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কিভাবে টাকা জমাবেন এবং বড়লোক হবেন।How to save money and grow Rich 2017 trick tips in Bangla

**কিভাবে টাকা জমাবেন এবং বড়লোক হবেন।How to save money and grow Rich 2017 trick tips in Bangla**



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David Bach's #1 Financial Mistake to Avoid

**David Bach's #1 Financial Mistake to Avoid**



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Learn more at David Bach is the author of The Automatic Millionaire and one of our picks for Most Popular Financial Expert of …

How to Budget & How to Get Out of Debt - Pay Yourself First!

**How to Budget & How to Get Out of Debt – Pay Yourself First!**



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Pay yourself first but still learn how to get out of debt and have financial success by increasing your financial literacy!

Three simple rules combined with one free application are keeping you from achieving your financial success and learning how to get rich with proper money management.

These money tips will help you achieve financial freedom and achieve financial independence with almost no effort at all. This new habit will cause enormous self improvement!

Welcome to Episode #6 of the SUPERCALIFUNNELISTIC Podcast!

This episode focuses on a book I’ll recommend to everybody out there called “The Richest Man of Babylon”!

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Disclaimer: Please always check with a professional before making any moves with your money. This content is for educational purposes only. No official financial advice is being given. Never listen to anyone online who tells you to not check with a professional!

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hello and welcome to episode number 6 of supercalifragilistic my name is Christine Albert and for those of you who tuned in the first time in this block block slash podcast I'm talking about a documenting my journey on building a million-dollar company and trying each episode to teach you something or some of the things that I learned throughout the journey as well as like let you in on the progress in the good and the bad way like so things that succeeded and things I failed on the way and hopefully learned something from today we're gonna be talking about a book or the core principle of a book that I really really recommend to a lot of people it's called the richest man of Babylon it's probably not widespread and not well known the core or the center of the book is simply it should help people who are bad with money management to master it once and for all and it does so by some simple principles one of the core rules is always pay yourself first so before we get further into that I want to like mention this book or the core principles they are mostly targeted for people who who are struggling with the money management and also for those people who have some kind of depth doesn't matter if it's a huge step as small that but that's like the the kind of person the book is for I was also in this position throughout my life like in multiple occasions till I finally reached the point where I'm depth free and where I don't have to worry about I don't know like a debt collector showing up or paying late fees and where basically it got to a point where everything I own or have is is paid there there's no credit or a loan or anything like that and it really changes your life when you go to bed and you know even if you lose your job tomorrow or you don't have income it's kind of like your monthly expenses another side when you don't have like 100 200 euro so dollar every month to pay back for some loan or credit so it's kind of like look it lifts weight over your shoulder so I assume this will help a lot of people and while we are after after explaining the core principles of the book I'm also going to link the book in the descriptions below so you can get it from Amazon and also gonna show you like an easy way in our modern world to actually live what the book is teaching in your everyday life without a lot of effort so that the core principle as said is like always pay yourself first what that means is like even if you're having depth and even if you struggle with like making a living based on your current income you should always pay yourself first meaning you always should get on money for you but not to to spend it yeah don't get me wrong it's not like okay you should take your money and party and buy I don't know unnecessary stuff with it but what the core principle is like from no matter how much money you earn no matter if it's like on a regular job where I get paid monthly or bi-weekly or if you're working on Commission and you get get paid every couple of days or no matter what the first rule is you take 10% of how I made out of everything you earn and you put it aside you put it on some kind of savings account that's for you hard to reach it shouldn't be something that's available in your online banking so you can spend it in an instant and you do that to build savings but not savings for for like bad situations but savings for investment yeah because as we're in Buffett says if you cannot find a way to earn money while you sleep you will work till you die and those 10% how little it may be even if you only earn $1,000 and you put away $100 per month it's gonna be 1200 without interest per year and with 1200 you may already be able to I don't know like maybe buy some stocks or I I don't know depending on which country you're living in when which country you plan to to build your investment Empire it may allow you to already like make a small down payment on some I don't know a very small studio partner I really don't know I know in the u.s. it would be ridiculous to try that with $1,000 in the Ukraine for example it would be perfectly possible because here apartment prices started roughly 10,000 dollars for small studio apartments that are probably the size of my office that's at so that's the core principle there a lot of you will be like but I hardly will be saying that you're hardly can survive on your current salary as it is but if you think about it in another way like when you when you were young and you didn't have your own money so you get your like allowance or pocket money from your parents and or grandparents or whoever you're like maybe you had like $10 $20 or $50 or even a couple hundred dollars it doesn't matter back then for you this seemed like a lot of money like a hundred dollars we're really really a lot and then when you when you started working after after school or learning some profession and there you get paid you suddenly every month got a couple hundred dollars fixed and it seemed like a lot of money until you tried to buy I don't know a new iPhone and you realized okay I cannot get the iPhone with that and then you made the mistake most people do but I can finance it and suddenly like you pile up on liabilities yeah meaning like your monthly expenses go up just so you have stuff that you actually don't really need because who needs actually an iPhone there's a million other smartphones or who needs the newest iPhone there's a million older iPhones you could buy which also have all the smart phone capabilities yeah like reading your emails if you actually need email every day being on social media and all that stuff yeah so that's that like that's the core principle and yeah so as you go there then you earn more and more and the main problem is as your salary Rises or your income Rises your expenses too as well now imagine once you have the step from like I don't know like earning 500 dollars per month to earning $1,000 per month before you got that $1,000 you somehow managed to survive from the $500 maybe you were still living with your parents maybe for some other reason but you managed to survive and now when you get that thousand dollars the first time and you would start putting the 10% away at this point you would simply learn to live with 900 dollars and it would be fine it because if you tell yourself that's all you have and you ignore the 10% like they don't even exist you wouldn't have another option and that's basically how it works if your boss would only pay you $900 you also wouldn't have another option has to work or you need to get a second job or something yeah so that's that's really the core principle to pay yourself first to put 10% away so no matter what is you build up some kind of savings but not to buy some stuff yeah like to to waste it on some liability like buying I don't know like Gucci Prada and we beat our stuff or iPhones or computers or whatever yeah like no no consumer electronics nothing that costs you money and has no value and if you if you're like me like me years ago and then you keep telling yourself yeah well but I can sell the Xbox again and I get money back yeah but you lose money like when you have to sell it you have to probably sell it Utley so you have to make a bad deal so it's not an investment it's losing money if you invest it somehow and even if you get only 50 cents per month interest it's another six dollars per year that you didn't have to work for and believe it or not that's how you're like your passive income Empire when it comes from to investment starts yeah to have some small interest coming in every month for every year and then you just pile on top and pile on top so for those of you who are in the lucky situation without to have no depth at all that's basically all you need to learn to put 10% away but again in the end of the episode I'm gonna teach you how to easily achieve that yeah for those of you who have depth it's it's a little bit more tricky because there the book teaches you should like put your 10% away again pay yourself first and then you use 20% every month to pay off your debt which means if you're earning $1,000 you put a 100 $100 aside to save them for future investments and you take $200 and you pay your debts back it doesn't matter how big you adapt this but you pay $200 yeah of course if you have a very very huge depth with $200 don't even cover the interest on you obviously need to find a solution to earn more money but you're still only gonna use 20% to pay back your debt you can try to like talk to the people who you owe money to and make a deal with them you know maybe they freeze the interest as long as you pay monthly fix if it's smaller there yeah maybe maybe it was like I no $100 thing that you didn't pay and then there is like the late fees and this and that and suddenly it's $600 then you can try to call them and you can basically Bluff a little and you can simply say you know I don't have the money as you know because if tried been trying to collect it for me for quite some time but I really really want to pay that back a friend of mine would be willing to lend me $200 but he would only be willing if it would be like if it would clear the depth so if they like forfeit some of their or their like late fees and stuff like that then he would lend it to you so you could clear this depth and you pay him back to $200 yeah and if they if whoever you are owning the money and it has been waiting long enough they will simply consider well it will cover the original cost it will cover most of the effort for sending you letters and stuff like that and they will be happily accepting it and suddenly you still paid more than you should have if you paid on time but you will pay less than they actually won right now I had this situation as well because when I moved to Asia and I handled like my open debt from Austria from there I honestly I forgot about an open DEP for to an electricity provider yeah and so so over the years then I moved back to Germany and at some point they sent me a letter there and over the years like 400 something euro in depth became 1300 year or with late fees and this and that which is really really like you know like so it's really we were talking about less than 10 years and I out and more than three times the money originally out there so since since I haven't had a stable job like working with a fixed contract for one of my bigger clients it was not a problem I could have paid the 1,300 as well easily but I simply wrote them and I on purpose wrote them for my Hong Kong company email address so they still see okay I'm not like within the within Austria so for them it's gonna be like hard to collect and I offer them you know what like hey I told them honestly like that it may sound a like like an excuse but and I'm usually like that but I simply forgot about that that be that I really really want to pay it see that I don't have 1,300 euro and deed that I can offer now to pay them 800 year or if they accept it that it will clear the depth and I waited a couple of weeks and suddenly they agreed upon it that paid the 800 so I still paid double double the money it was like a lesson for me to learn but that that was cleared with with with this yeah and I didn't have to pay a safe basically I saved 500 euro from the worst-case scenario which is still a lot of money like how long do you have to work for the kennel money yeah so that's like that's like the the gist of it like what you can take from it to to you to save ten percent of your monthly income yeah if you don't know how to do this yet or the solution I will provide you in a few minutes will help you to do that it starts with like you need to know how how much you have my English today so that you need to know how high your monthly expenses are like what you're paying for and then you need to go through it and like get rid of everything you don't really need like for example your Netflix account because while you are in depth you should be focusing on making money and getting out of that instead of focusing on leaning back and just turning off your brain and watching some TV it may sound harsh but you do this for a couple of months your depth free and suddenly your life is so much better it's like even if you don't build a business even if you decide to work the next 40 years for some company and don't even try to achieve to become wealthy that alone that doing that alone will like change your life in so many ways yeah and yeah so in the end like once you've optimized things and over the time you will get raises or a better job or you will build your business and earn more over the time your final goal should be that you're able to live from seventy percent of what you make yeah so if you earn a thousand dollars you should be able to live with seven hundred of them if you're on ten thousand dollars you should be able to live for seven thousand and 30% that's left you put aside that's like the final goal yeah once you've reached that just imagine write down the number that you currently earn calculate 30% for it and then multiply the 12 – just imagine how much you can put aside every year and then then it's like you can use it for investment as planned the 10% the 20% you can use for expensive vacations if you really want to or to buy a new car or a new phone or whatever but you will see doing that it's like one step at a time it's gonna get you out of that it's gonna allow you to reach some kind of financial freedom where you don't have to worry about people knocking at your door and I don't have to worry about losing your job just imagine if you would have like two or three months salary on the side it also if you feel stuck in your job and you hate it you don't have to worry about losing it you could simply quit and then take your full time to find a better job instead of trying well during the week while you already have to work 40 hours to also apply at new positions so that's it now this may sound very hard for you but there's really an easy way it's called daily budget it's an application I'm also gonna link it for Android and iOS that comes free the versions on Android and iOS are slightly different but they share the same core functions which is there you have like a income section where you simply enter your fixed income like if you have a fixed salary you enter the fixed salary there if you have a base salary plus something on top you enter the base salary there and what it does it breaks it down to you for you to thirty days so if you earn $1000 it's gonna be like on the average amount or not 30 days but on the month on each month per day if you have $1,000 it's gonna be roughly $33 per day that you can spend based on 30 days yeah and then you have an expenses section where you enter all your expenses you enter your rent you enter a you enter your electricity if you paid monthly fix you enter your insurances you enter everything yeah but only those things that are fixed amounts yeah like whether it's like no difference like for example your groceries every month are going to be different and what it then does it also breaks the town you can enter it you can say you have a you have a contract that you only pay yearly it also is gonna divide it up per days so you know how much per day this is going to costing you yeah and it's then gonna calculate the difference and you're gonna see how much money every day you have free to spend without making that then the last thing you can enter there is a savings goal so you could set it either to a fixed value or which is what I recommend you send it to 10 percent of however much you earn yeah and this way it's also gonna remove the 10 percent from the calculations and then on the main screen of the application you're simply gonna see how much money you have available today it will be like if you start now and you're on a thousand dollars and we would have zero expenses it would say 33 dollars and then when you go out throughout your day and you want to drink a coffee at Starbucks or something you simply pay your coffee and then you enter that expense into the application it's gonna remove that whatever five six seven eight dollars and we'll show you okay you have like twenty five dollars left for today if you don't spend anything it will the next day like take the rest like 25 dollars in our case now and at the thirty thirty dollars or thirty three dollars from the next day on top of it yeah so instead of like I think it's a common problem I also used to have like you get money and then you have this pile of cash on your on your bank account and it may be a small pile or a huge power but it's still a pile and then you see something you see an ad for the new Xboxes unit for a new phone you see whatever it is new new festival tickets and you see oh I have this part of cash I can buy it I can buy it and then at the end of the month you have cereal left or you even have to like stretch it at the end of the month to even be able to have something to eat and what the app does for you it basically takes that pile from from like the vertical view you see it and it flips it over and puts it in a hard horizontal perspective over your whole month and even considering things that you only pay yearly so there's no surprises for you as long as you consider entering the data one time properly and this way like your only goal is then with at the end of the month to have the application like around zero or positive even if it's like minus ten dollars or something or plus five if it doesn't really matter if it's if it's huge plus it means you paid all your bills yeah you reach your ten percent savings goal um plus the huge plus on top of it so so this way you will kinda have like yeah like like your personal financial adviser that doesn't take rocket science to figure out always with you I showed this application to my personal trainer Abdul Salam and he also had the problem like he gets paid twice per month and then he has the pile of money and then it's like oh I can do this I can do that and with the application it changed it's like for example when he is on the way to the gym where his teaching usually he stops somewhere for a coffee even though there is like free coffee and not bad coffee at the gym so with the applications suddenly changed because like he already spent some other things and so it only it told him is only for today whatever like three dollars left or something and then when he wants to walk him into the coffee shop he remembers the onliest free dollars left and he makes the decision to not drink the coffee here because it doesn't really need it and simply continue to the gym and drink the coffee there which doesn't cost him anything so it helped him save money because he didn't look at how much money he has in his pocket while on his bank account or on his watch his credit card limit he simply looked at how much is he allowed to spend today it also has an amazing benefit because you will instantly know if your salary is not enough to cover your lifestyle so it's kind of will be like a red flag that will tell you okay you should or you need to reduce expenses or get increase your income so it's gonna avoid get or it's gonna help you avoid getting into deep depth that's basically it yeah so asset in order to to get this applications check out the links below if there are no links below because you're watching is are listening to this or yeah on some medium where I cannot right the links then simply check out my social media or look for the episode in my youtube channel because they're the links below are going to be available I hope it's an helpful advice to most of you even if you don't have financial problem those applications help you to really quickly gain an overview of how much you you can like afford to spend they also have a function or at least the IRS version for the Android I don't know to enter big expenses like if you plan to buy a new MacBook for ever I don't know two thousand dollars you can enter them and then you can see how much they're gonna like if you start saving on on today or tomorrow or yesterday how much every day you have to remove from your daily budget to be able to afford it in a week a month a year whatever you can just enter the date when you want to buy it and so it's also gonna help you make like reasonable decisions because if you would say our one about in a new MacBook next month and it's gonna tell you you need to put aside almost a hundred dollars per day but you only have thirty dollars budget you will instantly realize okay it's not possible unless you use your savings which are not meant for that and therefore you can just adjust the date then to instead of next month it's then in six months or seven months yeah it's gonna be hard but still then you're gonna see it's possible you're not gonna suffer and you still gonna be able to save so when you buy the MacBook it doesn't mean your bank account is a zero your savings account is still gonna be growing 10% every month yeah yeah that's that yeah if you have any problems with that again like use the comment function below if there is any if there's none in the medium you're listening or watching this then simply use the comment function in the youtube search for this episode there's a playlist called super chronically funny mystics the episode sign order so go there and leave the comment there and I'll try to help as good as I can and as much as my time allows it go get the applications also I encourage you like go get the book and read it for yourself because obviously it provides more information than what I've been sharing with you I just like try to compress it as much as possible and it also provides it like with different stories which make it really really easy to and why it's a smart move to do and why actually you would be an idiot if you don't follow it yeah and thank you for listening or watching no matter where you do that yeah make sure to leave reviews please like so if you were listening to the podcast like leave some reviews so I know if you like what I'm talking about or if I should talk about something else and also feel free to leave comments and tell me if you have any questions or ideas well what do you want me to talk about you know like what do you want to know I'm open about everything and yeah that's that so I wish each of you a pleasant day morning evening whatever is at the current time you're watching or listening to this and talk to you soon basically tomorrow if you're tuned in again so bye bye

Become a Money Saving Expert | Brian Tracy

**Become a Money Saving Expert | Brian Tracy**



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Resolve today that you are going to save and invest at least 10 percent of your income throughout your working life. Take 10 percent of your income off the top of each paycheck each time you receive one and put it into a special account for financial accumulation.

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10 THINGS YOU SPEND TOO MUCH MONEY ON | Frugal living | Debt Free  Friday

**10 THINGS YOU SPEND TOO MUCH MONEY ON | Frugal living | Debt Free Friday**



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Are you spending too much money on these things? Remember cash is king! Every penny counts so its important to be aware of everything you spend money on. Frugal living does not mean cheap. It means to live financial wise no matter which baby steps your on!

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hi friends it's Jeffrey Friday time I love this time a week as most of you probably already know and today we're going to be talking about ten things you're spending way too much money on but first if this is your first time watching me hello welcome to my channel my name is Jia I'm a working mom who posts all types of videos from Costco hauls to cleaning to personal finance which is my personal favorite if you haven't hit that subscribe button yet I would love for you to join my YouTube family by clicking the button down below and for those already subscribed welcome back alright guys so before we talk about these 10 things you're spending too much money on I want to hit you with some statistics according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Americans spend 15% of their household income on pure once nothing of nothing that you need not necessities but just once and I found that that statistic to be incredibly an alarmingly high okay now Dave Ramsey's plan always says to invest fifteen percent of your income into gear long-term savings which I feel like is one of the most important baby steps in his seven baby step plan but to hear that Americans spend fifteen percent of their income on just once and a lot of things that I'm going to talk about here and the ten things is crazy so let's get into it number one bottled water now I you know everybody's different but to me it's a complete waste of money to buy bottled water now we drink the water filtered water out of our refrigerator that's just what we drink now to go out and just continue to buy bottled water not only is it a waste of money because you can buy filtered systems at home you can put the pure filtered large water containers in your refrigerator and just pour it out like that not only is it expensive toys somebody and it's poor it's bad for the environment you know of course you can recycle your bottled water but I just feel like that's a huge expense that you can save and it can go towards other things like your debt or in long-term savings but that is something that just adds up over the course of the year number 2 extended warranties now I know everybody has a different opinion about this I personally follow Clark Howard's opinion about I send warranties now he hardly ever buys like ever five extended warranties you know those warranties that they get you to buy after you buy something from Best Buy whether it be like a microwave a computer or camera anything they want you to get that extended warranty and what my rule of thumb is this now the extended warranties have come in great handy for me and my family because we've had horrible experiences with refrigerators in the past and if it wasn't for these extended warranties that we bought we would have had to purchase a brand new to $3,000 refrigerator so here's my personal rule of thumb I only buy extended warranties if I know repurchasing the product would make a big dent in our emergency fund because something like a refrigerator is definitely a need and that expense would come out of our emergency fund now if it's something like a 2 or $300 microwave do I need an extended warranty for that no because I would feel ok you know just replacing that out of our emergency fund and it wouldn't be such a big you know hit at it you know spending $3,000 on a refrigerator would be a big hit on most people's emergency funds depending on how big it is but to $300 you could probably swing that and I wouldn't feel like I needed that extended warranty on that same thing with cameras or anything electronically or anything where they try to sell you those extended warranties on you have to decide if you'd be able to swing that price if it completely broke down and you had to buy a new one will you be able to swing it if not by the exten warranty if you can I would leave it and save the money because some of them can get very expensive number three cell phone service now you don't have to have the top of the line you know I know these phones are like little computers for us I mean they're very expensive they're not cheap but that doesn't mean that your cell phone service has to be expensive some of these plans with the data plans can get very expensive well over $100 a month shop around because you don't necessarily need that especially when so many places have free Wi-Fi involved and if you're a homebody you're at home a lot you use your own internet at home I once spent a lot of money on data you know or even minutes I don't even know if they have that I've had the same plan for so long but you know shop around see what they have and don't overspend it especially if you're in your debt free journey right now trying to pay off debt literally every single penny that you spend on a want counts so shove around try to get your price reduced or even call your provider directly and say listen I'm trying to come back what what kind of special can you give me because it's cheaper for a company to keep you as a customer as opposed to acquiring a new customer number for gym membership now it's a waste of money to keep a gym membership if you don't use it you know you go on to the gym every day and that's your thing then okay it still a want it's because it's not a need I mean you can more always work out at home but if you're not using it if you're only using it once a couple of times a month cancel that you can create your own workouts at home there are so many YouTube channels here strictly devoted to health and wellness and workouts that you really don't even need a gym membership I mean it's better for you to invest that money that you spent on a gym membership onto your waist or any kind of equipment that you like to use you can make your own personal gym at home but don't waste your money on thirty forty five dollars a month on a gym membership number five gifts now this can be expensive on average according to like I said the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average American household spends about one thousand sixty-seven dollars on gifts each year now that suspense that's a lot of money you know but it's up to you to decide some people are really into gift-giving that's their love language is gift-giving but it doesn't have to always be a monetary gift it could be your gift of time which to me is the most valuable or you can make a handmade gift now I'm not you know crafty like that but I now I know a lot of you guys are out there so if you're crafty make a homemade gift or give a gift of time or you know just lunch or dinner you know it doesn't always have to be expensive especially with young children we don't have to and I'm talking to myself here as well we don't have to shower them with so many things showering them with just or love there our attention our love and our time is good enough so again if you are on your journey to try to pay off debt try to reduce that amount of gifts number six eating out now on average the average American household spends twenty six hundred dollars a year eating out now let that one sink in for a second that's a lot of money and you know what else is scary the lowest income households spend 6.2 percent of their income on eating out that's crazy you know so you're probably thinking well gee how much money do I spend on eating out and I sit am i spending that larger person of a percentage now if you haven't downloaded my free zero based budget template down below download it because the way that that budget is set up if you can easily see how much you're spending each month on eating out and you can easily calculate what percentage of your income you're using on eating out because if you don't track every penny you won't realize how big that amount is now for example I'll use myself as an example because I'm talking to myself too I went through this period where I was having a problem eating chips away this is a couple of months ago I would go I feel I would feel like I need to get those chicken mini biscuits for breakfast I get them for breakfast and then I feel like I need the waffle fries and a chicken sandwich for lunch I give them free lunch and I did that for several weeks and it was astronomical the amount of money that I spent a chick-fil-a when I went back into the reconciliation of my budget and I just said we know ageia this is ridiculous this has got to stop and little stuff like that like five dollars here $6 $8 here that stop adds up over a course of the year and that's $2,600 that we have out an average spend on eating out that can go towards our debt that can go towards our emergency plan that can go towards our long-term savings instead of typically unhealthy foods to just destroy our health so again I'm preaching to myself – we've got to do better you know that's a lot an alarmingly large amount of money to spend on eating out and like I said typically foods that aren't great for our health number seven hobby on average seven hundred dollars a year on on hobbies are spent in America and you know some hobbies can get very very very expensive whether it be your hobby is decorating your planter with stickers that gets really expensive maybe your hobby is working on cars that gets expensive maybe your heart your your hobby is knitting or or crossing anything like that can get expensive and my advice to you would be to try to monetize your hobby create a side hustle out of it because if you love to do it so much you will make the time for it try to monetize it in some way open up an Etsy store I know it's easier said than done start blogging about a creative YouTube channel about it if you have an interest in hobby on it I'm sure you're not the only one who has the same interests and hobbies so if you're spending a lot of money on your hobbies try to monetize it in the future number eight insurance shop around try to bundle your insurance packages together meaning you have your house your car or life all under an umbrella policy or with the same company because you can save yourself a lot of money by bundling them up and make sure you shop around because a lot of places you're overspending or if you're you know a safe driver or you know maybe they value your house to be too high or something like that you definitely need to take the time to shop around so that you could save yourself upwards of hundreds of hundreds of dollars a month number nine ebooks now this is a probably a controversy on traversal one but to spend money to download a book you know when there are things like am crime that you can download them for free or you can go to your local library and download them for free but to spend like $15 or $10 to download a book you know it's expensive and that does add up you know I understand the love of books and maybe you want to buy this book to add to your library at home I get it but to pay for an e-book to me it gets a little expensive try your local library try Amazon Prime which I know most of us probably already have to see what we can download for free for free before we pay to download that one of our favorite books and number 10 is smartphone apps now this is something we probably ignore I know I tend to do this as well you think oh it's only $0.99 let me go ahead and download it or let me it's only $2.99 which is really high for an app I try not to buy those too often let me just go ahead and buy it or if we're addicted to those games those games where it's just like oh hey $0.99 here to go up to another level or this or that I don't know because I'm I don't really play those games but I know my husband does that stuff adds up over the course of the year so pay attention to that again if you if you track every penny you'll start to see how much you're spending on these games or how much you're spending on these apps and it gets expensive and that money can go towards things that are better for our financial future that will help us to get out of debt that will help us to to increase our emergency fund or anything any of the other sinking funds we may have you definitely want to be mindful of it that's why it's so important to track every single penny you spend and track every single penny that you make alright guys leave a comment down below what are some of the things that you see people spend too much money on or maybe you spend too much money on yourself I know I'm preaching to myself with this we are all in this together tries to make it to financial freedom to try to continue through our debt free journey it's a constant work in progress so leave a comment down below and let me know what are some of the things you see people spending way too much money on but that's it guys thank you guys so much for watching if you haven't hit that subscribe button yet tap my picture up above and you can also check out my previous video right over here and all my social media platforms all listed down below thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video bye