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Saving money on health care

**Saving money on health care**



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Easy ways to cut the cost of your medical bills in half.
health premiums have increased by ninety-seven percent that's no surprise to consumers who see the decrease in their paychecks from employers but there are ways to save up frontal medical expenses on your side consumer advocate Jen Strassmann is here tonight but how to bid on health care it doesn't matter if you have insurance you're uninsured or underinsured there are simple steps you can take to save money without compromising on the quality we shop for deals to restaurants clothing stores and spas so why not shop for health care savings it's different Tom mirror is willing to try new ways to slash his health care bills he saved fifty percent on a routine lab test just by bidding for the test on a slight cold bid on health it's kind of like Priceline for the hotel business like Priceline you name the price for the health test you want in Cleveland and Akron there are over 80 for lab tests you can bid on after your price is accepted you find out the name of the lab I go to a Medical Center and go directly to a very well-known recognized name in the laboratory services business tom was paying thirty dollars on a pocket for the test he now pays just fifteen dollars if the quality of the care or in this case the quality of laboratory work is equal then I don't see any reason why you would not try to find a less expensive alternative in Ohio bid on health only offers lab work it helps to add radiology soon the site is already testing that option in two states such as doctor approved I think that anything that helps people be healthy and have healthy wallets is a good thing dr. Scott Frank is the director for the Master of Public Health Program at case western reserve university school of medicine he says cost is a discussion with more than half his patients well I think it starts from the fact that our health care system is basically broken and the cost of care has gone too high to cut costs shop around for medical care Ohio hospitals list their prices for the top tests and procedures on their website and call different facilities for pricing into it labs and imaging centers charts cheaper fees for example a local hospital charges more than forty four hundred dollars for an MRI of the abdomen an imaging center we checked charges nineteen hundred dollars that's a difference of fifty-five percent offer to pay cash and you might save even more dr. Frank encourages his patients to look for these cheaper options but he says you need to be careful I think the mistake would be if people start to consider themselves their own doctor and aren't working with a health professional to make decisions that are evidence-based some money saving offers don't even require a doctor's prescription we saw a Groupon for three hundred and forty dollars worth of lab tests the cost on the daily deal site just forty nine dollars a Center in turn to see what the company is telling patients $49 our intern got a thyroid liver kidney glucose and cholesterol test vivienne look it's the creatinine which is kidney functions electrolytes suppose that was the only explanation given and the lab didn't want to talk about this offer on camera the results are mailed to the patients dr. Frank said you need to proceed with caution when trying to read the result on your own just because your results are two points above or below the average doesn't mean you have a health problem the amount of anxiety that we see even when you have somebody to help interpret them is very high daily deal sites like groupon and livingsocial are also a good way to save on dental services one dentist told me many people began cutting back on dental visits when the economy did so he began offering cheap exams on daily deal sites on your side Jen strothman newsChannel 5 if you

Bernie Sanders and AOC want to lower credit card interest rates but it may not be a great idea

**Bernie Sanders and AOC want to lower credit card interest rates but it may not be a great idea**



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Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman discusses Bernie Sanders and Alezandria Ocasio Cortez’s plan to discuss lower credit card interest rates.

Nobody should ever pay a 25% interest rate to a credit-card issuer.

With that said, the understandable urge to pass a law capping what banks can charge could hurt the very people it’s meant to help, and cause other problems that may ravage people’s finances even worse.

On Thursday, Democrats Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced new legislation that would cap credit-card interest rates at 15%, and require the U.S. Postal Service to offer basic banking services for those who can’t afford a traditional bank.

The bill addresses legitimate problems. Millions of Americans are “unbanked” or “underbanked,” with limited access to modern financial tools that help people get ahead. And high rates often charged to low-income borrowers can lock in an unbreakable cycle of debt and poverty.

Solutions aren’t as obvious as they seem, however. Banks would lose revenue if there were a federal cap on card interest rates, which is why they oppose such a move. Don’t cry for them.

Banks would be fine, but they’d make other adjustments that the New York City congresswoman and Vermont senator may not be anticipating. Banks set rates according to the riskiness of the borrower — and if 15% were the most they could charge for what are basically loans via credit card, they’d curtail borrowing limits. It could result in credit to fewer people.

Some consumers with weak credit might not even be able to get a card —even if they paid off the balance each month and never paid interest. Fees might also rise just for having a card. And people who do get cards might try to borrow more via plastic, if rates were lower and it cost them less (another wrong incentive).

So unintended consequences of a cap would include less access to credit for some and more credit-card debt, at a slightly less onerous rate, for others.

People run up costly credit-card balances for a couple reasons. Some people are just uninformed or undisciplined consumers. The best solution there is consumer education, along with new tools like financial-planning apps that can help people manage money, and send alerts when spending levels are too high.

Others rely on credit cards because they simply lack the cash to buy basics when they need them, which is a tougher problem.

As bad as credit-card debt is, it’s better than borrowing from a payday lender or illicit loan shark. The core solutions here are improved financial literacy, better skills and stronger earning power for the most vulnerable consumers. None of those are a quick fix.

That speaks to the second part of the Sander-AOC plan, which is postal banking. The postal service has outlets in most American communities, and it already cashes government-issued checks. So why not expand that to basic financial services? Other countries do, including France, the U.K., Germany, Japan and South Korea.

This could work, but only if done carefully. It’s possible for the postal service to offer savings and checking accounts, debit cards, ATMs for cash withdrawal and other basic services that entail little risk. There are legitimate questions about whether an agency backed by the federal government should compete for customers with private-sector banks. But it would be possible to tailor a menu of postal financial services so narrowly that there’d be little overlap.

The legislative proposal would go further, requiring the postal service to offer low-interest loans— and this is where the problem begins.

Anybody making a loan faces a risk of not getting their money back, which is why banks do extensive research to establish creditworthiness standards. That’s a core expertise of banking. Riskier borrowers pay higher interest rates, because it’s more likely they’ll default on a loan.

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Frequent flyer programs grounded for good?

**Frequent flyer programs grounded for good?**



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Frequent flyers earn more miles. Makes sense and it should, because that’s how it’s always been. But, a third major airline is changing the way it rewards …

'The government should save British Steel' | The Pledge

**'The government should save British Steel' | The Pledge**



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Maajid Nawaz says British Steel should be protected as a “matter of national importance”. He says if there is no buyer the government must step in and …

Toddler Puts Arms up as Dad Is Arrested

**Toddler Puts Arms up as Dad Is Arrested**



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Footage of a barefoot 2-year-old in Florida with her arms up in the air as police arrest one of her parents is raising eyebrows. Tallahassee police pulled over a vehicle of suspected shoplifters. Two men were handcuffed while a woman was in the car. After the adults exited the vehicle, a small girl’s feet are seen dangling beneath the car door as she was trying to get out. The little girl then mimicked her father, who was under arrest, and put her hands up in the air.
the image is startling a little barefoot girl her hands raised as if she's surrendering to police oh sure she walks towards officers oh the woman recording the video seems to think one officer is pointing his gun at the toddler is holding a good at debate the drama started after police pulled over a vehicle of suspected shoplifters step out of the truck there any other adults in the car two men are handcuffed there's also a woman in the car after the adults exit the vehicle you see these itty-bitty feet dangling beneath the car door oh my god she trying to get out she then mimics her father who is in handcuffs police say the video shows the gun wasn't pointed at the child but the vehicle a Tallahassee Police Department released this new body cam video to show the situation was handled with care and compassion come on sweetie you're okay okay you can hear the sergeant repeatedly assuring the girl that everything was going to be okay you're okay come on be here sweetie you're okay the reason why he didn't actually approach the two-year-old because one doesn't know him and you know for any reason the tumor might have ran out into traffic mommy's right there go to mommy okay police didn't handcuff her mom so that she could take care of the girl there was a one-year-old who remained in the car strapped in a car seat hey how's it going an officer even helped a mom get the baby out when officers searched the vehicle they found a pellet gun but the real surprise was the barefoot baby surrendering with her hands up you