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TX Public Health Coaltion suggests how lawmakers can "save money, save lives"

**TX Public Health Coaltion suggests how lawmakers can "save money, save lives"**



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March 2011 news conference by members of the Texas Public Health Coalition, suggesting to Texas legislators how they can save money while saving lives this session. The group of physicians, nurses and other health care stakeholders endorsed several bills while opposing planned budget cuts to tobacco and obesity programs.
we're here today to lay out the coalition's position on parts of the proposed state budget and to announce our endorsement of eight key bills now the state of Texas faces a huge budget crisis the people of Texas face a huge health crisis We strongly encourage our senators and representatives to make healthy choices today that can both help them balance the budget and help Texans live longer healthier and more productive lives Texas can no longer afford to indulge the smoking and eating habits of some at a huge cost to all Texas taxpayers tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in Texas period nearly 25,000 deaths each year in Texas are linked to tobacco the direct and indirect costs of smoking in Texas is 20 billion dollars a year the draft state budget in both the House and Senate cut about 23 million dollars in state and federal funds from tobacco control programs this cut amounts to four-fifths of our very meager tobacco control budget we oppose this cut as being penny wise perhaps but very pound foolish the cost to the state for these bills is absolutely zero but the savings are advanced a report that was released last week suggested that if we had an indoor smoking ban it would save Texas Texas legislatures Texas business and individual Texans and more than 400 million dollars a year prohibiting indoor smoking will make a big difference in the number of heart attacks in the number of asthma premature births and other diseases from which millions of textin suffer it would also make a huge difference in the state budget obesity costs Texas business is almost ten billion dollars and that's projected to exceed thirty two billion dollars by 2030 obesity is responsible for a twenty-seven percent increase in health spending more than five million texans are obese and that's expected to double over the next twenty years meaning that by 2040 at least seventy-five percent of texans will be overweight or obese increasingly this crisis is beginning in childhood and texas is tied for seventh place among states in the share of its children that are obese despite all this the draft state budgets are going the wrong way they would cut 4.8 million dollars that's all state funding for obesity prevention programs they would cut public school health programs by over two-thirds 65 million dollars once again we oppose these cuts as penny wise but pound very foolish





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hey you guys so I'm here at my dentist today I'm taking you guys along the day I'm actually gonna be getting my tooth bonded so when I had my braces I had a hill I had to get two teeth taken out and I've been pretty consistent with my retainers and everything but you know along the years your teeth still kind of shift so I just have like a really small little gap like right there out of it's literally barely noticeable but yeah I've been wanting it closed I have the other side bonded which I did like maybe a few years after my braces but like I said throughout the years my teeth have just shifted a little bit so I'm just gonna get that little spot bonded so yeah I'm here with my dentist she's like an absolute boss she's a cosmetic dentist she has her own dental spa so I'm just gonna have like a little spa tech because they do offer like massage facials and all that kind of stuff here which is really cool for like a dental office and you could kind of do all in one if you have a dentist appointment you can come and do like self care also and then we're gonna get this tooth bonded like how xtronic cute is this my fingerprint reads wait let's talk about this equipment though rose-gold everything get into it get into it gonna be doing mine so funny so what are we doing like we should explain the process to them ok so what we're doing for her is just closing a little bit of space with some composite materials same material let's use her fillings but you can use it in the front for aesthetic bonding it's a really simple procedure we don't even have to numb her yeah we just kind of prepared the tooth for the filling for the bonding material and place it like here and then we polish it what does it feel like to have your own dental spa like a huge accomplishment well it's a lot of work and a lot of stress yeah we was said that's the behind-the-scenes of entrepreneurship that people don't have a lot of worry you know you're not just coming to work here constantly worrying about everything yes good as everybody you plant a lot of different roles because you're not just the dentist like you're doing HR you're doing you know you're everything like you're marketing you're like the face of your plays so it's a lot of things that people don't realize it's a lot of work but it's also really rewarding so on the good side you know you get to control your environment so at our practice everything is just really serene and nuea and those are the things that we value and so we strive to make every single patient experience really high-end really high-quality very comfortable mm-hmm we don't just a different experience yeah and like you know a lot of dental offices will bring patients back late they don't care for we're 30 minutes behind for us that bothers us especially el8 Ellie is my assistant we're together all day every day she's incredible you cannot do good dentistry unless you need a team right it's key that is what I've learned here is teamwork and I know anything if you're not about you yes and she's also from Miami hey what part of Miami Rico again see that the hand moving everything right I grew up in Palmetto Bay comment obey it's a comet a fine yes is a shade guide and believe it or not some people do have teeth that are like this dark most people think that everybody wants your teeth to be this color or that color the color of the walls but teeth are not white teeth are like a yellowish sort of color yeah that says you know those start White's you think you can sell in like the middle yeah definitely tell well fuck you most beautiful white teeth so she's probably our lightest shade which is the one so turn a little bit yeah I think that's oh really yeah yeah so be one you can't really see that but out of the shape that we're going to use girl yes he's living for us [Applause] you know it's courage as she lives thank you you're welcome great you can't even tell it's a key yes you like it I love it thank you guys Erica so I'm getting a massage now that my dental bonding is over she also has like a massage areas and facials so time to relax yeah this is how my tooth is looking it looks are you guys so I just later in the day I just wanted to come to show you guys the after so it is this tooth right here definitely took her time with a polished it properly like the color matches the rest of my teeth so perfect so thank you to her for having that precise attention to detail but yes the whole experience was like super relaxing I'm just on children what after that massage like it felt so good on my shoulders even if you're not wanting dental work like this is just a bomb a spa area you can do massages facials and other aesthetic things yes shout out to dr. burns and the team the whole experience was so nice but yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed this video this is something a little different in case you are into dental things and so I wanted to vlog the whole process for you guys so that you can see kind of just behind the scenes I hope that you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you guys in the next video bye

What's it Like Being A Mature Student? Tips and Advice

**What's it Like Being A Mature Student? Tips and Advice**



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What’s it Like Being A Mature Student? Tips and Advice UK. What’s it’s like being a mature student nurse UK? How have I coped with university life, exams, assignments and making friends as well as budgeting bills!

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* Final year adult nursing student at Birmingham City University.
* Fab stuff ambassador, GP nursing student ambassador, Student Academic Leader, Hello My Name is Campaigner, High Achievers Recognition Scheme (HARS) Scholar, Health Editor of the Polygon magazine for Birmingham City University (BCU). Official Vlogger for BCU and one of the original members if The Student Nurse Project.
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* Passionate about GP and community nursing .
* I am also a healthcare assistant in sexual health and family planning, where I have worked for the past 4 years and 9 months. I absolutely love it!
* Before sexual health I worked in care home for the elderly, orthopaedic theatres and I have done some bank shifts on the wards at the QE Hospital Birmingham too. Overall around 10 years healthcare experience.
hi everybody and welcome back to another vlog so today's vlog is gonna be all about being a mature student and for those of you that don't know I am 35 I know um I don't feel 35 I still feel like I'm in my twenties it's crazy But Here I am I was a late starter to university just because life happened a lot of things happened I think I've spoke briefly about it in previous vlogs I'm not gonna go too much into detail about it but I was a very late start and Here I am loving life at University so first things first if people are telling you you're 12 to go to university if you feel too old to be at university please erase it erase it erase it erase it nobody is too old to do anything in this life life is for living and do you know what you might live until you're a hundred and ten you don't know that if you're in your 50s you're only halfway through that life come on live it so no university isn't just for young people my university in particular Birmingham City University is amazing it's important older adults mature students it's absolutely fantastic and just please erase those doubts that you're too old we've got so many actually quite maybe about half of our cohort possibly I'm trying to judge it in my head now because some people I don't know how old they are but I'm gonna guess half of my cohort or over 30 and we've got people in their 50s we've got people in their 40s 30s and then we've got the people that are sort of 20s I don't know if there's only 18 19 year old I'm not sure it's just amazing they are doing fantastic the people in their 50s are doing amazing they are smashing this course the yeah so please if you are in your 50s or 40s just debating whether to go to university do it just do it so for me personally I am not married I don't live with my partner I live in a shared house I very much estranged from my family as some of you may know my mother passed away I have never met my biological dad but my dad that I call my dad who's amazing lives in Liverpool and he struggles to feed himself let alone to even help me so I am completely on my own with this degree financially and you know what I've coped all right I've done well I think and I think the key took open well when you've got rent to pay bills to pay owns to pay phones to pay all of that books and stationery and everything but you need let's not forget that oh my god but I think the key to doing that is you need to prioritize your workload you need to prioritize physical work to get money as well on the side of the degree and you really need to organize your time and just do that wisely so that you've got enough money to keep you going throughout this degree because let's face it it's horrendous it is not funded and all the new students are having to pay yourself to work basically in theory but actually as new students you do get more than I get right now so I get around in total with my bursary and student loan combined I get around seven thousand seven and a half thousand a year I know who can even live on that but I think with the new system you get a little bit more but it does depend on your circumstances if you've got children if you're married you live with parents all of that jazz so please look into that for yourselves and work out your own financial situations and your own budgeting and all of that this is just me my own personal circumstances and I'm just gonna run through sort of how I cope and how I've managed and I'll probably tell you my bills I'm not ashamed to tell you all of my bills it's fine so I leave I don't have my own place I live in a shared accommodation I have amazing housemates who I loved a bit and we all get on luckily I've landed himself really well with that which is amazing I paid three hundred and sixty pounds and that includes all of my bills included which is much cheaper than living in halls so if you're weighing up living in halls or getting your own place have a look around don't just jump straight into halls please have a look around but it's up to you it's your life you want to experience halls and university life then go for it but it is that a little bit more expensive so for me I have my rent I have my phone bill I've got an old loan that I'm paying off still I've got my credit cards I know it's horrendous but they're there unfortunately I also pay for my Apple music because I need that obviously I also have Amazon Prime which is absolutely amazing Amazon Prime we get student discount have a look at it I've also got Netflix and I think everything just combined into one all these little tiny bits of payments that I've got that I probably could cut out but if it comes to that point that I need to cut them out I will but they're my little luxuries that I add on so I keep them so for now I think my total outgoings this does not include travel and food is around 770 pounds a month I know 770 pounds that is horrendous that's a lot when how it's sat down and I thought okay I need to figure this out and work out what I actually paid out completely so that I can let you guys know interfer I do keep a document but then there's new things that hadn't added on yet which I've added on now and is 770 pounds which is yes and my incomings for the month with the bursary and the student loan combined I get around 650 something a month so I need to physically pay well work to pay the extra 109 pounds to pay my physical bills that's not including travel and food like I said and general living so what I do is I do all of my bank shifts all of my work all through my annual leave so I work just as much as possible throughout my annual leave which no it's not ideal but I have to do it to live so yeah Nursing has to come first so I work all of my own you leave then when I'm at university I will pick up so if I'm only in University for two days a week I will work for the other few days of the week and just pick up the extra money there I try not to work when I'm on placement just cuz I'm very cautious of how much we're doing out there on placement all of the hours that we have to do I don't want to overdo it and burn myself out so I try and avoid that so I managed to look Li managed to get enough money together to cover me for all of that and I can live comfortably off of that I do have to budget I buy things like rice and bulk pasture and bulk all sort of tinned soups and things I buy frozen veg I buy everything oh and types of sauces I've got actually a whole rack of spices as well which is amazing because they last forever so if I want to make a rice dish I've got all the spices there and I can just make it together so I'm not fucking out for sauces and things all of the time but I do also have backup sources just in case I fancy changed and I'm lazy but yeah so that's the way I do it I book buy everything and make sure I've got enough things to make my dinners and eat and live and I really really really do budget with things like that I will always look for bargains on Groupon on line vouchers for Domino's and things if I'm gonna eat out I will I'll be really really strict with myself like that but I'm also okay we've treated myself every now and then that's okay too as long as I've got the money to do that anyway moving on from the money side because this is gonna be 101 hours long if you want any more advice or anything just let me know I can talk to you privately whatever let me know and I'll talk to about it so yeah so moving on as a mature student though I did my access course back in 2012 so I've been out of school for all of that time five years I didn't know I completely forgot about Harvard referencing and all of that I completely forgot physiology I know is horrendous so I was starting I felt like I was starting University with a fresh pair of eyes and it was really daunting and I felt my first few sessions of physiology there wasn't so many people in the room that were putting hands up answering the question is like how do you even know this how do you know this and I'm sat there like oh god I need to revise and you do kind of feel like that to start with but once you get into it and once you start revising and reading up on things you're gonna be amazing I promise you I like I've said before in previous vlogs I'm not academic I left school with no GCSEs nothing hadn't been in a classroom for five years because that's how long ago my access course was and first year I smashed first year I oh God like all of my grades were 80s and 90s and I think you will find that I think everyone will find that as well in first year your grades will be up there and then when you get to third year they sort of dip a bit my grades have dipped a lot in third year which is unfortunate but I've passed it doesn't matter have passed either way but what what point was was the if I can do this anyone can do this because I'm not academic I have never been academic it is really daunting and to start with I knew I felt like I knew nothing I didn't know anything especially with the physiology and essay right inside and things like that so for me I found it okay I genuinely find it okay as long as you put in the work and the revision at home do loads of independent study you're going to be amazing and please please please don't worry about any academic side of things because you can do this if I can do it and actually there's quite a few people in that class in our cohort as well the exact same boat that haven't been in school for twenty years maybe and they can do it and they have successively successfully passed this course and done this course and they're getting really high grades as well so please don't think that you're going to be too stupid or you're doubting yourself or feeling confident about the academic side because you're gonna smash it there's so much help out there for you as well you've got your library you've got your personal development departments you've got your personal tutors you've got your module leads you can have one-to-one tuition please don't think that you're alone in this because you will have all of those the support at university as well as your friends that you're going to make it University it's a massive massive help and one of the other things I wanted to mention as well is about making friends as a mature student I know that might sound weird but I think for me things were so much easier when I was younger because I was so much more confident I would go up and speak to anybody I wouldn't care what I was saying I'd be like hi how are you I'm you yeah let's go be my friend please wow people really hated me when I was younger but anybody I'm not like that now and people often question oh my god you do vlogs you're you're like really outgoing and you're confident no I'm not this is me in my room on my own talking to people that I can't see the whites of the eyes so it's very very different for me and when I first started University it was a bit like get your head down don't speak to anyone don't know anybody just get down do your work don't worry about it and there was a couple of occasions I think I've said this previously in a vlog but I'm just gonna repeat this just in case you didn't catch it or didn't watch that vlog there was a couple of times I tried to make friends I won't mention the people's names because I do speak to those people now they're not in my group but I do know them and we do speak but they're in our year but not my group so I tried to speak to two people in class and I said yes I made a friend of made a render made friend yes I spoke to someone and they just sort of got up and left it didn't say bah you know that I don't have any friends I was good Oh today's not the day not making friends today and I think gotta feel myself going red thinking about it I know and I think after that I was just like to know I'm just not going to speak to anyone I'm just gonna keep going with the work because I'm really bad at making friends and luckily it was Mari I don't think she'll mind me saying this but it was my friend Emma and I was in the caustic you getting a coffee and I remember her just coming up to me and be like you want to come and sit with us and I was like I've got a friend and it was just so good and making me emotional think about this because I committed end oh my god you know what so as you know we've just had our final week at university and I've been waiting for it to hit me and and yeah I've been waiting for it to hit me and it hasn't hit me and I thought this is really strange because it's my final week in university I should be sad I should be really upset like why am I not emotion about this oh yeah I need to sort this out I've got a room and makeup I've got the Health and Social Care Awards today and I'm doing a vlog before it sorry anyway it's really emotional thinking about when if I started and how far I've come and what amazing friends have made and so I think my point was I think with you will make friends and please don't worry about that you're gonna make amazing friends and they will be your friends for life wow I did not expect that I came out of nowhere okay move on so yes you will make friends who will be your friends for life and just please don't worry about that because you will feel really don't in it will feel really daunting to start with and you'll feel like on the god I'm not going to make friends I'm older and like it on with people is everyone gonna be too young that might be another worry but actually no there's so many mature students in nurse in you are gonna be really shocked that was one thing that shocked me I thought because I was thinking the same I thought gonna be all young people there's not gonna be anyone my own age and actually everyone is in the same boat and there's a really nice mixture of younger and mature students and it's really nice and those younger students are really mature I know the ones in our cohort the young ones are really mature they've got the head screwed on and they're going to be amazing nurses so that's really really nice to see as well that you can get on with everybody so please don't worry about that you will make your friends they're gonna be your friends for life it's gonna make you emotional when you come to the end but yeah don't worry but just all in all just wanted to say please don't worry if you're a mature student you're going to be fantastic academically work balanced life you will be okay and you will get into that routine of doing things and you'll just adjust eventually and it will take a few months I'm not going to lie to you it took me good three-four months to get into it and to adjust to uni life and all of that but once you get into it is absolutely amazing and you will not regret making the decision to go into nursing whatever age you are just do it because it's the most amazing rewarding career it's been the most amazing journey and you're gonna absolutely love it and I just wanted to say on a final note if you are struggling if you need any help if you need any advice please please please contact me my inbox is literally always open it doesn't matter where you're from who you are what your struggles are please message me and if I can help in any way at all I don't know all the answers obviously nobody knows all the answers but if I can help in any way I will and if I can't help I will at least try and signpost you to somebody or something that can help you and just hopefully you're gonna be okay but my inbox is open on Instagram Twitter Facebook emails YouTube anywhere you want to contact me please just contact me and yes so I just want to say if you are a mature student and you're going into nursing in September good luck I'm really excited please please please document your journey please blog about it tweet about it Facebook put pictures and everything everywhere because it's really nice to keep those memories that's my last ever tip for this video and it's just amazing to look back at and I really want to follow your journey as well so please let me know if you've started blogging vlog in tweeting facebooking anything please let me know so I can follow your journey because it's so nice to see and if I can help I will like I said so yeah so that is it from me I will see you all next week I'm not 100% sure what videos gonna be next week it will be surprised yay but hopefully it won't be a mess like this one so have a great week everybody and I should see you next Sunday

(Part 1of2)  Health Care in the Philippines

**(Part 1of2) Health Care in the Philippines**



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Easily Create Your Own Youtube Channel.. My Facebook.. AirBnb …


**6 THINGS I CUT FROM MY BUDGET | How To Save More**



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Another episode of Responsible Human 101! Today I am sharing 6 things I (literally) just cut from my budget! I hope this can inspire you to dig deep to see where you can find some savings. Those little bills can really add up and be worth so much if they were invested.

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hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a fantastic day coming at you today with another responsible human video you guys seem to be really enjoying this series I've been getting great feedback and I'm really excited about that because this is stuff that I really want to talk about with you guys that I feel like I kind of put on the back burner for a while and I'm ready to get into it again and just so you know I listened to your feedback to your comments so I moved it over back into myselfi area make it a little bit more cozy probably the audio is a bit better and I also have a microphone here tap on it Sudan are we good so the audio should be much better thank you for your constructive criticism it's things I knew I needed to work on but yeah you guys gave me the push to just get it sorted out and solve the problem so for today's video I'm gonna share with you six things that I cut from my budget now I am an extremely frugal person big on money saving we do our best to keep our expenses down every single month but I had this recent push this fire to go super intense again so actually this morning my husband and I sat down had a budget meeting and we still came up with things we could cut from our already very slim budgets let's jump into it six things I cut from my budget that you could probably cut as well first thing Google Music we had a Google music subscription until this morning and let me tell you how we ended up with this subscription so I got Matias a Google mini home Google home mini for Christmas I got on Black Friday for $19 he had really been wanting one so I thought it would be a great gift so I actually really love the product I think it was really worth the money it's actually right here hey Google what sound does a dog make here's a dog sound my dog is looking but anyways we don't use it for that we use it for playing music and you know all sorts of things you can set timers very helpful but anyways the point is when you get this home mini they give you a free trial of Google music because then you can request any song and it plays it on demand and after the free trial ten dollars a month and we just kept paying it because you know we're like oh what if we want to request a particular song it's so handy but we kind of realize today look how much value do we really get out of this subscription is it really that much better than just going on to YouTube and playing a song or having to search for it yourself we found that it's really not worth it so we no longer pay for google music we also had a Spotify subscription back in the day that we cancelled as well so for us it's really just not worth it and we saved ten bucks a month next thing we cut out is a lot of the take out and just meals on the go so we've been getting a little bit lazy recently and when we've been out of the house we just swing in you know at Chipotle and walk to walk in some Chinese restaurants and grab basically lunch or dinner on the go and this is fine there's nothing wrong with getting takeout or getting lunch on the go but the problem is the way that we were doing it the reason we were getting this food is because we hadn't planned ahead so we were just kind of last-minute grabbing things and we weren't really getting joy or value out of the food like if you would intentionally say hey every Wednesday we're going to treat ourselves to takeout from that Chinese place or every Saturday we're gonna go out for you know a nice brunch together it wasn't that it was like I'm hungry I don't know food I didn't bring food with me I'm just gonna order food and we have agreed to stop doing that it got out of hand of course it doesn't only cost you more it's also not as healthy and we have been gaining a little bit of weight but it's time to cut back on the takeout and we figure cutting back is gonna save us still about a hundred bucks a month third thing we cut this morning is our local bike share membership we have a city bike membership in the city and that is amazing we get a lot of value out of that we use it a lot it is very very practical and very very money-saving but in addition to that we have been paying $28 a month so fourteen each for our local bike share program so we don't use this program nearly as much as we use the city bikes but we signed up for it thinking hey it's gonna save us money because if it saves us a cab ride or two every single month it's going to pay for itself but after a few months of pain is $28 we're realizing we aren't really maximized in this program we aren't really using it enough when we do use it we're usually frustrated with the service because it just doesn't work that well we decided to cut it and what we are going to do is pay that 28 dollars to ourselves and eventually we'll be able to buy bikes we had bikes that we bought before they got stolen anyways long story but going forward we are just going to pay ourselves that $28 and in a few months we should be able to get a secondhand bike for 50 75 bucks I think that's a better way to handle the situation because once we have the bikes if they don't get stolen we won't have to pay anything every month this is actually a great thing you can do with all sorts of things not just buying a bike if there's something your pain every single month for because you don't want to fork over the full amount instead of paying the company or whoever you're renting from that small chunk every month try to pay that to yourself if you could come up with the money to pay the company you have the money to pay yourself it takes more discipline but it can definitely be done next thing we cut this this morning is Hulu so we signed up for a free hulu trial because we really like Shark Tank it is like my favorite TV show to watch so we got the free trial once again this whole free trial this whole freemium thing got the best of us and we ended up staying on and paying for Hulu again it's so easy to be like hey it's just eight bucks a month what is eight bucks a month I feel like that's a very popular business model nowadays the whole freemium so you get into the paid membership and then all of a sudden you have all sorts of memberships that are ten twelve dollars a month and is really really can add up we decide to cancel the Hulu subscription because we've been spending too much time staring at our laptops watching shows anyways and we decided to go back to what we used to do which is just watch YouTube and free documentaries on PBS saves us a little bit of money every month but more importantly saves us a lot of time it is time we can spend on doing things that are actually better for us other than just mindless entertainment next thing we cut this morning is our ID theft protection now we signed up for this ID theft protection years ago I would say almost four or five years ago so while we were really eating our budget this morning we're like hey I wonder prices have gone down because I feel like that's probably a much more common service maybe more competitors have popped up and we were pleasantly surprised to find that there are actually a number of companies that are now offering a basic level of ID theft protection for free so we were able to cancel our paid membership which is thirteen dollars a month and switched to a free one okay last thing we cut from our budget is bank maintenance fees when we moved over here we ended up signing up for checking accounts with a big bank because that really is all that there is in our area there aren't many you know credit unions and that kind of thing so we ended up having to go with a big bang and I've had experience with this before I know that a lot of big banks try to sneak in monthly maintenance fees and all that kind of stuff and we have started to see some monthly maintenance fees pop up on our account now these aren't overdraft fees these are just fees for basically no reason and the only way you can figure out why they're charging you this money is to call the bank get it sorted out you know go into the branch and talk to them and now I really don't like doing that sort of thing I really really just like calling companies getting put on hold you know getting sent through these call systems so I have been putting off sorting out what the problem is but I finally got the motivation like hey I am gonna figure out why our bank is charging us $10 a month when I know when we signed up we made sure that we are with accounts that don't charge us anything gonna play with the banker went in there and it ended up that this $10 fee was because of a mistake on their end so they were able to fix it refund us the money and confirm that it's not going to happen again and I feel so good that I finally got that taken care of when banks charge you three five ten dollars it's very easy just to let it go because you're like hey I'm gonna have to spend an hour two hours getting this sorted out my time is more valuable I'm just gonna you know let it slide whatever which is kind of what we have been doing but we finally got the problem fixed and it's gonna save us a little bit of money every month so all these small things added up to around a hundred and seventy dollars a month we can save and we are already bare-bones you guys so to cut another hundred and seventy dollars we're feeling really excited about that so this is over two thousand dollars a year I mean you can just go to a quick little compound interest calculator to really have fun with this and I'll show you just why it is so important to cut out these little things all these little expenses would add up to two thousand and twenty eight dollars per year now let's say we would take that two thousand and twenty eight dollars and put it in an investment account and we are gonna add an additional two thousand twenty eight dollars per year because this is a new lifestyle we're gonna keep doing this year after year I'm gonna be frugal we're gonna set this money aside invest it if you had set all that aside for thirty years at a 12% interest rate so close to the S&P or let's be more conservative let's plug in let's plug in nine percent okay so we're gonna go with a conservative estimate you still have three hundred and twenty eight thousand dollars after thirty years so thirty years of cutting these small expenses invested at 9% can get you well over three hundred thousand dollars so that's what motivates me to cut back and I hope you look into this I hope you'll look into your budget and you know get out a compound interest calculator see what that money could be worth figure out the future value and it's very exciting thank you so much for watching you guys if you didn't already know I have a weekly newsletter you can sign up right here or in the description box down below every single Monday you will get an email from me including a secret video and just a bit of update and motivation thank you so much for watching share this with a friend who needs to hear it that's all I have for today and I'll talk to you soon bye