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How to Cook for the Week on a Budget - Beginners Guide

**How to Cook for the Week on a Budget – Beginners Guide**



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1:10 – Yellow Rice
6:10 – Crispy Chicken Thigh
12:42- Roasted Vegetables
17:50 – Mango Coleslaw
27:45 – Worlds Easiest BBQ Sauce
32:12 – Herb Peanut Dressing
37:35 – Spiced Crispy Flatbreads

the almighty mama-jamma of cooking tutorials. Stop wasting your money on going out every time you need breakfast, lunch and dinner! Start impressing your work and school mates, and of course your stomach with the insane meals you will be whipping up and whipping out! Come join the brothers green for 45 minutes and learn how to feed yourself for the week!

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Vegan On A Budget $30/Week

**Vegan On A Budget $30/Week**



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Grocery shopping on $30/week as a vegan.
**UPDATE** Scratch the bagels from list. They contain honey.
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I often hear people say it's too expensive to go vegan and that's just not the case in response to a recent video can ask if I can do a shopping on a budget video $30 for one week's worth of groceries for a poor college kid 10 I think I'm up for the challenge I'm Chris from the vegan zombie and in this video we're going shopping I'm at my local regional farmers market we're going to go in there and see what kind of bargains we can get today we're trying to shop for cheap on a budget big on paper we use a freaking tofu scramble griefer dollar cover oh yeah come on down Tolga dollars if you're looking to juice you have for $4 calorie cocktail okay so I have all a bunch of good deal here I know I'm going to do the rest of my shopping grocery store okay just to recap on what I got with the farmers market and it's never the same sometimes there's different deals sometimes I go for a case of bananas for six dollars they didn't have them today so I just got a bunch of them but all in all I only spent 750 and this is for my week's worth of groceries I'm still going to do a little bit of shopping at the grocery store but we're going to try to do this on the budget and let me just show you what I got Kel it's all 25 probably make a salad with that and also with my avocado which is a l'heure Cal Cal is pretty versatile too you can do juices you can make kale chips you can put in your salad blend it up in your smoothie we have four bags of celery for one dollar and I will use that for my juice we got sweet potato sweet potatoes you can do so many different things with sweet potatoes you cook it up use it for a meal my dog loves these they're great in potassium you can bake it boil it put it in the stew or you could just you know eat it you know how it is cooked with a little bit of vegan butter and brown sugar really good good for you – brown sugar $1 we need I'm just going to cut these up and well probably one of them all saute it up and I'll put it in my tofu scramble and the other one I could make some spaghetti squash with that and make a salad or something like that and then the bananas were a dollar 25 for a bunch of these so my bananas I usually freeze them and I use them each morning in my smoothie either that I'll make some banana ice cream with that you can do so much with bananas you can eat it just how it is whoo you can bake with them you can make banana bread with them bananas are great to have around and they're relatively cheap the farmers market is a lot better in the summer right now it's winter so some of this stuff is out of season some of it but it's still there's still a lot of good deals too pretty convenient place to go and shop let's go on to our local grocery store and again we're going to try to do this on our budget of $30 for the week and see what we can come up with this is my local grocery store Wegmans closest one to my house just a few miles away and I come here often and we're going to go in here it's got everything bagel 39 so I'm going to grab three bitch I can either use for breakfast or I can make a sandwich little so it's almost three bucks I'm getting red leaf roaming no red leaf lettuce I can either make a salad or put this on like a sandwich or something $2 69 these are vegan and they're really good and they're only 3 bucks but I think we can do better bargain wise blueberry gluten-free vegan waffles it says V right on it and these are only dollar ninety-nine they don't taste like they're gluten free they taste delicious you just pop them in your toaster airfryer or put a little bit of vegan butter on there maple syrup or agave these will be good for the week there's eight of them in here bring you some extra firm tofu it's $2 but it's the cheapest one that I can find right now and use this for some tofu scramble or to put something on my salad or whatever and because I said that I'm going to do this on $30 for the week and it was requested by a college student we're going to go with some peanut butter and jelly and this peanut butter is a dollar or e 9 and it says V right on it for vegan and we got some grape jelly also says V for vegan and that's a dollar 49 so right here $3 for peanut butter and jelly I can put these on my bagel or I can put them right on my waffles garbanzo beans chickpeas these are only 65 cents I can do so much with these I can make hummus out of them I can fry them up with some spices and eat them as a snack I can put them in salads so much so right here some cans of these and one can of black beans maybe for some burrito or taco two cans of corn for a dollar because we're doing this on a budget also for 49 cents each I think I'm going to get some sweet peas and some green beans maybe I'll mix this with some rice or some other dish that I make and have these are the side dish these are not the healthiest but these will get by six pack of ramen noodles for only a dollar 39 the oriental flavor of top ramen is actually vegan there is palm oil in it but it is sustainably sourced and they are with the RSPO so you know you can put these in your cart or you can switch it out for something but this is a six meal for a dollar thirty nine you can't beat that price and I need some vegan milk so I'm going to get vanilla soy milk it's a the grocery store brand Wegmans it's vegan excellent source of vitamin D for you for those of you right now there are craving vitamin D because you're not going outside because it's winter well anyway this is a little bit cheaper than making your own with depending on where you get your almonds from or soy so I'm just buying this so this is going to be for either cereal or usually my smoothie and I'm going to hopefully stretch this throughout the week Sneetches here's a really good deal a dollar ninety-nine for jasmine rice I'm going to go with the brown rice it's a little bit healthier and this will definitely last me throughout the week no college dorm is complete without some pasta and some soft so the sauce is $0.99 and these shelves begin lactose-free are seventy nine cents so we're almost there alright and last this brings us up to twenty two dollars here at Wegmans soft pretzels vegan two dollars and fifty cents and you can use these as a snack or a meal there's six pretzels in here and they'll last you throughout the week if you eat one a day [Applause] [Applause] my bill came due 24:13 and I made a mistake I actually only meant to get one can of black beans but I actually put two in the cart so I'm going to – a can of black beans and a can of corn and that's going to take $1 off and together with the produce that I got from the farmers market and everything I just bought it's a grocery store my total is $30 with sixty-five cents so this is just a general idea of what you can pick up for around $30 for one week's worth of groceries and your experience might be a little bit different than mine maybe you have a better farmers market than me maybe you don't have a farmers market at all or maybe you're going to find different deals at your grocery store this is just a general idea of what I could purchase and these ingredients will definitely feed me for one week and I won't starve and I just try to get a variety of different things so let me know if you like the video tell me in the comments below make sure you give it a like if you liked it and go ahead and subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you guys next time by

Hibachi Grilling - GEICO Insurance

**Hibachi Grilling – GEICO Insurance**



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This husband starts hibachi grilling in his apartment to reduce the stress of buying a new home. Subscribe to GEICO:

Husband – Josh Sussman
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