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How to get Branded & Quality products in Very cheap rate ?|/online shopping/kanmani tips

**How to get Branded & Quality products in Very cheap rate ?|/online shopping/kanmani tips**



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Hello friends..todays video is abt how to get branded products in cheap rate?
hope this video ll be very useful..thank you
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Ask Tiffany: What is a Groupon Surprise?

**Ask Tiffany: What is a Groupon Surprise?**



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When you order from Groupon and forget, that’s called a Surprise Groupon.

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sometimes I ordered things off a Groupon and I forget and then I get home from work and there's boxes there and I'm like oh my goodness is it Christmas and I open up the boxes and I'm like wow natural deodorant in dog food this is great





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“I TRIED GURU RANDHAWA’S HAIRSTYLE AND… | Long to short hair transformation for men| LAKSHAY THAKUR”
Are we smart enough to save our money and time? Are we using the smart consumers?
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[Applause] [Applause] I'll do my belly admits out of those with zonna times our episodes are a minute like pee cookie my shopping village Arthur and magical balls are all zero so many such a why not shop online moreover how many up logo promised kanata that we will bring you a video on smart shopping so many is topic for dough Parchman divide care number one is online shopping online up casa smart shopping that sector and number two would be offline smart shopping part 2 data smart shopping offline up to Julia Merritt salad too technical Malaga but azimuth caring smart online shopping America so hello guys and girls time of our sermon I'm back with my new video and this time on online smart shopping Florida is brand destroyed by his t-shirt capris fixed date or zarua naked online stores to be three should comprise fix hoga vinegar – to distort history shake a price killer being a smart consumer Jimenez others is on a timer Bessemer sanity and substitute the comparison I made of nip favorite merchandise card website with some very energy kissed website pace upset best or substrate low price miller i price compared carnegie because our ithaca tom is a Cohiba optical SETI oh yeah sorry website so sorry shopping apps concept a oh and applause favorite or top search consider and in comparison maybe a kiss website those comprise observer Lohan obvious a French Connection BT Shania flip card 5 519 Ruby square on the other hand in Surabaya he t-shirt rupees 389 here so obviously I will go with men karate okay ba family or that a better rate Miller higher pay number two is up three the google bit so it's concept is OB product up Carina chatter yeah puja person a supposingly message Gotham added ass neo gray issues with the person there this issue what sorry links are gave at different different prices so Joe price smooth comfortable enormous issues called recursive top number three is up comparison websites are app widget concept aoj sake price the code calm jungle calm and happy to purchase calm websites a benefit dije que algo que suba merchandise comprised a holograph probably details fill cursor to go but jump you sporadic a price drop for that off pathetically message oligarch a price drop was okay basically a website's up quick price alert the tak aapke favorite product a price may lose okay and benefit number two is kept directly been websites fav compare consecutive they say gay apprised echoed calm cool Theo speaker will be Product Search Karthi toward different different websites plus turcica prices sub up easily sugar there so yeah up easily compared cursor to it is truly said that we're comparing ek- a nagulu sorry as a smart consumer I have to make sure cameo say time with shop garage up say leggy ho and maybe a festive season server so buddy-buddy brands but many websites up Bazar speak up adelphic array as a smart consumer I have to make sure can also time to shop courage of sailing you and they say be of festive season a both sorry festivals are a so it's time but everyday brands buddy-buddy websites up come or whatever it is going to be of forgetting it yeah but everyday malls are they use quite a bit of dance my inter girl's name will get complete dignity about us to the price tag oh that was good they can about Xiomara reaction are they necessary reaction a diagram online shopping corrupted during non sale period so always wait for festivals and occasions Mesa be India is full of vegetables public festivals uttering a sales appearing me dad's a reason kept all and and often her merchandise bade clothes Footwear furniture is typist outta there because it's time babe hurry say lutea and this is because a festival or a season sale booty a boy super three is using your online bonnet and debit cards for making payments they say cash on delivery is the most convenient mode of making a payment but Mercola tagger apically debit cards a baker tou have said online payments they say k mo big experience except baker the TOA Posada benefit no time but I say this is because foon pay pay t a movie with free charge in Sevilla online bonnets name I make more than they are at Aldi cashback ski up toka BM order place Kurama cashback in him another who saw that moreover hum a water plays convinces our excitement to take cashback Milegi am I right or not a burger homage so a turkey Bobcat um they already music a free offer me like you give me same salary as you all know and a bitch conditioned the accepted cuteness other options the cashback k and the storm came other may apply debit card a credit card sir payment card oh yes I'm the fool they wonít use target payment cut off to guaranteed cash back which in milega so a top question of a season of women of the sub cook cashback with me never so it is like cherry on the cake and I got a BB Payton Hebert up for all Zara discount rates or Mughal this in research because it coupon code for so-and-so website I can remember Flipkart jabong he says a bit shopping career top of your coupon code search concept you and going merchandise very nice value will apply after all that is called milsat my last step on my list is experimentation according to me been experimentation captures as many girls at you Kakui product Orleans our asses familiar hiya offline app Co could experiment karna padega off language it can be operating a store and online research collaborate a product kid Nagar and accordingly up compared to acceptable to have a product Java Sofia a Burgermeister eighty should give a skirt out to a simple v-neck t-shirt from Benetton mujhey city should coffee personally subset belly manage t-shirt convent of the Sahara so price was different phenomena Flipkart way so it's Cara prize different and finally – cloud deal baby so it's girls to be price bill cool different so being a smart consumer many topics a cheap rate or substrate base rate William another Maha Seminole State Quarter Quell dia moreover my penitent restored by began a half a minute same t-shirt Dickey penny sighs were gonna fit sublingual st. the but price Bazar enough moreover other my t-shirt is article be bathroom enemy penny yeah Yemen a Europe silly fee and many bara euros Khalidi that equals to 921 Indian rupees so many stuff suppose are expensive abut whose type amorous a legato Manny Lily and many abyssal Padilla came in Caracas same to same SAT said molarity and gets kuru kid Nikki only for rupees 239 Nek minnit Charbonneau's other made recently and discovered mere expression case over ability conceptive hell Joe Joe stop Anita Lo and map police from the HR ok up offline and online donaga bill cool smartly behaved car my what American a guy a bill could be much love me again online shopping offline said bonds Arabic today the whole name is a NASA speaker pretty much there's a bill bill beanie but as as many I promise chaotic a map to smart short video like a Duma so a part 1 TSP of online smart shopping minor for the high and part 2 which l diagram and a channel pd offline smart shopping up with the hijacking cuckoo confuse McConaughey online better a offlane don't open images of Bill bule singing I hope you liked all the tips which I gave you in this video and video as well tonight the like buttons the rule the mana shakashaka by a Facebook page to rigid rule like kernel video coach services nada share color do send over big tips to get cases smart online shopping Carney a I'm generally a bit accommodate Samuel Co subscribe nahi garaje a BK Abby subscribe Kuro red button the market is Konami urban the broom men's lifestyle and soon it's a contact of ballet Carrasco toward the hope for the latakia put notification will theorem job be a play makes and Nixon next videos Dalton a see you in the next video beyond the blue are burning approve out





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*DO NOT shop online without using Ebates! They give you cash back for your online purchases. My last check was over $200 😬
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hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a great day so far so today's video is going to be a little different I filmed a video like this years ago but I thought I would go ahead and film an updated version because it's been a while so today's video is going to be all about how to save some money when you're shopping online I don't know that you guys say I do most of my shopping online is just really convenient it's a lot easier but I also feel like you can save a lot more money when you actually do shopping online rather than in stores if you just implement a few different tips and tricks so you guys might have heard of some of these but even if I can introduce like one or two new ways to save money to you guys that will make me so happy because there's nothing like saving money when you're shopping online that way you can spend the money on something else or you can just save it and it's just really satisfying so I cannot wait to share my tips and tricks with you guys make sure you leave me a comment below letting me know if you have any of your tips and tricks because I would love to hear from you guys I'm always looking for new ways to save money so let's jump into it so the first tool that I always use when I'm shopping online is called shop tagger I've been using shop tagger for about a year at this point I think I started using them last summer and they have helped to save me so much money it's completely free to download on your phone or install the browser button on your computer just do whatever like if you shop online on your phone download the app or if you're on your computer a lot I would recommend installing the browser button but it's so funny because I actually saved two pairs of booties to shop tagger back in like the fall when they were coming out with all of their new fall clothing everywhere but they were from Charlotte Russe but I knew they were going to go on sale because Charlotte Russe always has sales so shop Tiger actually alerted me I think it was like February or March they alerted me a few times because they did go on sale but it wasn't really like a serious discount so I just kind of passed over them and then I got an email in like February or March they were on sale for $7 each and they're normally like over $30 so I got two pairs of booties for $7 each and they're amazing and now I have them for like the upcoming fall season so shop stager is an essential tool for me because they notify you when the product that you're interested in it goes on sale and I don't have time and you guys don't have time to like sit there and constantly check back to see if the product is on sale so they actually take the work out of it for you and they send you a notification once it is available for a discounted price so I thought it might actually be helpful for me show you guys how it works okay so after you sign up for an account the first thing that you are going to want to do is to get the button it installs very fast it's so easy all you do is click that button add the extension and you'll be good to go and then do your shopping like normal so today I'm looking for some kimonos because I love kimonos especially as Charlotte Russe and do they always go on sale so I just find the one that I like I click on it and then there's the browser button in the top right hand corner click it and you will be met with this menu so you can choose your size and then you can choose to be notified when it goes on sale for a certain price so I usually just click any price change because that's the easiest and then you can add it to your specific category and then it saves the item so you will get an email or a punch notification on your phone if you opted in for that once the item that you saved goes on sale or if it's out of stock once it goes back in stock you can also save items on your phone which is really convenient the app is so easy to use so I would recommend downloading that as well and then you can organize products into different lists so I have a makeup list and a clothing list that just kind of helps to keep everything straight and then of course you can click on the stores button and they have a ton of participating stores and then of course there is the share list option which is really convenient you can actually share your list on social media which is just kind of fun but I actually like that you can copy the link and share it with somebody so if you want to drop a hint to like your significant other on something that you want this might be a great option or if somebody's asking for like a gift list for you for your birthday or for the holidays this is going to be a great way because it is a foolproof plan essentially because you chose all of these items so like I said I will link shop Tiger in the description box below just be sure to click the link and download it now is a great time because the end of season summer sales will be starting soon as well as like Labor Day is right around the corner so I would recommend saving a bunch of things to your specific categories now that way once the sales roll around you will be notified once everything is available for a discounted price okay so this next tip is kind of basic but bear with me because I have a reason that I'm mentioning it so obviously it's important to sign up for the email newsletter because a lot of info will come in so first of all they'll send you like different deals and discounts and promotions and sale alerts so obviously you kind of want to keep up-to-date with that if it's a store that you're planning on shopping at but another thing is that a lot of times when you sign up for the very first email they'll send you out a promotional code for like ten percent off or fifteen percent off your first purchase it's really great for a big-ticket item so if you're shopping for something that's a little bit more expensive or you're buying a lot of products it's definitely going to be beneficial to have that 10 percent or that 15 percent so I got a new kitchen table back in November and I signed up for the email newsletter and they sent me like a ten or fifteen percent off coupon and then I waited for the table to go on sale and then I used my coupon on top of it so I saved so much money the table was like a couple hundred dollars so with the ten or fifteen percent off and the discount it was significant so I definitely recommend signing up the only thing is that a lot of times that first coupon will expire after a few days so make sure you wait until you know you want to buy something or you want to make that big purchase now if you don't want to flood your inbox with all of those promotional and marketing emails I don't blame you at all make a second email address make it really easy that way when you're giving it to the person in store or you're signing up online it's just nice and quick and easy to type in if that email box will be specifically dedicated to store emails the benefit to that is that you're going to be saving money because you're not going to be distracted by all of those emails in your regular email during the day so will save you time and energy but if your weren't planning on making a purchase then you won't see those marketing emails and they won't tempt you to buy something it's kind of a good way to trick yourself into saving money because the only way you'll see of these like promotions and these sales is if you specifically log into that email inbox so that way you're not actually spending money when you weren't planning on it you know it's not like a random Tuesday and the sale alert came across your inbox so you went on the website and bought a bunch of things you will only go into that when you're specifically looking to buy something my third tip is to wait I would recommend waiting until the weekend every single time I hardly ever buy anything during the week because most of the promotions are going to be happening on the weekend a lot of stores have promotions on the weekend whether it's significant or small there's always kind of something going on on the weekend sometimes it starts on Thursday and will last till Monday but I would always recommend waiting at least until the weekend and if you can wait until a holiday weekend that's even better it doesn't have to be a major how like Thanksgiving or Christmas it can even be a smaller holiday like Presidents Day stores will take advantage of any type of holiday weekend to have a sale because a lot of times their competitors do the same thing so they have to keep up with them so make sure you wait until a weekend at least but if you can wait until a holiday weekend because you will end up saving a lot more money there will be so many more good promotions as you can wait until a major holiday even like Labor Day because that's when a lot of the stores will do their promotions that will be perfect because you will end up saving a ton of money in the long run if you put all the items in your cart and you actually wait to check out and you're just completely x-out the store will save your cart a lot of times and then they'll email you either later that day or the next day and they'll say you know like you forgot something or your carts waiting for you and sometimes they'll include a promo code which is really convenient target does that to me all the time like sometimes I'll just add products to my cart because I know I want them eventually and then they'll email me with like a five dollar off coupon code which is great so definitely just wait if you can have the patience to even just wait a few days sometimes things like that happen of course I feel like this video would not be complete if I didn't mention eBay so some of you guys might know what you base is but if not it is a completely free tool or website that you can use to actually get cash back when you shop online I know it sounds like a scam it sounds too good to be true but it is not it completely works I got all of my family hooked on it I know so many of you guys use it a lot of people here on YouTube talk about it because it actually works so all you do is do your online shopping like normal you download the eBay's browser button or the app on your phone or you can go to ebay calm and start your shopping from there I really would recommend downloading the browser button before I did that I always forgot to start on e based website but if you download the browser button it will actually alert you when the store you're shopping at has cashback available so if you go to Ulta calm a little pop-up will come up and it will say activate cashback all you do is click that button and it will redirect you through Ebates website and you do your shopping like normal and check out like normal so definitely install the browser button try eBay so it's not a scam because you don't have to pay for anything and even if you don't end up liking it then you can just cancel your account but it's completely free the first time that you shop online they'll give you $10 cash if you spend $25 or more so I absolutely recommend it put a link in the description box below if you guys want to check it out but you guys will not regret it at all one thing I forgot to mention is that sometimes products never go on sale no matter what the website never runs a promotion there's never a sailor's never a discount code or you know you're booking through like Expedia and you're booking a hotel the nice part is that eBay s– works on a lot of those websites as well so even though you're not getting a discount through like a promo code you can still get some of that cash back which is really convenient especially if you're spending a lot of money like if you're booking a hotel that's a couple hundred dollars or you know you're buying an appliance make sure you go through Ebates because even 1% or 5% will really add up so when it comes to smaller brands I definitely recommend checking their social media I don't like following like every single brand on social media some people would recommend to do that and if there's a store you really like definitely do that because that's where they will share their information but even if you don't want to follow them online just head over to their Instagram or their twitter or their Facebook and a lot of times they'll say if you like our page will share a promo code with you I was actually buying decals for my well I don't know if you guys remember I used to have like a pink Beauty room with gold hearts on it and I wanted those gold hearts so bad and I went on to their FC shop and they actually said like our Facebook page or like follow them on Instagram and we'll send you a 20% off coupon code so I did it and I got a coupon code which was super convenient so even if you are following like a smaller brand it definitely see if there's a way to get a promo code you can always google them with bigger brands but sometimes the smaller brands are a little bit more difficult to find like a general promo code if it has to do with like a smaller makeup brand a lot of times youtubers have those promo codes in their description box so if I'm shopping for like a new brand and sometimes I'll type the brand and like promo code into the YouTube search bar and it will show up if it's in somebody's description box and my last tip it might sound like an obvious one but google it do your research compare products so if you are buying a product that is not specific to a certain website definitely google it what I'll do is I'll take the full name of the product I was buying these little marble tables for our bedroom I typed it into Google and then I clicked on the Shopping button and what I will do is it will actually pull up a list of the stores that product is available at along with the prices you can click on the one with the lowest price and buy it sometimes there are different factors like if the shipping is really expensive at that store or you know it might take longer to get it at a different store so you kind of have to go through and look but if there is a significant price difference it's always good to know you can get it at a store that offers it for a lower price even if there's not a significant price difference the nice part is that you can go to the different websites and see what they have available maybe they're offering free shipping or maybe they're offering a sale that weekend or maybe they're offering like a promo code if you sign up for their email list so it's kind of a good way to compare and contrast I was searching for a rug of the other day which I think I talked about but I put it into the search bar and one of the websites did have like a 20% off promo code if you signed up for their email so that would have saved me a significant amount of money because the rug was a couple of hundred dollars and like I said I didn't end up purchasing it but that is the website that I'm leaning toward I recommend just doing your research I mean obviously if you're shopping for like a black t-shirt or you're shopping for a specific blush it's not going to really matter that much but if you're shopping for like a bigger ticket item like an appliance or home decor or something like that it's always good to take a few minutes just to compare and contrast and see where you can get it for the best deal okay guys that is the end of my video I hope this video was helpful I hope that you guys at least learned like one or two new tips or tricks that you can kind of implement when you're doing your online shopping because it is always nice if you can save a few dollars but I want to hear from you guys so make sure you let me know in the comments below about what you do to save some money because that would be super helpful otherwise I will see you guys in my next video bye