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15 Hacks That Will Save You A Ton Of Money / How To Survive On $1?

**15 Hacks That Will Save You A Ton Of Money / How To Survive On $1?**



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Do you know the expression “no money no funny”? We’ve heard this many times! But we know that this is not about us! Why? Find out in our new video!

Supplies and tools:
• Bread
• Sausage
• Cinema ticket
• Big size clothes
• Cheese
• Flour
• Mayonnaise
• Egg
• Frying pan
• Tomatoes
• Money
• Yoga mat
• Smartphone
• Toothpaste
• Elastic band
• Hole punch
• Jar from Pringles’
• Ice
• Epoxy
• Colorings
• Gas burner
• Seashells
• Plate
• Boiling water
• Teabags
• Make-up
• Fridge
• Dress
• Scissors
• Elastic band

Tobu – Higher

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my last dollar don't leave me so soon a Shopaholic friend is trouble for everyone why do you need another black hat and all this other stuff oh well I have one more bill left and I don't get paid for two more weeks don't worry I'll teach you to live with an empty wallet fast pizza delivery is ready to go mmm some mozzarella sounds perfect right now but your friend doesn't like wasting money so she sends the delivery guy away what's she up to okay let's see what we have in the fridge what's all this cheese sausage and mayonnaise you can make a pizza yourself and save money cut the ingredients into small pieces now prepare the dough first pour out some flour add mayonnaise break an egg and mix the dough thoroughly you should get the consistency of very thick yogurt put the dough on a frying pan put the filling on top lay out sliced tomatoes and pieces of sausage on top cover it with a layer of grated cheese smells delicious this pizza was quick to make and it's delicious too just use whatever you have lying around and you'll eat something yummy and save money everyone is busy so your house is quiet and calm but only until the internet is turned off look there is no data did we not pay the bills let's count how much we have saved hmm we definitely don't have enough for the whole package oh no I'm not ready to live without internet like a caveman give me my Wi-Fi back here's an idea take your money and go look for Wi-Fi walk along the corner and check the network signals oh there's definitely a powerful router in this apartment maybe our neighbours will share their Wi-Fi with us explain the situation and offer to divide the bill for the internet among two apartments by quickly calculating their savings the girls agree to this offer trade the money for the Wi-Fi password pleasure doing business with you we got our Wi-Fi back and we saved money everything comes to an end whether it's a book a movie a friendship or air freshener oh no life without an air freshener is unbearable what if I replace it with a toothpaste cut off the edge of a tube of mint toothpaste move back the tank cover and put the tube in the water with each flush mint water will flow down and fill your bathroom with a fresh pleasant scent it's still 2 weeks before I get paid and my budget is running out I'll have to use my phone a friend a lifeline call your friend and invite her to your birthday party you know I've wanted a camera for so long I wish I could afford to buy this one for myself call a second friend and start the same story about the camera and finally I'm getting my birthday presents meet one friend first and the second one comes after incredible this is exactly the one I wanted now that you have two identical cameras with receipts you can exchange one for something more useful or even return the gift to the store and get money for it and buy whatever you want how can you divide a can of soda so it's enough for everyone it's a tricky problem but we know what to do you need some ice put the ice cubes in glasses according to the laws of physics the more ice there is the less space there is for a drink pour the soda into the glasses and look there's enough for everyone it's just ice the guests can have as much as they want iced tea with a lemon is a real lifesaver when it's hot you I think this lemon is bad gross for this life hack you need a Pringles container remove the plastic cover make a cut in the middle use a hole punch to make two holes along the edge cut a rubber band tie it to the lid through the holes put in half a lemon and secure it with the rubber band this is a great way to store citrus fruits they'll stay juicy and fresh longer I only had enough money for one movie ticket but how can I go without my girlfriend but she knows exactly how to get into the movie with just one ticket I wonder what she's planning and why is she wearing these pants they are obviously too big for her climb on your friend like a koala on a eucalyptus ah these pants have enough space for to put on outerwear get some chips to sell the disguise and hand the ticket to the employee why are you looking at me like that suspecting nothing the ticket collector lets us in the theatre we one after the movie the girls go to a cafe they study the menu I think I forgot my wallet at home I don't have any money either sure look I have nothing but emptiness in my pockets but I found a couple of tea bags at the bottom of my bag and here comes the waiter are you ready to order two glasses of hot water please okay I won't get any tips from these girls here's your order dump the tea bags into the water and enjoy your tea how nice that they give you water for free here and you can definitely take the disposable glasses with you the worst moment is when you're supposed to go to your friend's birthday party but you forgot all about it huh tomorrow what should I get her as a gift you need some epoxy pour it in a disposable cup add blue dye stir with a stick until it's blended mix the epoxy with white coloring make another glass dark green and add sand and small seashells into the last one take a flat white plate lay seashells on the edge using a stay pour the blue epoxy in a thin stream tilt the plate so the colors mix draw a flowery white line blow through a straw to make some bubbles there is no right way to do this do whatever you like make another wavy line of white low to make the line more blurred and create a beautiful effect of the deep blue sea warm the epoxy sea up with a blowtorch so that all the bubbles come out a seashell will be a perfect finishing touch your friend can't wait to see her gift and here it is the blue sea on a plate it's beautiful it looks just like the real thing this beautiful gradient makes it look like the ocean is about to spill over the edge I wish I could be at the beach right now I'm so hungry that my stomach hurts and here comes my friend with a snack Willy sandwiches that's delicious but the sausage as always ends earlier than the bread and eating plain bread is kind of bland but my friend has her own system of eating sandwiches she moves the circle of sausage so that she gets a bite every time put the sausage on the bread turn the circle 90 degrees and so on until the bread is over this way one circle of sausage is enough for the whole sandwich all I do is win don't you think that our looks are a little outdated yeah judging by Instagram we haven't changed clothes for half a year maybe it's time to update your wardrobe look what a nice little dress yes and it's price is also nice following trends won't be cheap what can we do I got an idea order some clothes online choose home delivery the delivery man is in a hurry but we ask him to wait outside you have a whole 10 minutes and here are clothes they're so cool and fashionable shopping is always so much fun try the clothes on let's have a small photoshoot you are the queen of style put the new clothes on and take as many pics as possible of course we're not going to keep any of this maybe just the tight it's sad to say goodbye but we have to so we give everything back to the delivery man how long do I need to wait so take these we didn't like any of it the sizes were all wrong here's money for the type that's it we're not buying anything else buy go over the pictures wow what great pictures and most importantly we got these outfits for free we are going to a yoga studio water a yoga mat oh yes I almost forgot money for a subscription wait you want to spend money on training your yoga master is already here spread the mat you can do yoga at home the friend crosses her legs while sitting on the floor and leans forward the second lies on top pulling the arms this asana works in two directions at once one partner stretches her lower back when bending forward and the second stretches her spine and now lay down on the floor and raise your leg your friend lies with her back on your feet bend and unbend the knees and now an asana for stretching sit down on the floor your friend crosses her leg rest on her knees with your legs straight lean back and pull your friend by the arms here's how you can get great abs lay on the floor like this hold your legs like this do some crunches after a few exercises your muscles are in good shape and you can spend money on something more important you are about to put on makeup but it all looks kind of weird the foundation dried up and the hand lotion has a strange smell well goodbye my favorite beauty tools next thing you know your makeup bag will be empty they goodness your friend knows how to keep your makeup lasting longer if you want to keep your makeup for a long time keep it at a cool temperature put your makeup in the refrigerator get used to this it's your new home correct storage extends the shelf life and your makeup will stay good for longer each season is the same all these clothes and nothing to wear this is outdated the colors are unfashionable this outfit is only good for taking out the trash but this dress still has potential sure you have to upcycle it a little bit first cut the dress along the stripe and get two things at once a stylish top and a bright skirt so an elastic band into the skirt try it on this striped two-piece set looks just fine everyone can immediately see that your best friends it saves money to two things for the price of one did you like our thrifty life hacks let us know in the comments do you know how to save money like this video and share it with your friends subscribe to our Channel and click on the belt so you don't miss even more useful ideas from trim trim select

How to Make Passive Income in Real Estate with Little to No Money with Matt Faircloth

**How to Make Passive Income in Real Estate with Little to No Money with Matt Faircloth**



View Time:17:18Minutes



Hey Youtube,

Welcome back to another “Chats with Matt” and for today’s episode we’re joined by Matt McDonald who is a new up and coming real estate investor. Matt’s question is “How to making passive income in real estate with little to no money?”.

Matt explains how to get started on the road to making passive income in real estate with little to no money. Remember that when it comes to making passive income in real estate you still have to “DO” something. Either you bring the money to the table or you put in the work to make sure “the deal” works.

Start small. Most beginners hate to hear this but here’s why it’s so important. Starting small gives you a chance to shake off your “greeness” and allows you to test you concepts. Starting small also helps test out your systems and learn one of the most important skills which is managing.

One of the biggest hurdles for new investors can be getting access to capital. When you’re new, especially if you’re doing this full time, if you don’t have a W-2 income you could be what’s called “unbankable”. Although this might be a challenge there are still other and creative ways to get around it. Look into 0% interest credit cards that you could apply for if you have good credit. But please be careful when using this technique and make sure that you’re aware of the mature date on the credit card (when the interest rate kicks in). There are other methods such as signature loans or a line of credit. But in order to take advantage of these methods you have to make sure that you’re taking care of your credit first. Remember to practice good credit habits.

Also you can look for deals that offer Seller Financing, which will allow you to go around the banks and not have to try to get a mortgage on the property. There are many different ways that you can begin to make passive income, but the real goal is to start small, get your systems in place and then scale up from there.

Hope this helps!

As always, please email us any real estate questions to [email protected] and we will answer them on an upcoming episode!

Learn more about The DeRosa Group at or on BiggerPockets.com –
Matt & Liz, founders of DeRosa Group, were recently second-time guests on the BiggerPockets Podcast.

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No Money - Part Time Cooks (Official Music Video) 한국어 자막

**No Money – Part Time Cooks (Official Music Video) 한국어 자막**



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Part Time Cooks’ second single off Midnight Snack EP
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you I call my mama my mama good I'm good call my mama my mama drinking I call my mama my mama good I'm good my mama my mama about this about it about this about yeah I'm making underground go to the crib and trying to fight for this million dollar English and she telling me it's all about the cream will fuck the cream I need the cream like I need another dick don't need a dick I got one I call my mama my mama good I'm good call my mama my mama breathing upgrade I don't know why I still need a validation so much it's time to shut the fuck up and just make it happen for once I want my mom's to tell his partners that he's proud of his son before every single building item run or maybe even get cheese to keep us and rest no rather that we've been deceived to believe we need it so much up the he looking for in the wrong places and never get to free us we needed money we don't need no money we don't need no money no money nah we needed money suffering from hair another path not mine but those already came and passed runnin typical for that think another kid where my house backup us to just come down into the shit but I'm taking the baby they jump up I got it wait mom I told me that baby you gotta do it for yourself little things you got material inside you gotta live so I'm a fool you won't fight things you need to always God number one is your word don't ever change it for nothing – is your one mission you can see it then it coming in the third is the habit they're always counting your blessings and they won't like it but I finish with the lesson boy boy when your punches come bro with him and five live your life to your own rhythm remember these things my little baby boy she said let your passions right you no need to worry my dog breath you should think we needed money we don't need no money we don't need no money we don't need no money nah we we need money we don't need nobody we don't need no money no money nah nobody we only know money we don't need nobody nada





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How to Pay Credit Card Bill | If you don’t have Money||No Money | you can Pay Credit Card Bill | CK

**How to Pay Credit Card Bill | If you don’t have Money||No Money | you can Pay Credit Card Bill | CK**



View Time:5:59Minutes



How to Pay Credit Card Bill | If I have No Cash||No Money | You can Pay Credit Card Bill |CK STUDIO
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No Money, No Cash, No Balance..! You can Pay Credit Card Bill.
Don’t have Money to pay Credit Card Bill?

How to pay Credit Card Bill, Using Same Credit Card or Another Card?

Here is the Process….

1. Add Money From Credit Card to Any Wallet
2. Send Money from wallet ti any Bank
3. Pay Credit Card Bill From the Bank

Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, Payzapp,.. etc

I have Selected Paytm.

Currently in Paytm:
Charges for Sending Money to Bank : 0%
Max Amount to Send to Bank at a Time: 5000/-
Max Amount to Send to Bank Per Month: 25000/-

In future the charges may revised.
If you done KYC, Max Fee would be 1%

Add Money to Paytm Wallet/Account:
How to Add Money in Paytm Wallet | using Credit Card?

How to send money to Bank from Paytm?

Pay Credit Card Bill from the Bank.

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