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Ahorrador de Electricidad (Electricity Saving Box)

**Ahorrador de Electricidad (Electricity Saving Box)**



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Unboxing y demostración del Ahorrador de Electricidad

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hola que tal amigos bienvenidos a un boxing del ahorrador de electricidad pues vamos a abrir la caja para sacar todo todo lo que contiene y lo primero que vemos es este manual de uso que nos explica un poco de lo que hace este aparato y ahí está lo primerito que lo más grande es la caja ahorradora de electricidad y un adaptador es todo lo que viene en nuestro empaque y los otros que a ustedes hacer un lado igual que el manual tenemos la caja tenemos el adaptador lo que vamos a hacer es ponerlo se puede poner de cualquier lado lo compone de esta forma de esta forma no tiene nada que ver los polos y después vamos a ir a un enchufe de nuestra casa en cualquier lado puede estar escondido puede estar visible en cualquiera que tenga la entrada tipo americano y lo vamos a poner de esta forma como pueden ver no sé si se alcanza a notar aquí tiene dos focos están ya prendidos ya está funcionando no es ruidoso no tiene nada que hacer más que dejarlo conectado y desde la primera vez que lo conectamos va a estar ahorrando luz ya que estos focos nos marcan los picos bajos y los picos altos ya que nuestra electricidad es muy inestable y lo que va a ayudar a hacer esta caja es mantenerla lineal o sea estable y con esto nos vamos a ahorrar hasta un 40% en nuestros en los cargos de nuestro recibo de la electricidad y así es como se usa muy fácil no es ruidoso como les decía es ecológico no gasta luz así que es muy eficiente para nuestra casa bueno amigos si te gustó este unboxing me gustaría que te suscribas me dieras like o nos dejaran tus comentarios recuerda que yo soy genera saldrá de nos vemos

CHEAP HEALTHY FOOD (High Protein) | How to Shop on a Budget, Budget Cooking Tips + More

**CHEAP HEALTHY FOOD (High Protein) | How to Shop on a Budget, Budget Cooking Tips + More**



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1:16 Comparing Protein Sources + Prices
7:58 Where to Buy Cheap Food
12:45 My Kitchen Staples (What I always buy)
15:25 Cooking Skills + Tips


Protein Food List + Cost
Prices are based on a 30g of protein serving
Lentils: $0.77
Egg Whites: $1.02
Garbanzo Beans: $1.13
Whey Protein Isolate: $1.18
Chicken Breast: $1.19
Tofu: $1.33
Ground Turkey Breast: $1.73
Fat Free Greek Yogurt: $1.79
Canned Tuna: $1.95
Pea Protein: $2.08
Sirloin Steak: $5.81
Ribeye: $8.48




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hello my song-song friends in today's video i'm going to be going over budget friendly high-protein foods yeah I almost forgot they're secondary but I remembered I remember because I just recorded it and I've been talking about it for hours I'm gonna cover a couple different topics I will list down below timestamps if there's something specific that you want me to that you want to listen to first is protein prices and comparing different forces of protein or different high protein sources across each other and suggestions on the cheapest proteins that you might want to take a look at next time you go grocery shopping also I'll have suggestions on where to shop and get cheap food and how to make the process of budgeting and finding that cheap food a little bit easier I will give you advice on how to avoid eating the same things all the time I know that was a big concern I asked you guys to Instagram what you really wanted me to cover in this video and that was a big concern for you guys like how do I eat healthy without wanting to vomit if you guys are new here please do subscribe to my channel and if you do like this video with some more nutrition videos give me likes of a nice oh all right you guys we're first going to start the first section of this video will be a protein prices chart a couple of notes before I get into the actual food is we will be sorting these in order from the lowest price to the highest price we'll also have some vegan and vegetarian options but so everything is clear we will note it with a little icon and let you know as we're going through them prices are listed by 30 grams of protein price that will show will hopefully give you a good idea of how much like one serving or one meal of this particular ingredient will run you now of course you might not need 30 grams of protein you might want more or need more than 30 grams of protein per meal to understand how much protein you want in a day we usually recommend one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass so not total volume ass but lean body mass if you have a way of calculating that that will be helpful to estimating how much protein you want to get especially especially if you're here to build muscle the reason we're focusing first on the different sources of protein and focusing this video so much on protein and having high protein meals is because you might be here because you want to build muscle right last thing so that we're clear these prices were found on Amazon Amazon is a grocery delivery service you may find cheaper or more expensive options we try to sort by price with reasonable reviews and also there one or two with that it's kind of hard to get on Amazon so we'll be sure to note that so that everything a few guys let's just go into the list of ingredients that we're going to start with the first ingredient the cheapest one that you could possibly get our lentils keep in mind that lentils are one of the most dense over all on the list so it's really great this is awesome if you need to just get more calories in general in if you're looking for dense foods at a little cost then this will be a great option for you you can use them on top of salads in chili or any kind of soup so you can make vegetarian burgers with lentils the next ingredient is not vegan but it is vegetarian these are egg whites probably one of my most important staples I ate egg whites probably every day okay so recipes that I like are an egg white omelet you can also use this as a bulking ingredient if you're making something like protein pancakes or you're making something like fried rice you have a carb source and you could just stir fry it and add some egg whites to sort of give you that fried rice feeling right you can also use it for protein smoothies or shakes that you're making the next ingredient are garbanzo beans same kind of deal these are even more dense than the lentils so again if you are trying to find a good macronutrient like profile or really focus on dialing those in keep that in mind that the garbanzo beans and the lentils will have more carbs but that's great if you're just looking to get the most dense food for your dollar or garbanzo beans you can roast them and make like dry like crispy garbanzo beans for a snack you can also use them for curries or as a topping for a salad the next high protein ingredient that you definitely want to get if you're not a vegan is whey protein isolate so this is a supplement that you can use especially if you're having trouble getting protein in your day to day diet I love to have shakes or like a protein smoothie or a smoothie bowl and I will combine some of these high protein sources so that I can you know combine ingredients and make a great protein meal probably the most bro of them all is boneless skinless chicken breasts now I for the life of me could never figure out how to make chicken tastes good when I cooked it and then I found and discovered the slow cooker we like to batch a slow cook just a ton of chicken will probably get like 1 or 2 pounds and cook it all together at the beginning of the week for this we'll just keep that on hand and kind of like we have a prep ingredient for many different meals we like to put it in like chicken and rice bowls kind of like a chipotle Bowl we will use the chicken for that usually it's seasoned with some sort of taco seasoning we'll use it for tacos and burritos also on top of omelets and we'll use it for chili or soups you know you can kind of just make chicken noodle soup or chili if you're feeling like you need some comfort food and then just throw some chicken that's already prepped and already cooked in there you already know that it tastes great you do not have to be a great cook do your slow cook anything that's for sure the next ingredient is tofu this is a vegan option you can use it for miso soup which is one of my favorite things salads korean-inspired Vimy buff with veggies and then throw some tofu as your protein source on top of that another staple of mine is ground turkey breast usually we try to get the 99% lean version great way to cook this especially if you don't know how to cook which I can attest to is to mix a pin or a jar of salsa in with the ground turkey and just cook it and that again similar to the cool chicken breast is great for use in rice bowls on top of salad you can use in omelets or your egg scrambles and of course tacos burritos fat-free Greek yogurt I like to get just plain so that I'm not getting any extra calories or added sugars so I use this again and smoothies smoothie bowls you can add an oatmeal you can also use it as a way to make like lower calorie or higher protein dressings sometimes I'll use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for on top of Chile or on top of dishes that call for sour cream can tuna in water might not sound like the most appetizing but this really is a great source of protein and it is really cheap if you are very free then you might want to think about whey protein same as the whey isolate option you can mix this in smoothies smoothie bowls and oatmeal use it as a protein supplement as well and as we get more and more into the more expensive sources of protein you might your mouth might be watering especially after the pea protein sirloin steak and this is a price for grass-fed sirloin steak we usually use this on top of salad or as a main course and we'll grill it with rice and veggies on the side and of course a ribeye just so that you see the price of the ribeye okay that's it for the protein sources this videos gonna be really long I'm realizing so we'll get right into the next section so my first suggestion is to look at a CSA or a Community Supported Agriculture program this is like a membership or subscription base where you pretty much sign up to work with a farmer and other people in your community do it as well so that the farmer delivers it either to you usually they deliver it to like a public school or a public space so that everyone picks it up at the same time sometimes it depends you can go and all shop together just get access to shops at this place or they will deliver it right to your door outside of the convenience of using a CSA usually the food is typically more fresh it does cut down on packaging and ways and of course it's more sustainable it does support the farmer because the farmer is able to take your subscription before they actually give you the vegetables and support their business and help them you know generate income so that they can keep their business alive there are some drawbacks in some states the CSA s only operate from like June to October I'm in California now and it operates January to January so it operates year-round so if you are in a warmer climate you might have that benefit but it is unfortunate of course because you can't farm in the winter in Ohio so just keep that in mind if you do sign up for one of these programs another option or alternative to getting a CSA if you wanted to pick your own vegetables instead of having someone pick it for you you can go to a farmers market they are a little bit it's hard to get to because usually they're at scheduled times so unless you have free time to go to a farmers market it may not be as convenient as going to a grocery store farmers markets will use less packaging you do know that you're supporting the farmer off the bat it is a good way to get local fresh produce I do have resources for more information on farmers markets and CSA programs the best I think website is Local Harvest org there are a couple of others so I'll leave them down below but Local Harvest org is a great place to find a CSA near you or CSA that delivers near you I did get a couple of questions on people asking is it important for me to focus on eating organic off the bat or you know is that really a big indicator of success or will that really help my fitness journey and I do want to say that if you're watching this because you really need to budget and you really need to save I would say that I wouldn't concern yourself too much with making sure that you're getting like the the freshest most local most organic ingredients if you are really budgeting and in a place right now where you can't afford to do those things I wouldn't get discouraged I think you can still make 100 percent you can make huge progress by just eating healthier foods and by having a good couch and macronutrient balance so I wouldn't concern yourself too much especially if you can't afford and I say afford not just price-wise but also timewise some of us just don't have the time to focus on you know the details of or where food is coming from so if you're in that place I wouldn't get discouraged and I wouldn't concern yourself too much at all before we get to talk about cooking I do want to give you some last money-saving tips in the grocery store these it's funny because money-saving tips and healthy eating tips usually go hand-in-hand even though it seems like they don't even though McDonald's seemed so cheap and friendly so the first tip is to go in and with a list have a plan going with a list if it's not on the list then you do not get it grocery stores are tricky places because they are designed to have you buy more of course and they are designed to show you sales a another tip that I have is to use the website my grocery deals calm this was actually sent to me by one of you on instagram so thank you so much this will help you Scout deals before you even get into the grocery store so that you can add them to your list so on the site you can just select the grocery store that you plan on going to and see the deals for this week make your list based on those sales that they have that way you know you're planning to get healthy food and also you are not going to get distracted by any other sales another big tip you probably heard this before is to stay on the perimeter of the grocery store so the produce aisle the protein aisle produce and protein your eggs and yogurt those are all in the perimeter they're not in the inner aisles I do recommend saying in the grocery store for like 45 minutes getting in and getting out so that you're following your list you're not gonna distract it just going in and going out whenever you do have to go into an inner aisle a good tip is to just go in and out the same and that you came in that way you're not just moseying around in the grocery store okay in this third section I am going to give you a list of my grocery staples or the things that I just always have in my house it is a pretty simple list and if you follow me on instagram or if you follow me on anything these will look familiar the list is pretty simple the staples that I always have in my house are chicken breast ground turkey egg whites Greek yogurt spinach onion bell peppers avocado and almost done olive oil rice or pasta frozen berries and whey protein so I truly think that if you have those ingredients you will be fine will you have them citing various diets probably not but with these staples I can make tons of different dishes and you can combine those ingredients those simple ingredients to make a lot of different things I'm gonna give you guys tips on how to spice and spruce things up in the last section of this video I know on Instagram when I got into the fitness industry a lot of people loved to prep out 21 meals on Sundays and that to me sounds so gross so prep out something on Sunday and then be still eating that thing that you prepped and put all the ingredients in together it's just been sitting in the fridge for forever if you do like prepping your entire meals and take it on the go then if you recommend doing it twice a week so for prepping on Sunday and may be prepping again on Wednesday just so that your meals stay fresh and they're more enjoyable and you're not wanting to completely switch up whatever that you're doing the following week instead of prepping my meals all together all instead prep my ingredients so of course I already mentioned that I'd like to cook all of my chicken breasts at the beginning of week in the slow cooker I'll season it with taco seasoning seasoning most usually and I will cook that and then put it into Tupperware so that anytime I want to make a meal I will add it to something I'll also rice and also have spinach royal spinach on hand I always have the ingredients prepped and spreaded so I can just make my meal microwave it and then I'm good to go other things that I do is the vegetables that I get so like onions and green peppers or any kind of bell pepper I will chop them up ahead of time that whenever I'm ready to make an egg scramble or a spaghetti bolognaise old bull like blackity any what I'm saying have them already chopped I will just grab them throw them in the pan and then I don't have to worry about the part of cooking I can just combine things and cook them all together and then I'm ready to go and our final and last section of this video is how to avoid eating the same things and getting too bored with your meal my mom didn't teach me how to cook although she will tell you that she did so I never knew the basics and if you're in that boat then don't worry like like I'm 30 and I just kind of learned how to cook recently things that you want to think about that you can add to pretty much any meal and it will taste a lot better our fresh herbs dried spices citrus juice and like chopped nuts you could add those on top of a meal and it will immediately taste so much better also other tips are to cook with garlic and saute onions those will just bulk up and like add so much flavor to the meals to think about like choosing a specific region flavor profile that you prefer for us you can see there's a lot of like Mexican or Southwest flavor profiles that we prefer we do a lot like tacos or like taco seasoning some that you want to think about so the Mexican like things that we like to use cilantro cumin chiles in lime if you like Indian food and once explore that cumin curry powder turmeric and ginger and then Italian oregano basil capers and olives all of those go together it is nice to like choose those aromatics and garnishes that kind of fit together so that you know your pairings will be smart until like spruce up any dish all right you guys that's all for this video I hope that some or any of this was helpful if it was please do give the video a like so that I know and comments your suggestions down below if you want to see anything specific I know Ryan was discussing maybe doing like a Costco haul and sharing that with you guys because of course bulk buying can be really helpful you're new here and this is the first video that you ever watched of mine holy crap congratulations I usually make them more concise and more short so please do subscribe to my channel if you are new here and I will see you guys

Teardown and test of a home power saving plug.

**Teardown and test of a home power saving plug.**



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