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**Value 4 dollar | Money Saving Coupons | Discount Vouchers | Catalogue Deals | Online Vouchers | Best**



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Blag it & Save Money on your Phone & TV Bills

**Blag it & Save Money on your Phone & TV Bills**



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So for a good 5 years I unknowingly just renewed my insurance and paid the advertised price for Sky TV and my mobile phone contract

Now I’m a lot wiser and I want to share my tips for saving money on all these things with you

Leave a comment and let me know if this helped you save some of your hard earned cash

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hello in that you might be wondering Li what's that on your t-shirt well let me tell you it's just a bunch of cats just all could living together the only reason I'm telling you is cuz I got asked leave what's that it is bliley a bunch of cats cuddling together like it's not cryptic but how are you boggles people's minds the core understand why why would you wear that well why wouldn't I wear it it's a bunch of cats cuddling together all right guys this may seem like a bit of a weird video in context to the well weird videos are post on this channel but it's actually not such a rare video because something I've noticed is a lot of people like do what I used to do they just accept all of these renewals and they just play whatever the listed prices are for things and some things are very expensive and we're having this false order drags it and everything sharing everyone's complaining new people haven't got jobs and all that stuff so I can help people save a little bit of money by watching this video then that's what I'm gonna do so first thing like everything mobile forms everyone has got a mobile phone if you have a contract and you're just paying your full price pointless for them up and just tell them you wanna go sim only you'll keep the sim sim sim them but you'll get a wicked deal but before you do that I'll pop some links down below obviously the good and they're gonna kinda change you're gonna have to Google a little bit but what you care deals that's normally got a list of current deals for various providers because people are kindly post the deals that they get so you can look at that and you can get a good idea about what they can offer you because bearing in mind these people do you want to keep you as a customer but they don't want to just give you the best deal if they don't have to so if you've got any sort of reason why they could give you a good deal if you know that you don't use that much data and they're trying to see oh yeah for 20 pound a month you'll get 16 Giga data just turn I'll say well actually you can look at my account I don't use that much data so it can appear some less and they'll then give you something better so don't always accept the first deal and don't be afraid to just say actually I'll have a think about it I'm gonna check your competition because that's when the person on the phone is going to panic and they're gonna want to keep you and get that retention so they're going to be offering you a deal to stay so don't be afraid to play the game just obviously before you make the call you have to know yourself whether you're willing to go through with the cancellation or not but normally the call would come to a cancellation it will just come to you saving some money and signing up for another 12 months if possible if you really want to go for a team on school for 18 months so that ship horn and the other one is the sky now I'll pay full price for sky for five years five years and that was with in net and just the normal she HD channels I didn't get sports or anything like that as soon as I was moving house when I fall into Council and they said why cancel and I said well I can get free supper I'm moving too I don't need watch anything apart from Game of Thrones like once a year we're not so on so they let me cancel and then a couple of days later I start getting calls from retentions which was up in Scotland an adventure just said look what can we do to keep you honest as well I want to be peeing a lot less than Peter now and we literally more than half my bill and I just couldnt believe it I was like wow I feel like an idiot for paying full price for five years and then when I looked into it I found out like no one pays full price the only reason to pay full price now is things like sky queue obviously they'll only give you so much of a discount on that but you can still get a decent discount if you just fall in up and just have a little bit of a bunda rule someone someone is speeding speeding down the road so do that don't just sign up to the latest deal there are deals that come up ban on hot you get deals as well so you'll see them and they'll be saying like this is a really good deal you can go and compare the market money supermarket all that sort of stuff and they'll tell you when the good deals are out and there sometimes are really good deals but still and you can always push it look especially if you've been a low customer you can play that card and you can try and get a bit more out of it to make a bet for you so that's your porn that's your TV same goes for car insurance your home insurance anything that all over news when you got the letter through the post don't just look at it and be like wicked if any of you details have changed give them a little call tell them you do have changed or tell them you don't need that much go back don't do that many miles actually I don't need this I haven't used it all that sort of stuff and before you know what you're gonna save yourself some money and then you can put that money into whatever the you want cuz it's your money instead of just giving it away you can make it rain a little bit so if that helped everyone obviously I'll put some text as well to go a little bit more detail about what you can do to try and save money you not get ripped off and get the best deal out of there if I have saved anyone some money then wicked I'm happy if you've enjoyed this video if you found it and fold it give it a big thumbs up leave a comment down below click Subscribe before I want to force new video and click the bell if you want to be notified when I post new video actually I think I just said the same thing that didn't know click Subscribe then click the bell if you want to know what I post new video try and do them once a week I'm good like that alright then guys thanks very much for watching