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Coldwell Banker | NBC Open House | Summer Escapes - Promo

**Coldwell Banker | NBC Open House | Summer Escapes – Promo**



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Whether it be in the countryside, the mountains, the desert or the beach, your clients are dreaming of their perfect summer escape! On this month’s segment on NBC Open House, Coldwell Banker affiliated agent Joseph Piccininni, shared what to look for when shopping for a summer home: proximity, environment and finding the right agent.

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hi I'm Joe Pesci Nene with Coldwell Banker global luxury here in the Hamptons the three main things you should consider when looking for a summer retreat number one proximity the ideal home away from home should be easily accessible from your main residence number two decide what kind of environment do you want to be by a lake or in the mountains the countryside or a beach community and finally find an agent you can trust one that has your best interest at heart summer escapes exists all around the country and indeed all over the world to begin your search for the ideal summer escape visit Coldwell Banker calm





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Welcome to my Wealth Talk Show! As of late I have been getting bombarded with questions from people in their 20’s regarding what it takes to acquire financial success. With all the “Get rich quick schemes” that are out there it can really cloud what I feel are solid habits absolutely necessary in order to achieve financial freedom. As a result of these questions, I came up with the Top 8 MONEY MISTAKES that people in their 20’s make on a consistent basis.

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When surveyed a whopping 69% of Americans would not have $1,000 in case of an emergency. Even more depressing is that 45% would have to use their credit card to cover that emergency. My tip to jump start your savings is by opening up a FREE online High Yield Savings account at Ally.com. Currently Ally has no minimum required and offers a healthy 2.2% interest on your money. Please note that this step is focusing on having quick money or savings and is not meant for a long term investment account which can earn at a much higher interest rate. A person in this stage should have an objective of saving and be able to pull out funds in case of that emergency.

• Outside of dating someone who you are attracted to how about a crazy idea?
• Date someone who has similar financial goals and interests
• 2nd Corinthians 6:14 [Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers]
• YOKE DEFINITION: A wood crosspiece that is placed over the necks of two animals in order to maximize the strength of both animals. The purpose of dating someone who has a focused and driven financial mindset will not only save you money but also catapult you into making money.
• Dating someone in your 20’s who does not have the same financial goals as you will set you back and hurt you as you begin your 30’s
• If a person has bad credit in their 20’s it will tell you a lot about how they view and handle money!

• Surrounding yourself around DUMB friends is bad! And will set you back for years.
• Surrounding yourself around DUMB & BROKE friends will set you back for life!
• Instead surround yourself around who are older people who are financially savvy as this cut your learning curve drastically. This tip will also enable you to be introduced immediately into a completely different network. People who are older and financially strong have different type of discussions about wealth, travel, and retirement. Pick a mentor and learn as much as you can.

• Your credit initially is just not a number. It can affect every area of financial maturity
• You won’t be able to get: a loan, no credit cards, no cell phone approval, no rental approval, no car approval, and absolutely no house approval
• Easy Tips To Improve Your Credit Score:
1) Pay your bills on time every time (Or better yet, pay early)
2) 30% Rule: Keep you credit lines under a 30% credit utilization rate
3) Pay consistently for 6 months or more
4) Don’t close accounts that have a long standing proven payment history.

• Current student loan debt in the U.S. is $1.53 Trillion Dollars
• Average student loan debt is over $37,000
• Having massive student loan debt will put you behind 10 years or more and will set you way back in your path to acquire wealth.
• So ask yourself this question:
o What is it that you want to do with your life & does that require a degree?
o If the answer is no you definitely want to re-think about going to college all together and acquiring mounds of debt.
o Apple, Google, Netflix don’t require degrees for their employees to have their degrees anymore and this soon will become an industry norm.

• A person that is 20 years old can invest for 40 years and live an amazing life at 60 all because the magic of compound interest.
• It doesn’t require much at all. JUST START & BE CONSISTENT!
• The money you invest in your 20’s is going to be the most important money of your life!

Ideally buying a car in your 20’s should be focused on being able to afford the payment, maintenance, & insurance w/out breaking your bank. Though driving a nice and expensive car will get you attention make sure you can afford it. Cars are depreciating assets so therefore I suggest to buying your nice toys until you have a stronger financial outlook.

Focus here should be to save enough money to buy your first home. If smart you can also start buying rental property to develop passive income and add a layer of wealth building that can set you up for life.
hello everyone Rick morning a from one in a roaster group are well top episode is gonna be focusing on money you guessed it the mistake not to make to acquire more of this and have an easier lifestyle alright guys the first money mistake to avoid in your 20s is not having a savings or emergency fund guys check this out thirty four percent of all Americans when surveyed said that they don't have one single dollar in their savings account reserved for an emergency and thirty five percent have less than one thousand dollars so if you add that up guys that sixty nine percent of all Americans do not have a minimum of $1,000 in case of a rainy day in case of an emergency or something that goes on with their life forty-five percent of actual Americans will have to use a credit card in order to cover that $1,000 emergency which is crazy people in their 20s look at money as a concept to get to spend and to enjoy but they don't realize that there's a repercussions when they're in the 30s and 40s and 50s if you don't save appropriately so not having a savings or an emergency fund make sure that you guys get that squared away early guising one of my favorite tips for you guys to start piling your cash reserves is to open up a easy-to-use online banking account and the best one out there in my opinion is a lie calm I recommend it to all of my agents especially when they're establishing some cash savings once they receive commissions so go to a lie calm wway calm it's as easy as opening it up an account and then you press get started on the back portion of it and then from that moment on I would click on savings guys once again this is short term you want something liquid you want something available within the next business day which is what a lie does they offer a decent interest rate for a savings account once again you're not focusing on getting 10 or 12 percent return because that would mean more of a long-term approach or buying and investing in stocks this is so that you could have savings for the short-term you're talking about paying down debt or you're talking about saving for a down payment or in case your car breaks down anything of that magnitude that's where I set up all my accounts for alikom the second money-making pit if you are not careful is very simple and I'm gonna blow your mind with this one it has really not not a lot to do with money has more to do with the person that you're with dating someone who is not responsible with money in fact this will set you back into your 30s if you're not careful you know let's come up with a crazy idea I know most people in their 20s they want to get in a relationship and the idea of someone being attractive to them is the most important concept as to why they're dating that person but let's kind of switch it why not take someone that you're attracted to but also date someone that is like-minded like you when it comes to your financial aspirations and goals that is gonna save you a ton of money because there's always one person in a relationship that is a huge spender and the other one may not be you want to date someone that is of light kind with you has similar aspirations when it comes to wealth building and you got to start now in your 20s so date someone who is like kind in when it comes to your financial spiration and guys to illustrate this I'm gonna actually bring it but bring in a unique biblical scripture but I'm gonna add a layer of financial analysis to it so I'm not about to get religious but I'm gonna give you a perspective that I want you guys to understand how important it is to date someone who is responsible with money instead of dating someone who is not responsible with money in their 20s in your 30s you have a different perspective though okay so the second corinthians chapter 6 verse 14 says therefore do not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever but I'm gonna add a layer of financial analysis therefore do not be unequally yoked with someone who is not financially responsible so let me dumb it down through you guys a yoke is a wooden cross piece that they used farmers used to use back in the day to tie and harness two animals together so that they could have more energy more mass and that way they could plant and farm quicker more effectively okay now the goal was for you to yoke or harness together to light kind at animals you're talking about an ox with an ox a horse with a horse a donkey with a donkey it would not be wise for you guys to harness to animals or yoke two animals together that are not like kind meaning a donkey with an ox one's gonna go one way the other one's gonna go the other way one's gonna go in a circle and the other one's gonna go in a straight line you get the point so you want to be yoke or tied together with someone in their 20s who is financially on the same platform that you want to be on furthermore guys dating someone who in their 20s who is not financially responsible and doesn't have the same ideas as you will actually set you back into your 30s I'll give you a quick little story one of my good friends miss Osborne in New York City when I was living in New York City she was excited she was 41 at the time I was 20-something she was excited when she told our friends in the group that she was going on a date she hadn't been on a date for a long time keep in mind this woman was financially responsible so she went on this date and we were so excited to hear what happened on this date for miss Osborn and we asked her how was it he's like was he tall she said yes was he dark yes was he handsome yes so he was tall dark and handsome but then we asked how did the date go and she said it was miserable I said why the second question I asked was how's your credit and I'm like no you did it you did not just ask this person on the first date how his credit was and she says she says I'm 41 I've already made my mistakes I do not have time to mess around with some one who is not financially responsible so she asked the credit question on the first date I'm not asking for you guys to go hit it on the deep end and start doing that on your first date but you guys could ask some probing questions to know if they are financially responsible guys super important and last but not least guys if a person has back Fred in their 20s already when they rarely starting out on their financial walk it really shows you at how they view and handle money and that's not a good thing either alright guys and listen up to this one take your notes number three is important because of you guys all in their twenties I guarantee you you guys are doing this right now number three is having dum but not only dum but having dum and broke friends you do not want to get caught up in that mess having dum friends will set you back 10 years having dum and broke friends will set you back for life guys everyone has a dumb friend in their group and if you don't know who that dumb friend is probably you so it's time to waken from your slumber guys it's very important as to why I'm connecting this with your financial success in your 20s here's why when you guys are in your 20s everyone goes out and has fun they party they go travel they go out they try to do a lot of things with their friends and there's always one or maybe two maybe three people in the group who are always stingy and never want to fork out money when it comes time time to pay the bill and those are the people that you don't want to hang around with because they're broke right their mindset is always leeching off of your money you didn't want to do that you want to hang around your hang yourself around people who are like kind as well I keep repeating that term because it's very very important when you're looking at how to establish wealth okay so my tip when it comes to having dumb and broke friends is dump that okay dump them immediately they're actually Dee railing you on your future path of success and here's what I did here's my tip for you guys when I was 25 26 years old I was living in New York City and I had the opportunity to be blessed with an amazing mentor he was 58 years old 58 years old guys he was 30-some years older than me and what I learned from him was super valuable okay he was dealing with different circles of influence his money talks were different than my friends talks at age 25 so that's why my tip for you guys is dump your younger friends and start hanging around people who are older someone in the 30s someone in the 40s someone who's already been there done that and actually has already made their mistakes a collection of the mistakes actually will provide you great mentorship and advice they already know how to analyze Ross they already know how to invest in in real estate they will tell you how to save all those little bits and pieces are super important when you're analyzing how to achieve financial success and it's best that you start getting mentored when you're in your 20s so if you have dumb friends it's time that you become smarter or it's time that you leave those dumb and broke friends behind and number four guys ruining your credit score this is time to someone who may not be financially responsible with their money but it is so important for you guys to protect your credit score I tell my agents when they're in their 20s your credit score is as important as your driver's license guys because Edo it's just a number initially when you're in your 20s guys when you're in your 20s it's super important to have a great credit score because you do not have a lot of capital to acquire the products that you need to do whether it be investments or real estate of property so later on in life if you guys do a good job on all these different tips you will get to a point like myself in my 30s that I don't really care about what my credit score is like because the credit score is super solid and now we're dealing with more capital so I want to buy with capital instead of buying with my credit okay but early on making sure that you don't ruin your credit score is amazingly important guys one of the tips that I would recommend for you guys to do is pay on time pay early and pay often the reason why I say pay on time pay early and pay often guys if you pay early you're actually going to be eliminating the interest of daily interest that's being charged on your debt in this case like a credit card or a loan and if you're eliminating the daily interest you're actually shortening the life of the loan attacking more towards the principle payment and it's simple guys you will get out of that debt much quicker improve your credit score that's my first tip my second tip guys is consistently pay a specific account for a minimum of six months without a late payment write that down a minimum of six months without a late payment that will also help boost your credit score to the point of where you need it my third tip under ruining your credit score guys is making sure that you are under what's called a 30% credit utilization rate and I'm gonna dumb it down for you you guys have a thousand dollar credit card balance and let's say you guys owe $500 you are now at a 50% utilization rate you actually want to be under that 30 percent threshold okay so in this example if you have a thousand dollar credit card you make sure that your balance is below $300 that shows to creditors that you are financially responsible risk for them thus it improves your credit score so if you're gonna charge something make sure that you always pay it down to below that 30% threshold and you'll be fine simple math if it's 2000 then it's gonna be 600 you guys get the point just make sure it's below 30% and my last tip on protecting your credit score number four would be making sure that you do not close an account that you've had for a long period of time this is hard for when you're in your 20s so let's say you're 23 and you've owned your your first credit card when you were 20 and you have it paid off guys keep it open because that's three years of credit history of on-time payments that's gonna also help your credit score if you are actually going to close any credit account make sure that you do it on the earlier accounts too fresh accounts okay and number five guys do not rack up student loan debt the United States is currently right now is sitting at over one point five three trillion dollars in student loan debt that is crazy to know that this is just causing a huge mess and it's gonna actually set you back five ten years from now when you actually finished your degree you're gonna be on the bottom end of the pace fill until you work your way up so it's going to be nearly impossible for you to ever get traction and your financial success when you are dealing with student loan debt check this out guys the average student loan today is over $37,000 and if you really take things into perspective guys this is what you're looking at a 20% down payment on an average $195,000 home that's what you're looking at your student loan debt or if you want to get a bigger home you're talking about 10% down payment that is three hundred and seventy thousand dollar home you're looking at at thirty-seven thousand dollar payment and that is the amount of your student loan or if you like the nice cars you can buy a brand-new 8 out ea4 well for roughly around somewhere in the 35 to $40,000 range or Tesla Model 3 3 as well think about it a wedding will cost you around thirty five thousand dollars a swimming pool will cost you around thirty four thousand dollars or to launch your own idea through a business would be roughly around thirty thousand dollars so your student loan debt that you're racking up but of $37,000 is actually dear ailing you from doing one of these important aspects of your life whether it be buying a home buying a car a wedding the nice pool or actually launching your own business I'm going to actually ruffle a couple feathers here ask yourself this question what is it that you really want to do with your life and if what you want to do with your life does not require a college degree then I suggest don't go to college I know that's crazy for someone who was so heavily involved in education but I honestly believe that today's learning is completely in a different platform of what the school systems are teaching our kids today I think now that you could pick up anything from Google from the internet from YouTube videos and constant going to learning events and conferences and of course reading books so if your your specific job that you're looking for career path that you're looking for does not require a formal college degree in order for you to get entrance into that job field I suggest that you rethink about going to college now I know some of you guys gonna get bent out of shape especially right now it's May and all these high school graduations are occurring and all these college graduations are occurring but I want to get shed some light on this guys unless you are in a in a specific field that you're venturing into a specific field that requires a college degree I'm talking about like the medical field you have nurse practitioners the OP nurses you have pas you have doctors you have surgeons I mean all the beautiful assistants that you're talking about there really are a collection of individuals to help serve the medical community those people require a degree or if you're talking about attorneys I mean I want my attorney understand case law and be able to debate for me and I'm understanding win up to a specific case or are you talking about the engineering field civil engineers chemical engineers you're talking about all these different type of engineer fields and I believe that having a college degree is is super necessary but there's not many other fields outside of those major ones that I just mentioned Oh a side from education as well important for an educator to have his college degree but there's not many other fields that require a college degree in fact guys I'm gonna give you some one law in statistics of what the major conglomerate companies are doing in America today and avoiding college degrees one of the reasons guys where I really emphasize that you evaluate if college is really meant for you if the big companies you're talking about the mega companies in the world Apple Google and Netflix are no longer requiring employees to have four-year degrees and this actually is going to be spreading throughout all different types of industries as an industry norm it's best that you evaluate what kind of degree plan that you're looking at so if Apple Google and Netflix are no longer requiring employers to have four-year degrees it's super important that you guys evaluate if a degrees even the right choice for you especially considering that you're gonna rack up loads of student loan debt so my tip guys especially if you're going to be something new is starting your own business is really evaluate if college is necessary number one and if it is necessary just for that fulfillment that's perfectly fine as well then start off on a cheaper track maybe go to the state university instead of the private university at the end of the day it's the learning that's the most important aspect or maybe even go your first two years in Community College so that you could limonade your debt or if you're thinking about not acquiring student debt at all maybe pay for your classes cash maybe one two or three courses at a time instead of going full-time five or six years I would rather delay my degree acquisition maybe one two years but then walk out with my college degree with zero debt I had number six guys one of the biggest mistakes to make when you're in your 20s is waiting to invest out of all the things that you guys have going on your side and comparison to me that's 38 years old is that you guys have time on your hands do you guys understand what I'm telling you 20 years old if you invest that for 40 years you're gonna be drinking out of a margarita with a beautiful beautiful sunset and that's because you have time the magic of compounding interest is your little angel on your side that you guys should take advantage of and really really guys there's no magic formula all I suggest is that you guys start now that you guys start early and that you guys start often and be consistent and you may not have a lot of money earlier on but early later on in life you guys are going to start climbing on your your income path and sooner or later you're gonna see that compound interest work it's magic okay in fact the money that you're investing now is a 20 year old is gonna be the most important money of your life later on guys I'm gonna be actually focusing on this particular topic and and in teaching you what products I would recommend in my life where I've messed up on and where I've done very well on on products to invest when you're in your twenties simple easy to swallow content okay moving right along guys number seven buying an expensive car do not buy an expensive car when you're in your 20s why would you do that why would you get into a five hundred a six hundred dollar payment when you're in your 20 years old and your salary is not even remotely close to where you need to to live a comfortable lifestyle now I'll give you a little tip that my my father gave me he said son it's not about buying the expensive car if you could afford the payment great but the problem is being able to afford the maintenance and the payment to an expensive car because if you have a BMW and that BMW breaks down or something's going on in fact it tune-up and oil change carburetor transmission those could be hundreds of dollars so sometimes even thousands of dollars and if you do not have your emergency fund guess what you just gonna have a nice car that's not running effectively so you don't want to buy an expensive car in fact I would even take it a step further who who are you're trying to impress probably the whole entire world but the reality is guys if there's any opportunity if there's any a time for you to save and actually buy it a crappy car cash or have a small down payment on a car that it really is not super expensive is now because I'm not gonna make fun of a 20 year old that's driving a beat-up car he's 20 years old it's socially acceptable if he has a beat-up car now if the person's 45 and he's living on his mom's couch that's a different story but you're in your 20s who are you trying to impress so for those individuals who have really super nice cars and you know for a fact that you can't afford it so that you can live a comfortable lifestyle moving on five years and ten years from now you may want to rethink about buying an expensive car you got to get to a point guys where you're comfortable within your own skin they you don't give a rat's butt about what people are thinking on what you're driving okay I would rather have a crappy car but funds towards a down payment of a house or funds in my bank account that's a lot more important you will have time in your 30s and 40s if you do all these steps correctly to buy those nice toys and number eight guys make sure you guys write this one down is not buying real estate when you're in your 20s and the reason why I kind of link it to waiting to invest because both of these have a compounding effect I bought my first property when I was 19 about to turn 20 in Southern California and it was the best move I ever made not necessarily because of the money that I would make from that specific property but more so because of the learning experience the first time you ride a bike you don't know how to ride a bike second time you become better at third time you become better and any individual practice that you're doing any in the industry a surgeon becomes a better actor practice repetition you're talking about systems you know I'm the a Bruce Lee once said that I don't fear a person who knows 10,000 kicks fear the person who knows one kick butt practices 10,000 times repetition so for me it's early it's often it's best that you start buying in real estate when you're in your 20s because it gives you that buffer zone to make your mistakes so by the time you're in your 30s guys you're gonna be rocking and rolling and better yet guys when you're in your 20s you buy one property you may not have a lot of money but you buy one property you sell it off you learn you learn how to refinance we learn how to do a cash refight you learn how to do a real estate line of credit you learn how to buy a duplex a triplex develop passive income and then all of a sudden you start seeing your rental income go through the roof and it gives you time away from all that hectic lifestyle to enjoy what you really want to do okay so number eight is making sure that you buy real estate doesn't have to be a lot of real estate but making sure that you buy real estate while you're in your 20s so there you have it guys the 8 mistakes to avoid when you are in your 20s it doesn't matter if you're in your 20s or not if you're a parent that has someone that's going to be coming up in the 20s or you know someone guys share it to them subscribe to the channel make sure you press the like button it lets the internet go gods know that you like the content of this video and I'll keep producing this over again guys but if you're in your 20s guys make sure that you follow these things that we talked about today that will get you on a amazing track to financial success that's what I applied to my life that's what's helping me and my personal walk right now and I guarantee you it's gonna help you as well I'll see you guys in the next episode

Want To Save Money? Cut The Cord!

**Want To Save Money? Cut The Cord!**



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If you are moving and looking for a quick way to cut your monthly bills, then here’s a suggestion…cut your cable! Check out the graphic in the link below for several ways to reduce or even eliminate your cable costs. And if it turns out it just isn’t for you, then it’s easy to reinstate your cable service!
hey guys it's a deal corpus from exp Realty happy May so one of the best things about technology and the Internet is how it's given us so many more options about the way we purchase goods and services and how we go about watching TV and movies is one of them so whether you're looking to scale back on some of the services you're using like QVC or if you're looking to save some extra money and a monthly budget to put towards projects or maybe even a down payment below are some creative ideas of how to cut the cord with the cable company and save yourself some money and as always if you have any questions about your home your most important investment free private this email and I'd be happy to help you have an awesome day

Myth #3:   Always pay your credit card balance in full and that will give you the best credit.

**Myth #3: Always pay your credit card balance in full and that will give you the best credit.**



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The problem is if you have no balance, if you leave your credit card with no balance, you’ll have no payment history. You’ll want to leave a little bit of balance on your credit card every month (Ideal amount is 1%), to show that you can pay on time. Don’t just pay off a balance and leave it at zero balance account ongoing, because after six months it’s typically at as an inactive account, which give you really no major positive. Where, if you use the account every few months, and leave a very small balance on it, then it will help you.

The way FICO looks at it, if you have no balance, they don’t know whether or not you can pay it, because you’re not getting a bill. You have no obligation to pay. So that’s a strong part of it, and so you should always keep a very, very small balance, as small as you possibly can, is what you’re advising your consumers to keep on their credit cards.
hello my name is Jason Kaplan attorney and president of the credit pros international a credit restoration company is helping America restore and rebuild their credit today we're talking about myth number three of the twenty six major myths being promoted by the media about credit the myth today that I'm going to dispel is that if you pay off your credit cards every month that will give you the best possible credit score absolutely incorrect you always want to maintain a balance on your credit cards I tell my clients the best thing to do is to pay it down to one percent of the balance so with your for $100 credit limit you always want to keep the balance at about one dollar if you pay it all the way off the bureau's aren't sure if you're not getting a bill if your car is inactive and you don't know how to manage your money so you always want to show that you're making payments to the various creditors every single month in a worst-case scenario and I'm talking about the worst best case scenario you want to keep your balance at around 25% anything above that can start start hurting your utilization rates which are about 30% of your credit score so you don't want to pay your credit cards all off every month you always want to keep a little bit of a balance and that will give you the best utilization rate to help improve your score if you want some more information go to my website at credit repair.com Jason Kaplan and have a good day you

Episode 38 - Title Insurance: Saving Money with Reissue Credit

**Episode 38 – Title Insurance: Saving Money with Reissue Credit**



View Time:3:52Minutes



If you are selling a property, you are going to be purchasing title insurance. In this episode we speak with Garrett Gleiter about how reissue credits work and how sellers in the state of Florida can save thousands of dollars when selling a piece of property.

Are you thinking about selling a property? You might be wondering if you qualify for the reissue credit towards your title insurance… Keep watching then! We are going to go over the three ways you can qualify.

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everybody welcome back to another episode of Jamie and Jason's real estate blog and we are here with Garrett he is from Chelsea title and we're gonna be talking a little bit about title today basically when you're selling a house you have to get title insurance yes not a law but almost 99.9 percent of winners require it so pretty much you're gonna have title trends so today's episode we're gonna be talking about kind of a hot topic in title insurance world as exciting as that is and then it's really credit and so what that is is it's an actual discount on the state pom Gatorades so in the state of Florida with title insurance since not so many people know what temperature it is there's a fixed rate on which the title trance policy is kind of calculated that in the state of Florida for example the propagated rates are set at five dollars to five cents and so that is the actual rate that the time trance policies calculated at and that is for the first hundred thousand dollars of house and so that's per thousand and from as the house price goes up that rate goes down so that's kind of just get too far into it that's kind of where it starts out the propagated rings now the reissue rate which is quote-unquote big called the discount rate is a lower rate and that's actually three dollars and thirty cents instead of that $5.95 so Garrett how could the seller get that just kind of rate so you know that's the that's the fun part so there's actually three separate scenarios in which that you know someone can qualify for that reassure rate and you know the first one is actually pretty simple it's raw land so if you own raw land you actually know throughout the whole course of it there's no time limit on this one and rot lane as long as it's unapproved and that one improve is kind of like a a shirt there no prove it's on the land as like bridges and roads and utilities and some of those can be exempt from that so even if those are chemical improvements those can still qualify for region and uh and in that example all they have Tabet is their prior owners policy from there the second scenario is actually refinancing and refinancing is very similar to raw land and since that there's no time limit and you know the main characteristics is this one your sees very comments can pop up and they were sailing scenario they have to have the prior summer policy so on the resale house you know it has to be within that three year time frame and they have to have endurance policy as well there's a common theme and they qualify for that that reciate and so that's that three dollars and 30 cents per thousand for the first time and then from there that really goes down so they save you more money okay so you can see depending on the sale for the house they can up save $1,000 clothing table that's what we don't want for several thousands or several thousand definitely hold on to your owners apologize right now it would happen in three years everyone so yes if this was helpful definitely give us a thumbs up make sure you subscribe to our Channel and if you have any questions about the content in this video leave a comment and we'll do a video on any questions that you have thank you guys for tuning in and we'll see you next time for another great episode [Applause] [Applause]