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Dream Voucher - Rannar Sillard [hateisnotcool #1486]

**Dream Voucher – Rannar Sillard [hateisnotcool #1486]**



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Hate is not a solution. Think about it. Help us to spread the word by using #hateisnotcool

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Power Maxed Review - DC-3D-Design Unboxing - Time Lapse - Discount Codes and More! - ST180

**Power Maxed Review – DC-3D-Design Unboxing – Time Lapse – Discount Codes and More! – ST180**



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This is a long but really interesting one! Today we have a car wash timelapse, Power Maxed Rain Off Review and Demo, DC-3D-Design unboxing and I talk about sponsors and the discount codes I currently have for you all!

Time Stamps:
Car Wash Timelapse 0:22
Power Maxed Rain Off Glass Sealant 1:46
DC-3D-Design Unboxing! 5:29
Vlog, Sponsors, Discount codes and Giveaway 8:04

Thank you all for watching!
Discount Codes for Autobeam and Because Race Car Box Found in the video!

Yes the type in the first line of text, its been spotted 🙁
hey guys welcome back to a new video we got a lot to do today we're gonna clean a car can I update you guys on sponsors and kind of reputation and stuff like that and we've also got a little unboxing for my guys over at DC 3d designs so let's get started it's the Derek so just do a super quick review of the rain off glass scene I've got in my arm because racecar bucks so the way you apply this I'm you just put onto a clean microfiber basically crosshatch it so you're going to pour a little bit on I'm not sure how much we need I'm just gonna put like that amount on for now if you can see that I'm gonna do half the windscreen and then we can compare you make it works so put it on so we just let it cure it doesn't say how long for I hope do you can see they're just as applied to dry glass left to right up and down and then buff of a clean microfiber needless to say I think the results speak themselves I'm impressed I'll just show you guys so you can see how this side is completely beaded while this side is kind of because they're still kind of just sitting on the windscreen I've impressed I really am so the stuff you can get in because race car box or at least last month you could you can buy on their website I'm sure or you can at least find online yeah use my code CR 10 we can get 10% off your first box but this stuff highly recommended [Applause] so the posters came this is like a really unofficial unboxing but I'm pretty sure this is from DC 3d designs Dave the owner obviously I'm sponsored partnered repping for him I either don't know but it's a company I really really like and he sent me out like a little care package which is quite cool um so we'll get to these in a second I've had a super quick look but so we've got the new version two of the whole fill up so I'll be fitting this I'm super excited about this you can see it's now got the vinyl on the top so we'll bring a bit of color into that center console which is wicked he's given me multiple wives thank you very much after my comment last time I can see why and I've slightly opened this one just wouldn't get to it but he's also given me the boost gauge surround and this is actually wicked it's really solid I'm really impressed with this you can see every you can see the quality of it is really really nice so I look forward to installing this as well this will be actually a future video I'm going to focus everything on this and obviously I do probably another video regarding this just so he can obviously promote his product so I'll send that to him whatever quick look I'll just break it open so that is actually really really nice I like a lot we'll see we got the sticky tape on the back and DC 3d designs logo on the bottom but I really really like that the vinyl is actually really good quality so props to him for that that's an awesome awesome product really happy with that so let's have a look in our mystery box so my man my man Dave he's hooked me up with some Instagram vinyl stickers that's wicked they look really really good I'm super happy with these Dave and DC 3d designs thank you so much for sending all this stuff out you know I look forward to kind of promoting this video for you guys because one this is extremely useful secondly this is extremely kind for you to send out and thirdly this once again it's going to make my you know driver's side a lot more streamlined and make it look like part of the car rather than I've just stuck the boost cage on top of my – so this is awesome so I look forward to bringing these videos to you guys in the future check them out so guys that was obviously the unboxing of all the DC 3d design stuff we had a small little detail section and some product review so hopefully you guys kind of enjoyed how this videos being obviously it's been a very random is included a lot of things hopefully you've given me the time to kind of watch just want to throw a few things into the mix for you guys so let's just talk about sponsors quickly I have decided or it's kind of a I guess a joint thing where I've decided to go with also beam in terms of being with them for the future or at least you know for the foreseeable future every product that I bought or if they've sent me a product it's just been such good quality so far none of its got wrong you know their build quality is wicked so for me that's a company that I want to be with purely for the fact that I know that if I promote to you guys you guys aren't going to get bad products from them and if you do you know they have that warranty behind them and they're great customer service so I have been looking at them carefully the way they speak to me the way they act with me so I'm happy now to promote that to you guys I have through my knowledge maybe got a rep code coming out for them or discount code which will be see art to my knowledge percent off it maybe 10% I'm pretty sure so I've got that coming out for you guys so hopefully you enjoy the Alex see if you watched my videos you can use that discount code I'm talking about DC 3d designs once again um we'll see they've released their v2 handbrake hole filler an awesome product saved me as so many times I didn't think I'd need one in the first instance of driving my car and then it happened to me and I needed one so go pick up a v2 hole fill up I don't get any money from him I am sponsored by him and he does send me stuff and in my opinion he's actually become a friend and someone that I look up to the way he acts the way he invents stuff he's just a really really solid guy oversee his company dc3dd designs is a solo project and he really is making some nice stuff over there so go check him out you know go give his page' like or Instagram posts alike and just buy some products from him they're super cheap and super affordable so make sure you guys do that once again I don't get paid for another minute I haven't got a discount code for you guys but hopefully in the future who knows I may be able to get one of these products already extremely low priced so it might not be a big discount but maybe it's something we can offer you in the future just you know keep your eyes peeled for that and finally because race car box once again another product code for you guys it's CR 10 it will pop up somewhere on the screen but because race car box beats just for me is is brilliant having those multiple range of products that you get given you're able to test today I wash my car I test three of the items out I don't review on one of them one was a glass ceiling absolutely amazing you can see that in this video actually the review for it absolutely amazing product I used a quick detailer called clarity I think he's also perfection hopefully I've got that right once again it brought up the shine on my arm why Fiesta amazing in my opinion made my car look super super clean and finally I used the drying towel and once again amazing so everything I've used so far has been wicked and that's one box I've had so I'm really looking forward to next month's box because if the products keep going like this it's worth every penny so once again god discount code if you want to use it because I personally think it's an amazing company just go for it I'm use it is really is worth so all I want to say guys thank you for watching thank you so much for the support over the last few days I think we've doubled my subscriber count within 28 days so within a month we've doubled my subscriber count it's it's crazy I cannot thank you enough follow the support you give me from the view time you're giving me how much in order of my numbers go up and if I can kind of keep your attention for a long enough hopefully I can give back to you guys in the future hopefully these discount codes I'm starting to do that keep your eyes peeled I'm thinking of doing a giveaway at 500 and so into that giveaway or will be in one of my videos in a few just make sure you watch those videos and before I hit 500 I'll announce the giveaway I'm thinking a snapback but we'll we'll see I need to I need to work out what I'm doing first in terms of like creating it making sure it's a good quality the last thing I want to do is even with a giveaway item give you guys some bad quality items so I need to get myself one first and make sure but I think you'll be pretty cool to just do a little you know I'm not going to start selling merch at this point I don't have the subscriber count or the following that probably want my brand but a little giveaway of some personal merch maybe that'll be good to give back to you guys I'm so you'll only be a little thing but it'll be quite cool to you know give out see you guys wearing that kind of thing so anyway thank you guys for watching as always I love the support I love the comments make sure you comment down below and if you need anything just message me on Instagram I'll be there into the week so I'll see you guys in the next video

Wix Online Store   Inserting coupons (No experience needed) - Online Classes

**Wix Online Store Inserting coupons (No experience needed) – Online Classes**



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