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Get Free Photobook From Zoomin || Get Branded Sunglasses at Cheap Price || #150 Loot Offers ||

**Get Free Photobook From Zoomin || Get Branded Sunglasses at Cheap Price || #150 Loot Offers ||**



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This is #150 Loot Offers Episode.

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This week’s review is of the Popsa photo books. Very simple and efficient smartphone books. Use the code “PBGURU30” to get 30% off your order.

For more close up pics on quality check out my blog:

Instagram: @guy_around_the_world

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hello everyone today I'm going to review another rap photo book for you and this time this week is all books by pop sir so just a few words about the company pop sir is a British company headquartered in London but they deliver books all around the world into 32 countries and their app is available in 10 different languages so all of you around the world can benefit from their books what about these books these books are at the books so you can do them from your smartphone or smart devices and they are extremely minimalistic and simplify and that basically means that the customization features are quite limited well it shouldn't be something that puts you off because they have an algorithm feature which creates automatic books for you and you can also have quite a few layouts and it's a very good quality book for a very good price so let's see why it stands out basically it's one of the mid price range books but they created an algorithm which is called print al that basically means that the app is going to live through all your pictures in the selection that you create in the in photo book ad and then it's going to put all your pictures into layout however it's also going to look at geo tags time stamps and it's also going to use a facial recognition feature where it sees which just have people in them to make sure that no part of people gets cropped off so and when the pictures are being put into layout it's going to move them automatically so nobody gets cropped off of course if you're not happy with the automatic layout you can always go into the editor and fine-tune it yourself all of you are going to use poster for the first time that's by the way the logo on the back can get 20% off your first order you can use the code welcome in the final checkout process and you get 20% off your order this book is very short and it was created from my day trip to Holland Bay and let me just show you a few pictures in it you'll notice that all of my pictures are full the images in this book the reason why I did that I didn't fuse the automatically Al's app is because I had very few pictures from the actual trip and I wanted to see these pictures in a larger format so I didn't want to put too many onto one page now what I'm going to do now is I'm going to go into my usual up-close shots to show you the cover binding printing paper and the app and then I'm going to come back and talk to you about the price delivery and all the pros and cons of the book this is the box that the book came in it was just a flat pack a4 box and let me open it so let's start with the sizes the book comes in two sizes a4 and a5 so it's very easy to remember and it's basically a large and the small book this one is the a4 the bigger size and now let's go on to the cover all the books come in three different covers one is the softcover which is just basically a printed image on the first page and you've got a hardback it looks like linen but it doesn't stays the actual material of it it can be black and white and it's just plain linen cover and you can have the image wrap which I have here which is a glossy printed hardcover so this one looks like this you've got some title on the front you've got a certain funds to choose from and a few templates as well as you can see it's quite high gloss which I really like I know some of you would prefer a matte option on the spine you've got the title again and a tiny pops up logo on the back you've got the company logo in the middle and a barcode in the bottom so that's all about the cover its minimalistic simple easy to remember you've got three options to choose from it's high quality is durable and its really well-made the gloss is very nice on the cover the colors look good as well so there's nothing to complain about let's go on to the binding now as with all app photobooks is going to be a perfect bound and by that I mean that the book is glued together and it doesn't open flat so it opens like that sorry about the siren Aang it goes on continuously so the book starts with a double spread black page which I really like I love a first double empty spread and it's the same on the back as well obviously and then that's the first page again which is identical to the cover and then when we go on and as you can see it opens fairly well and not much gets lost in the gutter but it doesn't open completely flat it doesn't make any weird sounds and it feels quite strong and sturdy now let me show you from the top that's our look so a very simple perfect bound good quality not going to fall apart . now let's go on to the paper they stayed in the app that they are using 200 gsm silk paper so that seems pretty much accurate to me it's a very smooth silk paper to show you a picture it is more colorful so it has a very subtle sheen but almost mat it's not a very high gloss sateen finish it's very similar to the average photo paper that you get in all of the books that i was talking about with the apps but this one is a little bit thickest it's 200 gsm which in American terms I think would be around 140 lb let me show you a couple of more pages again something more colorful you can see the texture of the paper very very subtle Sheen there is no other option for the paper so you can't operate to anything thicker but I think a 200 GSM is a very decent size for a foreign app photo book and it's going to be quite durable as well the minimum page count for the book is 16 pages so you need to have at least 15 photos and the maximum page count is 36 pages for this specific book so let's go on to the print quality and printing process just like all the other app photo books they use digital printers to my knowledge by now they've switched to the HP Indigo printers but it hasn't been confirmed to me yet but that's what I was told by the company so you might notice that the pictures are not extremely vibrant but that's not actually a print thing it's my pictures from halong bay because it was a weird day it started off quite sunny as you can see with blue skies with them quickly it turned really gray and it was very hard to take pictures because it just looked foggy and not extremely happy but anyway the colors look really well balanced this is probably the first time that I said is they are slightly under saturated most of the times the books that I see are oversaturated this book is slightly under saturated a very very tiny bit and that's not always a bad thing because actually you can see better the colors and it's more balanced nothing's really popping out you can see the usual digital texture that you would see with all these books they are printing at 2400 dpi so if you have high resolution images they're going to be quite sharp when printed out so let me give you a close-up of our picture here so if you look at the details I hope I can focus it's a new camera I'm not completely confident with it at the moment and finally let's talk a little bit about the app the one thing that I was really missing from the app is that you can't add any titles or captions anywhere in the book I know that it's minimalistic but it's a very basic function that sometimes you need in order to distinguish pictures or you know just let people know where they were taken and things like that let me get into my phone now and show you the app there we go so that's the app that you need to start and this was the book that I created when I click on the front cover I can change the picture to fill and crop I can rotate it and it also gives me a print quality score which is standout of them in this case and I can replace the picture but that's all I can do here I can choose the theme for the front page which can be with frame and blah blah blah now with the actual pages I can choose from these kinds of layouts so quite a few and all of them are basically full-bleed layout so there's nothing around in the text anywhere here you can choose from themes which are loads of colors pastel colors originals yearbooks and things like that vivid deep and textures and then you can obviously change around the photos but that's really it they app can create an automatic book for you if you use that feature and then just order it and wait for it to come so delivery the book arrives very quickly it was sent first-class from London and obviously I'm in the UK so I expected it to come very quickly delivery cost is $4.99 so roughly 5 pounds which is a very fair price the full price of the book which is 16 pages efore printed hardcover is 27 pounds and 98 pence now obviously if you use the current going at 20% off sometimes they have even bigger voucher codes if you come onto my blog the first book I wrote called slash deals you'll always see the latest batch of codes coupons for old photo books that I've reviewed so far so what are the pros and cons of the book the good things about the book is that it's minimalistic is very easy to do it doesn't give you a whole load of options which sometimes can make you very confused and you know sometimes the abundance of options means the process even slower the quality is really good given the price it's a very good mid-range Bota book with a very thick paper I like that this and the paper option is 200 GSM and substantially thicker than the average photo book paper it also has a very subtle Sheen which is quite nice not too glossy not too matte I like the algorithm I tried it I haven't used it in this book but I did try it and it does with your pictures nicely into the template what are the cons of the book well with every book especially if it's a cheaper one there's always nice to give customers an upgrade now I did say that I do like the paper that they chose by default 200 GSM but people love to pay an extra and get something about it so why not offer a glossy paper finish for an upgrade or just a different cover or maybe a leaf or option it would be a nice touch and it could differentiate the products even more the other thing that I noticed which is not necessarily a bad thing but the colors are a little bit on the saturated LSL in the up-close shots this is very very rare because most of the books are oversaturated which i think is actually worse and finally the last thing that I was missing is the ability to add any kind of text or caption to the pages so that's all about these books it's a very very user friendly extremely easy to do good quality photo book if you get a good deal that is even better for the price if you want something really easy go for it try it out and also if you hate spending time on putting pictures into layout then the algorithm is going to be a big help to you if you want to see more upload some use of this book go to my blog the photo booth viewer does come and follow me in the facebook if you want to see more of my trouble photography go and follow me on Instagram guy around the world thank you for watching and as all subscribe for more





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Here is my review of the lovely Printastic books, use the code PBGURU25 to get 25%off your order!

For more close up pics on quality check out my blog:

The photos were taken in Wilpattu National Park during my recent trip to Sri Lanka. To see more travel pics follow me on Instagram: @guy_around_the_world


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hey guys Stefan here the photo burger and this week I'm here to review for you the print a stick photo books quite a few of you have been asking me about my opinion on the print a stick books and now I finally got one in my hand and I can talk about it and just before I say any details I can say I'm really really happy with the books and I was very pleasantly surprised by the higher quality of it if you don't want to watch this video to the end I have a voucher code for you if you use the code PB guru 25 you'll get 25% off your order and you can use that with any of their books from print a stick app in your smartphone so let's start with the company fantastic is one of these new smartphone photo book creators which allows you to transform your camera Facebook Instagram and all these various forms of photo collections in a very short amount of time without a lot of headache they pride themselves on so just a magic book so basically a few have loads of events in your camera the magic book feature of the of the app is going to transform each of these events and holidays into separate photo albums so you don't have to worry about that and they also have a smart photo selection algorithm so if you have 10 pictures of the same selfie and five of them are out of focus and the other five are looking much better than the app is going to automatically select the best pictures for you so you don't have to worry about it of course you have your own control over it so if you want you can choose your own images let me give you a quick look through the pictures these are from my recent trip to Sri Lanka from the wheel platter National Park and it's just a few photos of the gorgeous animals that we're in the park well and a selfie of me some deer elephants but and you know all kinds of lovely creatures and nature but now let's get into my up-close footages the cover printing binding paper and the software and when I come back I'm going to talk to you a little bit more about delivery deals price and pros and cons of the books to stay with me so this is how the book came packed and quite neat and tight let me open it and then inside there is another plastic wrap you take it out and there we go so let's start with the size of the book now this one is 8.2 by 11.8 inches it's a bit strange but that's the size and this is the middle size there is a smaller one 8 by 8 inch and there is a slightly bigger one twelve by eleven point five inches let's continue on to the cover now we've got three options here by default the books come with a soft cover for a surcharge you can upgrade to a matte hardcover and if you go for the premium upgrade which I did then you'll get this glossy hardcover so let me show you how to do this has a very nice glare very good colors as well on the front you have so many templates to choose from and they all look really really great now I chose this one with one picture and the title in the bottom you can obviously customize it any way you want to on the spine there is nothing so you can add any text to the spine and on the back I think there are some templates for the back as well but there's a small barcode in the bottom but there is no company logo which is really good so let's go on to the binding the main book is connected through your double spread white sheet to the cover on the front and on the back as well she's you know always nice I don't like books which start writing on the back of the front cover so that's really nice the book is a perfect bound as you might expect from an ass book that's how it opens if you don't know what perfect bow means it's basically glue stuck together and it doesn't open lay flat and at the moment there is no option to go for lay flat but if you look through the book it opens actually quite flat you don't have to keep it open with your hands and if you go for a little frame around the pictures and nothing is going to get lost in the gutter but even if you don't like I'm this full bleep page there is so little that you can still see what's right there in the middle so in from that point of view it's really well bound because there's minimal loss to the pictures it pages through very nice it doesn't give any crackling sounds and I always say this because some up to perfect bound books can give these glitchy glue sound which always worries me because if kind of signals that they won't last very long or it's going to fall apart you know this just doesn't sound good but this one seems perfect and it feels really nice and elegant so that's all about the binding because as I said there is no leaflet option at the moment I'm not sure if they are planning to introduce it in the near future but at the moment that's the only kind of binding you get it's very nice well done sturdy and does the purpose so there's nothing else to say about that and now let's move on to the paper now here you've got two options again if you go for the standard you're going to get 170 GSM acid free satin paper stock I haven't seen that one but I assume it's extremely similar to the standard self paper that you've seen in the other books that I reviewed and if you go for the premium upgrade which is so cheap to upgrade then you're going to get this gloss 200 GSM passive free paper stop now it's not a high gloss like the ones you would expect from photography papers but it has a much more noticeable sheet or glare than the silk paper actually in the camera and the light it looks gloss here but it's not as glossy as it looks there let me show you a close-up of the texture of the paper this is always a struggle with this camera I don't know why now I'm extremely happy with the paper given that it's a cheaper book books are usually not the most expensive in the range it has a lovely satin smooth feel but at the same time it has quite a lot of gloss which is very handy when you want to give more contrast to your images it brings out the blacks and the highlights a lot more than silk or matte paper so just let me give you a few more pages here as you can see that the tones and the colors always seem a little bit stronger and more defined on a glossy paper than on a matte paper let's move on to the printing very quickly just like all the other books in the in the industry in the same range they use digital printers as well I'm not entirely sure which ones but I assume is either they HP Indigo printers or something of a similar kind because I was extremely happy with the print quality the colors look very accurate to what I submitted and I didn't notice any problems with the highlights and the shadows no oversaturation problems let me show you some a few more pages from the beginning again you can see the greens are nicely balanced with the Browns and it doesn't look too warm or too cold and again I'm going to probably post a picture here but if you can see the texture you can see you can see a subtle digital texture but it's not so much and it's not so and noticeable s with other books I think it's mainly due to the fact that it's on a glossy paper which is again hiding it's slightly one thing left to talk about is the app so fantastic has a smartphone app which can download into your phone let me show you how it works so that's the app that you need to click on print a stack and the app has a lot of features which basically allow you to create magic books which means that the app is going to separate your folders and holidays and events into separate books and then here are the other products as well that you can do the canvases photo prints calendars blah blah blah then you go to your photo books and here are the sizes the a4 landscape portrait square and the giant book you select the book and then here are some of the themes the styles that you can choose from I think they look amazing and they are really stylish so it's probably the best selection maybe free prints have a similar selection but these two were the best ones that I've seen in the app books so far and if you click on one of them and just select a few photos like me select just around them few pictures and then click done and that's the book finished so it automatically puts your pictures in and then you can add more pictures in the options you can choose themes which are the different colors and then if you click on a page here are the certain layers that you can choose from so quite a big selection you can have text as well you can add caption to the bottom of the page and then your frame around the photo is obviously going to be bigger and then when you go on to order your book then you have the option to select a hardcover which is an extra 7 pounds in this case and then you can add an eBook version back up your photos in the order and also upgrade to premium cover and pages the one which I was talking about for an extra 399 so it's so cheap to do the upgrade I think it's really worth it and then just wait for your book and that's it all right so the book came extremely quickly from the Netherlands with FedEx however I didn't get the book for more than two weeks because it was somewhere in Glasgow and FedEx was not competent enough to get it from the depo to my door I have no idea what happened I found several times and I had to rearrange delivery times it's not fantasticks fault it was the incompetence of the FedEx but anyway delivery was really quick there was only a few pounds and was tracked so you can see where it is and when you're going to get it and the full price of the book is $29.99 pounds I opted for the upgrade which includes the glossy cover and the thicker glossy pages and that was only 399 for the whole book so I think it's really worth it the final price was at 33 98 pounds I think so it's a really great price for the quality that you get princess they regularly office deals to its customers you can either get emails sometime the app comes up with certain voucher codes and discount but if you can't see any of those that I have one for you if you use the code peepee guru 25 go to the guru then you're going to get 25% off your final order value the things that I liked most about was the creativity I always say that some of these app smartphone groups are so limited with what you can do you think about the see a new tagline but there's almost no edit ability in the final book when you choose your images now with fantastic they have so many themes so many different layouts for the cover and they all look really stylish you can do anything you want with the photos you can have full bleed you can have six there seven photos you can have captions you can have a full page text if you want you can move around the pictures so it gives you quite a free hand with what you can do apart from that I was extremely happy with the print quality the colors looks so nice and I could see very little digital artifacts from the printing process and also the shadows and highlights were very pretty I like the fact that they give you an upgrade option for the paper and the cover some people don't mind paying a bit of extra so why not let them have a slightly better option than you know standard I really love the glossy 200 GSM paper it has a lovely feel and a nice glare which gives you much better turns the shadows and highlights and a more matte paper or silk paper the one thing that I was missing is the spy text if you have a hardcover book and especially with these ones you can go up to 200 pages why we do not allow us to put a little title especially if you want customers you have 15 22 of your books and when they put them on the Shelf it looks a bit silly because it's all white how on earth are you supposed to know which one to take off the shelf so I think allowing you to put a spy in text would be a good option also as I mentioned at the moment there is no lay flat and option to choose hopefully in the near future more and more companies even the cheaper ones and the both companies are offering now a leaflet option because people love it and if they wanted to you know improve on one thing if they added a silver halide option that I think this would indeed be the very best smartphone photo book app in the world because the creativity is there the quality is there and now all you need is a few pro features like sermon Hawaiian leaflet and that you've got everything you need for a smartphone 21st century pro but if you want to see more pictures from my recent trip to Sri Lanka Vietnam and Hong Kong follow me on Instagram go around the world I also started posting and travel vlog videos on to my channel so don't be surprised if you see some non photo book related videos but I think that you kind of work well together because all my pictures up and travels if you have any more questions about the book leave them in the comments box or send me an email use the contact form on my blog or on YouTube and thank you for watching as always subscribe for more





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Here is my review of LandscapePro, a great little app that does magic to your photos. Separate element editing and sky replacement, well worth a try. Forgot to say in the video, it only works on computers, not on phones! Use the code PBG10 to get 10% off when purchasing the software. It works combined with other offers too.


Instagram: @guy_around_the_world

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hey guys Stefan here and this week I'm here to review not a photo book for you but an application the one I want to talk to you about today is called landscape Pro and it's a really amazing little app that allows you to do many amazing editing magical editing is four things to your pictures and enhance them in a few clicks without having the lengthy process of learning how to use Photoshop the software is kind of in between Apple photos Instagram and Photoshop so it has far more advanced features than a simple editor but it doesn't quite have all the functions that you could have in Photoshop but the price is so small and the things you can do with it are so varying so fast that I think it's really worth a try even if you just need a trial and have a look at it and see how it works out for you just before I start talking about the software at all I have a discount code for you use PBG 10 to get 10% off your check out final total the code works even if there is another offer on the website so for example sometimes I see 50% off limited time offer even if you see that on you can still apply the code photo book guru tan and you would get 60% off so use the code if you're like the software to get it at a cheaper price the full price is $59.99 pounds I'm not sure what that it is in dollars it depends on the exchange rate but around 80 90 dollars I would say there are three versions to the earth one is the basic which gives you all the features that I was talking about there is a studio version which allows you to use the software as an as a built-in plugin in Photoshop or Lightroom and also there's a studio max version which is slightly more expensive and it allows you to create batch changes so if you come up with one effect that you really like and you want to apply this to many many photos you don't have to redo it every single time you can just create a batch process so to sum it up in one sentence why this software is different in the others it can treat certain areas of the picture different to the other most editors affect pictures as a whole so if you change brightness the whole picture is going to change why is the landscape pro you can easily select areas like sky buildings trees water and all kinds of elements in the photo and applied separate effects to all these areas separately one of the best features about the software is the sky replacement which you probably saw in most of the ads and videos on YouTube the software is working really well with replacement skies and the good thing about this it's not a dummy effect so it's not only changing this time but it's going to change the whole atmosphere of the picture according to the sky that you change to give you the most realistic results you can possibly get now this is about the software in a few minutes I'm going to take you through a walkthrough and you can see what you can do what I've Beacher's and how easy it is to navigate inside to stay with me there but before what are the good things about it and what are the bad things about it well to start with the price is extremely small given the features you get secondly it's extremely user friendly and you don't need to spend hours and hours I'm learning how to use it it's very very easy it gives you continuous tips by the side so you can learn as you go the thing that I like most about it was that it allows you to treat certain elements in the focus separately and this is such a big advantage which previously you could only do in very professional expensive apps like Photoshop the number of sky is available in the air are insane so so many options and if you are careful and you know what you're doing and you watch out where the light is coming from and you're trying to create a realistic result I don't see any reason why you couldn't get that obviously when something is extremely user friendly it's always going to have some drawbacks so compared to Photoshop some of the features are going to be limited which is understandable so for example if you want to use brushes you're not going to have the options regarding they're the type of the brush and the opacity and things like that also you can't do any layering inside the app and you can do any cloning or some features were missing like sharpening for example however there are two sister software's to landscape throat lines called portrait professional which works best in portrait and skin smoothing and things like that and putting makeup on yourself and there's also smart photo editor which has all the features that I was missing from lens kit Pro so I think they were kind of separating you into three separate apps but if you get smart photo as well then you have everything that you need so all in all I think it's an extremely creative application and it's reduced the time I spend on images to a fraction of things that I used to spend in Photoshop obviously I'm still using Photoshop as where every now and then but so many things that I could only do you Photoshop before in a much longer time I can do now in landscape Pro and besides it's also giving me ideas that I didn't have before so it's giving you so many presets that you wouldn't necessarily come up with by itself so presets are sometimes a pain to use because they change too many things but sometimes there are an inspiration to the things that you can do that you didn't think about before so let me show you now a walk through the features inside landscape Pro this is the panel that loads up when you start the application I'm just going to start with an image so let me open this one the recent file here and it's giving you loads of handy tips on what to do if you need to it the first thing you need to do is to select the areas so basically the layers that the application is going to work with and this is the biggest strength of the software because it's capable of treating certain elements and photo separately so you can get much more diverse results and lot more options to to edit your pictures so what you need to do is decide what is what so I'm going to drag the sky to the sky then I'm going to drag water to the water and also building the best so let's go on click continue and here again it's showing you that you can fine-tune these obviously there's an algorithm that's trying to guess where things finish and where things start but nothing can be perfect especially if you have very soft shades like here around water so what you need to do is extend so you click on them on the elements that you want to extend and just drag it and it's really really easy to fine-tune it and just finish it up I'm not going to do perfectly now just for the sake of demonstration and and also I can do the same with the water they all scroll them and then you continue again and the last thing you need to select is that horizon line so giving you a horizontal line here and you have to adjust where the horizon would be this is especially really important if you want to replace the sky with the Sun or clouds or whatever so it looks more natural and click continue alright so here are all the features that we can use the first one its global presets and in this one you get some really rough and ideas of what you can do so for example here is a cloudy sunset as you can see it changes the sky and also it's really important to note that when you change the sky or any element in the photo it's always going to adjust the atmosphere of the whole entire image just to show you a few more of these presets deep sky and then let me show you one more noon which will be more realistic sunrise it's probably one of the most suitable ones water color it's really pretty lavender these are some of the built-in presets that you can choose from I'm just going to disable these and then go on to light brushes so the lightening brushes are extremely important if you want to balance your highlights and shadows if you have any areas on the pointer which are under exposed or overexpose you can easily correct its basically writing and darkening but not the whole image but just certain area so let me show you select white brush lights and capacity down to how that's gonna see it's already brightened up the area here in the middle my computer is a little bit slow for this but it's working really really well so that's about the brushes obviously you can do the darkened if you have overexposed areas like this one here let's go on the next one is whole image so here you've got presets which are very similar to the ones that you see in the global presets but these are not replacing the sky these are basically giving you atmospheres so let's see the contrast one it's giving you very strong contrast desaturate improver sharp and sunrise this is actually really pretty gives you a very soft tones and then the good thing here as with the other features as well if you click on the sliders you can find you in every single little detail so here you can adjust the high and low key auto white balance auto levels flatten the histogram exposure recovery exposure is much stronger than the recovery real light into the underexposed areas blacks vibrance saturation and color fullness presence contrast the haze which is a very very useful tool temperature warmer folder and hint and now here are the atmosphere that can choose from these aryan presets if i go to and snowy for example then we can adjust how much of the atmosphere you want to copy onto the image so let's go on black-and-white and be it again says in the name you can select nice vignettes black-and-white and some strange colors here if you want to be some vintage stuff and again you can go into the sliders choose the color of the vignette which is very very good and the opacity of how black-and-white you want it to be and the vignette whether he wants to be darker and we can select the radius as well how big the pull up you want to be depth now this is again very very nice it can change the depth of field in your pictures so you can go into subtle Kay's violet this thing cool and as you can see in the sky here you're getting now some Hanes and some blurs is trying to create focus on them on the buildings as opposed to the sky and you can also see that here down in the in the bottom of the sea there's also some blurring going on so that focuses on the middle now obviously you can fine-tune this but it gives you again very very different options to work with and the next feature is probably the most popular of all especially in the ads is the sky replacement so here you've got so many options it's unbelievable things you can do here's the first one I'm just going to show you a few very quickly so you can see the different sky replacements seabrooke cumulus too so as you can see when you change the sky the whole entire atmosphere of the picture is changing in the colors and the color balance and all these things as well here moon red near sunset it's very nice cloudy sunrise now again here when you do something like this you have to be extremely careful if the Sun is there you can't have sunshine on this side of the building it just doesn't look real another cloudy sunrise cottontails very cute dark swelling dramatic sunrise it's really eyes and show you the ones that you use and you can obviously do night skies as well it's sometimes work really well despite having some light here and they're really famous ones are the ones with the birds and let me show you so you can do stuff like that now let me show you the really smart thing about these replacements now if you go to the sliders and you can fine-tune everything here again you can copy the colors the atmosphere this is the original picture with the blue sky and there you can copy the blue sky color correction to the actual picture and again you've got exposure texture temperature tint sky edge which you can work with especially if you did a really bad job with the selection like me the Haines again which is a very useful filter and here are the separate clouds that you can choose so again if I go to vanilla then it's going to change to vanilla but I will need to adjust the atmosphere to something warmer so when you start playing with these two features together the options are endless and some of them are so realistic and look amazing you just have to really think about where the picture was taken and where with the Sun be and what would look slightly more natural and so let's go on from sky replacement to water yeah again you can change the water you can change it to turquoise mean light and again you've got the sliders and you also have presets let's go on to the unlabeled my middle area is buildings so I'm going to go straight to the buildings but if I didn't select this as buildings it would be unlabeled so anything not selected in the beginning in the areas it's going to be under unlabeled like if you go to the building you can again have presets for the building and the usual sliders where you can we're just with the buildings and lead the sky and the water alone so let's just increase the contrast a little bit high key up and as you can see it's only affecting this area in the middle so it's again amazing that you can do it in a single app without going into Photoshop and working with layers and layers and composition and things like that lighting you can relight your picture with the sliders or using presets and some basic fixes denoise straightened and things like that so if you have any questions leave them in the comments box I'm going to try to answer them again the code is PPG tends to get then x2 percent off your final total and thank you for watching and coming up next it's going to be portrait professional from the same company which works and smoothing out your skin subscribe for more thank you