heat rises it's a simple fact of physics if you have a two-story home save on air conditioning costs by closing doors on the upper floors when you and the family are primarily downstairs open the door is a half-hour or so before bedtime even if you have central air conditioning consider installing window units in the bedrooms and using them at night instead of keeping the whole house cool since morning is the coolest part of the day your house will probably feel comfortable when you wake up number three inspect your insulation no one cares more about your home than you do including the person who built it if said person did a shoddy job of insulating your attic you could be throwing away hundreds of dollars each and every year energy.gov estimates that nearly 20% of your winter electric bill is made up of heat loss through your attic fortunately fiberglass insulation is relatively inexpensive and is sure to save you money in the long run number four reduce large appliance energy waste even if your washer dryer and dishwasher are energy efficient they account for other substantial portions of your electric bill fortunately there are energy saving tips you can use you around to reduce these costs start by living by these two basic rules first only run full loads so that you run them less often second run your large appliances during off-peak hours usually after 8 p.m. – when electric rates are lower number five embrace natural light open up your curtains and let the Sun Shine in using natural light whenever possible instead of relying on artificial light can greatly reduce the amount of electricity you use during the day the same is true whether you work in an office or spend your days in your house exposure to natural light also increases happiness giving you an even greater incentive to raise the blinds try to arrange your workspace so that natural light floods your desk keep the overhead lights off when possible when you need extra lighting use a low powered desk lamp instead buy curtains or blinds in a light shade they will still allow light to come through but also provide privacy when you need it number six replace old appliances with energy-saving models when older appliances were manufactured companies weren't as concerned with saving electricity newer models are designed to conserve energy reducing your household costs and lowering your carbon footprint if you have an older refrigerator electric stove and oven dishwasher washer and dryer or other large appliance look into getting it replaced look for Energy Star ratings on new appliances these help you assess how much energy the appliance uses many energy conserving appliances are more expensive than those that don't have this feature but you'll earn the money back over time through electricity savings if replacing your appliances isn't an option there are still plenty of ways to change your routine so that you're using as little electricity as possible number seven insulate your home making sure there are good seals on the doors and windows leads to huge savings in energy costs insulation keeps your home from leaking cool air conditioned air during the summer and warm heated air during the winter have a contractor inspect your home's insulation to determine whether it's sufficient enough consider the Attic crawl spaces basement walls and ceiling you may want to look into fitting your home with new insulation weatherstrip your home by using caulk and weather strip in your doorways windows and around window air conditioners you can also purchase plastic sheeting to put over the windows during the winter

How to cut your electric bill in half part 6 by Missouri Wind and Solar

**How to cut your electric bill in half part 6 by Missouri Wind and Solar**



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