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Car insurance made simple

**Car insurance made simple**



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Root uses AI to save you money. How? By learning how you drive, and then giving you a rate based primarily on your actual driving behavior. Better driving = more savings. It’s stupid simple. Download and take your own test drive today!
okay we're route and we save you money on your car insurance by using a I seriously sounds crazy but it's stupid simple download the app and take the route test-drive the better you're driving the more you save in fact good drivers save up to fifty two percent off their car insurance so stop paying for bad drivers agents and big marketing budgets and take control by getting fair insurance a try start your test drive with route today

How Root Insurance Saves Good Drivers $$$

**How Root Insurance Saves Good Drivers $$$**



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Good drivers deserve better rates. Not only does Root use A.I. to give you a rate primarily based on how you drive, but we also don’t insure bad drivers (the small group of people who cause most of the accidents). That means you can finally get the great rate you deserve – freeing up $$ for what’s truly important to you.
업적이 원래 태그 내부에 골초 다 와우 약대 일에 언제 세븐 안마 링 떼서 쌓여도 왜 내 어제 쇼 혼자 어젠 쳐서 b ver 카운트 count 에 젤루 i7 하듯 이 폴더 rose 울림 취업을 좋겠어 솔루션 추운지 카프리 dmac 컷 발매한 하우디 좋아 적 그 좌우 spy you n 졸 무슨 잘 이야기해서 입수 v2 어야 비드 잠옷 이 앞 vs 디포리 샵은 사피엔스 앞에는 좔 보라 먹기 널 머서 비우고 있어요 여기에는 여러 베케이션 super 좀 거둬야 뭔지 빼셔야 비리에 이어 비법을 퀘스트만 쇼 캬브 두바이의 뉴 파워 c9 철수 필자 물 구입은 캐서 히어로 파워 스포 유 4 베팅할 수 있는 이모 넘 아니었어 나름 읽고 아파 외 2 요게 카운트 알도의 추억 2 xperia 소리 큐브 인 p 이유 대한 롤 zero 중합

Root Insurance: Why Car Insurance is So Expensive

**Root Insurance: Why car insurance is so expensive**



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Do you think you’re paying a fair rate for car insurance? If you’re a good driver, you’re probably not. 30% of bad drivers cause more than 50% of the claims. So at Root, we don’t insure them — saving good drivers even more money. Try it today and save up to 52% off of our current rates.

let me ask you something do you think your car insurance rate is fair the premiums you pay cover the accidents for all insured drivers and not all of them are good drivers well a Trude insurance we had an idea we said let's take the worst drivers out of the equation that's right we don't insure them period with route you're not paying for bad drivers accidents which means you save up to 52 percent on your car insurance so how much would you save take route for a ride and find out download the app today

Good driver vs. BAD driver — car insurance price showdown!

**Good driver vs. BAD driver — car insurance price showdown!**



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Team Orange FTW! Download the Root app and get a car insurance rate based on how you drive. Good drivers can save 52%.

Why are you paying as much as bad drivers for car insurance? When people drive differently, they should pay different rates for their car insurance. Root gives a rate based primarily on your driving ability, not just your demographics. Good drivers deserve better rates. Download the Root app to see how much you can save!

My Driving Discount - Save up to 25% on Car Insurance.

**My Driving Discount – Save up to 25% on Car Insurance.**



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Drive safe? Prove it and save 25% off your car insurance!

Some people have better driving habits than others. That’s why Intact Insurance has developed a program that rewards good driving behaviour. With my Driving Discount, you could save up to 25%* off your auto insurance premium.

Being a good driver can really pay off

Intact Insurance is one of the very first companies in Canada to offer significant discounts to anyone who can prove they are good drivers. With User Based Insurance (UBI) technology you can demonstrate just how safe you are behind the wheel and the reward can be a lucrative savings on your next auto renewal.

Speak with a Rhodes & Williams Insurance Broker today for more details or to sign-up with my Driving Discount from Intact Insurance. www.mydrivingdiscount.ca
this is driver a and B both to signed up for my driving discount through their brokers enrolling was easy and both received a 5% discount just for signing up their small device arrived a few days later and all they had to do was plug it into their cars driver a takes pride in their safe driving and accelerates and breaks carefully driver B also takes pride in their driving but doesn't have the same touch from the accelerator brake they each have their own personalized website where they can see how they're driving and are able to track their discount after 30 days driver a is on track to save 10% on their car insurance and driver B is on track to save 6% no matter how they judge their premiums won't increase and both still have time to improve their driving to save more a few months later both driver a and B were able to better their driving habits and as a result driver a is on pace to save 60% and driver B is on pace to save the 11% at their next renewal by driving discount is a simple and easy program that you can only benefit from your potential savings are in your hands speak to your broker today and get on the smart road to saving