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HOW TO GET LONG HEALTHY HAIR NATURALLY! (updated haircare routine)

**HOW TO GET LONG HEALTHY HAIR NATURALLY! (updated haircare routine)**



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OPEN ME! 😀 Hi guys! In this video I am going to show you how to grow long/healthy hair naturally! Enjoy!

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hey guys welcome back to another video today I am finally doing my updated haircare routine I have been meaning to do this video for so long the very first video that I ever uploaded to YouTube was my five steps to healthy hair care routine and although I think that that information is still very relevant I still use it every single day I just feel like the quality of my videos and my filming style has really changed over the years so I just wanted to give you an updated version and I wanted to give you a video that I really felt proud about so yeah I am just going to try and give you as much information today on how I care for my hair and I hope you enjoyed the video okay so my healthy hair secret weapon is my wooden brush I am absolutely in love with this thing and I will never ever ever ever be without it when you use a wooden brush it absorbs your hairs natural oils so when you brush your hair it distributes these oils evenly and conditions your hair and it also reduces static and breakage and it's just the perfect tool if you're trying to grow long healthy hair I will never ever go back to using a plastic or a metal brush again and they also massage acupressure points on your head which is great for stimulating circulation to the scalp and you know promoting healthy hair growth it's like every time I use this I'm getting a scalp massage so I have three different wooden brushes I have to buy the brand eurotech a large oval brush and a small travel size brush and these are the highest quality brushes I've ever come across they're made in Germany they're made of maple wood and I bought them at Whole Foods around four years ago and unfortunately I cannot find these brushes anywhere I've searched everywhere I've looked at Whole Foods I've looked online and I just can't seem to find these brushes anywhere and that makes me really sad because I want to recommend a brush that you guys can actually buy so I'm gonna keep my eye out for these and hopefully I can find a place where you can get them and recently I bought this wooden brush and it's by the brand Tec it's made in Italy and I really have been loving this I love the size I love the shape it's just a really great brush so yeah you can look for this brand Tek Tek I find that there's really big quality differences with wooden brushes I have been using a wooden brush for years and years and I used to buy this one from my local health food store it's one that you can find at a lot of different places but every few months it would just completely break like this part would just rip out and keep in mind I have a lot of hair but I still felt like it wasn't a well-made brush so I went through around six of those brushes before I found my eurotech brushes and I've had my eurotech brush for around four years it's still going strong it looks completely brand new to me and all the bristles are still attached so yeah I try and look for a company that actually specializes in making wooden brushes I find that the Europeans make the best wooden brushes boiling your hair is one of the best ways that you can condition your hair it keeps your hair hydrated it keeps it soft it keeps it shiny and there are so many oils that you can use for your hair some of my personal favorites are argan oil coconut oil of course jojoba oil is really good if you have thin hair because it's really light avocado oil I mean there's so many different oils you can really use anything you want you just want to make sure that it's unrefined cold-pressed preferably and organic and I also like to add in some essential oils or some neem oil rosemary essential oil is really really good for stimulating circulation to the scalp it makes her hair so soft and it just really promotes healthy hair growth and same with the name neem is amazing for growing strong healthy hair it's just a beautiful oil so I kind of like to just mix a few oils together and make my own hair conditioner so there's two ways that I own my hair I will either just coat my hair in the oil of my choice and then just leave it in my hair for a few hours or even overnight and then just shampoo it out or else I will do a gradual oiling and this is what I've been doing lately I think it's really perfect for the wintertime and basically I just put a little bit of oil through my ends every single day just the smallest amount so my hair doesn't look greasy and I just keep doing that every single day until I shower so it's kind of like my hair is always being nourished by these oils and also when you're oiling your hair it's the perfect time to give yourself a scalp massage and it's got massage promotes healthy hair because it stimulates the circulation to your scalp and it also helps you relax and relieve stress because I mean who doesn't want a scalp massage I personally love scalp massages and had massages any other massage I don't really care for but I mean I will have a hand massage and a scalp massage 24/7 and be the happiest girl alive so now it's time to talk about Shampoo and Conditioner you can read the label of your bottle of shampoo and it can make it sound like the most amazing spectacular shampoo it's gonna make your hair grow up healthy it's gonna make it shiny soft beautiful how that's mainly marketing they just want you to buy the shampoo and conditioner so you know it's pretty much just lies what you want to be doing is looking at the back of the bottle and checking out the ingredient list I would look for something that doesn't have things like sulfates fragrances so you know just chemicals that are gonna strip your hair and aren't that good for your health my favorite shampoo as you guys know is by a brand called Kalia I've done a whole video on them they're just an amazing company their products really work for my hair they're very gentle they're very natural and I just love Kalia so much so of course I had to mention them again I've been using them for years and I'll use them for the rest of my life I love you Kalia I also like to use a shower filter so I could be washing my hair in the best water possible and I tried to only shampoo my hair every 4 to 6 days I wash my body every day but I only shampoo and condition every 4 to 6 days and I find that the longer you go without shampooing the more your hair balances out and then you don't have to shampoo as often if that makes any sense and your hair's oils kind of act as conditioners so it's good not to be stripping them out of your hair every single day and I also highly highly highly recommend doing hair rinses I have two Harris's that I do all the time one is an apple cider vinegar rinse where I just put a little bit of apple cider vinegar in the bottom of a cup around 2 tablespoons maybe and then fill the cup up with water and then just dump that over my head after I'm finished shampooing and conditioning and I just leave that in my hair and it leaves my hair so soft and shiny and the apple cider vinegar clarifies it so it just I always have a good hair day after I do an apple cider vinegar rinse and the second rinse I do I actually have a video on and that is the rosemary hair rinse and rosemary is just amazing for growing long healthy hair basically I just take some fresh rosemary and simmer it in a pot with some water and then one it cools down just dump it over my head and it leaves my hair so soft and shiny and it smells so amazing so yeah hair rinses can really make a big difference on your hair and a lot of people swear by the no poo method where you wash your hair with baking soda and then condition it with apple cider vinegar and I do like doing that to my hair sometimes more as a clarifying treatment but I really prefer just using a shampoo and conditioner but I thought I would just still mention it because maybe you guys want to check it out or try it out for yourself because it is a really cheap way to shampoo and condition your hair and it does make your hair feel really really nice so that's another option for shampooing and conditioning now my next tip is probably the hardest tip for a lot of people but that is just cut down on the amount of heat you're using in your hair and you don't have to do this forever you can just try and limit your use if you use a straightener every day maybe just try and straighten it only once a week you just really want to give your hair a break and allow it to become healthy again and I've talked about this before but I used to straighten my hair every single day for high school and it just damaged my hair so much my hair looked horrible without styling I would straighten my hair my hair would become more damaged so then I would have to straighten it even more to make it look healthy again it would become even more damaged and it was just this vicious vicious cycle for me so one day I just cut that cycle and I was like I'm just not gonna use heat on my hair anymore I'm gonna let my hair grow out and be natural and that's what I did and now I'm really really happy with my natural hair I don't need to style it anymore I just let it air dry I don't use any styling tools I don't use any styling products so just do a little challenge with yourself and try to reduce the amount of heat that you use in your hair for a while and I guarantee you will see a huge improvement with your hair damage proof hairstyles is really important when it comes to growing long healthy hair for me my favorite protective hairstyle is just putting my hair in a side braid you guys probably noticed from like 80% of my videos that I always have my hair and a side braid my go-to everyday hairstyle is just a side braid with some sort of hat I just find that it keeps my hair protected prevents it from getting matted and I love braids I think that they look really cute and I always wear protective hairstyles to bed if I go to bed with my hair down I will wake up with the worst matted poofy dry hair so I have two protective hairstyles that I wear to bed I will either twist my hair into a bun and then secure it at the front of my head with a big clip and I love doing this because the next morning I just wake up with the perfect waves in my hair so it's kind of like a heatless way to style your hair or else I will sleep with my hair in a braid and then secure it with a scrunchie and I like to use the scrunchie because sometimes an elastic will break your hair but a scrunchie is soft and gentle and it won't cause any breakage as most of you guys know I am a firm believer in eating a healthy Whole Foods diet and I also really believe that you are what you eat and if you eat beautiful nourishing foods it'll just shine through and you will look beautiful on the outside so I definitely think that food plays a huge role in having healthy hair eat your make it 3 fatty acids each your mineral rich foods I love starting my day off with a green drink every day it gives me those minerals it's detoxifying and I just feel like it's the most beautiful elixir in the world just eat real food and a lot of you guys ask what supplements I take for my hair and if I could recommend one supplement for a hair it would probably be MSM powder MSM is an organic sulfur compound that benefits our skin hair nails and joints due to its collagen building properties it's also a wonderful anti-inflammatory and great for detoxifying the body I will mention that there are huge quality differences in MSM supplements so always look for a non petroleum derived MSM and you can use it both internally and externally and another little tip that I still recommend is just go to your local beauty supply store and get some little trimming shears just little scissors to cut your hair and just go through your hair whenever you're bored and find those little split ends and just you know give them a little snip off and it's gonna make it so you don't have to go to the hairdresser as often you know that is my little trick so those are my tips to achieving long healthy hair naturally I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did remember to give it a thumbs up and let me know what do you guys do to keep your hair healthy I love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye





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many happy Thursday I think kids are being crazy love a Thursday Thursday is a fabulous day oh the baby right there so another full day meals see what we eat trying always to make healthier choices and we also big news so it's excited we're we're moving we are being called there we just know that that's where we're supposed to go and we have decided upon North Carolina Charles can transfer there and it's the basis out there that he could work at where it's Tony is actually based out there there is a huge homestead community it's just like all of us coming together we know now our path and where we're going we're so excited I can't wait to share all of that with you and I did have a 3-year plan but you know I'm just gonna let it all happiness and happy might be tomorrow might be in three years just let it all unfold how it's gonna have him around he's looking at me like let it all just go because we are i 100% know that that's where I'm being led to go so that's where we're gonna go that's what we're gonna do we've been looking at properties this morning we're just we're so excited we just can't wait can't wait to be homesteaders so and I so going don't and jump into the day and it is about 12:30 now so our day is really we just finished a lunch but I'm gonna catch up so here is start with breakfast I got dinner in the crock-pot and now we're on to lunch and then I'll catch up with you after I show you all of that okay here is Charles breakfast and lunch he's got his sausage egg and cheese breakfast burrito he has two of the Salisbury steak pockets left over from last night my mashed potatoes and corn to clementines a sweet and salty nut bar and a Danish and then he has four of the peanut butter cookies that's what he's taken all right it's breakfast time what did you eat for breakfast you had Oh somewhat oats and grapes Lulu all right and I am about to make a green smoothie and a boiled egg for myself yay I don't know what the girls are having yet cuz nobody's up is 8:30 I need to go water the garden and I'll show you guys my smoothie though I just got out of the tub did my morning meditation smell of that goodness and you know off to start the day let's start it right with a green smoothie it's all I did here was just add a banana yes to frozen spinach that I had in my freezer as the some of those triple cherries that I got in long ago at Costco two dates that I pitted spirulina powder and then a little bit of vanilla bean powder water and a blended it up all right so that's it my breakfast one boiled egg one huge smoothie nothing at Whole Foods just the way God made them huh all right necks are gonna go in and throw the chicken that I want to make into the crock-pot I just came in from the garden and I have some basil and oregano soaking here to clean and we're going to make a crackpot Italian chicken for dinner tonight I'm just putting in some frozen chicken breasts and then some fresh oregano and basil from the garden lots of it this is so good for some reason I did not show it but I added some a bag of frozen peppers and onions a half a stick of butter this is called herb salt but just regular salt is fine it just has a bunch of different herbs added in it pepper and if I'd had white wine I would have added some of that to this too but I did a little apple cider vinegar and just kick that on low then Here I am doing a chickpea curry for my vegetarians so chickpeas and that's the same blend that I used in the Italian chicken which is just a mix of peppers and onions and some sweet potatoes this is very good the kids loved it cilantro from my garden a bag of frozen pineapple and when I froze all the pent up at the end of day it's hairy powder three tablespoons and then I put in just a little ginger this is saffron salt that you can just use regular salt I just have this big kit of all these different salts and I thought it's time I start using them and then some pepper a can of full fat coconut milk chessmen and then just cook that on low all day okay and in case anybody caught that exid ently put everything in my rice cooker grab that done my slow cooker it's not transferred that's my slow cooker and I'm gonna make a wild rice to go with that tonight so with the Italian chicken or with the chickpea curry either way rice is going to be served and then we have that snack on them for Ohio for lunches whatever so that is all wonderful once a little after 11 so now I am going to finish things done around here have to take Katie and drop her off at the dentist at noon some of you haven't asked about her driving she is terrified to drive so she is going to do it though and she is going to get her learner's on Friday Charles gonna take her so fingers crossed and it was a but today we're just got a dentist appointment going we're gonna go to the pool Luke's not feeling it the girls gone last 3 days and he's saying I'm not going to the pool so we'll see what happens probably enough to stay in here then the girls are looking up property like crazy wanting to find something you know acreage wise and they're all into that so let's just see what happens how much you just spend the day with us the dinner is started breakfast is done moving into lunch since they're my baby so we just dropped off mommy at the dentist this is his first time all summer to be away from mama so he is there nervous I know and he went and his mama where is mama go I know you think mama very gonna be come for is there's Brooke so the girls are gonna help me and we're gonna make up some lunch okay so this is what we got going on for lunch I got some grapes out some cucumbers and carrots some cheese some of our homemade tortillas and then some of our whole my beans and they're just gonna make bean burritos snack down some veggies and some grapes and that way you're reading our sweetest a little bit I'm rating it's Thea the girls are playing with light it is it is the most wonderful little book from Tasha Tudor I have found a new favorite children's author I'm loving these bits are so precious if you haven't checked them out check them out because they're so precious okay tell us how did it go at the minute how many cavities yay but they said her blood pressures that summer I need to make her doctor appointment and get her blood pressure checked out no sick babies in this house or mommy's a baby but you're still my baby are you waving eggs mommy in the camera say hi mom none of all that so Theo is eating for lunch yeah I'm hungry yeah he's a hunger Hunger baby clinic about our 10 items in the to get rid of a challenge so Charles did you guys fell yesterday started taking my things out of my box but the girls went up in their room and they got a box full of stuff so they probably have 50 things in their box I will count them out but that's great and then Charles went and he got like these big boxes of fluorescent lights that we have there's some kind of donation day to day or like recycle day or something that you can drop him off so when he gets off work he's gonna get rid of those big boxes and that Reds some stuff and he's like okay you just mean you want 10 things outta day it didn't mean that it's like gotta go to Goodwill it can be trashed whatever you just want 10 things out of here I said yes on my house rid of 10 things a day for the rest of the month so we're way ahead way ahead of schedule I'm not gonna show you guys what we're getting rid of because I don't ever want to hurt anybody's feelings if it's something not that you on YouTube but people that know us personally have ever given us or anything you know I just I don't want to ever hurt anybody's feelings so I'm not gonna show what we're getting rid of but yeah that is going good oh okay or maybe five we're sitting here and everybody and a friend everybody is eating cherries for a snack right now crazy kids and Luke is out on the swing cuz he doesn't eat cherries I had to sprinkle our grilling and he's out playing on the swing okay so bunch of girls are gonna make these brownies up there called lunchlady brownies you can find the recipe on Pinterest and this is going to be my cookers and Ronnie yeah she's gonna come out she's started back for Luke signing go good look about her quick alright what are you doing look is right and yeah SHhhh all right so here is dinner and some brownies are missing I already had to feed Ashe because she had to leave for guard rice the Italian chicken so good the beautiful curry so good and the lunch lady brownies the kids made so good that's everything for dinner alright guys it is 9 o'clock and I'm gonna go on and call it a night I won't get this up tomorrow damn now she has a little friend about come over snap and open a nightly bubbling I'm or watching the Haller family homestead here comes Charles he's locking up the cars and I'm ready for a good night mm-hmm relax and just watch the show so I will see all of you guys tomorrow and I never paddy

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