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NYKAA SALE HAUL UPTO 40% OFF + 10% OFF Exclusive code | Anmol Wadhwani

**NYKAA SALE HAUL UPTO 40% OFF + 10% OFF Exclusive code | Anmol Wadhwani**



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Hi Guys,
Welcome back to my channel. This video is for all the makeup & skincare junkies. To inform you all that Nykaa is running a Moonsoon Beauty Sale.

Link For The Sale –



*Avail extra 10% Off on NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP.
*This code is only applicable on NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP and not any other brand.
*Order other brands separately and NYX Cosmetics separately.
*This code is applicable till 15th August 2019.



Maybelline Fit Me Foundation –
Master Chrome Highlightger –
Age Rewind Concealer –
Fit Me Concealer –
Fit Me Loose Powder –
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara –
Lakme 9 TO 5 CC Creme –
Lakme Insta Liner –
Nykaa Ultra Matte Lisptick Monalisa –
Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipstick Nefertiti –
Nykaa SkinShield Anti Pollution Foundation –
Nykaa Matte to Last Bombae –
Nykaa Matte to Last Dilli –
Nykaa Matte to Last Janvi –
Nykaa GlamorEyes Blue Hex Kajal –
Nykaa GlamorEyes Azure Chare Kajal –


NYX Lip Creme Budapest –
NYX Lip Creme Cannes –
NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray –
NYX Filter Eyeshadow Palette –
NYX Matte Bronzer –


Flower Beauty Highlighter Palette –
Lash Warrior Mascara –
Faces Canada Blush –
Faces Canada Gel Liner kajal –

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Garnier Micellar Water –
Faceshop Sheet Masks –
Biotique Himalayan Toner –

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Disclaimer – I can’t guarantee that all of the make-up and skincare products I recommend will suit you. Please test products out on yourself before purchasing.
I only feature products I like, or want to try. The products I use in these videos are either purchased by me or given to me by someone.
Thank you for all the support and love!!

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hi guys welcome back to my channel so in today's video we are going to talk about the sale which naica is running on their page those of you don't know let me tell you guys that they're running a monsoon beauty sale where and there are few brands which are up to 40% off also I will be sharing a code with you guys wherein you get an additional 10% of only on one brand which I'll be telling you in later in the video so for that just stay tuned till the end I'll be explaining you everything where you can apply this code on which brand and how much you will get also I'll be sharing a few of my recommendations for other brands as well so just stay tuned and without any further ado let's get into the video also if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet please subscribe the bell icon below now let's get into the video so that's the homepage of rank aware and you can see the monsoon beauty sale which is up to 40% off if you click that you go into the sale page and you see these brands so the brands which are on sale are maybelline black made naica cosmetics Laurel biotech and colorbar NYX faces Canada wet and wild Lotus face shop in a stream Neutrogena live way up plum gardening and many more so I'll be giving you a few of my recommendations so the first brand which I'm gonna pick is definitely Maybelline Maybelline is up to 30% off there are few products which are not on sale but I will be sharing my recommendations which are on sale the first pick from Maybelline is definitely their foundation that is the Maybelline fit me foundation I've also done a top 5 favourite foundation series on Instagram I believe in the link in the description box so you can check out the coverage and everything you want to know about this foundation otherwise it's a perfect pick if you my shape I am in the shade number two 20 natura beige so that is one pick this is up to 15% of so you can get it in for 25 it is the actual price is 500 so not a bad deal for Maybelline foundation under 500 so my next pick is the master chrome highlighter by Maybelline this is also on sales is up to 20% off and this will cost you around 440 so I am in the shade molten gold I use molten gold you can go for the other shade as well it is highly pigmented and so brilliant just see that one swatch and look at the pigmentation so that's a very very good deal you can't take this highlighter it will cost you less than 500 bucks only 440 so you can just check it out for the concealers in Maybelline I have both the concealers the age rewind concealer right here and the Maybelline fit me concealer both are on sale and I love both of them whichever you prefer you can buy this one I'm in a bit darker tone I want a lighter one so I'll be seeing a lighter one this one is 25 medium this is Maybelline fit me and this one is medium the age rewind concealer this is a very easy concealer you can apply it very easily I have it currently on my eyes as well right now and it is brilliant the coverage is very good if you're a big nerd I guess these concealers are perfect for you to use in your daily basis as well both of them are 15% off so you can check it out I'll leave the link below and you can find it you can find your shade whichever you like the next pick is the Maybelline fit me loose powder it is a brilliant drugstore loose powder if you are looking for a loose powder I guess this is the one this is also 15% off so you can take this I'm the shade 15 light you can go on a darker tone if you want but I like – I like the powders to be in a lighter tone so I guess this is a brilliant pick if you want to go for a drugstore powder my last pick from Maybelline is the Maybelline lash sensational mascara this is an amazing mascara I'm almost over with this and this is 20% off so I guess it's a pretty much good deal do not mess on this mascara I love it I just love this mascara you can purchase it for yourself or you can give to somebody so yeah this is a very good thing coming to a second brand that is Lac made I currently was using the Lac my 9 to 5 CC cream and I ordered a bigger one right here it is so brilliant you can use it daily because it even has SPF 30 P a plus plus so it can work as a sunscreen on your face and it looks so natural I'm in the shade 0-3 bronze you can take a darker shade if you want but I love the brown shade it was very good on my skin and this is a brilliant CC cream if you want if you're looking for a CC cream on your daily basis for college or for your office I'll be doing a look for that as well so you can get get your hands on this one this is 20% off so I guess it's going to cost you around 260 because the original price is 325 so I guess pretty much good deal the next product that is this Lac may install liner which I had used if you want to see you tutorial on this and be leaving a link over here you can just check it out and this is also on sale I guess that is this 10% off the original price is 91 rupees you get an 82 rupees and the pigmentation is brilliant I will just watch it for you guys and show it to you you can even see the tutorial and you will understand just look at that so pigmented and so blue I really really really liked this one so you can get your hands on this they even have green blue color as well as a golden shade and a black shape so if you're looking for a cheap affordable liner this is very good coming to a third brand that is the knack of cosmetics they are also on sale they are up to 30% off so you can get a good deal on these products so my first recommendation from nangka are the naica ultra max these are the ones right here I have Nefertiti 0 2 and 0 9 Mona Lisa currently I have Nefertiti on my lips this is a coral pinkish shade and Mona Lisa is also on a brownish nude so you can check them out they're 20% off also the mica skin shield anti-pollution foundation is 10% off I have been loving this foundation you can check the foundation range in the Instagram link I'll be leaving below this is very very very good if you're looking for a drugstore foundation I guess this one is a brilliant pick Maybelline fit me and these this one I use it generally and I have been loving it it is very travel friendly very very good foundation so you can just check it out this 10% off also naica a back to last lipsticks are also 10% off all are on a pinkier nude shades but the formula the texture is amazing I'll swatch it for you guys so you can just see how they look this is delete this quite pinky and very very the formula is very good and this is Bombay look at that they all are almost same but when you apply them the look is different and the last I have is John V this John V and bombe looks almost a similar shade but yeah these are the three shades from matte to last they are very very good and the 10% off so it's gonna cost you only 549 rupees what do you get a liquid lipstick and so amazing I guess you can get your hands on these lipsticks if you're finding for a nude pinkish tone lipsticks they glamorize goggles are also on sale this is the blue hex glamorize Kajal and this is your charm Kajal you can see the swatches or you can see the tutorial I'll be leaving the link over here so you can check out this and I'll be leaving a link for this as well so you can check out this your charm as well both the cudgels are brilliant the formula the texture they're long lasting so you can just check out I'll just swatch it for you look at that this is the blue hex one you can check it with total on that as well and this is on a darker blue that is this is royal blue this is on a darker blue toned so yeah you can carry it on daily basis as well it doesn't look very very blue but it gives you a tint of blue you want in your eyes coming to my next brand that is the NYX or the next professional makeup whichever you pronounce it they are running a sale up to 25 percent off on an icon that is one thing if you use my code which I'll be leaving it below you can get additional ten percent with 25 percent so it is just on next professionals you can't use this code on other brands so you have to order NYX professional makeup separately and you have to order the other brand separate leaves only then the code will work please keep in mind if you want like 10 send additional discount this offer is valid till 15th of August that is only on next professional makeup and not on any other brands so my personal preference from the next brand is the soft matte lip cream these are the ones I have in the shade Cannes and Budapest these are 25% off and they are brilliant the formula the texture and this long-lasting I guess you should get your hands on this if you're looking for a drugstore lipstick which is not too matte and it is not too creamy but yeah it gives you a very good texture on your lips my next recommendation from the next brand is the dewy finish long-lasting spray this is the one right here this is also 15% or so you get a good deal and it is brilliant and it will last you a long time and give you away do you finish on your face there isn't even a matte formula also the other one that is also 15% off so you can check out if you want a spray which is not that expensive and yes it gives you a very good touch if you're looking for a drugstore eyeshadow palette I guess NYX is a very good brand for eyeshadows as well this is the one right here I have the perfect filter palette in the shade drastic ante so these are general shades which you require even if you're going on a daily basis or you going on a party because there are shimmery shades as well as mattes so you can't get your hands on this it is also on sale this is 10% off on my car but if you apply my code you get plus 10% so you get 20% off on this palette I guess you can't get a good deal other than this so please do not miss on it please surely do buy something because you want makeup you love makeup the next products from NYX eye recommend is NYX matte bronzer I have been using it all Lord a lot and this is similar to the Mac bronzer but I like the pigmentation the look it has I am in the shade medium so this is also 25% o plus you get 10% off from my coat do not forget to apply my coat otherwise you won't be getting that additional 10% you want on your grilling so just do not forget to apply it I'll be leaving it below in the description box you can check it out and you can apply it coming to my next brand that is the flower beauty this is the brand which recently launched in India I guess two or three months back I'm not sure but yeah it is a brilliant brand I have been using one or two products from this brand and I have been loving it it is up to 15% or so you get a very good deal because this is kind of a drugstore as well as a high-end brand in the middle you can say so I'll be giving you two recommendations from this brand that is this is the one right here I have been using this a lot in my videos if you watch my videos you must have understood this is the highlight palette from Lau Beauty which is amazing this is for all the claw babies out there who love it I currently have it on my face I have used this shade right here and it is super pigmented if you want I can swatch it for you guys and show it to you just look at that look at that just one swipe and it is so brilliant this is 10% off so you get very good be you get three highlighters and one with a brush this is the brush right here it's very easy to apply so I guess this is a very very good product which I guess most of you don't know about it but yeah if you want to invest in a highlighter I guess you should go for this my next recommendation from this brand is the flower Beauty large for you mascara this will give you immense volume on your eyes on your lashes and it I have it on my eyes I have no I'm not wearing any falsies it is my natural lashes and it is because of this mascara so you should not miss on this this is 15% off so you get a very very good price on this this is around 1800 or so this mascara and Maybelline are exactly the same if you want you can take a forest black in this which would give you more black and dense look on your lashes I have been loving this currently and I have been using it a lot and I would HIGHLY highly recommend this mascara everyone out there coming to my next brand that is the faces Canada brand I have a blush from this brand this is in the shade gold dust 0 3 so this is the glam on perfect blush I have been loving it because it is it is having a shimmery touch to it so whenever you apply it on your face you don't require a highlighter if you're not a person who loves highlighter but you want to clone your face and you want a natural look and not a pinky pinky look with a neo – look I guess this one is a perfect pick this is up to 30% off no this is flat 30% off and also I have been using a Kajal that is from faces Canada again intense gel Kajal I have this on my eyes it is a very long-lasting Kajal I have been talking about it a lot and I have been using it a lot it comes with a smudger over here so you can just smudge it whenever you want or you can smudge it on your eyelid if you want to give a smoky touch this is also flat 20% off so I guess this is very very fine could be please do not miss on it so these were my makeup recommendations I give you a few of my skincare recommendations which are on sale as and which I have been using and liking it so my first product is the kind of missile of water this is a brilliant reduction so God is also insane the price for this it will be 297 the original price is 349 so this is 15% off you get a very good deal and this will last you a long time because it's quite big I recently ordered it and I have been using it and I have been loving I guess this is my third bottle or so because it's very mine and it removes off your makeup instantly like you don't have to just chuckle with it and just rub your face a lot it will remove your makeup very nicely and it's very cheap and affordable my next brand is the face shop which I have been loving so there is a seal on these mas sheets as well you get a full pack of my sheets there is flat 25% off on these markets you get seven of them in one package you can buy separately as well also biotech is a very very good brand when it comes to skincare and I have been using this toner from biotech it is almost going to get over as you can see this is up to 25% off so you can check this product out it's a very very good thing this is for normal to oily skin it is very essential to use a toner please don't be mistaken that a toner will give you pores in fact it will close all your open holes when you wash your face when you scrub your face when you exfoliate your face so you should definitely get your hands on this and do not miss on it I guess this is a very very good thing so yeah these were my top recommendations for this nikon monsoon sale if you liked this video please do not forget to give a thumbs up and also to not forget like the code which is given in the description box below only for nyx professional makeup that is the next professional makeup you can use that code for that additional 10% off so it's yeah that was all for this video I'll be back soon with something new till then bye

Nykaa Coupons : Grab maximum Cashback via CashKaro.com

**Nykaa Coupons : Grab maximum Cashback via CashKaro.com**



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How to find and apply nykaa coupons?

**How to find and apply nykaa coupons?**



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Get fresh Nykaa coupons and discount offers quickly via mycouponpromotion.in. Don;t pay full, save and get the best deal for you bucks.

Nykaa Sale Online Offers, Beauty Discounts & Coupons Get Free Products on Brands | Shopmava

**Nykaa Sale Online Offers, Beauty Discounts & Coupons Get Free Products on Brands | Shopmava**



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Todays Nykaa Offers are Here so check out the video to know discounts.

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