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WOW Still Growing in TX~!! (12.15.18) Garden Update - DIY Homestead Zero Waste Minimalist

**WOW Still Growing in TX~!! (12.15.18) Garden Update – DIY Homestead Zero Waste Minimalist**



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more than everybody this Marc Crawford sustainable frugal living and it is December 15th we're getting some sunshine as you can see it's really not that cold but I got thin Bloods covered up anyway I wanted to give you a quick update of our garden we've been somewhat successful come with me we'll check it out ok this is our new structure here that we created with the free pallets we got videos on that you can check out we've got the landscape fabric inside blind inside with compost we actually we have the the core Google method they call it the kugel I guess and there's like say there's videos on that the rest of it filled up with compost now look at the earlier video you would have seen this was full of cucumbers against this welded wire here and we were able to harvest quite a few cucumbers and Teresa has pickled four deal pickles and bread-and-butter pickles I think they call him was really cool and then the rest of them had in our salads against end over there we had ochre plants we had ochre plants over the over there as well okra plants didn't make it we've got a little bit of harvest from the okra but not month I mainly just the small ones for salads the the freezes that we had we had some early freezes here in Texas as well as across the country as the second freeze pretty much did in the okra plants and killed them so the rest here were snap beans and they were Bush beans and we've got we got a lot of those those were very delicious very good and then we had some world crow planted down here you'll see in the other video but anyway this been I plants root in the soil that actually adds to the nitrogen to the soil as it breaks down and I tilled it up at chicken manure compost in this area out it with leaves and so that one's put to bed for the winter that one's done now this bed over here we had tomato plants here and we probably got maybe a dozen tomatoes off of that and of course the like I said the okra plants were here they froze out and died we got a few but the tomatoes we actually had to plant the we had to harvest the tomato plants before the second freeze because we knew it was going to be a hard one and would kill them so several probably about six half-a-dozen of the tomatoes we had to put in the house and let them just ripen in there the rest of all this is beets and they're our root crop so they've done well through the freeze they've been okay and still growing healthy and strong as you can see here we did an intense planning method with the beets so they're not gonna be real large or over in this area here we have our carrots and again we did an intensive planting for our carrots which you can go either way if you do the regular spacing you'll get the larger carrots if you do intensive spacing like this you get more carrots but you're going to get the smaller salad size carrots that's what we were going for here another reason we weren't really sure how well they would do and you can see here they did very very well and it awesome one of the videos I meant 'add what they look like they look pathetic after the thunderstorm is beat them down but obviously they all came back very very well so we've got lots of basically baby carrots over here the last bed of our four new ones it is you can see put to bed do the same thing over here with the compost and leaves put to bed the only thing is we left is the sugar pea plant the one sugar pea plant that we didn't tie up to the welded wire we just left it on its own and it actually survived if you look in the earlier videos we had like three or four plants here that we're just hanging down I'm pretty sure what I did wrong on these just for your knowledge is I planted them too shallow and so they grew but the roots weren't very deep and that was detrimental to the plants so they didn't make it but this one here we we just kept kind of pushing up this way so it would stay out of the dirt and it actually survived there's a couple of plants there and this one actually has some sugar peas on it to harvest I'll show you one maybe you can see one right there this one right here that one right there is ready to harvest but doesn't have a whole lot on it but the one surviving sugar pea plant okay that's it for our new area let's go into the existing garden structure over here check it out our existing garden structure but actually they're all existing this is our older garden structure along with the UV tarp on it or shade cloth the hydroponics was a pathetic disaster we're just busy with the livestock and different things so we're going to let this go until next spring we put pearl light in it and that was a big mistake it's just a lot better with gravel we've we've done it with gravel before and didn't have the gravel to put in until we had lots of pearl light as you can see the bag over there and we got bags over here or perlite so the issue with the perlite is make some ass floats too easily it gets down into the orifices where it drains into the tub and that's a big issue so we're gonna go back to the pea gravel on this I'm sure it'll be a lot better anyway let's take a look right over here we've got these are some transplants from the cups we actually germinated from seed and then transplanted on me here this is spinach you can see there we've got about a half a dozen spinach plants and they're doing real well very good plants and the rest of this is more radish we planted a lot of radish one reason is because radish is very easy to grow and as you can tell here this is pretty much ready to harvest we're going to harvest most of this today if not all of it I said in earlier videos we love radish with barbacoa tacos and salads I love it I mean some people it's not for them it may not be for you but it gives your salads a little bite a little spice and it's healthy very good for you my favourite is in barbacoa tacos with onions cilantro that's the best so anyway let me pull one of these up and you can see without pulling them up here you can see you can see them right there they get that one that's what we're looking at see how big that one is anyway we've got quite a few of them in there time to harvest we'll give some to family we'll eat a bunch and over in this bed we have some broccoli which has just been tore up by the pests you can see just tore up this there's still barely hanging on but I don't think they're gonna make it through the winter and the rest of this bed is yet to be composted and we're gonna put some chicken manure or compost in this on the top of it fill it in and put leaves on it same way put it to bed for the winter get rid of all of them the weeds anyway thanks for watching the video again this is Mark Crawford with sustainable through the living we do our share our videos all of our videos are listed as Creative Commons use which means feel free to share them no copyright infringement or anything like that we are sustainable through the living the idea is to help others away from the debt be more productive be more of a producer rather than a just a consumer in times of disaster and catastrophe and that sort of thing which we've had you may have lived through that you know how important it is to have you know vital things like food water shelter so check out our videos on our Channel that's what we're all about we have our own videos we share others videos as well again thanks for watching be sure to subscribe down below if this is a shared video you can just type in sustainable frugal living and go to our website we appreciate you if you subscribe give us a thumbs up and as always god bless

How To Prepare For Your Groupon Feature

**How To Prepare For Your Groupon Feature**



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Hints and tips on how to prepare for your Groupon feature from businesses that have featured on Groupon.co.uk before.

The video covers what you should expect to happen, how to treat and monitor new customers and other useful things to know that you might not have thought of!
I think if we were doing the groupon voucher thing again we would probably have someone Manning the phones I mean we were a fairly small business and we don't have a volta tutor staff so as soon as nine o'clock starts the phone starts to ring and it continues to ring throughout the day so if you are a small business and you have a successful voucher run then I would suggest maybe having another person in the shop for the day that the voucher cells to actually just to manage the flames because the phone just ring constantly to prepare for our second groupon deal with from what we learn on the first one is we we added an additional phone line to the front reception desk and the second booking computer to allow us to kind of handle the increasing cause it was still very busy but it did help a lot first of all you need to be prepared with we weren't prepared when we run the first factions we weren't prepared for quite honestly the number of additional brooklyn's we get a number of extra phone calls anyone that sells you know any amount of vouchers are going to get additional bookings and additional clients you need one you need to be prepared for that to you also need to be prepared for the other business you'll get off it off the back of that we had quite a few customers come in might have forgotten about just what happy to paid it for their meal at full price and then come back and other day and use their vouchers keep everything monitored make sure you know what's coming in what time so you can keep track and be very very clear on the restrictions of the deal so you don't have any problems when phoning when booking nothing everybody knows what they're doing the customers know what they're buying into and the venue nebula binding we prepared for all those exciting customers who will most probably all want to make a booking at the same time or all want to come for the sessions at the same time so they should definitely have enough staff so that they can handle those clients and enough people to do to pick up the phone and make the bookings for the client's we should just you know make them happy and and satisfied and we should be young ready for that and I actually remember to die that the about to went on because I've sort of almost forgotten and around back ten o'clock in the morning fall hard to the batteries being sold today so I looked on the internet and at ten o'clock in the morning with all these salads somewhere in a regional 1200 ballard's and I'll remember looking at the internet during the day and by lunchtime we got up to two two and a half hours and vouchers and we eventually finished selling body into the evening almost 4000 vouchers the phone that evening and from then on just constantly did not stop ringing and it really took me aback I wasn't even over sure because we've done everything in a rush exactly our group home worked and you know how do I deal with these boundary codes I think we reached about 650 within sort of two hours which is more than enough for the size of his business which is quite small so we actually decided to stop the offer two hours into into the offer and yeah I was really surprised actually I wasn't sure how people react but to sell that many in such a short period of time you know we were extremely happy with that yeah really happy with that we've got close to 5,000 vouchers sold people were even trying to book before we'd opened it was just an amazing response the first deal was actually shocked me I didn't expect that numbers to come in but they came to 202 at the end result the second legal I for is actually better the end result came to 260 something so numbers freighter this is our second deal that we wrongly group on the laser hair removal for 129 pounds ninety-nine we sold roughly a thousand vouchers for this just make sure you start on top of the game and and they know I had to deal with the customers coming with a group of magic just be relaxed really you'll be well looked after from good point you

Ellen and First Lady Michelle Obama Go to CVS

**Ellen and First Lady Michelle Obama Go to CVS**



View Time:9:21Minutes



To help prepare the First Lady for life after the White House, Ellen took her to CVS Pharmacy to pick up a few things.





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Hi Guys! Thank you for watching!

Today I filmed what I have in my toddler’s carry on bag for flights! Things for diaper changes, feedings, sleeping, and entertaining 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

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hi guys welcome back to my channel so today I have a video all about what I carry and my toddlers carry-on diaper bag for flights if you do follow me on Instagram you probably would have noticed by my pictures that I did travel I have traveled to Orlando twice in the past two months it's not a very long flight but it's still you know a flight just never know what's gonna happen with the toddler so I felt like I needed to be very prepared and just got back home three days ago and before I unpack everything I wanted to show you guys how my diaper bag was packed for the flight this is the diaper bag that I used of course it is a backpack if you guys watch my channel you know that I'm all about that backpack diaper bag life I love it so much this bag is actually by the brand Jujubee and it is called there be right back a diaper bag the BRB they come in so many different styles they come in so many different colors and prints I never got one for myself but not too long ago actually right before my vacation Jujubee reached out to me and they wanted to send me a bag of my choice and some accessories to choose was really happy and really thankful that you know they notice my channel and they gave me opportunity to try out some of their products this is the one I picked the BRB I read a lot of reviews and it's pretty much the bag good for if you have two kids like 202 203 um it's a great bag cuz it's big or for travel has a really padded back and really padded shoulder straps and carrying out on my back it didn't bother me at all so like all this cushioning is really really helpful to mommy or daddy's back it fit underneath my seats like the seat in front of me on the airplane and I flew spirit which is kind of smaller than most airplanes so this fit perfectly under there I didn't have any problem with it I guess we'll go ahead and just start unpacking it the first thing I want to talk about is this hanging from the side of my diaper bag it hung there the entire time on vacation on the flights when I took the baby into the theme parks this was a life saver so this is also by Jujubee and it's called their be quick and it's just like a little clutch and what I keep in here is just diaper changing essentials so I have three diapers in here little half pack of wipes I have some dust in and then also in here there's a little zipper pocket and what just keeping here our little bags that have like a little scent so in case there's dirty diapers I can just put it in a bag or if you wet clothes or anything like that I can put it in that bag and it won't let everything else when I just needed to run into a bathroom to change him I didn't have to take this whole thing or it has to dig in here and pull out a diaper wipes a changing pad just unclip this off the stroller and took it with me in one hand grab my toddler and the other ran into the bathroom did would have to do and it was so easy so I definitely love this now on to the bag I guess I'll just start on the outside there are two pockets on either side it's big enough to hold a sippy cup or about or I can even like so much two bottles in here if I really tried then there are also these two metal hooks if you can see right here these two are further stroller straps now I love stroller straps on my diaper bags I think it's a necessity I think every bag should come with stroller hook stroller straps jujube unfortunately doesn't put them on the bag they offer them separately for how pricey the bag is I wish it had the shoulder straps but they did send me the shoulder straps and I've used it the whole time I'll show you how it looks kind of hanging from my stroller I have a few video clips and a few pictures that I'll probably insert here and there in the video the stroller straps are really secure if you wanted to buy them and a jujube bag they work perfectly but I just wish they were attached to the bag and not sold separately on the outside there's just this long pocket it was just like this clear little thing right here you can kind of put in like paperwork or IDs this pocket is basically there's a lot of stuff to keep my son entertained on a flight that's what I was worried about was worried about diapers change of clothes food and stuff to keep him quiet and entertain in case he started freaking out you'll basically see all of that in here so in the front pocket you'll see I have to say packs I get these from a dollar store or Target and they come at ran stickers and a little coloring book for a dollar they pack fit perfectly in that front pocket I just have like a spider-man one and a dinosaur one I also have just a little Disney notepad in case he wants to like color as you see there's some stickers in there there's also one of these little reusable placing mats so there was like reusable stickers I can see he doesn't play with that on the flight and then I also have two little boxes of stickers I have PJ and paw patrol stickers in there and that's all I had in the front pocket next is a little zippered pocket right here and the zippers do come really far down so you can stuff a lot of stuff in here the first thing I'm pointing out is boogie wipes keep those in there and then a little nasal aspirator also comes with this thing that you can clip like keys on if you're only using this and you're not having a purse or you know a clutch for yourself or something like that you can definitely like clip your keys to here I just clipped my hand sanitizer to here and then I would just kind of leave it hanging out so it was easy access so I liked that then there is a little I'm just going to show you guys there's a little sunglass case I guess this is more like a mommy pocket I don't keep any my stuff in there so I actually kept my son's sunglasses in there and this little pocket right here I just have some infant tylenol just because whenever we go on vacation I always take tylenol I just have this little first-aid kit in here it's just like neosporin cortisone in case he gets like bug bites I have like a little sunblock stick band-aids alcohol pads and swabs so everything that you need in a first-aid kit then I just have a little pack of paw patrol tissues in there so that was everything that was in here kind of like a little first-aid pocket then there's a little zipper right here and this is just a tiny little pocket it doesn't go deep or anything and what I keep in here is just a little bit black with some crayons and a little Peppa Pig notepad so you can color with and after that is the main pocket so what I like I actually like it I feel like you're either gonna like it love it or hate it but the zipper actually comes all the way down on this bag so it folds down completely I love it because I felt like it was very easy to pack this way and stay more organized even when I had to open the bag while it was connected to the shoulder I could didn't bother me nothing fell out nothing was crazy first thing that's on top is a swaddle even though my son is hotter two-year-old I still like bringing this because if you fall asleep on the plane something just to cover him up and give him little privacy to cover his face if it's sunny or if it's bright for a nighttime flight I like having the swaddle and it just fits perfectly um on the top of the baby bag and then in here I have so many snacks um this is just a little pouch that actually came with my luggage set facts are so important to me like Quinn going out like for a flight or for a theme park or somewhere where he might get cranky and I'm not gonna want him to be cranky and I need stuff to you know save him from that snacks are always a good idea so I just have a bid in here this is one of those like waterproof ones it's not cloth so if he gets like food or mess on here I can just like wipe it with a white beet I have an extra juice just a little apple juice M&Ms he loves M&M so many M&Ms for when he's like having a tantrum or really cranky I can show him this and it can calm him down I have to baby food pouches these are just easy two little baggies of cookies cheez-its and chocolate chip cookies little Annie's bunny Grahams these little yogurt melts he really like these and then I have some disposable spoons I like the disposable spoons for the diaper bag just because things get messy and I don't have a sink or anything available to me to wash them off I just throw them out this really works handy like just to put in here jujube also sells a lot of like organizers for your bag they have something kind of like this but I have my own so I just use that I also kept a little thing of puffs because he like Tears ease up on the bottom I kept a pack of wipes just because you never know with toddlers a lot of messes a lot of spills and stuff like that have this book in here just because it's really big I put it in here but this is kind of like a busy book for him it keeps him really occupied it's just one of those books like with a lot of flaps and it covers like animals colors shapes numbers and stuff like that in the back as you can see there's a little net so I just kept some pampers in here and he's changing cloths like that you just put down on public restrooms like changing thing that on the top of here there's these little to little elastic bands and you can probably fit like you know your white keys in there but I like to keep these little wet-naps like just to clean his hands and its mouth and stuff because when the bag was closed I can just like pop it open a little bit and then pop this open and pull one out and just exhibit back up really quickly so I thought that's really handy up here so then on this side there's just a little netted pocket and I kept basically on change of clothes in here he sends the dirty things or wet through things so I make sure I have at least two pairs of changes of clothes but I kept some extra diapers in here I just have a pair of long sweatpants I try to keep like thinner stuff in here a pair of long sweatpants and then a long-sleeve shirt I have a little short sleeve shirts and shorts because on the plane and here it was cold but when we got to Orlando of course it is very hot over there so I just made sure I had love sleeve a short sleeve long pants and short pants and then a pair of socks and then towards the back of the bag if you can see right here there's a little zipper and here you can put anything it's pretty wide I'm pretty deep but I'm here I just have toys because you guys know that keep them occupied so I have a bunch of little handheld he loves I can't have little toys I have everything paw patrol puppy dog pals Peppa Pig super Wings PJ math some more paw patrol so I just stuffed this with toys for him to play with and then here there is a little zipper on the back which is really cool because you can put a lot of stuff in here I just kept a few books I have a little Elmo animal books I have brown bear brown bear he loves it this book so I had to make sure I brought it because he he knows the whole book he can like read it to me it's so cute and then I have just a puppy dog pal activity book you can actually like color this book it comes with stickers on the front it's an actual story book so this book is bottom see it's even like a coloring book it's like a three and one type thing it will keep him really occupy and then I have his little Hot Wheels tablet this is just you know a kitty toddler tablet so he can like color on here and there's a few apps and car games on here that is basically it that was everything that was in my Jujubee BRB I feel like this was the perfect bag for me nothing ever hurt my back all the padding on here on the strap so it's just perfect for me I didn't even like realize that I was wearing it half the time I held everything it kept everything nice and organized and held up really well so yeah that was it that was everything that was in my toddler's carry-on bag for flight travel I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope it helped you out a little bit if you are planning a trip in the near future with a toddler and you have some idea of what to bring and yeah I will see you guys in my next one bye guys

How To Meal Prep On A College Budget

**How To Meal Prep On A College Budget**



View Time:24:16Minutes



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hey what's up guys in this video I'm gonna show you how you can meal prep while on a college budget because if you're like me you're in college and I don't have that much money so but I want to also reach my fitness goals and stay healthy and also save some money so um this is like my super cheap way to meal prep this is the way that I'm your prep like every single week right before we start off let me offer a disclaimer all this stuff I bought from Walmart this is keeping a mind that we are on a cheap budget so Walmart would would be the place to go and I used to incorporate three meats chicken tilapia and salmon but after like four six months of that I got so parked out on fish that I completely excluded tilapia and salmon so this is going to be just me personally what I do I'm sure you could find other ways to substitute and fit to tailor more tour you towards your needs but this is me doing all chickens so I'm going to run quick real quick I'm going to run through everything that I use and then we'll get started okay alright so starting this off a meal prep 12 meals you can also do 18 if you want but make sure it's something you can divide by two so I start off doing 12 meals because I make my breakfast every morning so that leaves me to eat about two meals a day and one of those meals I eat on campus so I really only use one of these about once a day but I keep it at 12 so here's what I do so I cook chicken for every meal okay one chicken breast in every meal this is just a chicken that you can buy from Walmart and in a little bit of bulk but it comes with six of them one two three four five six and each one is going to be about ten to twelve dollars so that catches in at a max of twenty four dollars most of times around twenty two so there is our chicken now that is the primary meat inside of every meal with each meal I have one side item and this is where the twelve comes into play so in half of them so in six of them I have vegetables and six of them I have sweet potatoes you can substitute the sweet potatoes for another carb source such as brown rice quinoa if you want um shoot you could do I don't know that's it but try to keep it simple you can also substitute chicken or divide it up however you want to with tilapia same in even some sausage although be careful was with like connected sausage it's very high in calories and it's not necessarily um it's very high in calories and fat not necessarily the healthiest thing but the reason I do have vegetables in half mmm sweet potatoes is because I like to have a clear cut carb meal and a clear cut no carb meal right so like maybe post-workout I'll have one of my sweet potatoes and chicken that way I can some carbs me moving on if you go to the frozen vegetable section this right here is golden there's a lot of different kinds of things this is a California blend which has broccoli carrots and cauliflower they have some that are just broccoli they have some that are like this and squash so you can just look around and play around with that but any kind of frozen vegetables will do go back to the sweet potatoes I got six of them six pretty big ones as you see now there's a couple different options you can do when it comes to sweet potatoes so if you get sweet potatoes I personally like to peel them first the reason is because I don't eat the skin and you can also bake it with the skin on and then take it off afterwards but I find that kind of difficult because it's really hot when it comes out and it's hot for a while so it makes it really hard to peel it afterwards um so I just literally get a potato peeler and peel it I'm going to takes me five minutes and when it comes out of the oven I meant to grab this I get one of these bad boys which you could buy for like two three dollars I think it's literally a potato masher it's already skinned so when it comes out the oven you just put it in your meal prep and then smash it and it's ready to go so that's why I peel them first makes it a lot easier so that's pretty much all of that I will bake the chicken and the sweet potatoes and I will bake the vegetables I'm sorry I will like stir-fry the vegetables or whatever it's called sauteing so okay so you're going to start off by setting your oven to 450 all right and the reason that's so high is you can do less if you want but I like to hurt even get it done with and I'll find out on 450 most most of the time sweet potatoes take 45 minutes and the chicken takes about 45 minutes as well if you sit for less it might take longer than that and I just don't I just don't really want to sit in here for three hours so that's why I do it like that so let's move on first off I will start by fueling all the sweet potatoes putting them on a pan that has aluminum foil on top of it then I'll skip ahead and show you that part and I'll cut little holes or like little holes all in Sukkos and throw them in the oven okay so that's step one I'll see you all there I so I finished peeling the sweet potatoes so let's take those out here they are you can see them they are peeled and I slice them a little bit like I just made some some like ridges in them so that they don't explode in the oven and I put them on top of a pan on top of aluminum foil and I'm just going to put those in the oven instead of timer for actually I'm not going to set a timer because normally by the time I get done with the chicken and then cook the chicken for about 30 to 35 minutes didn't even toes will be done because they're all normally around done around the same time so next up is the chicken what I'm going to do to prepare those I'm going to take I'm going to take each one out and I'm going to wash it I'm just going to put it under some water get rid of somewhat like the the residue and stuff on the top and I'm going to get these scissors and I want to cut off all the fat and a little piece on the like little waiting piece on the other side of this just all fatty and like gritty stuff so I'm gonna get them down into a nice towards just the breast it's just the chicken it's just the protein and then those will be almost done and then how I will season them and all that but uh right now I'm going to prepare let's do it all right so now that I have prepared the chicken breasts I'm going to put them in the pan and then season them so let me show you okay real quick let me go over with seasonings I use so I buy McCormick and on half of the chicken breasts I'll put barbecue seasoning and then on half on the other half I'll put just something random this week it is mesquite normally that changes but normally the barbecue always remains the same a little bit of salt but not too much lot of pepper love pepper garlic powder and onion powder and then that's what I'll season women with season them with so in a Lego so as you see I'm laid them out here I turn them upside down because I see them both sides of the chicken breast so I'm going to season this side and then flip them all over and season the top that's what I'll bake them as now let me give you a pro tip right quick when you put your tin foil in the glass see this make it extra extra long because what we're going to do is at the end we're going to fold this and seal it and now the reason is because that will hold all the juices inside it'll keep first of all keep the breasts bigger okay so they won't shrink at all they'll retain their water so they'll stay big and juicy and they'll cut real easily that is a super good pro tip you don't take anything away from this take that away all right so I start off with my seasonings with these and then I add the other ones see I'm tucking them in right here so they fit a little better like that you know what I forgot to already put these in the oven they're supposed to already be in there but that's okay it's all good we're going to start that with a timer of about 40 minutes all right guys so while the chicken and sweet tones are cooking I like to cook my vegetables so I think get those out of the way so I'm going to show you how I do that all right so right here I have a pan one and pan two and I'm going to get some olive oil make sure you always use olive oil and these are already heating up set them to like a medium heat I'm going to go ahead and another lot poured some olive oil on there make sure to get it good and everywhere get all a little nice and five and coded coded on the whole sides of the pan the whole bottom of it and you're going to want to get pans that you can put covers on because you're going to want to steam it helps cook a more thoroughly thoroughly and make them softer more you know just just all-around better so that's good enough now we get our veggies one bag should be enough for about six containers if you eat as big a container so that I do I guess there we go all right now I'm just going to evenly distribute them and like so and then go ahead and put your lid on go ahead and put your lids on make sure they're nice and tight to hold in all the steam alright let them sit there for about five seven minutes then we'll come back and check on them alright it's been about seven eight minutes there pretty steamy right now so what I'm going to do is go ahead and season them and then let them sit for a little bit longer and then they'll be done so i season them with some Italian seasoning you can get that from wherever you want to garlic powder onion powder salt and pepper not too much of each otherwise it becomes overloaded with seasonings that's no fun and actually I'm not going to put any salt on it and just doesn't need it we'll put pepper love pepper onion powder actually that's garlic powder love it love onion powder as well two months ago either and that's it so now I'm is Sturm to get the seasonings to all parts of the vegetables all right so about five minutes they'll be done in the meantime I'm going to go ahead and set up my containers that I use to store the meal prep in the Tupperware and then I'll put those inside there all right so the veggies are done I have my Tupperware set up and I'm going to just transfer that to here so let's do it side note I'm having to use a small one because I had 12 the big ones but it like broke or something like melted so have any one of the bitty ones but that's okay the veggies so now we're just going to wait on sweet potatoes which have about well we're soon to sprout are probably going to take longer than this but maybe the chickens almost done it's got 13 more minutes but we'll check it in so yeah quick sidenote um just so you know for sure like you can season it with whatever you want to all right these are just examples you can season your chicken with whatever you want to you can season your vegetables with whatever you want to this is just what I do personally and you can also customize it way more than what I'm doing you can there's veggies you can do like only squash so you can do squash and zucchini or you can do there's a bunch for the meats you can do tilapia salmon chicken this is just what I do this is cheap I've been doing this for like literally a year and a half so I've got it down to a tee this just works for me I can eat chicken for every meal of my life and be perfectly happy and some people can't do that and that's why they need to mix them up with sausage or tilapia or salmon like my roommate does that not Joel but Adam the Chinese one why whispered that it's not racist anyways um so the yeah so some people may need to switch it up a lot more than that if you do you pretty much follow the same exact process of cooking the chicken if you cook like tilapia or salmon I'm still cook the oven put the oven at 450 seasoning your salmon put it in its own little pan though it in the oven that's going to take a lot less time though than chicken will the tilapia and salmon are only going to take about 20-25 minutes so just make sure you keep an eye on that don't part up chickens a lot more thick but anyways and you don't have to do the fold-over method with aluminum foil on those because those don't really have a lot of water to lose like the chicken but you can try it I love never tried it with the food with the fish so but yeah just keep in mind this is just where I do if you have any questions at all just I feel free to ask for the conversation and I will be sure to respond to the best of my abilities I always just bought so yeah alright which icons on the swoop toes or the chicken in just a little bit that is as you see where juicy I'm just going to put these in these different software containers you I back as you can see the ones with the vegetables are coming together real nicely if your much done and then these are all the sweet potato ones so stay tuned alright guys so the sweet potatoes are done and how you know if they're done get a fork and if you're able to go through it pretty easily like that I mean they're done you know like it needs to be easy like butter so if even if they're a little bit rough put that sucker back in you see how easily this is coming out I mean it's easy so that's how you know they're done so now it's time to put these into the containers alright so as you'll see what I want to do is you pretty much as soon as I can get it pretty much just going to put them in there like that all right and then I'm just going to match it up so just one time like that maybe it's why it's just a fitting yeah get all messed up oops sorry I hit the camera and that's it that's it you see that there's a meal let me continue doing that for all of them alright so I finished it up I put all the teeth those in there as you saw so let's check it out boom there it is it may not look like much but trust me it is a lot of food those are just really big containers on love you can really tell from right here but there's all the vegetable ones and then there's those man they are delicious alright guys so there you just salt my meal prepping guide it's what works for me it's worked for me for a while now just keep in mind that I keep it real basic and real simple so you can customize it in any way that you want but meal prepping does not have to be hard it does not have to be like a daunting task it's easy it really is I mean it's easy and look I got 12 meals right now that I can just pop in the microwave for two minutes and eat they're super flexible they hit my macros so yeah they're great so if you have any questions any questions at all please please please comment down below and I will answer them promptly I promise I always do comment down below make sure you subscribe I'm putting up videos all the time I have a vlog wrap it up every Friday that just details my adventures throughout the week what I workout my nutrition just my daily life made my roommates and make sure you subscribe to catch those I also put up little videos I get some Fitness boxes that I like review i unbox them and put those up and then I also like like to do little things like this like no prepping guys different stuff on like how to use and stuff like that so just make sure you subscribe and thank you so much for watching