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How to Download Images for the Cricut

**How to Download Images for the Cricut**



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hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm pay and it's Monday which means it's a cricket tutorial and today I am teaching you guys how to import your own images this is a super simple way dinner tutorial but it's very useful so let's get going and if you guys are not subscribed check out the subscribe button and you guys can check out the links down below if you guys want to become a patron or you want some coupon codes for your cricket stuff alright let's go welcome back to design space this is the design space I'm not dying but I sound like it sometimes this is a design space tutorial and today we are going to talk about uploading your own images this might sound really basic to certain people especially because we've been doing some extensive stuff on YouTube but I wanted to put this up just in case someone's here and brand new and I'm gonna start doing some new tutorials for some new beginners okay so one of the biggest questions from Cricut is how do you upload your own images so what we're going to do is we are going to go to google because that's the best place to find anything and we are going to search say today we want to do a picture of let's see let's not waste too much time on this let's do a Disney Castle today okay so we want to upload our own image let's just go crazy and find an actual image and we're going to pretend like we're going to do prints and cut today because this would obviously not be something we want to cut out in vinyl and once it's print and cut vinyl so we're going to save this and I should have named it I'm really bad at that so then when you're in design space you just inflict upload images you're going to click upload image you're going to go browse you are going to find your image that you just saved that we're really bad at labeling so we're just going to look with our eyeballs and there it is we're going to open it we are going to turn this definitely into a complex image because simple image will dumb it down a bit which is kind of cool for if you want to do so vinyl a moderately complex image which this would not work because this was a JPEG because we would actually separate that all into layers so we're going to do a complex image so it picks up all those vibrant colors so that when we print this we get all those colors then it's going to take you to this little spot where it's going to ask you where do you want this to cut when it cut now let's just drive is that just to show you guys obviously this is not what I would do but I'm going to pick a few spots just to show you how you play with a picture so I want to go in and do a clip art after this because it's really going to get kind of confusing so let's click continue so when you go to here with your image you have the option to save it as a printing cut which just means that it's going to save all those pretty colors and you can print this and then cut it and it's going to cut where you told it that you want it to cut this is really good for planner stickers and things like that which if you are interested in that type of stuff check out more of my videos this is the cut image and I always like to wait till this load so I can check and make sure I got all the spots that I wanted to because it's really simple but if I save this as a cut image all just going to do is save it as one solid color and it'll cut this shape out it won't save all this so we're going to save this as a presen cut and I'll show you a disk I'll show you how with a clip art we would do something over here so while this is waiting I'm going to go over to Google and I'm going to find something let's just find Mickey clipart and let's just find a simple picture of Mickey that has some good alignment I mean these are all good but for the example I want to show okay let's just find him like this let's own he's already a PNG so he doesn't have a background I'm going to find something that has a white background so let's go with this Mickey save image as let's label him Mickey example Ben Mondex desktop and then let's go active design so I see how that's doing oh okay so you want to tag your images so that you can find them later Disney example sometimes when you're importing large images it takes a little bit longer and SPG's are really good because they just upload right away which you can find SVG is on Etsy or free downloads and you can upload those as well just the same and they'll go right in so then let's do the other guy let's find Mickey clipart he's on our desktops that I clearly need to sing off so I have them already but let's just do the one that we saved anyways so now you'll see that he is much more simple he only has a few different colors so sometimes we can get away with a simple image but that's not enough colors in case you wanted to save them as a petaca let's go with moderately complex or complex let's just go with complex to get all these colors to be safe so now is where right now all this would do would be print and it would cut this rectangle right here we don't want that so we want to take away all the background now what it's telling us is we want to be able to print this and take all of the background out so when it cuts it's going to cut right around his outside but I want to go with that beyond so I'm going to show you what I mean by this so we're going to say this is a printing cut and it's going to register all these cut lines if we just wanted him to cut this is what we would do and this would be a big blob of vinyl today we want to do a vinyl project we're going to actually go back and I'm going to cut out all of these little pieces that I want I'm going to leave this I to show you what I mean for another set I'm also going to leave these little circles to see except I want to leave those or take them out so now I'm going to go and you'll see that printing cut would look like this and look at if I were to print then cut him like here I can see his eyeball is missing that thought and I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave these and now I look at it and I don't want to leave them because they just look Hollow they look like almost like they're like open and easy as skin underneath so I want to go back and this was all for teaching purposes I want to go back and take his eye out and take these guys out and continue and let's look where it's going to cut before we click though and I like that much better these registers now as buttons better and his eye looks better and everything looks good so I'm going to save them as a cut image you could save them as a person cut but he just blacked so I wouldn't take waste my time saving and as that and you can now can cut him out a vinyl you see and it's going to cut in all these lines real nice blacks okay so now we're going to tag him as sneaky and vinyl so we'll let a lots of words that you can find him later in case you have a ton of the keys like I do and we're going to save him and then he's ready to go so I'm just going to show you guys the more expensive version of what we're going to do so let's go in here let's insert these images and the nice thing is now he is a Cricut vector image so he's scalable he can get really big and we can also visualize them in different colors if you wanted to come out a pink vinyl or whatnot this is set right here to print so when you would click go on here it would prompt you to print this out first and then cut it this would not because it's set to cut so then we would click so and we would follow through with the rest of our forget stuff that we would do so that's how simple it is just to upload your own images to Cricut design space super simple if you guys want more simple tutorials for design space let me know and I will like I will try to upload them to my channel and if you guys don't have a Cricut don't know what one is and be odd for you guys to be watching this video but make sure you check out the link down below and there's always to talk links and coupons down there for you guys to get deals and feels and all that so thanks for watching love you guys bye

Naruto Online - How to get Coupons [German]

**Naruto Online – How to get Coupons [German]**



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โžค Hier seht ihr woher ihr Coupons bekommen kรถnnt und wie viele das sind
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ยปยป Naruto Online ยซยซ
โžค Genre: Browsergame
โžค Entwickler: Oasis Games Limited
โžค Publisher: Oasis Games
โžค Plattform: Browser (Flash)
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ยปยป Unleash the Pixel ยซยซ
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โžค Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth Z87
โžค Prozessor:
โžค Grafikkarte:
โžค Netzteil: Fractal D. Newton R3 White Ed. 1000W
โžค Webcam:
โžค Maus:
โžค Headset:
[Musik] und damit hallo und herzlich willkommen zu einem neuen video heute geht es einmal darum euch zu zeigen wo ihr denn alles coupons her bekommt und wie viele das sind denn ich wurde in letzter zeit immer hรคufiger gefragt ob ich wirklich so viel kesha weil ich stรคndig in meinen videos oder รถfters beim videos so viele coupons habe nein tue ich nicht ich nutze einfach alles aus um diese dinger zu kriegen welche das sind zeige ich euch in diesem video per abo schรถn fein aufgelistet ich hoffe ich habe dabei keine fehler gemacht das passiert ja ab und zu mal ich hoffe ihr werdet mich dann nicht kรถpfen am ende von video sieht er noch einmal eine auflistung was man minimum an coupons rausholen kann aus diesem spiel ohne einen cent zu investieren und ganz am schluss seht ihr dann auch noch wodurch ich und wie viele coupons ich im monat bekomme das war das vorwort dazu ich wรผnsche euch viel spaรŸ mit diesem video schaltet auf jeden fall beim nรคchsten mal wieder ein hat euch das video gefallen am ende daumen nach oben wรผrde mich sehr freuen in abu dhabi assen wenn er mehr sehen wollt und viel spaรŸ [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] fast nichts [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik]

Can Singaporeans Last 45s???

**Can Singaporeans Last 45s???**



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Last month, we did the biggest giveaway on this show ever. We know y’all loved it so we brought it back! A new game on the show, modelled after the classic …

Helala Boys - IRREVERSIBLE : 5 - con voi no me importa nada

**Helala Boys – IRREVERSIBLE : 5 – con voi no me importa nada**



View Time:3:26Minutes



Helala Boys
Titre : con voi no me importa nada
Annรฉe : 2012
Paroles :

Ya grupooo civilizadaaaaaa
Wm3ak ร  la vie ร  la moooort
Con voi, no me importa nadaa
Te robaste mi corazooooooon
Dayar sac ร  dos f ktafiiiii
Wm3aa lkhadra 3aych jawaaal
Wfkol mkan nfixรฉ bachi
Wmen soghriiii rani nhwaaaak
Wdayรฉรฉรฉรฉ lwlaad avantiiiiiii
Jibohaaa vince per noiiiiiiii
Wchaque partiiie siamo presentiiii
Tifozi fl curva siempre con voiiiiii
Vamo vamoo les joueurs , faaakrona fyam zmaan
7arbo 3la chan l couleurs , w rabbi m3akom ya les jeunes
Talibaaan allez HELALA alleeeeez
Ya lwlad avanti ndiro l guirraaaaaa
Khadraa wbayda b3omri nafdihaaa
Ch7al nbghiihaa wnmot 3lihaaaa
Ayaa lwlaad diroo lcouraaage
Nchaelah lioma buena partรฉรฉรฉรฉ
Wnchaaa3loha wyzha l viraaaage
Siamo l curva differenteeeeeeee
7amdooon 7amdooon mafhem walooo
Wm3ana ra nado lo lgrooooooonn
Chaf sa3raa wlhadra darratoooooo
Ya glaas mchokรฉรฉรฉรฉ yas9ii f3winatooo
Wa yaaa lbojadi lah yehdiiiiiiiiiiik
Ya sterna lik l fdi7aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Dรฉjร  m3ana 3gadtiii yadiiiiiiiiiiiik
Wt3awdha w mazaaal lkhiiiiiiiiiiir
Madamme msafra fl partneeeerr

Extreme Frugal Minimalists Plan to Retire by Age 35!

**Extreme Frugal Minimalists Plan to Retire by Age 35!**



View Time:9:33Minutes



This couple from Vancouver, BC is planning to retire by age 35! They live an extremely frugal, minimalist lifestyle that allows them to save more than 65% of their annual income. For the past 7 years, theyโ€™ve been investing their savings in index funds and they hope to live off the interest generated from their investments when they retire in a few years.

To follow their early retirement journey, check out their blog, Incoming Assets, here:

Although early retirement isnโ€™t accessible to everyone, we do think that what Stephanie and Celestian are doing is interesting because frugal lifestyle choices could help make some financial goals, like getting out of debt, easier to achieve.

To keep their expenses low, Celestian and Stephanie live in a cheap apartment, they don’t own a car, they cook nearly all of their meals from scratch, they buy secondhand, they do DIY or cheap haircuts, they use the library for books, movies and games, and a lot more.

We hope you enjoy meeting this inspiring couple and please share your own money-saving tips and hacks in the comments.

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


Blog: www.exploringalternatives.ca
Facebook: /exploringalternativesblog
Instagram: @exploringalternatives


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Music & Song Credits:
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Filming Credits:
Paul Dussault

Travel Photos provided by Celestian and Stephanie from Incoming Assets:

hey everyone in this video we're meeting a couple from Vancouver BC were planning to retire by age 35 they've adopted an extremely frugal minimalist lifestyle and for the past seven years they've been able to save over 65 percent of their annual income they've been carefully investing their savings and they plan to live off the interest when they do retire although early retirement isn't accessible to everyone we do think that what Stephanie and Celestion are doing is really interesting because frugal lifestyle choices could help make some financial goals like getting out of debt for example easier to achieve we're really excited to share this story so let's go meet up with them so basically but some of that half years ago we decided to are pursuing the early retirement we figure out a system involving lowering our expenses a lot so we could get our savings rate really high I have to say about sixty sixty-five percent and just investing that and then just over time the money just kind of accumulates and now at this point we're probably about two to three years away from having just enough in investments that we don't need to work anymore so at this point we just said you know Reserve nearing the end of the journey we started what earlier time it means to us is be able to retire at a relatively early age but still have enough money to be able to support ourselves through you know our investment income without without needing to work we might work everyone but we wouldn't be forced to work in order to you know pay for our bills and such the biggest things we do is make our large expenses quite a bit lower we rent a very cheap apartment we don't have a car and I do all our cooking from scratch I do bulk meal prep can't just a lot of little things and generally you know we're very minimalist we don't really buy things there are all these categories for a lot of people that just don't exist for us I mean we don't have a restaurant budget we don't have an alcohol budget we don't um we don't have a car budget we don't like none of those things are even the you know Mosul's categories or $0 spent in those categories so it just means their cost of living is very very low which allows us to you know even though we don't make that much money we are still able to save consistently 65% 70% you know of our income every year despite making only very average income for our city so I'm a receptionist at an accounting firm and sell is a freelance editor so I mostly do novels like people self-published novels on my Amazon Kindle Store and similar markets so those are the main people that I work with usually our combined income is around 80 thousand a year we spend about nine to five hundred on travel about 9,500 on housing and about 2,500 to 3,000 on food per year for the two of us to keep our costs down for groceries I think um it really doesn't matter of cooking everything from scratch and you know not buying like frozen meals or things like that but just actually cooking and baking everything from scratch it drives a cost way down we spend less than $300 a month on food for the two of us you know and that's no trouble because we shop at the kind of places you know that are very cheap we buy a big sack of flour every month that's a Costco a $6 second flour and that's all our bread pizza dough baking your muffins I bet big sacks of rice we buy like cases of soy milk from Costco and that's a bit cheaper as well so there are some things that we buy in bulk they're cheaper and and then we also go over like a local a local market but free events like pretty cheap vegetables it's called Sun Mary's market so that's part of it as well and which like you know produce let's see I'm pretty cheap and it's easy well we take a too big like international vacation of the year usually one of the summer and one of the winter and then we do a few like little trips to like local places here and there it's something that we really enjoy just going to new countries your cultures kind of experiences the trendy food I think every trip we do is really just there something about that that's inspiration towards the you know early retirement because it's like it's taste of it we spend close to $10,000 a year on travel so it's not really like we do a budget thing on it a lot of it is just we do the same kind of stuff when we travel to be do at home we tend to go to the grocery store get ingredients and cook when we travel we tend to go you know to maybe a local market or you know the outdoor markets or something get ingredients bring them back and cook or you know at home we don't use a car you know we walk places and bike lanes when we travel we do the same we take public transit or a bike or rewatch places right so I think there's just a lot of it is just living the same lifestyle that we live at home definitely cuts into the cost of traveling a bit so our transportation costs normally would be about $40 a month that would be a bus fare but it can often be less than that if we have times when you know especially during the summer but we would just walk a bike more we really got serious about it once we realized early retirement was even a possibility which was about 7 years ago so we've been sort of taking it more seriously and working on it you know and really focusing on investing a lot and getting our city having their high savings rate and making progress just for about seven and a half years now when we first started cell had a small net worth he was just finishing up school I had about seven thousand dollars of debt I did one year of post-secondary before deciding I didn't want to do any more of that but that was gone really quickly we invest in index funds we just have a very simple portfolios through a Robo advisor when we get paid we deposit money it's dealt with and we don't think about it and just kind of grows in the background without you know and once here we get our tax slips and file our taxes and that's that's the extent of what we have to do with our investments but we don't really do any kind of yeah like tricks or psychological stuff to spend less we just really look at our spending as a whole and sort of decide how we feel about that and it's either we're either happy with this amount or we're not and if we're not we would just spend less we try to set it out such that being frugal is easier than not because you know people only have so much like mental energy and always so much like discipline they want to use every day right so like one example is that we do both meal prep on the weekends and then we just put all our all the food in the fridge and so then after work on the weekend is you know instead of eating out and going to the restaurant or getting takeout we can just sort of go to the fridge and put something to microwave and that's sort of the not only is it like the more cost effective option but it's the easiest option and I would say in regards to that I mean I think another one of the things people run into sometimes is they make this plan and they say I'm gonna everyday I'm gonna go home from work and I'm gonna cook a healthy dinner right and I mean maybe for some people that works for me it doesn't for me when I get home from work I'm kind of tired I wanna I want to just eat something you know I don't want to cook a meal so I'm going to be able to sustain a system like that you know maybe I could manage it for a week maybe two weeks but after that I don't think I could do it every day so I plan around that right so that you know have food ready to go ready to just basically reheat during the week which makes a big difference there are downsides but it so depends on there kind of some subjective downsides it depends on you know your values or your preferences like your personal preferences for example a lot of people would see you know not drinking alcohol it's a serious downside right for us it's not because simply because we don't want to drink it right some people would see that coming a car and not having like the flexibility to drive you know wherever they want as big downside so for us not having a car and I'm driving I'm not downsides there you know that's just how it is right we have a blog we're not super active but we have a lot of information on there it's called incoming assets it's pretty easy to find you know we have sort of updates in our lives in places we travel sort of how our net worth is going and then a little bit about investing and self-employment and and frugal living in general you know sort of some of the things we do we would like to do things you know like do maybe longer-term travel we've talked about maybe moving to an island building a cabin and sort of doing a bit of a homestead thing there are lots of different things we'd like to do or just having the flexibility just to to move to different places and not have to think well what about getting a job there or whatnot you know just be able to sort of have that freedom to do sort of some unorthodox lifestyle choices I think that's one of the real appeals of early retirement is to you know to have that freedom to basically live your life the way you want so as for how our lifestyle will look once we retire compared to how it is now it really depends I mean if we decide to stay in a city and we identically identical if we do decide to move to an island and build a cabin there would probably be some fairly substantial differences but I think the core water would remain the same I mean for sure like we have no intentions of like after retirement somebody spending a lot of money on like restaurants buying tons of stuff on Amazon it's definitely still going to be a frugal lifestyle post retirement if you want to follow Stephanie and Celestials journey towards early retirement you can check out their blog which is called incoming assets where they share all kinds of information about their frugal lifestyle and travel adventures please share this video if you liked it and thanks for watching