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Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City

**Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City**



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Rob Greenfield’s latest sustainable living project is to live in a DIY 100 ft² tiny house for two years while foraging and growing 100% of his own food in an urban …

ParkingEye - The One Show (9th-Nov-2017)

**ParkingEye – The One Show (9th-Nov-2017)**



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ParkingEye, one of the largest private parking firms in the country.

If you get stung by a private parking company, go to www.facebook.com/groups/fightyourprivateparkinginvoice/

If you get a council fine, head to www.pepipoo.com

I got stung by them, doing what the motorway signs say, “TIREDNESS KILLS TAKE A BREAK” and got penalised for it. I went to court, fought it and was ordered to pay £200 to ParkingEye.

Should I have carried on driving and risked an accident, possibly killing someone??? I was so tired it was difficult staying between the white lines let alone reading what was on any of the signs. I was just looking for somewhere I could park up and get some rest. Two hours was not enough to rest safely.

They’re parasites, feeding off the motorist, only interested in money. Sure, you can appeal to them and then to POPLA but they will always refuse the appeal and POPLA do’t always help out either.
I'm going on a road trip to meet a mum who took on parking I one of the biggest private parking firms in the business a company that boasts a 90 percent win rate in courts but not against this guy I guess it does help that he happens to be leading human rights lawyer Nick Bowen hello so Nick tell me what happened in your case I was driving down the m4 I was tired so I pulled into a service station fell asleep meant to stay there for 10 minutes woke up two and a half hours later and subsequently some months later I was bombarded with nasty letters from parking Lee as it was the middle of the night in the car park was empty Nick says he didn't realize he had to pay for his overstate I was exhausted I would may well have had a crash it's unfair when there's what appears to me to be a compelling public interest in in Road Safety Nick's health and safety concerns that tired drivers shouldn't be penalized with the basis of his legal arguments against paying parking eyes 85 can't charge he didn't even appeal that charge but simply waited for the company to take him to court but in August a judge struck out the case after parking I failed to pursue it and instead it was the firm that had to pay out all of next court costs what I've learned from my experience with them is even though they started with great resolve if you stick with it they crumble the spotlight Nick's placed on questionable charges comes at a time when private parking firms bought more than one and a half million motorists details from the DVLA to chase drivers for alleged infringement some of those motorists who like Nick were hit with parking charges for oversleeping at service stations and not paying to park have asked him for help fighting back if our emails from people like nurses you've been on long shifts again tired their parking up to rest the general theme here is that people stop to stay safe another driver to contact Nick is London cabbie Stewart Wilder they're out of control you can't go anywhere without like Nick Stewart got a charge after taking a break from a long drive and over sleeping beyond the free parking limit he decided to take parking eye to court and is awaiting the outcome I don't really think they're taking into account the mitigating circumstances basic they are after one thing and one thing alone which is cash in a statement parking I said tired drivers can rest for two hours for free its service station car parks and if they ever say that to our limit they can pay for the additional time before leaving as explained on their signs parking I added that drivers can challenge charges with the independent appeal service but it's not just a top human rights lawyer who thinks some parking companies are taking motorists for a ride in July the parking code of practice bill was presented to Parliament calling for an end to self regulation of the industry and unfair charges in the meantime will the industry at least listen to Nick's concerns we're on our way to the group who set standards for the parking industry the British parking Association and as luck would have it they're actually holding their annual conference right here in London today but there's one small problem so Nick I mean we were hoping to get our cameras inside today but they won't let us in well I don't know what I can say I just wanted to ask a simple question about being treated really on in a statement the British parking Association said the private companies managing car parks are doing so on behalf of land owners and applying their rules but we did manage to convince one of those speaking at today's conference to talk to us Steve Gooding is director of the RAC foundation I would be much happier if the BPA allowed far more of their customers in any good business knows that it's the complaints about your service that tell you where you need to make changes so while we're not all legal experts like Nick it might just be worth fighting your corner against what you think isn't unfair charge if you think that you are genuinely being treated unfairly then fight them sort of time for the little man to fight back really well Nick from the film joins us now now Nick obviously this parking company is a business they've got to make money so they're charging by the hour or by the period that you're parking for so you know they're in it to make money well they are and it's often very legitimate to charge people but only when there's a really sensible commercial reason like in the day and that's been tested by the courts and it's been absolutely fair yeah but what happened to me was I fell asleep or almost fell asleep on the motorway and stopped and I thought I was being sensible and I end up being pursued by debt collectors and parking companies for overstaying when I genuinely had absolutely no idea that there was such a thing as charging at night for sleeping in a you know safe space right so you just didn't realize you had to pay for the parking it wasn't that you because they gave you the option did they're not a part of paying afterwards well but it's yeah but that's only if you get out of the car exhausted and look at the micro type at another sign and it just wasn't sign posted so the whole the whole thing was a bit of a trap and I just wasn't prepared to give up when they pursued me well there is a bill going through Parliament's I mean nothing to do with you to achieve them well what they hope to achieve there's a hero or seemed to be a hero MP call I think so Greg Knight who's backing a private member's bill second reading in I think February or March and it's to regulate the whole industry to try and bring in a statutory code of practice which will make them behave fairly because since this happened to me I'm flooded with emails well I'm not written well please know I'm not really a parking lawyer but but I've just found myself happy the one thing that seems to unite the nation is a is a lack of confidence or distrust in the private parking industry well this is the thing you're driving along the motorway you don't have to drive far before you say one of those signs that say take a break if the systems fair I mean obviously you can't you'd be really angry if somebody came and parked on your own Drive yeah you've got it's got to be regulated but it's got to be regulated fairly and it isn't and that's what this this this bill is going to achieve but the whole thing is it's all about money it's a massive massive business the RAC have looked at this that crunched the figures they they they estimate that now or coming on for 2017 2018 2018 2019 sorry on current estimates they'll be about 10 million data releases from the DVLA current the last figures were four million now seven million this year then ten million that equates to about a billion pounds of income so the price those aren't my figures those the RAC and and the parking companies pay the DVLA for the details of the driver and there's two pounds 50 ago so that's about between 16 and 25 million to the DVLA so the whole thing is financed driven and I think what the what they're trying to do is they're trying to regulate it to slow it down because here are 16,000 tickets a day being issued

Parking Lots - how to save money on aggregates

**Parking Lots – how to save money on aggregates**



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Harder and more durable than limestone, steel slag aggregate will also save you money.
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my name is Tonioli Astro I'm vice president of AR LD Astro incorporated family-owned business we do paving dump-truckin excavation just about any kind of construction work there is we've been in business for 55 years my dad is still working everyday 75 years old well it compacts well it's cost-effective and as long as the customers are receptive to it it can save them a lot of money we used it a lot of times for residential driveways and stuff like that some people just want the look of gray I can tail spread it easily whether it's wet or dry where some other products you can't do that and I've never had any problems with it whatsoever everybody seems to be very satisfied well we're at Bowser field right now in Chippewa Township this is a government funded project this particular customer came to us they had a need to stay under a certain budget number I'd suggested the to a slag because obviously it's doing the job it's the right color it's compacting it's staying in well and they were receptive to it and we saved them a bunch of money because we probably saved them 25 percent of their budget for material for this because of the low cost option of using this slide which does the job just as well as any other product when we're doing it for a parking lot and stuff like that we compact it I haven't done any Proctor's on it but it goes in really tight and it seems to knit itself together it has a good fine count and as long as you don't over handle it it goes in great it stays it stays reported we have a parking lot in Elwood City we're gonna dig it out get it down to the subsoil we're gonna put a fabric down and then we're gonna probably put six to eight inches of this material and and compact it yeah we've had nowhere issues customers want to see that nice light gray color it provides that and it provides them a good cost point I'm Paul Kemper with Kemper construction in Carrollton Kentucky and we've been using slag ever since 93 we've been putting it on all roads driveways parking lots of reason why we use it is is the cost is it's so much more cost-effective and and it's a it's a harder product and what limestone is it don't break down under abusive conditions the like limestone we might start out with the three bite and then build it up with your three go on and then cap it with u1h – that's that's a pretty good base for whatever you're gonna do the racetrack Kentucky Speedway / Sparta that's what they used for all their parking lots we how they took probably two or three hundred thousand ton of slag for all their parking lots and anybody that goes to the rice will that's what they'll park on if you print frolicked we print roll it a lot and never have had a problem yeah with it moving and being impossible you

ParkMobile App: How to Use Promo Codes

**ParkMobile App: How to Use Promo Codes**



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Learn how to enter a promo code in the ParkMobile app.

On occasion, ParkMobile and our partners will offer promo codes for use in the ParkMobile app. This step by step guide, will show you how to enter a promo code to use during your next parking session. Download the free ParkMobile app today –

Hey, I’m Jeff from ParkMobile! Today I want to show you how to use promo codes in the ParkMobile app. Now in certain locations, the city or a parking operator might want to create an incentive for you to park. It could be a dollar off. It could be a 20% discount. In some cases you might get lucky and get free parking. So if you get one of these promo codes, here’s how to use it the app. You just go through the regular process of paying for parking. So I’m gonna put in a zone number here 9 9 1 1 then press ‘park’. I’m gonna choose my duration. So for this parking session. I’ll choose the time. Then press continue so then I’m coming to the confirmation screen. So on the confirmation screen under the price, there’s a link here for add promo code. So I’m just gonna click that link. I’m gonna add a promo code here. I’m gonna type in whatever the promo code is or if you get a QR code, we have a QR code scanner right here. So you can scan it very easily. So I’m going to go back to the confirmation screen and you’ll see the discount of the promo code is applied to the price. I’m gonna click ‘start parking’ and I’m all set. ParkMobile promo codes are a nice way to save you a little money when you’re parking. So if you get one, now you know how to use it in the ParkMobile app.
hey I'm Jeff from Park mobile today I want to show you how to use promo codes in the park mobile app now in certain locations a city or a parking operator might want to create an incentive for you to park it could be a dollar off it could be a 20% discount in some cases you might get lucky and get free parking so if you get one of these promo codes here's how to use it the app you just go through the regular process of paying for parking so I'm gonna put in a zone number here 9 9 1 1 OS 8 park I'm gonna choose my duration so for this parking session I'll choose the time then press Continue so then I'm coming to the confirmation screen so on the confirmation screen under the price there's a link here for add promo code so I'm just gonna click that link I'm gonna add a promo code here I'm gonna type in whatever the promo code is or if you get a QR code we have a QR code scanner right here so you can scan it very easily so I'm going to go back to the confirmation screen and you'll see the discount of the promo code is applied to the price I'm gonna click start parking and I'm all set Park Mobile promo codes are a nice way to save you a little money when you're parking so if you get one now you know how to use it in the park mobile app