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How to Save Money In College

**How to Save Money In College**



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This video covers the 6 tips for saving money in college. Whether you are in college now, or will be soon, it’s important to understand your personal finances and how you can optimize your savings and financial knowledge for after school. Learning how to save money in college now will be especially beneficial as you move through college and into your career.

Many college students struggle with not having enough money, overspending, and constantly feeling broke.

This video will give you a few ways you can make extra income, save money on school expenses, as well as book recommendations for personal finance.

Here is a brief overview of the 6 tips.

1. Set a budget

2. Find a part time job.

3. Avoid tempting credit card offers while in college.

4. Avoid new textbooks, and buying at your bookstore.

5. Learn the basics of financial literacy.

6. Understand your student loans.

Those were the 6 tips and make sure you stay to the end and get the bonus information we provide you on saving for retirement.
in this video I'm going to cover six tips on how you can save money while you're in college the first is to set a budget the most important part in establishing your spending plan is analyzing what your income will be per month whether it be money from your parents student loans or best yet a part-time job this should only take 20 to 30 minutes and you should do at the beginning of the semester or quarter your actual expenses might change a little for month-to-month but the most important part is that you have a general outline to follow you'll want to focus on how much you can spend on food entertainment transportation and books for the semester once you see everything together you can figure out what you can cut down on to save a certain amount if you are a freshman living in the dorms you will most likely be required to buy a dining hall meal plan and this will be creating your spending plan a little easier but one thing I watch out for is how much you go out to eat with friends because this will add up quickly when you enter into college you will finally be on your own and will be responsible for your own finances take this time in college when you have a limited income to build good habits now one great way to tackle all your spending is by using the free app and online service mint this is not a sponsored video or anything but rather something I personally used to keep track of my own finances tip number two is to find a part-time job a great way to improve your spending plan is by obtaining a part-time job while you're in college a part-time job will give you extra income to do fun things with friends go out to eat travel on the weekend eat healthier and more luxuriously than mac and cheese or Top Ramen one of the most convenient places to work at is your school on-campus jobs are perfect for students because these jobs are typically more flexible with your school schedule you can find on-campus jobs at your gym bookstore restaurants dining hall or grading for professors another option you might want to consider is becoming an RA or Resident Advisor for the doors of your school after your first year this is a great option for students looking to save money on room and board because most schools will give you free housing and exchange for being an RA which can easily save you ten thousand dollars for the year number three is to steer clear of tempting credit card offers by the banks on your campus although it is important to build credit if you're trying to finance a car or get an apartment waiting till you graduate college and having a monthly income is most likely the best decision for most students it's important to realize that credit cards are not free money whenever you spend on a credit card you will need to pay off at the end of the month the difference between a debit card and a credit card is that with a credit card you are billed at the end of the month for your spending whereas a debit card is linked to your checking account and the money comes out immediately if you use your credit cards and maybe buy a meal each month and you always pay it off then awesome you'll build credit and won't gather any fees or interest payments but many students go overboard since they don't have to pay the money back immediately tip number 4 is to not buy new textbooks and ideally don't buy it from a University's bookstore you should always rent buy used bar from a friend or find a free PDF version you can save hundreds of dollars each quarter or semester simply by renting or purchasing used textbooks which can add up to at least a thousand if not more in savings over the course of your college career just to show you an example I looked up a book called fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics a required book for mechanical engineering students at the University Bookstore I checked out it was $200 to buy used and 228 to buy new that same book sells used for 150 on Amazon and you can rent it on Amazon for $50 there's also Chegg which is a popular site to rent books a website I personally used with slug books comm all you do is type in the book you want to look up and it lists up a bunch of different websites and tells you the prices of the book at all of them and whether it's to rent it or to buy it in addition to buying used textbooks you should always wait to buy the book until you attend the first class session to see if you actually need the textbook first week of every quarter or semester is primarily used for taking attendance and going over the syllabus and with services like Amazon and Chegg they can get you a textbook in two days there's really no need to buy the textbook ahead of time unless the professor specifically tells you there will be homework due in the first week of the term lastly if you think you will very rarely need the textbook and don't want to rent or buy the book your library should have a couple copies on reserve however it is important to know that come midterms and finals week you and your classmates might be competing to check out the same book number five is to learn financial literacy begin investing in yourself and start learning the basics of financial literacy the best way to do this is through personal finance books and podcast reading for recreation is often a challenge during the school year because of the volume of reading assignments homework papers and labs so an alternative is listening to books on audible or listen to podcasts while you are walking in a class start educating yourself on the basic retirement accounts like an IRA and a 401k when I started my first job as an engineer the second day I just set up my 401k once I got to the page I needed it gave me options to invest in small cap stocks large cap stocks bond international equities and more and my boss as well as yours will not explain this to you it's all on you luckily there's often an option for you to set a year you will likely retire so for those starting out it might be a 40 year plan and they invest the money for you but if you have more experience in this then you can control where your investments go and I don't know about everyone else as an engineer no class I ever took taught me about investing stocks or bonds but luckily I taught myself a little about this before graduating if not I would have had no idea what any of these terms meant you should learn the difference between a Roth and a traditional IRA or 401k and possibly start investing when you come across some extra cash the most important part is you know the basics of financial literacy you are ready for when you graduate college three books that I found helpful and understanding the basics of personal finance include I will teach you to be rich the Total Money Makeover and money master the game just by reading these books you will pick up the basics and be prepared to be financially responsible for when you graduate college and last is to understand your student loans when planning your spending plan you want to look at how much money you will need for school one huge mistake students make is that they take out more student loans than they actually need unlike any other loan student loans stay with you forever until they are paid off you cannot declare bankruptcy on them and make them go away like you could a car loan it's important to look into which loans you qualify for know the interest rates and always know the principle balance you owe let's break this down if you have student loans at 7% interest per year and have to pay them off in 10 years here's what your monthly payments would look like and just remember how much your interest increases the total you'll pay over the 10 years so for example if you take out $40,000 in loans at 7% at the monthly payment over 10 years you'll pay fifty five thousand six hundred and eighty dollars that means you pay 39 percent more than what you took out seven percent didn't seem so bad but it's more than you probably think and look at this if you can manage to take out 30k instead and pay it off over ten years you'll pay a total of about $42,000 so look at that by taking out ten thousand dollars less than student loans you spend over thirteen thousand dollars less over the ten years so you see every scholarship every early payment taking that are a job for free room and board or renting the textbooks will seriously help to saving X amount on loans now really means you're saving more later on and just a disclaimer know that there are different types of loans out there and you will likely have many with different interest rates so make sure you know what applies to you in addition students should not take out more student loans than their projected first year annual income when you get to college is a good idea to go to your financial aid center at your school at least one to two times a year so you can stay up-to-date on information about your student loans grants you might be eligible for and scholarships if you are getting student loans you will need to apply for FAFSA every year and lastly it's important to know who your loan provider is what type of loans you're receiving and how much you are taking out every quarter or semester in conclusion it's crucial for students to implement good spending behaviors early no one is going to learn personal finance for you start with these financial tips and grow from here and as a final tip one thing that gets overlooked by young people because retirement feels so far away is that they don't start saving as soon as possible remember if you put $1,000 into a retirement account at 20 years old it will be worth around fifteen thousand dollars that retirement if the market does well doesn't seem like a lot but starting early allows that compounding interest to happen even faster this will be covered extensively in the personal finance books listed before but it is never too early to set aside money for your retirement we live in a time where retirement age is being pushed back and where social security pensions will be a thing of the past the simplest approach to personal finance and savings for retirement is using the 80/20 rule using 80% of your earnings on your bills and expenses then 10% for long term savings and 10% on yourself if you liked this video don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll see you all next time you





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I am a student of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Univerity and on a journey to become debt free. By budgeting monthly and tracking my expenses I’m learning how to become debt free and live life by cash. Budgeting for beginners is mostly what you’ll find in this video so please watch and sign up to budget with me and complete a zero-based budget with me next month.

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My Debt Story: How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt Part 1

My Money Story: How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt Part 2

First Budget on My Debt Free Journey


Disclaimer: Honesty is awesome, so I share numbers and dollars in this post. I trust you’ll honor my honesty. Just so we’re clear, everything written here is based on my personal experiences + opinions. Not everything I say here will work for you, but I have faith that you’ll take the information presented and apply some of it to your own finances in a new and creative way.
my channel my name is Stacy flowers and I am a student of Dave's Ramsey's Financial Peace University in on a journeys have become a hundred percent debt-free my starting debt is two hundred and eight thousand four hundred and fifty three dollars and twenty seven cents I currently work part time earning anywhere between eight hundred and one thousand dollars and I am on baby step number one to save five hundred dollars in today's video I'm going to be going over a detailed a budget check in for my February 2018 budget so if you are interested in that please keep watching so the first thing that I want to do is pull up a calculator so that we can have that for our numbers and then I want to talk a little bit about the things that have impacted my budget so far so the number one thing that's having the biggest impact on my budget is income and so I started a journal entry page here and I just want to jot down my income to date so as mentioned in the original budget video my first paycheck plus some money that I'm counting as income was six hundred and eighty nine dollars and let's get that change I believe 86 cents yes in 86 cents on the 7th of February I also received a payment from my youtube channel for three hundred and twenty seven dollars and twenty one cents and then on the 8th of February I also received a generous donation of $100 and I received that donation from DME brown on YouTube and I just wanted to publicly thank you for that very generous donation his or her comment was hi Stacy I enjoy your budgeting videos very much can you list your PayPal me link in the description below your video for anyone who would like to contribute to your financial freedom journey you're such a positive attitude to your current financial situation I would like to help with the small boost and I just want to say thank you thank you thank you I appreciate that I appreciate you supporting my work I appreciate you watching my videos I appreciate you commenting and then also to the community that helped me to earn three hundred and twenty seven dollars and 21 cents it was all of you all collectively that made that happen so I deeply deeply appreciate that because it certainly has helped because I am on the 15th of this month and my turtle earnings so far for February six eighty nine point eighty six plus three twenty seven point twenty one plus one hundred is 111 one thousand sees me one hundred one thousand one hundred and seventeen dollars and seven cents so that is the amount of income that I am working with so far and we still have fifteen days left in this month so I'm super excited about where the month of February is going so now what I want to do is go down my budget and show you exactly what I've paid so far and where these dollars and cents have been going based on my original budget that I did at the beginning of the month and I will link that video so you can see my tides were eighty dollars based on my take-home pay for my part-time job this number will increase because I would like I am going to pay tithes off of the three 2721 earnings and when I paid tithes off that that will be an additional $32 but neither of these payments have come out yet because of the place where I allocated my tide payment the big expense that has come out for the month of February so far has been the five hundred and twenty five dollars for my rent I've also paid the thirty five dollars and 82 cents for my phone bill and I paid the hundred dollars towards my CTA Pass I have also paid the my groceries which I had a budget of $35 and I want to see how much I actually spent for my food budget and the pages that you see me flipping through those are my allocated spending pages but the reason why I'm looking at my cash flow is because it has a budgeted amount and a spent amount and I wanted to write it on this page so 3511 I've spent of my grocery budget which means I'm 11 cents over my grocery budget but still doing pretty good I'm pretty I'm pretty proud of that number based on my original cash flow plan I've paid my rent I paid my cell phone bill I paid transportation and I paid a little bit of groceries and so now I want to get into where I anticipate spending the 320 or how I plan on spending the 327 that I've earned from google adsense and the hundred dollar donation so if you're looking at my allocated spending page you can see that in my next pay period that's when I intend to pay my tithes and I just in this third category I created a category for the payment of 327 21 and so what I have coming out initially is the thirty two dollars and seventy cents and the missed payment here there's not a line for taxes but I wanted to make sure that I paid my taxes on the income that I have coming in because I will be taxed and taxes are currently passed new taxes are currently in my debt snowball so I don't want to fall behind and my 2018 taxes Oh after I take out my tithe and after I take out my 30% tax what I have left over to spend is one hundred and ninety six dollars and fourteen cents and today I'm actually going to make that payment onto my rent because if you remember in my previous budget video I learned that I am NOT current on my rent I'm actually always paying my rent during the month that I'm renting and that is the concept of being current and I want to be current so one of my primary goals was to do that and with this extra 196 14 plus the money that I anticipate putting when I get paid tomorrow on to my rant I will be much closer to my goal so let's see actually a little number so 525 minus 225 minus 196 14 that would mean that I'm a hundred dollars and 686 cents away from my total rent payment and I'm very excited about that because that I mean that really just allows me to be able to get in front of and as comment or survivor fan 30 to get out of the red so I anticipate putting the entire 196 14 towards my rent payment the hundred dollars generous donation that I received from the M Brown the way that that is allocated is I don't have anything for that hundred dollars coming out and my knee-jerk reaction was to just put that hundred dollars towards my rent and then I would only be six dollars and 86 cents over but the reality of my situation was that so that money was automatically paid through my paypal account and what I didn't know is that I had expenses coming through my PayPal account because again I'm trying to one I'm trying to have all my expenses come from one place so I'm very clear on how much money is going out but two I just didn't realize the expenses that I have so almost as soon as that money hit my PayPal account payments were going out that I was just not expecting so I'm gonna clear that up this month and that's another reason why I'm doing the budget check-in because I really now won't be overwhelmed at the end of the month trying to shift payments around to a card and blah blah blah I'll be able to put it exactly where it is so what actually came out of the hundred dollars that I received as a donation so far is fifteen dollars automatically was withdrawn for my paypal bill and I'm just going to check to see if I didn't know that I was on automatic debit there because I always call in to make the payment but maybe it's automatic maybe it's set up automatic debit if I have a balance in my PayPal account I don't know but I'm gonna follow up with that my podcasting fee was something that I forgot to consider in my earnest to get out of the red in February when I was talking about my budget so that fifteen dollars definitely came out and it's interesting because survivor fan 32 was watching the video and she was the one who pointed out that I forgot that particular payment and then two other expenses that really blew me away were and and well one didn't blow me away because survivor fan pointed it out she pointed out that I forgot to include my son's podcasting are not podcasting my son's iTunes subscription so that 1096 came out but I noticed that another 1096 came out and I was like livid because I'm like I don't if I didn't have this money what were you guys gonna do and the truth of the matter is is I realize is that when the money is not in my PayPal account these items just get declined and I think in I think I was mistaken these subscriptions for being off because the payments just weren't going through so I definitely thought that there was only one subscription for the iTunes but clearly there was too so I am I tried to dispute this charge but if I couldn't Apple was like not having it and they were like we can do this for next month so I was like all right fine so next month that will be taken off so unfortunately of the hundred are fortunately because I'm grateful but of the hundred dollars that was donated 15 – 15 – 10 69 oops $100 – 15 – 15 – ten point sixty nine – ten point 69 there's 48 dollars and sixty two cents leftover of which I'm going to put towards my rent and and it so yeah so that's that's where the budget is right now so that 48 60 – I'm going to put towards my rent leaving my overall leftover rent that I need to cover as 57 dollars and 38 cents so I wanted to do a budget check-in because I want you guys to be able to sooner see the difference between what I'm planning and how things are actually happening but I also want you guys to be able to see how I'm able to reconcile things and when I say reconcile I mean that like I'm still struggling a little bit with forgetting things that are coming out and my earnest to get things right I'm still of the mind that certain subscriptions are cut off when they are clearly active and so just different things like that but it is definitely getting better and it is getting better with your help in this community both monetarily because the Umbra was very generous but also just from a community perspective of commenting and watching and so I just want to say I deeply appreciate your support I am well on my way I am less than 50 dollars away from getting out of the red and I am super excited and super just humbled by the support and I'm just I'm just so grateful that you guys are supporting this journey and I hope that while you are watching this that you are beginning to transform your financial blueprint so that when it comes that time it'll be more than just one of us screaming I'm debt free so yeah that is it my midweek check-in if you have any questions please ask them down below I will do my budget report card on about February 27th February 28th and that's where you will get all the final numbers to see exactly where every dime went so thank you so much for watching I look forward to talking to you very soon [Applause]

Monthly Budgeting Changed My Life // Dave Ramsey

**Monthly Budgeting Changed My Life // Dave Ramsey**



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Over the past year I have been using a monthly budgeting strategy that really turned my life around. I was spending randomly and would freak out when I saw my bank account. I now am able to get out of debt and save money for my future. Let me know if you have any hacks to getting ahead in life!


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hi guys thanks for clicking on this video today I'm just going to casually sit down and tell you guys about my monthly budget I haven't done a lot of videos like this but I feel like I'm finally trying to show who I've turned into and budgeting it's huge for me I'm very frugal money has so much power unfortunately and fortunately that it's so important to just focus on and we might have a little friend here so I got so many requests in my how to buy a house at 22 video about making a monthly budget everyone's coming in here right when I start filming but if you haven't seen that video I will leave it right up here for you so the first thing and the idea when I sit down to do my monthly budget and I make sure I have all my bills in front of me which I haven't checked the mail yet so I am gonna go check the mail right now but I did want to show you guys something that I did get that my fellow paranoid people or just curious people will definitely appreciate and that's a coda camera I'll put in a little clip here about like how it works and everything but Jake you and I installed it the other day and we really loved it so I make sure to check that every time I go outside because as you saw in my house tour we have two entries so I can't really go outside not that like I need to I'm just like super paranoid and anti-social so I like to check anyways we got the Kota camera its online at Costco it's actually super affordable for like everything that it has and it's so easy to install it's like two screws and you plug it in and that's it or you don't even have to plug it in you can just unhook a light so it's super easy it took us probably like 10 minutes to setup and it connects to my phone my iPad shakeups phone really anywhere and it just it detects motions it has a siren if anyone's near there it has a light which helps because we don't have lights in the front of our house so we're out in the driveway at night we need a light I can talk to Jacob when he's outside through it which is really fun yeah I really have everything I can hear him talking outside so I'm going that hello I just thought I would throw that in because I absolutely loved it and I didn't think I would be so into home security but it is a must for me now and I absolutely love it ok the first thing I do when I sit down to do a monthly budget is I like to have a blank sheet of paper for every single month I know a lot of people do it electronically I'm the kind of person that has to write it down and I like to flip over to the next page and it's like a blank canvas to start on so this works for me so I'm just gonna be kind of like making up numbers throughout it of how I would budget I already have my plan so I'm not gonna use my numbers but I know everyone case is so different so this is just an example so I have no expert but I do start off with tracking your income if you are on a salary that makes it super easy for you because you know how much you're gonna be getting every month or every two weeks or so often if you are self-employed you work on tips you work on Commission I think the best way to figure out your income is to track how much you've done in the last year or however long you've been working to see the trends and go off of the month you made the least the reason I wanted to go off the month that you made the least is just so you have enough money to cover every expense anything extra over that is just for savings and I will say if you are self-employed or you have a side job don't include that in your income I know a lot of people do include it I personally don't I think that's extra money on top because budgeting kind of gives people inside II and just knowing that you're gonna run out of money I also don't have the zero budget the zero dollar budget I have part of my budget for savings I personally would probably freak out if I ever saw my account at zero or anywhere near zero so I personally don't do that okay so now that we know how much we're making every month it's to go in with your traditional monthly expenses I will put up on the screen I know a date for EMC puts in a bunch of different like percentages of how much you're supposed to do I agree with the 30 or 25 percent towards your home expenses but then again I don't agree with a lot of other things so I just believe that you should be living at frugally as possible but still not doing without of experiences because you never know like if tomorrows guaranteed so I don't think that you should be giving up everything to live so firmly okay so the first thing I put down is my home expenses I know that's gonna be there every month it's probably not gonna change as much so I know how much my mortgage is gonna be or in anyone else's case rent and then you go down to your TV and Wi-Fi not everyone has that but if you do we do I would definitely put a TV and Wi-Fi as a utility your utilities your water bill your electric any of that kind of stuff sometimes it is included with your rent so just make sure to put the overall number there I would also include any kind of renters insurance homeowners insurance HOA fees into your mortgage that's how I like to do I like to have one big number because that's probably not gonna change that much the next biggest category that I have is a jet category I would map out all of your existing debts I would include all of your credit card debt I like to put your current balances on there that way you can see like compared to last month oh I got it down as much just seeing it as a figure I feel like it's more motivating than like knowing that you paid down debt so I go ahead and put down all the current balances and then I put down all the credit cards or what I plan on pain like this video if you do want me to make a video on how to get rid of debt extremely fast and the tips and tricks around the whole interesting I'm currently going through that so I saved myself probably three to four thousand dollars by doing something to just move my debt and it helped a ton like this video if you'd like to see a video on that my next category is subscription services so I go through all of my you know my balance usually it's every single month just to kind of see what I can get rid of this month what I'm not really using I know some people that never really go through their balance sheet or their balance statements and they realize they're subscribed to things that like you really don't use so I have a canvas subscription which is $13 a month and an Adobe subscription which is like 24 ok so my next category is a little bit bigger of a category this is your personal expenses so everything that you have planned out in the month I like to have a calendar where if I have a doctor's visit I know what that copay is gonna be I put that in my personal expense if I know I'm probably going to be getting a prescription I put that in the expense I have two cats everything they need I budget out so that's the litter that's food anything really so I budget that out groceries for the entire month I'm pretty good with groceries we do live a little bit more frugally so I buy a lot of like generic names because I I don't care about going to Whole Foods or anything so we do go to Walmart and Aldi I feel like they have a ton of better cheaper prices but it's just as good as food in my personal I also include my savings like I mentioned in my like I mentioned in owning a house I don't believe in savings accounts so I I use American Century it's a mutual fund and I put away a certain amount every single month it's an automatic bank transfer so I never see the money I don't do without but that way I am still saving my money it is definitely worth it because I feel like if you are putting it your self into a savings you're seeing that money go away and some month you're gonna be like no I just I can do without saving since I saved last month and it's just not in the long run I like to map out what my expenses are what my income is and then go ahead and map out like how much I will be keeping in my checking account in case of emergency that's not necessarily for savings I'm just keeping it there if it goes over a certain amount I will split it in half and pay a little more towards debt or a little more towards savings so that's just kind of my wiggle room but I definitely recommend having some wiggle room in case an emergency ever happens there are some apps that I'm sure you guys have heard of if you watch these kind of videos there's mint there's every dollar I've personally used every dollar and I like that one the best you can link up your debit or credit card to it that way and select your categories and your income so every time you make a purchase it takes it out of the category that it's supposed to be in sometimes your categories mix up a little bit you can also do that manually I've done that as well but it's good to have an electronic budgeting and also a paper budgeting some people like to bring paper with them everywhere that works I personally turn around a wallet like this big and I don't really have a purse so I don't want to have to like you know write down everything so my phone works the best for me but again it was right for you but yeah I think that's really it when it comes to my budgeting I don't like to make it so extreme or it's fun for me to make a budget but I also don't want it to make my life feel like I'm doing without because I do think it's the same thing as work it's a work-life balance same thing with your budget I don't think you should be freaking out and kind of doing without in life for your budget and to save money but you will have to do without some things so it's a balance yeah but like this video if you do want me to make that getting on a jet video subscribe if you haven't already and comment down below what any other suggestions you guys have about budgeting what works for you I would love to hear that and add it to I'm budgeting I'm sure it'll help other people and comment down below any other video suggestions you guys have about this topic or if you want me to keep doing them but that's about it so thanks for watching guys bye


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okay good morning good afternoon good evening everyone so it is Castaneda naomi ito that's a little bit on booth if on the highness phonetic book so the book title is the secret to saving him building your freaking poop how to be become your own financial educator so welcome to IMD financial literacy same in a Norway banana so today is April 23 2018 so kaya so first of all this is coach maehlman you know one of the executive vice chairman quasi emptier International Marketing Group was a certified financial indicator of art and mystical of financial innovation so the picnic staff certified financial indicator and one of the coach a trainer Poonam we are empty moving through release makers family was a member of truly rich Club he brother Busan is this quality busy I say stock market in you were posing in there for 12 years together with my wife yes on the factory technician in fostering trip in your and my passion ignition place need to be people thousands of people have to save in base safely and correctly alright so this only a one-hour presentation with this information so some of the highlights of this book it is a spoon at in people sake you know one record with the financial literacy webinar okay so what suppose we have a goal the youth III am being thorough at least 1 million families families by year 2020 700 yen for you having global financial literacy campaigns this moment and ing must be nicer safe p2i you are you recorded finish and literacy webinar okay so introduction of the speakers IJ I am green improve 2010 so the clothes for you having company they become tougher company in the Philippines for me service for a mystery today so we have been the precipitation so temporary 2010 cassava so after the precipitation will be permanently Bruni brother Mozart ehh secret of the through rates and libro and ina can be the kupuna and selamat a policy brother was a book and the place of page 126 in a pond out brother boys a man beneath my education int 1 of the adversity poem of Toronto financial literacy and being behind moon arming in the feces opening spiritual community setting a gap in empathy it's FBI seized for you peace Spain and one of the transformation camp on the minim members is because of the power is so numbered Kamini compromise offenders become precious page alright so before we start to having a baby not training for tonight today so similar moon and having with the prior didn't the Father the Son the Holy Spirit amen today I ask you to place me so I will become a blessing Lord like to meet myself in ways others but because I cannot even I'm gonna have I commit myself to become rich I commit myself to serve you and to serve the poor with my wealth today I open myself universe use me a subchannel of club give me the ability to rate well that will bless the world increase the financial wisdom and it's Padme territories I place my life in your hands in Jesus name Amen the Father the Son Holy Spirit amen so once again good morning good afternoon and good evening pozzolana another ok connect the happy precipitation IMD financial literacy webinar a sort of moving expectation app in Baja Ohio in example precipitation or in sumo pain debacle kunis a behaviour oficina that's a family also may be again a pain we need financial education we think we know the basic financial concepts okay and then to synthetic healthcare and insurance grow way through investments I mean eight years ago we gained a baby Donna and then very important point in how they take action opposite you yoga OB NOS a little pro I don't mean of a writ of execution useless in occupy a so let's proceed zapping slacks number one is why do we need financial aid okay sure so basically to Cebu state reduction per page 11a Rosina some people deeds are when it comes to securing in shaping their future mainly good people pay mainly hard-working people fail many smart people fail many young people fail many old people fail mainly teachers fields especially math teachers phone oh come on I will put I my ambit an urban high schools por semana pictures vanilla vassilis open syllable field economy you take home page in engineers in dr. so even the professionals way because they delegate are you okay so continuation prevailing mindset about Mandy so many people believe that financial indication cinema say BC miss Missy is only a mile of something up to be to selling bro financial education is yeah I guess on you after this precipitation grab this book of enoch company to a miracle to liberal including myself a so another prevailing myself of man he made me think that no institution so financial challenge is to borrow my solution is be careful database because the base of a page through financial education all right so I am fond of some bonito Sarang 50% of marriages fail to financial because Ebola in Misawa so he shall go asparagus capita in app in an oven and it came easy speaker and a severe depressive teacher so young a and epic poems are necessary in the future so we believe the man and a thigh McGee senior citizen really tie into the problem is son by Papa loading from the ricotta NASA senior citizen attire so we propose a survey here in the Philippines in detail so majority the machine uses it to me or you can check for sending community know so with a lotta Filipino barroso develop zombie improve Amelia at my signature independent okay so with financial education so this financial you can see um banana genome aPOPO we can face this challenge so everyone this F will be financially interface is so our goal is to hear everything family disguise okay piranha here is a mission that will make you know Samina I so what are we you need to know Baba's cave episod or P financial concept number of boys X term number police building solid financial foundation number three issue about this formula oh you peek in yourself personally the 1027 rule and then finally number four is the power of compounding resolute sent me to aptly it between secret novelty people right so are you ready for key financial concept but it's off about once every number one X curve concept explain why his financial planning is very important so obviously yes I expert villag online some lineup of us – Madeline Omega POTUS is representing the mana diamond they regulate a man going down is the responsibility II so come back I will have my money pool hey Jeremy among young people responsibility no baby I own I like us OPP become a no one here in nine months so but the tempo per month is 10,000 pesos so this is some PP e so in responsibilities of Casilla so guna pending so gonna they didn't know say be sanity no you impaired enough and enough on people over but that means I own SEC tayo date of the day but if they live in a thousand big seed be achieved in a few when I shall target so C must mothership in while you're playing in earnest masses to earn money so cool shelter clothing indication here there's a lower event to benefit so obviously permanent poo Yaya how about the Inca equation we've done how about the income income in today permanent will buy a Ferrari championship with napping the piston Ferrari being a poem I give to Enbridge can be the ple please contain your baby peach so mm in Pune Surat the shared among the deeper circuit so when I go home for a no money working for me so people on Sunday you pay Rama so also be sure I'm peeling on this column we Association AHA okay so if we external us in Athena mandolin Oh been Athena specific detail I have American African in timonium Topeka there of the day my chip 90 get our gas assist Iike right so in life there are two possibilities so there are two possibilities generation it's a guitar so later a body she died to school and later be what if you need to tow a so it will program and have been affecting to have obtained in the future so today so will happen when ample extent 82 something about of the bark of meningitis are things are possible right yes about shaft except for age 60 HP so 60 to 80 years old seven previous for unity pressure so to survive for base three times four main but it appears for me some field so you need when I am very happy faces so right so right pursue I believe I'm a Filipino the former Army invert is a pair over on well of pants so one day celebration Salameh a company third person so in the subpoena chemita opera in the future people to Carmody savings per sale imagine a specially nothing lifestyle so Maranatha Maranatha through Andy Messiah you know especially the knife side all right yeah okay the skeevy IMD went to sleep over us alright next example navigate overriding guilty detour cell phone no context pressure yeah all right so this example is 20-page perked up three cups a day one policy see someone 21,000 sambar another of course I didn't pay until after I spoke with a major source of updates of the Spana dinner so say 52 divided make per person it was 18 years show your money towards every 18 years example for each 2900 now some faces indicate it was of 1% village' the Doble every 18 years it's for peace a man suffering cleaning escaping another formulation a % PP gala 8% interest rate so 72d by the mini for sign show you mind over slavery so say piranhas every nine years 165 a spare one 1.6 billion pesos a Hiromi penis if a phenomena by yama yama delusional you my a man a these people Allah Allah Allah guide so you tell fans or starting up everyone has the right to become very pink and happy v % d bar 72 divided by 12 equals 6 so your mind over say every six years safe safe and correct or extra clean I am done with you Pyramus and me on Yolanda and Anisha Aruna manga so the secret to say be completely so you see that my fans balance or bonds or homogeneity in theory and then we think American Paris of Madonna be really support oh I began is some path of you find ways company lately punk is a little big business team are soldered up against the man promised good short-term needs to remain a simple you pair in a recession fair and you return money or vanish education of nothing really bugged oppose Obama sale incorrect eBay a little pants and sucks hey a trip we inform in a political may scanner for an akuna is come develop Filipino so it opposed amitabh a repeatability know it's coming so be careful power napkin my beliefs and debride impaired and happen mozilla goes over your money every three months every six months available I'm happy women are my beliefs some food of little pyramid is disposal now our so you pull back a copy to a rule of 72 km from secret among our wealthy people at a per annum veña veña alright so more often than that people put their money in less than 1% in borrow my recorder will per say it is that among them in person is afraid it confirm man 3.5% somewhere ok susceptible 42% Socata rather than investments my goal is to it this correctly in this covalent Amma a so see the food eat on Busan on 3.5 million device allowing Cena Zambian in this store Shinobu 7 3.5 million diesel Saguna babies aluminum 3.8 billion couple you burn a DVD that start with the mind see again but most importantly ADA to start tomorrow Monday and that aluminium 30 years if you don't blame pull you open you 67 faces a day can you say 67 face a day yes 50 is out there made up on my cheapening first meal good one how about 100 the day he saved 100 the day when under the day is become millions similar and money we discipline think long term financial okay so if the poem is a monitor-kun so yesterday I believe I am assured okay well then the example may be to manipulation generated by their I remember no mm in Unum to me I wouldn't really be sure this participation among this is a time period because I'd say that in 2013 when I am getting pace number per share of eternity a pass forward I am no move abroad it will be a few months ago I did 2083 pair session per share you are so another document I will be so submitting this kind of 120 30 now 100 m2 per share peravaram 200k Braddock where 200 maybe 300 especially at a class map so you're going to sum up in again basically meter per his photography SN API this side up it'll be the silliman our shareholders second Ilana it I am looking very tired okay so let's summarize hunting presentations I hope when I make in a to Pune number one voice they occur number two is solid financial foundation on fish on a sail and above us really trending strong in demand this formula n 2070 and then the secret of the wealthy people rule of 72 right so you play impunity know some way not in a secure at the poor amplifies financially alright so now that we know the possible in base T N word to get the money in the base the next act is ask yourself whatever you need and obeying these to map it but I am again a shinobi purpose maja suppose I am okay but on the Pokemon company cocaine is nearly upon us our eight years warning big way in our think so important because NBC number two – education four-year schools so you need American Dream House Ricardo dream vacation so you feel if we having big why employee Mocambo the bitch if I may need based financial coach hey okay so become a no idea para not imagine tomorrow fine I shall go start a number one he's my little altercation rights are you ready waiter provide retirement money I'm about to swim from the grip LPO in a beam agree retire then 20 30 years from now it will give me nothing remaining Michigan on three million really useful now a 100 paces a day so instead of the day invest reinforce some of the major and the partners ing up by nine sharks we had six you know personally some Dominican vision we have seven exclusive beetle so one of my favorite mutual include initiative equity we multiple mm in Mertz 14 pages per share oh one for boys I think 13 in peso for the position I'm gonna miss a market in guaranteed market not as a fan he tried to end up in Saudi before less than 1 paisa fresh air this is someone recommended me to a crime ok ok you my mg member laorfamily memory saying he made a pencil which elephant really exclusive suppose I am merely Thruway Bernardo okay oxygen well Thousand Faces Mago phenomenon have some phases some heat okay number two financial goals healthcare especially the long term pain hey so what do we need a long-term help here number one medical crosses over to see from the cassava attuma task maybe see a check up come on hospitalization and the power I think but the aggregate leaves us an opportunity another sick people died not because there is no may be seen but because us no money so we are no no hospital no more in dr. Maha a majority Pilipinas no save money from future helper deeds so mama here because I own my duta-de tayo is acting in iron and proclaim when we kind of build up nothing loath I see no mana maybe he's not a vampire in Africa hey you can anything we do the hair company peaceful by the by your company when your return upside for some Alabama no it will be lit example among HMO scale right so it it is best for you love them here while you're still young that's already know what system asked about the makita see your future see for you determine and then decide after this specifications for number one same frangipani no soma in base to see financially is to make Nasir nothing will happen in the Samantha case so normally I'm a bouncer economic safety I fell over there is well over the return dieter is tired the return signal sabana a busan a thin narrow bro look at the veto what if I could tell you show the pose I do marry some providers I operational safety about predation and grow so a conditional then in the theory which alpha the power 17 basically on a distinct tisha same shamash you return science will present us a perfect addition of a big merit of rotation of a relationship Bronx so to the new poem is not among is a thing the benefit is not so the man upon developing concept about the corporate financial instrument no financial solution an avid opportunity the same time is the right approach ethically you municipality many responsibilities my opinion Aramis something okay so America time solution generator pace are you know for Sonia Medina in mostly for people supporter we discussed maybe the financial solution Panama there is not important cornerstone and in the dime better all right so let's summarize oh I'm king of the tune and a beautiful-looking financially literate I am simple humming good alright so rapid panentheism in you mister but if you date to soon drill up your family first a solution attic unlikely to thanks instead what you feeling too long we love yourself first and I'm solution having and up a pair of my investment and long-term a and to build a monthly financial class simply builder solid finish concept number two most important thing it must not necessarily wanna get care increase your cash so help increase your cash flow of two ways number one you need to reduce your my expense is not there but in my space nineteen mobile on belay and then number two this increase your income I believe monopoly Miami stop about the intrapreneurial myself create a multiple source of income so you best of course eleven appear on health care especially in the kayo I'm particular and a panic interpretation that issue runs assurances is stuck 1910 see the money more discipline 3 / 6 months and expenses and Amidala deal go maritime provide medical providers int so then I put you for way your financial needs right near the pool it basements case and push until pale very pushy computation and they push up if it is asked to know about more about the ultimate until there a dimple your economy typically a all right so people by our expectation taking again I will be another corner so because after this participation healthcare semana then let me show us our insurance property insurance travel insurance Marin by health care about efficient care and dividend check up so members put I reward they are again put value well everything so more than our structure I am Lisa may appreciate platform so muscle I can retire all right my ass like me so you need to take action brahmana you will always have an excuse not to say bleep best no matter what – excuse one thing issue you will get altered next year double backbone of our class number two you're entirely growing in turn it up savings you will eventually return and stop making activity' in the pool types of income after inka and passive income it's gonna be the end of the day achieved anything about capacity so three main problem two is supply remember the IQ so they live too long prepared up the potato be with a group who inspires you importantly for you eNOS eNOS Omaha anyone so home community before is my spenders now these painters if they are paramount immunity Moloch int sabers people be shown in the future so girl in the family is enough okay so be financially the way they have on your financial financial needs Invicta right choices so even compose a hit on three stages of financial life some people selects Mendoza number one maybe none leadeth is a stage number one one after work he repeated Ampera gamma maintaining economic independence you see that's a stage vodka so after this sound about mobile compromise states one fish sticks to IND second you have a presentation or financial literacy webinar but on over the name popped up a questionnaire and then I'm through the mcdu nothing Western Nizam police takes time one number two number three so obviously Mirai Amidala ganas is stage one but because of ing the title stage number two arrows are having Mishima Ponte course a stage three hit the pot I hit the stage money work for you all right so people get started I'm almost done ding stencil on board a bus novel I'm so excited nobody birthday on an IMD hey peeps a get started number one unit decrease your cash flow make as much make as much money obtained by the pain and the multiple source of income number to spend less those expenses in month remember it's that's how much sugar that comes is how much you kill set aside 10% of your income to save face number three is zero of birthdays yep you can i lipet happen in makutano but this increasing this and like licks the trace your finances number four understand how money works read books but I only talk about money they say there's money six many tours or coach learn how to make money in how big how money can work for you okay and define your financial goals anonymously my team listen Apoorva sighing appoint a cranium and then say strategies on how to make your course work then finally improper action while you're still building your well if make sure you showed us the people you make the family peace okay so how I am he can help you simply follow these four steps number one I am do now in appreciate penny pitch with more than twenty membership benefits should become a paper int a number to put on the bottom step number two financial checkup sorry Paquito how financially admissible papaya is some of the sugars and put in a tub a'chicken doctor but me some it is a knee pain muscle Filipina then any piece you just again hop up on the table Emma give us an African a potato Samba Conoco boosts hakuna enemies appear cocaine a pepper shaker i D you know when I'm in a one-on-one when I shall take up but I'm having a panoramic Oh financially help energy yay number three start building a big financial strategy so lit by mention of the issue number four understand how money works attending workshops Omaha financial workshop ovum 800 sender salmon even a books make goods at minimum book or books in one should become a member simple tiny among financial workshop the seasoning to say begin building a reading libros gurupada that in Ipanema he began ever being liberal Malby again the secret to saving in building a future book become your own financial indicator financially intubation is that this portal is protective so the Kim Dacey ll push imagine in three days 10,000 camp is for and then in one month more than 40,000 is phone okay the muscle on omega-3 product is omega whether they brother domain pushing forward veto the brunette or possibly a brain this book shall take it really your financial life really people who need the financial revolution internet for one baby brother processes reported cohen-chang will say may have accidentally pro having 3 will be fair thing now but inclusion is some energy member nervous that is all so see the power he'll allow Marilyn got liberal in a long post go wrong but not ok stop I give up this book 119 entails it's a real homie promo they engage another problem we have a poor 400 Papa Carlo Monaco you mama millennium I begin do it Papa gotta give right Polly disability has been another financial we ever see okay again somebody brother no reading booth is growth in attendance a good thing but in your financial education financial execution execution alright so congratulations for Santa Monica indigent about the big deal at all Isana Makita I am one of these days I'm a couple you personally it could picture make a deeper sandy I mean I shall say that is a moose I'm a happy so congratulations for taking the first step to financial freedom doing IND now ok so you are now part of our 1 million financially indicated families by year two anything is on a bless and have a presentation you show him to be do some supplies begin your people some of our nation in combination with this alright so Mohammed on of the opening number email ampere I'm coach mal billion people have a Facebook page basically the uniform on it would be missing so my number video get started action on in financial checkup listeners are big Vanessa statement emailed upon this alright so again because congratulations was a laughter magneto financial literacy wave better not be no have a pop so again I encourage you to join I led take action secure your future and we have placing the pattern II so again bye bye Babu selamat shall have that vegetable in the papaya one of these days one of the finisher say there's food if you stop graduations Dubrow hahaha a thank you

Understand cash advances

**Understand cash advances**



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Be aware that interest charges on your credit card start as soon as you take out a cash advance. Understanding your financial rights and your responsibilities …