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A Brutally Honest Breakdown of How Much Pregnancy Costs

**A Brutally Honest Breakdown of How Much Pregnancy Costs**



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We all know kids are expensive, but forget that growing a human comes with a pricetag too. In this video I share exactly what I spent money on in my pregnancy — and the shocking total at the end of it!

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Hey guys, Bridget from Money After
Graduation here and I wanted to do a video that is a brutally honest
breakdown of how much pregnancy costs! And the reason I decided to do this
video is because when I found myself pregnant, especially unexpectedly
pregnant, I was so surprised by how expensive it was. Obviously, when you're
expecting a baby you're thinking, "yeah that's going to cost a lot" in terms of
baby gear, childcare, time away from the workforce, but I think we often forget or
we don't know that pregnancy itself is super expensive. Let me share with you
some of the costs I incurred in my pregnancy so you can
better prepare and save for the same ones in your own. The first is obviously
maternity clothes and everyone knows this one but maybe you don't realize how
expensive some maternity clothes actually are. I was really lucky because
I work for myself and I go to a very casual office that I can get away with
wearing leggings and jeans and t-shirts throughout my whole pregnancy. So that
can make costs really low. If you work in a more professional environment
corporate style maternity clothes are going to be a little bit more expensive.
Altogether, I spent about $1,000 on maternity clothes so you
might need to budget more or less depending on the job you work at and
also the seasons you're pregnant in. So my early pregnancy was during the winter
which means I was really lucky that I wasn't big enough to need things like a
jacket extender or even a size up in my winter boots. Instead, I was at my largest
during the summer when I could get away with some maxi dresses that I just wore
regularly or t-shirts and shorts and so on. Nevertheless, you do have to prepare
yourself and your budget for your pregnancy spanning multiple seasons.
Because you're going to be pregnant nine months of the year, depending on where
you live the climate can change dramatically in that time. Things like
fleece leggings that I bought early in my pregnancy I'm definitely not wearing now
in the middle of summer. You can certainly spend less than I did
on your maternity clothes, particularly if you're able to get them secondhand
from consignment shops or even friends, but I ended up buying most of mine
new because I couldn't find items that I liked in secondhand stores and none of
my friends were expecting. The second major expense I incurred in pregnancy
was my prenatal massage therapist and my prenatal chiropractor. Now these expenses
were covered in part by my health insurance and the rest I paid through my
health spending account through my company, but at the end of the day, that's still my
money going towards these expenses. I easily spent another thousand dollars on
this type of prenatal care and I didn't even start it until my second
trimester. For some people you might think that prenatal massages and
chiropractic care is a huge luxury and I totally understand if there's not room
for it in your budget, but if there is and you have any kind of health
insurance to help you with the cost, definitely take advantage. I've said it
before and I'll say it again that prenatal massages and chiropractic care
are the reason that I was able to have such a physically comfortable pregnancy.
When you get into that later second trimester and your third trimester, your
joints hurt from carrying the extra weight and the swelling and just the
hormones being released in your body, so being able to give it a little TLC and
make sure everything is aligned makes a huge difference in your well-being and
how much you enjoy your pregnancy. As far as I'm concerned, that is money well
spent! The other major expense that you might
have that I strongly recommend is taking a birth class. These are usually anywhere
from $200 to $350 and they span six or
eight or even twelve weeks where they walk you through the stages of labor, the
kind of pain relief that will be available to you, and they often go into
newborn care and breastfeeding. All in all it's an awesome way to prepare
yourself for the labor and delivery, as well as early child care and it's also a
great opportunity to bond with your partner and share the pregnancy and the
experience of new parenthood with them. Another expense that you might have is
prenatal fitness or prenatal yoga. I was super fit and healthy before I got
pregnant and it was really important to me to stay physically fit throughout my
pregnancy so I took a few prenatal fitness programs and
I also enrolled in prenatal yoga that I attended once a week. This wasn't too
expensive, I paid about a $100 for six classes but all in all I easily
spent $500 just on prenatal fitness programs throughout my
pregnancy. Much like the prenatal chiropractor and
massage I think this is one of the best investments I could have made in my
prenatal health so if it fits in your budget I strongly encourage it. If you
want to find a cheaper way to do this, definitely look into prenatal fitness or
yoga videos online. The other major pregnancy splurge I had
was a 3D ultrasound and I actually didn't pay this much for this because I
caught it on a sale. I paid $100 for a 3D ultrasound at 32 weeks but you might
spend up to $300 if you decide to go more than once or depending on the
package you select. If you have a healthy pregnancy you'll probably get an
ultrasound at 12 weeks and another at 20 weeks and then none for the rest of your
pregnancy. After having a few in the beginning, going those last 20 weeks
feels like forever so sometimes it's nice to buy the 3D ultrasound just so you
can get one more peek at your baby before they're born. Finally miscellaneous expenses like prenatal vitamins, books, or baby apps
will run you anywhere from another $100 to $300
depending what you buy. I found just paying for the add free versions of apps
was as good if not better than picking up a book from the bookstore and
prenatal vitamins I probably had to buy three or four
times in my pregnancy at about $25 each. You'll also be taking your
prenatal vitamins after you deliver especially if you're breastfeeding so
look at this as a long-term investment as part of your grocery budget.
Finally, there are birth expenses to consider. So these aren't really
pregnancy expenses but they don't count as baby expenses either. One of the
things I did for my labor and delivery with hire a doula and this can be pretty
pricey. I paid $900 for my doula but you can definitely find cheaper ones since
most doulas have the philosophy that every women deserves a doula and they're
willing to work with you and your budget if you cannot afford their regular price
points. For those of you that don't know what a doula is,
it's a labor support or labor coach. They're not a medical professional but they are
there to support you emotionally through your birth. For many new moms, including
myself, the whole labor and delivery part was pretty intimidating and seemed very
intense to me so it was really important for me to have some support there other
than my partner, someone that had been through it before and who is just there
to support me and help me get through experience. Evidence shows that women who
hire doulas are less likely to use pain medication, have medical interventions,
and they're also more likely to have a very positive birth experience. So just
like you're investing in things to make your pregnancy excellent, you definitely
want to invest in things like a doula to make your labor and delivery
and excellent experience too. You definitely have choices for what kind of
birth you have so you might want to consider how those will impact your
budget. Originally I was planning to deliver at the birth center in my city
which is outside of the hospital but it turned out to be over $500
so I then changed my mind to a home birth. While a home birth isn't $500, it's not actually free either. You do have to purchase some
supplies that you would otherwise receive at a birth center or a hospital
so now those costs become your costs. Many women that choose to do a home
birth choose to do a water birth in a birthing pool, and you can either rent or
buy that depending what's available in your city. Finally, you can get some
additional services like placenta encapsulations
that will cost you about $250. What this does is someone
will actually take your placenta, dehydrate it, powder it, and put it into
capsules that you can take after the birth. This helps your body recover
vitamins, nutrients, and hormones that are typically lost in delivery. There's
definitely other pregnancy expenses that I probably missed but these were the ones
that came up in my own budget. Altogether I spent as much as $4,000
being pregnant which just seems so crazy over such a short
time. What happens is you generally don't have very many expenses for that first
trimester and then once you get into the second and third you kind of just like
bleeding money. So it's really good to prepare your bank account for these
expenses and just to expect them. When you're expecting a baby, don't just think
of the cost of baby gear remember that pregnancy is going to cost you a pretty
penny as well. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it helpful, if you
did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. I would love to hear in the
comments below what were some of your pregnancy splurges and what you saved
on and how you made those decisions. If you want to check out any of my
bi-weekly pregnancy updates I will link them in this video, otherwise I will see
you next week!