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Roof Dormer Costs - Building Design Money Saving Tips

**Roof Dormer Costs – Building Design Money Saving Tips**



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Click on this link to learn more about construction architecture and home building. Watch this video to find a few different ways to cut building costs and save a few dollars, while designing a new building. I realize that some things look great and really at a lot of character to a building, but these things also increase your financial burden, especially if you’re the owner. If you’re looking for a few more tips about home design or construction, visit the few of our other websites and watch a few more of our videos.
here's another architectural design money saving tip that you should be aware of if you're building or remodeling and what we're looking at here is a roof dormer and they could be costly the building you're looking at here has about 20 of them on the roofs and it's a commercial property of course a little shopping mall and they look great I have to say that they do look nice but people are still going to come to this to the shop and they're still gonna buy stuff whether these things are on the roofs or not but you as the Builder need to realize a few things and then of course is these things can be costly I would imagine that the bare minimum you could that you could build something like this for it would be about a thousand dollars but I would imagine that's the minimum minimum probably more like between three and five thousand dollars to build one of these now like I said this thing has about 20 of them on there you're looking at between forty and sixty thousand dollars to build these things then that money can be used elsewhere or could actually go into your pockets so if you're a builder try to point this out to the designer or the architect do we really need these things on there and if you're an architect or designer make it aware to the property owner that these things are going to add a couple extra bucks to the building and so again just want to give you guys an idea when you're designing a building or planning on building a building maybe you're gonna build your own building things like these cost money and realistically if you don't need them you want to save a couple bucks get rid of them I mean let's face it people are still going to come and shop at the stores or visit your building with or without these on the roof another thing is – sometimes these things can create roof leaks which eventually are going to add to your roof repair bills in the future