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Storage ideas for kitchens and bedrooms, plus money saving tips: Real Homes Show Ep.7

**Storage ideas for kitchens and bedrooms, plus money saving tips: Real Homes Show Ep.7**



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Do you need more storage? Then watch the latest episode of the Real Homes Show, in association with Checkatrade, for great storage ideas for kitchens and bedrooms.

Presenter Laura Crombie helps homeowner Vicki Wilson-Lees with storage solutions for her cramped flat. Watch now for tips on two types of storage – cheap pieces Vicki can take with her when she moves, and built-in options that will add value to the apartment when she comes to sell. Proof you don’t need to Marie Kondo your home and throw everything out – you just need stylish ways to hide it all away!

Also in this week’s episode, renovation expert Jason Orme’s tips on finding a reliable electrician, decorating with warm orange, and how to bag a bargain at furniture auctions. Forget Bargain Hunt, you could pick up the latest pieces from Made.com, John Lewis and DFS, at dedicated home furnishing sales.

The whole episode is just 18 minutes’ long, but you can use the timings below to skip to your favourite sections:

Small Space Squad (0.50) – presenter Laura Crombie helps homeowner Vicki Wilson-Lees come up with storage solutions for the kitchen and bedroom of her flat
Colour Wheel (6.08) – style editor Anna Morley explains how to introduce the colour warm orange into your home, however much you have to spend
Checking It Out (9.50) – discover the secrets to shopping at furniture auctions. You could save hundreds on products from brands such as John Lewis and Made.com
Trade Secrets (12.17) – renovation expert Jason Orme explains how to find a reliable electrician. Take a look at Checkatrade to start searching in your area
#SoRealHomes (15.29) – Instagram star Amy Wilson shows Sian Astley around her colourful master bedroom
InSinkErator tap competition (17.28) – visit realhomes.com/tv for details of how to enter our latest competition

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hello and welcome to the real home show the show that helps you to make your dream home a reality however much you have to spend subscribe to the real homes youtube channel now and you'll be the first to know when a new episode goes live coming up on this week's show how to decorate with warm orange smart storage solutions for apartment living the auctions and clearance sales where you can bag a furniture bargain Instagram star Amy Wilson shows us around her bedroom how to find a reliable electrician plus we've got an InSinkErator for in one tap with 1,200 pounds to give away first up this week a small space wot hats homeowner Vicky come up with clever storage solutions to make the most of her craft department today unlike Batman without Robin done without derma Jace is on holiday so I've come to read each alone to meet Vicky who lives in a second-story apartment and needs help with some storage solutions let's hit the stairs ago meter so Vicky thank you for calling me in tell me how long you've lived here and what the problems are it's a two-bed apartment and we really struggle for space so obviously we don't have a garage or a shed or any kind of cupboard space and I don't like clutter so we kind of want a bit Halfon where we can put those things and make the most of the space without having too much on the show okay and have you thought about a budget for the work so the next couple years we will think about moving so we don't want to go too crazy there may be a couple of thousand okay I think the best solution is if we go around some of the rooms where you've got real storage problems have a look and I'll give you two options so option number one would blow your budget a little bit but their built-in solutions and they're going to add to the value so you are going to recoup it when you come to sell but the second option if you don't want to do that we'll look at some cheaper movable pieces that you just pick up and take with you okay should we do it yeah so this is the kitchen yeah this is the kitchen so bit of an odd one yeah strange shape isn't it yeah really strange like you said spending a lot of money it can be off-putting badly when it comes to kitchens bathrooms they're what really sells the place so it might seem like short-term pain but actually probably long-term gain and what I'd recommend if you did want to go down that Avenue is get carpenter in and they'll be able to keep what you've got here but build in storage in these two weird corners that you've got so if you imagine having storage all the way around the fridge there you'd have a nice large cupboard nice and deep much better than just the shelves which look lovely but probably not that practical you'll be able to shut everything away and have all your food in there and then I this side if you imagine another alcove cupboard here and then you could have your vacuum your ironing board all those things which I'm guessing you don't have a home for they really would add the value and if you wanted to you could paint these cupboards that you've got so that it all tied in together without having to replace this the cheaper option would be this door is blocking the whole of this wall isn't it yeah it's quite a big door as well it is it's a wide door frame so if you took that door off and had a sliding door put on so not a pocket door or any building work just a rail across the top that would slide away behind your fridge freezer you would then open up this space which would be really usable and you could just buy a nice free-standing unit with storage boxes in so you can't see it but you'd be able to pull out you can put your books in one you could put your fryer that you've got up in another and you can even have the bottom on for your recycling okay so what would the price difference be between those kind of options so for the bespoke carpentry you're probably looking at well over a thousand pounds but for the unit here a sliding door and some shelves 400 pounds which would leave us loads in your budget so here we are in the spare room it's a pretty good size isn't it yeah it's a really good size and we've really tried to keep it as a spare room not a dumping ground and which is difficult and FASTA got the ironing board and the vacuum in the corner and some really conscious I want to keep it as a nice fair and we do have people stay a lot I think the good thing is because it's such a big room there are quite a few options in here so splash out option is again a carpenter so while he's doing the kitchen he could come in here as well and this whole wall could be made into storage imagine all that space that you're wasting up there but above the Wardrobe at the moment would be put there you could put your Christmas tree up there you suitcases I don't know where you put all those things so you could put them up there but if you don't want to spend that much then there are some really easy wins in here first of all we mentioned that you're not using the space on top of the Wardrobe particularly well at the moment so if you go somewhere like home scents or TK Maxx you can get really nice storage basket you can probably fit for off them up there and hide away anything that you want to put up there it's going to be a really useful space again in the middle here if you had a really simple desk somewhere like IKEA or made comm and then put a mirror on top of it you could even put some small drawers underneath it's gonna give guess or you somewhere so do you make up hair those kind of things and then behind the door you can buy utility cupboards freestanding ones that you can take with you now you might not think that you're gonna want that in your next house but they're really useful in the garage actually so you they have space in them for the ironing board for the vacuum and you can take them with you so you're not spending money on something you're gonna let you here okay so with the carpenter option how much are people is that gonna cause cuz I'll stir on the second floor in an apartment and I presume it's gonna be a lot of mess yes there probably is going to be a lot of mess with an apartment they're either gonna have to go downstairs every time they want to cut and do it outside but I think the more likely option is that they're going to come up here and cut inside the best option is look on somewhere like checkatrade find a carpenter get them to come out and talk to you about whether they get to charge a premium because you're in an apartment and then decide which is the right choice for you okay do you need the help of the small space quad whether you want advice on extending or tips on knocking down internal walls just head to real homes com2 /tv fill in the shortfalls and we could be coming to your rescue now it's time to spin our color wheel and find out how you can bring a splash of warm orange into your home stay tuned for the furniture options you need to know about it's time to the part of the show where the color wheel and I are joined by Anna Morley as style editor and part-time sailor ahoy ahoy so last time we spun the wheel and came up with warm orange feels very nostalgic it is isn't it very you think in granny's house mom and dad's wallpaper doji curtains I am indeed up to you for the 70s but that's alright yeah that's me they described warm orange to me in three words so it's a very sociable color it's very happy and makes you feel good it sounds like an eighteen to thirty holiday I remember those it just which rooms of the house does this working it's quite bold its bold and definitely glad you said it so you want to keep it into a room where there's the people congregating blood conversation so we talked about the kitchen the dining room remember those the living room those sort of places that's where it works best and which color should i pair warm orange with so it works we've spoken about walnut before it does actually work really well with walnut and blues again real contrasting colors but really vibrant and really really rich jewel like colors feels really fitting for this time of year as well when it's nice and sunny outside yeah exactly it's definitely that got that happy edge to it hasn't it okay see if I want to dip my toe in have a little bit of warm orange spend maybe 40 pounds what should I go for so something like tableware would be really good maybe that tableware that you can take outside that you can drop on the floor and it doesn't smash everywhere I think it's called melamine so it's a nice side plates and platters some like little nibble bowls some like that so it's a very stylish thing isn't it to update your tableware and accessories with the seasons yeah absolutely you know what I do actually do it in my house it's a really good way to feel like you've got all new stuff you know you put it away and won't be in the winter and you get it back out as someone you'd forgotten you had it and it's lovely and it's fresh and it's just a good way to keep reinventing your house okay so I like it a little bit more maybe up to 100 pounds what's what should I buy well it's a really nice warm orange linen actually that's in bed linen obviously linen on a bed always looks great like a tiny bit of Krunk would affect that nice texture if you layer it with some other colors like in that ilk so like some okras and some like rusts that look makes a really good statement for your bedroom and that's really good for the summer I guess as well exactly yeah totally okay so I love warm orange I want to go all out watchtower best in so if you really are into this warm orange color I would go for like a sofa perhaps loads around us in velvet at the moment or perhaps an armchair so really zing out from a corner of girl and house if I'm buying a sofa I really really need to love that color don't I so if you love it commit to it but ya know I feel a bit wishy-washy on it stick to your tableware I think we've done a shipshape job of that one Anna very good – good trainee sailor skills there try phone that three times after Jim would you like to spin the wheel and we'll have a look what we can look at our next episode love – thank you right here we go sage green oh you love this color don't you've got a lot of it in your house so join us next time Anna might let us in the house she didn't let me last time I got banned anyway he'll be showing you how to bring that color into your home so what do you think will you be squeezing some orange into your home or leaving it in the 70s we'd love to see how you're using color in your home using the hashtag so real homes on Instagram we'll be sharing our favorite shots on a future episode now if he loved tagging a bargain and it's time for the part of the show where I share my insider know-how on furnishing your home for less it can be tempting to do all of our shopping online these days but when it comes to furniture it's well worth getting out there trying it for size you can also save some money by doing that one of the best ways to bag a bargain when it comes to furniture and accessories is to head to an auction now these take place up and down the country and I know what you might be thinking you're picturing bargain hunt and you're imagining a mahogany table or a really ornate vars but that doesn't have to be the case a lot of the pieces in auctions are brand new and they're beautiful contemporary designs so it's well worth having a look for auctions in your area and then turn upon the day nice and early now the reason that you need to get there early is because you gives you a chance to have a look at the products you're thinking of buying some of the items there will be X display and they could have slight damage or defects so by having a look at them you'll realize whether you can live with that imperfection the other thing you need to do sit down check that the piece of furniture is comfortable and crucially measure it to make sure that it's going to fit in your house and also think about how you're going to get them home if there isn't a delivery option once the auction starts a couple of words of warning try not to get carried away it can be a very exciting atmosphere so set yourself a maximum limit for what you're willing to spend and don't go over it there's no point going to an auction and spending more than the product is actually worth secondly you're gonna have to pay Commission on everything you buy so check what that is with the auction house add it on to your maximum budget so you the maximum amount that you're going to be spending now I've had a quick look online and one of the best auction houses for this kind of modern furniture auction is John Pye they've got showrooms everywhere from Edinburgh to London and when I had to look this week some of the items on offer included John Lewis lighting brand new shark vacuum cleaners still in the packaging and my calm sofas another great option is Midland furniture auctions these take place every Wednesday throughout the year and this week they've got some beautiful Chesterfield sofas in modern velvet finishes but also things like brand new mattresses in the package so you can pick up a real bargain but again make sure you can fit them in the car before you buy so there you have it if you want to get off line head out to a shop and bag a bargain take a look for auctions in your area join me in two weeks time when I'll be sharing tips on cost-effective bathroom storage now it's time for our final trade secrets section where expert renovator jason'll explains the one job you should really never try to DIY stay tuned afterwards and we've got that great tap giveaway Jason I'm not sure you've ever been called a bright spark where you going to talk to us about electricians today it's like why is it important to find an electrician I want to work with well I have been told I'm a bright spot many times does it go teachers okay but the point being well yes I mean I think it's really important because not only are they there for the singular job you know a good electrician will be somebody that you rely on throughout the lifetime in that home you know so building up a relationship with one that you can trust they'll know your house they'll know the little quirks of the electrical system that you've got already you know so it'll save you money in the long run as well so yeah absolutely essential to have one that you can rely on and how do I go about finding one so you know again I first pour call is always recommendations from friends family builders no-good electricians and plumbers and particularly good electricians I think so gates that network is really important also you know go through websites like check a trade wait a short circuit at recommendation process they also do a kind of a vetting procedure that make sure they're insured and make sure they're kind of stand-up people from a financial perspective as well so you know you get there but ultimately it is down to that first cup of tea with them you know delight them dica on all that kind of stuff and are there any accreditations I should know about yeah so it's quite complex really so electrics obviously be incredibly dangerous is is covered by the building regulations build and control so what used to happen was the for any work whether you have to get the local authority building controllers to come out and check it now that became self certified 10-15 years ago I think and this is a trade association called the N IC e IC snappy title I think you'll agree and basically if a electrician is a member of that they can self certify the work which is really important so you know an electrician the your employees should really be a member of the n IC e IC will they be happy to just come out and fit a socket for me or should I try and do that myself don't do it yourself for the love of God don't do it yourself and I think you know the important bit really is the obviously electricians kind of like a kind of flow of work so you know clearly anybody would likely got a big long term contracts on a big house but there's always going to be within that patch within that kind of customer base people like you who need small little jobs so they'll try to fit them in usually in a day or two you know and do it now they're two hours they're after now at the next job I'm just fit them all in together so you might need to wait a few but well worth it obviously and I guess having a smaller job like that it's not going to be a full day rate so will they just cost it on a job by job basis you're usually an hourly rate it's something that they would do but obviously you know you have to factor in that it's not just their time with you it's the time going down to the merchants to get the stuff for your job and it's a travelling time involved as well so often works out more expensive on a spot basis so if you can just run a few jobs together that help something bonus question we all know that water and electrics don't mix is it safe to give them a cup of tea well I've had your tea and that's pretty more dangerous than working the most electrics so you know they'll thank you for a nice good today I'm sure they I think tea feels like a fitting place to end because it's been an overarching theme with our trade as housing it so thank you very much Jason that's our last trade secrets join us on the next episode when we'll have the hub for you where we'll be showing you how to bring smart home tech into your home now if you're thinking of revamping your bedroom sit back and relax as our renovation experts I honestly takes a look around instagram star amy wilson beautiful bedroom stick around afterwards and we'll have that giveaway an explosion of color it's more invigorating when you're actually standing in it oh you're not afraid of color are you know particularly yellow I don't know if you've noticed it's quite a bit yellow around the house and I love using yellow I love color and this bedroom has been in my mind for quite some time it was a Pinterest board as they always are if you looked at the Pinterest board you would see little bits and pieces but although it's evolved yeah you know I didn't imagine having a load of plants in the bedroom and I have now because I just wanted to do something with that little corner and I didn't imagine having the dressing-table of dreams I you know I just grew up that the home turn will come sense and I always wanted it I always wanted a dressing table or like I've never I've never sat on the bed I've sat on the floor I just wanted look at space it's all my here so which parts of the room were on the original sort of borders it the colors versus it was even color so at the Bardo right in particular another foreign ball color I loved that that bright turquoise but having said that we did originally paint the whole room in it and it was too much and then this wall was gone so we introduced judo green which was always going to be on the wardrobes and then we put it on the wall as well I do like I like the way actually used it on opposing side so that on the bed wall and actually you haven't gone for you like wallpaper and pattern minashi like are missing in this room yeah and then reflected on the wardrobes yeah quite beautiful handles over there dice by bust reproduce my distance – yeah there you have certain that had certain things in my mind one was a bed that looked a bit like that one was with the shower room and the shower screen and the other was candles and so they were kind of big that's a – sadly it would come to the end of today's show which means it's time for our amazing giveaway we've teamed up with InSinkErator to give away a four in one touch tap now this provides you with filtered hot water filter cold water as well as your regular hot and cold water the lucky winner will be able to choose from three tap styles and three finishes and a recommended retail price is more than 1200 pounds so if you'd like to win just head to real homes calm for its lasting beat and answer this simple question which Instagram stars bedroom did we take a tour of this episode you've got until midnight on July the 10th to enter so good luck join us in two weeks time when we'll be posting robot vacuum cleaners to the test in a new smart home section sharing our tips on family-friendly kitchen diners and showing you how to decorate with sage green if you'd like more info on anything we've discussed in this show head to real homes calm and make sure you pick up a copy of real Honus magazine until next time happy home making

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I decided to renovate my kitchen because I just wanted a whole fresh look and it was time for something new and exciting we set a budget and we stayed on budget I always stay on budget a good tip for staying on budget is to be realistic about what your budget is from the get-go I actually always Pat it a little bit building more because you're inevitably going to fall in love with something that you want to spend a little bit more on so don't undercut yourself on your budget make it substantial our big splurge for this kitchen was definitely the marble because we did it on the counter as well as the backsplash and as well I wanted a great quality stove because I was really tired of my pots of boiling water not boiling the biggest area where we saved was on the inside cabinetry we went with a big box company with standard cabinets for down below and then made custom doors so that was a great saving I think my husband and I came over there's really nice detail on the cabinet doors and it's this sort of raised beveled edge that goes right around the side I like it cuz it's sort of a new take on a panel the biggest obstacle we came up against for their budget was that our contractor ran off with our deposit so that wasn't good so we had to find a whole new contractor I think the lesson learned was we tried to win new because we thought we might save some money don't do that stay with the person that you know that's tried-and-true they have a good relationship with and you probably won't run into any problems lighting was really significant in this kitchen I was all about having different kinds of letting in this one we have four different levels of lighting we did not move any electrical or plumbing with this design and that was one of the ways we save some money just follow the same footprint but change the the whole shell we renovated our kitchen because we were renovating the entire house of the kitchen had to go in regards to the budget for the kitchen it was within reason there was elements that I wanted to stir John but overall it was kept to a tight budget the elements that we saved on were using the 3 by 6 subway tile but we also use ready-made cabinetry from a big-box store it was a no-brainer to add the pop color because the plumbing already existed so there was no extra cost for that it was just an extra fixture to purchase within the kitchen we use two different countertops around the edge of the kitchen is all ports I wanted the harder working surface on the outside because of the stove and over the island is marble windows are always an investment and they just add another touch to the whole design you do have to think about those elements because it all comes together even window coverings on all that and in the end you have to think about it as a whole well when our renovation we actually moved out of the house because our whole main floor was being gutted I often suggest to people that they do move out it's very messy it's very dusty and I think for everyone's well-being you're better off moving out if you can but I understand if you want to stay and be a part of the process the reason we renovated was a the kitchen was ugly and B the cabinet's found us I found these cabinets at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore and they were in such good condition and so inexpensive that I couldn't not buy it we didn't have a huge budget we definitely saved thousands of dollars on the cabinetry a quick fix on cabinetry is always paint some people have great bones great cabinetry they don't like color of it paint can completely change the look and it's fairly inexpensive we needed apartment sized appliances because regular sized ones wouldn't fit through the door so there are these beautiful europeans appliances that look amazing some unforeseen costs we ended up having a leak upstairs from our deck that trickled down to the ceiling so we had to repair the ceiling and then we also decided to invest in some new heat floors it's a really great feature it actually heats our kitchen one way that we saved money was we used an Ikea butcher block countertop and we had a little bit left over so we ended up making ourselves with the leftover countertop the kitchen is very important to us for us as a family renovating our kitchen was a no-brainer it was a hundred percent worth every effort we put into this kitchen we spend a lot of time there so it was important to have a space that was functional and beautiful it opened up our space it's welcoming and it just works better for us it's definitely added value to the home it is the show-stopping piece it's going to sell the house