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How To Start Paying Off Debt?

**How To Start Paying Off Debt?**



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Want To Get Out Of Debt Faster And Develop A High-Income Skill? Click Here: How do you start paying off debt? Do you pay off …

New Worksheet for Paycheck Budget

**New Worksheet for Paycheck Budget**



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In this video, I am showing you the new Bill Tracker for my paycheck budgets. I love the new layout and how there is a spot for every area of your budget. This Bill Tracker can be used for any income and any pay schedule, which makes it truly customizable to your own life. For me, it’s the perfect solution for creating a plan for your bills, saving, and debt.

This new worksheet will be released next month, after the release of the new physical edition of the Budget-by-Paycheck Workbook at the end of next month.


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good morning I have been up since about 3:30 this morning I woke up I had a dream last night oh my gosh I don't know why this happens to me ha but I had a dream last night and in my dream I saw the bill tracker and the bill tracker had rounded corners I'm gonna show you this morning so here's the thing since I went from paying off all of my debt to now i'm in savings mode I realized that if I'm in this position then there's got to be other people out there in the TVM family who is also in this position where you don't have debt and you have savings on the old bill tracker and let me just grab it I'll be showing this on the table as well but on the old bill tracker there is only an area to make extra debt payments there is a savings plan area but I've been using it for my sinking funds and so something that's been kind of bugging me is that in order to make any or to put on my budget that I'm you know I have extra savings like savings going to my house I've had to white out the word debt and put extra savings here and so I also realized that a lot of my paychecks at least once a month I have a paycheck where I have multiple sources of income and I like to break my income down as you can see I have it written down here I was getting frustrated as you can see there's white out on this bill tracker but of me having to write it over here on the side there was just a couple of small things like that but in my dream I looked and I was looking at the bill tracker I'm sorry I'm just so excited about this probably why I couldn't go back to sleep tonight I get very very excited about these things I created a new bill tracker I try sharing maggiore to reminders that they're in that work hard work dedication motivation it's all about having a plan here my my life they're like oh man you go in as you can see now and let me bring the old ones side-by-side so you can see it here's the old ville tracker right here here's the new one this one has a couple of boxes you can do your income now but how you work your budget is like this you pay your regular bills online first step take care of your regular bills then you take out cash for your envelopes then you take care of those expenses that come up in your life that sometimes forces you or pressures you to use your credit card now remember my budgeting method is all set up to deter you from going into more debt it's getting you to set yourself up financially for the future so you have cash for those expenses so then it becomes your sinking funds after you have your regular bills paid your variable cash envelopes taken care of you are thinking about the future then it becomes extra debt payment and after that you have extra savings okay those are this the this the order in which the debt your budget should be laid out so now there is an area for everything on this new bill tracker as you can see with the old bill tracker I had just one area for savings one area for debt now you're getting an area for sinking funds and extra savings if your budget will allow you to do it I kept all of the letters and numbers to help you fill it out you match up the letters as you go along so for instance after I pay my regular bills I have a leftover income of 619 C the letter A so you might be wondering well what do I do with this 619 we'll look for the letter A here it is you use it for your envelopes once you take care of your envelopes it's how much money do you have leftover leftover B I have a hundred and fourteen dollars so your ask yourself what do you do with that 114 you take care of the future and here you go see how the letters match so you'll use your leftover income 114 you take care of your sinking funds now in my budget for the 20th which is today which means I need to still go online and pay my bills I will be going to the bank to pull out cash on for my envelopes today but I do not have anything for extra debt I don't have any debt or extra savings but as you can see when I get to my paycheck on February 28th I am making an extra savings contribution to my house savings and do you see how I have to wipe out not anymore there is a place for that now when I talked about seeing in my dream the rounded corners do you see how on the old bill tracker its square like these are just square boxes now they're rounded and this is what I saw in my dream I think this gives you a more overall financial plan because remember your budget is not just writing down numbers for your bills a budget means preparing it means planning an overall plan for your entire financial life that's savings that's variable spending that's paying off debt all of those things should be included in your budget and when you do that you will truly feel prepared because you're truly giving every dollar of your income a place in your budget or financial plan this really does take care of the three major things in your budget bills debt saving and of course you have your cash envelopes for your variable spending so here's the old one and as you can see another thing I didn't like is my monthly bills sometimes I didn't have enough to get these two spots filled up so I had to use arrows now it's all on one area right here there is enough lines I spent morning updating the new bill tracker I got some suggestions yesterday that the flow was kind of off and I wanted to add something someone be showing you I'm gonna be showing you um the new bill tracker and what that looked like today so let me show you what I have going on so this is the new bill tracker let me kind of just show what's going on here and I got some comments about wanting some more income boxes and to add a budget an actual area to the income as well as to the sinking funds extra debt envelopes and extra savings so now there is a budget in an actual column for that I also got asked to change the flow of the worksheet so now it is an order so bills envelopes sinking funds extra debt and savings because before it was going from left to right right to left and it was bouncing around a lot so now all of the boxes are adding up in order I did add more envelopes and more areas to the extra and extra debt and extra savings area so this is the new bill tracker I am not making any more changes to it um in fact I already filled out my paycheck for the 28th with it and I'll show you what that looks like really quickly this is my paycheck for the 28th and it's wonderful now remember my paycheck with the 28 is a full month this is one month budget because I am I'm switching to UM self-employment income where I'm going to get paid one time a month on the last day of the month so these are all of the bills that I pay every month all of my sinking funds every month and I did have money left over to do a house savings contribution and we'll be doing a video overview of this paycheck as well if you found this video helpful please share it and don't forget to subscribe you





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Hello Friends! My name is Mary Lou and I am a 37 year old mom of two children, one angel baby, and a doggie, and a wife, a sister, a friend, and we live in North …

Frugal Living Tag | Frugal Mom Ep. 29 | Get To Know Me

**Frugal Living Tag | Frugal Mom Ep. 29 | Get To Know Me**



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Frugal Babes and Frugal Bobs thanks for watching my Frugal Tag Vlog!! In this vlog I answer some generic questions about my frugality 🙂

I love the frugal life and wouldn’t trade it for anything else!

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what a frugal babes are frugal Bob if your girlfriends you carry them today we are doing a frugal tag all right guys if you don't know what if rule tag is or a tag in general these are just like generic questions that youtubers will answer a bunch of different youtubers will answer the same questions but they'll answer them according to you know themselves so here we go first question is what is the difference between cheap and frugal well in my opinion a cheap person is someone who's always looking for some type of free handout a person who doesn't want to work for something a person who expects everything to be done for them and they don't want to spend any type of effort money nothing a frugal person is a person who is a thinker a person who weighs out all of their options looks for the best deals a person who curves their impulse to just spend money just to spend it I mean that's that's how I view it question number two what is my favorite beauty tip like a frugal beauty tip I like DIYs okay like DIY creams DIY exfoliators I did one a few years ago and I think I'm gonna do it again and it was just a simple exfoliator for your body you take some baby wash you take some sugar and you mix it and that's it just baby wash and sugar these are things that I mean if you're a mom and you have like baby washed in your house or you can go buy it and you mix it with sugar that you have your house in the tub you scrub your body with it you rinse it off yo your skin feels amazing what made you decide to live frugally I've always been into frugal living even before I became a wife and a mother but I got back into it more so because I became a mom and I saw how expensive children are holy all right next question what frugal habit has saved me the most money the first thing I like looking cute you know I like having two things you know but I don't go to Moll I don't buy retail if I do go to retail shop it's usually like a TJ Maxx or a Marshalls but 90% of what I purchase is from a thrift store and that is how I save my money hmm well I always live this way or is this just like a temporary thing I think I will always be this way I will always be frugal because I think once you go frugal and you see how much money is in your pocket versus the creditors pocket yeah that feels good so this is something I will continue doing and something that I want my children to do when they become young adults and adults hmm the next question says favorite frugal date night gosh my husband I'll be honest we have not a date night in a long time I think what we have done is just watch a movie together at home so that's as frugal as our date night gets for right now hmm next question is what do your friends and family members think about your frugal living I don't know I haven't really asked them for their opinion I really don't care what they think but I think that they're proud of the fact that I have been more wise with how I'm spending my money and my money so I think they're giving me a thumbs up I don't know if your family member comment below tell me what you think okay so the next question is name one non frugal purchase that was worth the splurge you ready for it my computer and my camera yes okay because I'm getting more into blogging and because I am a music teacher it is important that I have a computer that is quick up-to-date that I have gear that I can create content for either my classroom or for my YouTube and and so spending money on quality gear it's you just have to do it so I did upgrade and I have a brand new MacBook Pro it is fantastic my camera Canon t6 I fantastic I don't know anything on my care paid it off in full my computer not paid off in full yet but it will be paid off before 2019 I don't plan on taking 12 months to pay it off I plan on six months to pay it off so yes worth the splurge and the last question y'all what is the best part of frugal living I think I said it before just seeing more money in my pocket seeing my savings account you know bro seeing that my children have 529 accounts and seeing that those accounts are growing seeing that I'm able to you know say hey can I make this purchase and the answer being yeah I can if I want to that feels good I didn't have that freedom before so I love being frugal it's not gonna change ever I still have the things that I like and that I want and it's just it's a part of my life so I would encourage anybody who has not got into like frugal living or minimalist living like I encourage you to research it and to make your own decision if this is something you want to do if you don't want to do whatever but if you've got a lot of debt y'all get into frugal living start couponing start going to thrift stores if you don't like thrift stores and you want to go to like your department stores a fine go to department store but go straight to the clearance rack stop paying retail y'all like seriously for instance my son I was buying him some clothes cuz he's a Gigantor baby and he's won and he wears 3t 40 so I went to a store that I'd love to go just called Once Upon a child I bought him a brand new outfit still have the tags from Carter's the tag set $30 guess how much I paid three dollars and 50 cent Booya y'all seriously frugal living it's where it's at I love you guys thank you so much for watching please give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven't done so comment below tell me your thoughts on these questions that I've answered and I hope to see you back next week love you bye