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Huge Bank Teller Score! Silver Certificates & More!

**Huge Bank Teller Score! Silver Certificates & More!**



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Silver Certificates found in circulation plus more oldies!
what is up guys we're at Bank of America and a teller has a bunch of cool finds that she was pulled out of circulation we're gonna go ahead and look at these real quick we got a silver certificate right here see what the year is probably 30s and guess nope nope 57 b-series circulated but it's still a really cool find we could another silver certificate this one again is a 1957 silent auction another silver certificate another 57 being that is so crazy Wow there are also certificates another one is the same place 57 B and another 57 be about the same condition and then we have another one in and it's a 57 no star that's on its that would have been really cool to get started we have a two dollar bill here that is from 1963 so that's gonna have the difference style back okay it's in really good shape other than a little bit of lighting right there I've got another one some me from so that's got the let me work style back on it look at that we got a five dollar bill 1950 D that's super cool nice condition another one for 1950 wow these are really really nice condition it's a really nice and crisp on another one another one nineteen fifty d another nineteen fifty D that is insane we got another nineteen fifty nineteen was there we go from nineteen fifty D that's awesome and this nineteen fifties got ski stamp on there what does that stay up saying Wow some sort of a stamp I'm not sure what that is counters think but what a really cool lot of those guys I hope you enjoyed the video be sure to give a like subscribe share post your comments down below we'll see you next time and as always happy honey

Learn Colors and Race Cars with Max, Bill and Pete the Truck - TOYS (Colors and Toys for Toddlers)

**Learn Colors and Race Cars with Max, Bill and Pete the Truck – TOYS (Colors and Toys for Toddlers)**



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Learn Colors For Toddlers!
Join the amazing adventure with Max the Glow Train, Blazin’ Bill the Monster Truck, Pete the Truck and Toy Race Cars!
Max is a fun loving toy train who teaches children colors. After Max and Bill find a box with race cars, they paint them and start the race. Their room is too small so they cannot race. Pete the Truck comes along and helps them set up a real race!


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وجدتها! حسنا، دعنا نفتح الصندوق! انظر! هذه سيارات سباق.
تبدو رائعة، ولكنها جميعا رمادية. تأتي مجموعة الألعاب هذه مع محطة طلاء. دعونا نطلي السيارات بألوان مختلفة وبعد ذلك يمكننا السباق بها. دعونا نشعل مصابيح السيارات لنعرف اللون الذي نطلي به كل سيارة. سوف نطلي هذه السيارة باللون الأحمر. أحمر سيكون لون هذه السيارة برتقالياً. برتقالي أصفر أخضر أزرق أرجواني لنبدأ السباق! ليس لدينا مساحة كافية لسباق السيارات. مرحبا يا شباب،
مرحباً يا بيت. أعرف مكاناً حيث يمكننا السباق بهذه السيارات! يبدو رائعاً! دعونا نحمل السيارات ونعد سباقاً حقيقيا! أحمر، برتقالي، أصفر، أخضر، أزرق، أرجواني! اسمحوا لي أن أظهر لكم مضمار السباق! أولا، يجب أن تدور السيارات حول الأشكال المخروطية الحمراء. ثم الذهاب عبر النفق البرتقالي. القفز فوق المدرجات الصفراء. عبور الجسر الأخضر. عبور المنصة الزرقاء. مع العلم أنها انزلاقية للغاية! وهذه الحلقة الأرجوانية هي العقبة النهائية. ومن ثم سيكون لدينا فائز! السيارة الأرجوانية جاهزة!السيارة الزرقاء جاهزة! السيارة الخضراء جاهزة!
السيارة الصفراء جاهزة! السيارة البرتقالية جاهزة!
السيارة الحمراء جاهزة! لنبدأ السباق! السيارات تمضي حول الأشكال المخروطية الحمراء. السيارة الحمراء في المقدمة! والآن السيارات تمضي عبر النفق البرتقالي. عبرت السيارة البرتقالية الحاجز! وهي تقفز فوق المدرجات الصفراء. السيارة الصفراء هي الآن في الصدارة. السيارات تعبر الجسر الأخضر! يبدو أن السيارة الخضراء تحتل صدارة المنافسة! تدخل السيارات إلى المنصة الزرقاء الزلقة. السيارة الزرقاء تحقق الفوز! والعقبة النهائية هي الحلقة الأرجوانية. يبدو أن السيارة الأرجوانية عبرت الحلقة أولاً! والآن تتسابق جميع السيارات للوصول إلى خط النهاية! و الفائز هو ….
الجميع! أنهت جميع السيارات السباق في نفس الوقت! أحمر، برتقالي، أصفر،أخضر، أزرق، أرجواني!

Geography of United States Elections | Course Introduction

**Geography of United States Elections | Course Introduction**



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Professor Martin Lewis provides an overview of the Geography of United States Elections. Starting on October 15, you can follow a timely course being …

Free Redbox Movies and Promo Codes (The Frugalicious Show)

**Free Redbox Movies and Promo Codes (The Frugalicious Show)**



View Time:40Minutes



Redbox is a already a super cheap way to rent DVDs, but did you know that they frequently give out coupons and codes offering movie rentals for free? You can sign up for cell phone alerts by texting the word “REDBOX” to 727272, or you can find each month’s promo codes by searching online! Do you use Redbox or any other inexpensive ways to watch movies? Let us know! And don’t forget to subscribe!

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The Frugalicious Show is a web tv show that helps you live the best possible life while spending the least amount of money. Learn how to live a Frugalicious life without sacrifice. Have a Frugalicious find you want to share? Leave a comment!

Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That) - Flight Of The Conchords (Red Nose Day 2012) [Lyrics]

**Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That) – Flight Of The Conchords (Red Nose Day 2012) [Lyrics]**



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Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)
Flight Of The Conchords & Guests
Red Nose Day 2012 Charity Song

Wo ohh wo, wo oh wo…
There are children who are so unwell
They have to live their lives in hospitals
They’re feeling lospital
Mmm mospital

Children getting sicker
Drinking too much bubble mixture
They all just wanna be bubbles
They all just wanna be bubbles

There must be something we can do
To stop these kids from doing spews

Feel inside
(And stuff like that)
Open up the lids
Help-help-help the kids
Feel inside
(And stuff like that)
Open up the lids
Help-help-help the kids

Kids need us to come together
We can make them better
We can get them some feta

Can raffle scooters, cars and movie vouchers
John, stop blowing all the money on couches

We need a million and a hundred
Ten and twenty-one dollars

We need to build a trap so we can catch all the robbers
And we’ll take their money
We’ll rob the robbers
So we can fill a house
Fill a house full of dollars

We’ll go to peoples homes and ask to borrow some money
They’ll probably all just give us some money
We give them back less money and cause a confusion
That’s the solution
Yeah that’s the colusion

Feel inside
(And stuff like that)
Open up the lids
Help-help-help the kids
Feel inside
Feel inside
Open up the lids
Help-help-help the kids

The banks got the money the money
They get it from the prime minister
The prime minister gets it from the queen
The queen gets the money from the bank
Who gets it from the prime minister
The craziest financial system I’ve ever seen.

The kids that are sick can’t do hip-hop any more
Their tummies, their tummies could be very sore
We’ve gotta dig for some oil and some crystals and gold
Collect teeth for the tooth fairy and put ’em in a bowl
(In a bowl)
In a bowl
(In a bowl)
In a bowl
(In a bowl)
In a bowl
(A giant bowl)
In a giant bowl

Stop writing lyrics about yourself
Get your magic wallet up off the shelf
Oh no that wallet’s not there any more
I know late night come knock at my door

We sneak in the room
Where my parents snore
My dad leaves his jeans lying on the floor
In his back packet there’s a wallet we can score
Get about 50 dollars
Or maybe more

Your dad catches you with wallet in hand
Say it’s for the kids
He’ll understand
Don’t need to worry
Don’t need to hide
I just tell my dad to feel inside

Feel inside
(And stuff like that)
Open up the lids
Help-help-help the kids
Feel inside
(And stuff like that)
Open up the lids
Help-help-help the kids

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