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Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City

**Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City**



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Rob Greenfield’s latest sustainable living project is to live in a DIY 100 ft² tiny house for two years while foraging and growing 100% of his own food in an urban …

Off the Grid | Families escaping the rat race and saving money on electricity | Sunday Night

**Off the Grid | Families escaping the rat race and saving money on electricity | Sunday Night**



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Next to the mortgage, it’s without doubt one of our biggest household expenses. And if you’re finding it hard to pay your power bill now, brace yourself because gas and electricity bills are predicted to soar even higher. But there is another way – taking matters into your own hands. Pulling the plug and living off the grid. Matt and Geraldine Devine and their five children are among an increasing number of families here and overseas trading rising household costs and stress for a simpler, cheaper lifestyle. For the Devine’s, that means growing their own food, no television, no technology, and – best of all – no power bills. Denham Hitchcock reports.

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my barefoot bus driver is Matt Devine his farm is in the middle of a national park inland from noosa this is quite a driveway you got here driving in here every day just really reminds us of how connected to nature she was singing in the real world she was singing not so much connected as completely immersed their tiny patch in the rain forest a self-sufficient family oasis the divine family Matt Geraldine and the delightful kids Archie our journey mirror soma and one-year-old Freya it's hands-on fun life and everyone has their jobs from collecting eggs and avocados to managing those unexpected guests come on sure there you go out of the door now the door you guy go on you know that okay yeah I love a guy in a visitor you really do have a little oasis here don't you absolutely yeah yeah it's paradise for us for the kids in the other words provided something really beautiful and we're really grateful still even in Paradise you have to work there's a veggie patch to harvest and Orchard to maintain wood to keep the home fires burning they use tank water for drinking animals for eggs milk and meat and solar power for electricity it is totally off the grid and totally self-sufficient there's no technology of any kind and no complaints what about TV I notice there's no TV in the house no never watch it you see no TV you watch TV though no never watched here not a single thing nothing at all on television no Facebook Instagram Twitter no social media no internet phones do you realize how unusual that is for these times yeah it sort of is unusual because you see a lot of kids when we go to the market yeah on them yeah yeah glue none of the surroundings of this you're acting them do you feel like you're missing anything no no nothing nothing I feel like the other kids in the singsong huh yeah what do you think I'm missing yes and because this is self-sufficient there's no shopping to be done bills to pay an enticing possibility in times of mortgage stress and mounting household expenses so what you're telling me is that with enough careful planning you can cancel those utility bills absolutely without a doubt grow your own food cook your own food have your food last you through the seasons can you chop your wood to make fire can you collect your own rainwater can you make electricity for these luxuries that we like to have from the Sun it's it's it's not complicated and this is the way that we've live real you know it's just been in this rapid progression you know civilization society and technology that makes seem unusual yes but what if you don't have the money for a farm or you live in the city well it can be like Mike Reynolds and build what he calls an Earthship a small man-made ecosystem that is completely self-sufficient so the Earthship produces food produces water produces electricity keeps you comfortable without fuel and is built from we build them from your garbage from the garbage that people throw away Mike believes that with dwindling resources and increasing waste his new way of living is more important than ever he tours the world promoting earthships there's now more than 3000 of them in 30 different countries in the bush and the cities this is how it is to live in inertia walls are made from car tires and topsoil plants and vegetables are grown throughout the house rainwater tanks recycled sewage and of course is all the power sometimes on this planet it gets cold there is heat coming from the sky it is the Sun it can keep us warm holy you know in other words if you got all the water food okay comfort shelter electricity if you got everything you need free then doesn't that kind of render money a little bit insignificant every man woman and child on this planet it's their god-given right to have sustenance to have a life that shouldn't be subject to economy and you don't even need land to unplug from the grid and become self-sufficient perhaps the most amazing example is this sprawling water world on Canada's west coast out here there are no roads and more grizzly bears than people oh this is a little piece of paradise for the past 26 years Wayne and Catherine King have been out here on their own the entire structure built by hand is entirely floating on pontoons they're not just off the grid they're off the land really out in the wilderness here mm-hmm it's home birds nests I'm inspired by birds and how they build their nests wherever they live and I live here and use the materials that around me just like birds do Kathryn when Wayne says to you I want to drag you out to the wilderness and I want to live on a floating barge in the ocean honestly what did you think I said yes in fact it was me who brought him out haha that's not a wild man at all it's a wild woman you gotta be nice to bone eels and we're okay with freedom Cove began as a simple cottage on a barge bit by bit it's grown now there are four greenhouses an art gallery a 2-story home a lighthouse there's even a beach and get this fishing is generally done in the lounge room salad and veg at the front door of course Kevin it's no coincidence that we've arrived around lunchtime this is all edible Jim yes would you like to sample a little bit pale here doesn't get any fresher than that does it very green yes these are little bacon about now I realize that the heart of all these remarkable homes is a strong woman which is why when Catherine demanded a dance floor Wayne delivered I hear that you are actually married out here that's correct we were here on this very deck yes that must have been quite a day it was all the locals came there's nothing more beautiful than West Coast and girls and wedding dresses and gumboots it was a beautiful wedding SP was a great idea before we left I had one more burning question on behalf of all married couples and now that it's just the two of us just the blokes had hit just the two of you trapped on this place still okay yeah we actually like each other that's important though yeah you gotta really like each other and we get along and they're put simply is the secret to making all this work Wayne and Katherine in Canada Matt Jerry and the kids in Queensland they are in it together yeah we make them all here on our farm which is totally off the grid they keep your food so fresh so there is some money that's needed school fees some produce where does that income come from yeah we come up with a product that's a reusable beeswax food wrap so that is a great alternative to using plastic to wrap and store your food they make enough from selling these to cover expenses for anything else they barter with nearby farms thanks so much okay have a great day bye I think that we just need to be more consciously aware daily and about what the choices are that we're making in our life because nature is the perfect balancing out gently rippling rolling Asher singing and I think as soon as we as a society in Western society can you know work towards achieving that balance between technology nature and family then you know human clients got great hope you've got a spider you