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#KBC #Get GOLD ASAP! #Karatbars #UNV CHEAP! - by #LuckyRico

**#KBC #Get GOLD ASAP! #Karatbars #UNV CHEAP! – by #LuckyRico**



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Public PGR August 3rd, 2019 – Richmond, VA Earn Income Saving your own money and by spreading …

5 Extremely Rich People Who Live as Poor

**5 Extremely Rich People Who Live as Poor**



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Please, tell me, have you ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire? A beautiful life, a couple of planes, a mansion in the Caribbean and a company producing your favorite kind of sweets… Well, why not? Real millionaires can afford all this! But yeah, not all the owners of huge fortunes like to waste money. Even if they have the opportunity to live a luxurious life, they are still modest and thrifty people. Or they just hide carefully their wealth and luxury items, so that no one could ever find them. And now we are gonna show you the most modest rich people.
hi guys please tell me have you ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire a beautiful life a couple of planes a mansion in the Caribbean and the company producing your favorite kind of sweets well why not real millionaires can afford all this but yet not all the owners of huge fortunes like to waste money even if they have the opportunity to live a luxurious life they are still modest and thrifty people or they just hide carefully their wealth and luxury items so that no one could ever find them and now we are gonna show you the most modest rich people Tim Cook Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple for six years now he managed to accumulate a solid capital during all this time according to various sources his fortune exceeds 500 million dollars just imagine that pile of money imagine how many things you can buy however Tim leads a modest lifestyle for a millionaire he likes cycling and wearing simple office clothes also his house in Palo Alto is only 2,400 square feet that is practically a hut compared to other properties in the Silicon Valley when asked about his lifestyle cook states that his modest lifestyle helps him remember how he started and where he comes from besides he says that money is not a motivation for Sergey Brin it's probably a bit strange to see in this list a person who actually possesses two personal aircraft and elite properties but Sergey Brin one of the founders of Google sticks to the principles of saving despite having a fortune of more than forty billion dollars for example he purchases a special annual discount in a store chain of inexpensive clothing where he renews his wardrobe yes you got it right the person who created Google every year purchases a discount card in an inexpensive clothing store moreover Sergey Brin hasn't changed this tradition in many years but if his love for cheap clothes seems to you an insufficient argument then here are some more facts Brin says that he always compares prices in stores and buys products where they are cheaper and he never leaves anything uneaten in a restaurant Mark Zuckerberg who doesn't know the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg maybe you've even seen the movie where Jesse Eisenberg portrays him but if you haven't seen it don't worry according to Mark himself the film wasn't very truthful today one of the richest technological magnates despite having an impressive capital of more than 71 billion still looks like a poor student and is clearly not going to change his lifestyle he wears simple sweatshirts and Adidas flip-flops and he has about two dozen absolutely identical t-shirts with the logo of a well-known social network in his wardrobe of all the food Marc prefers McDonald's even during the wedding trip he didn't change his tastes and was seen in one of these restaurants with his young wife by the way the wedding was also very modest they got married in the backyard of their house with only 100 guests and after the ceremony they all had sushi it doesn't seem like we are talking about the founder of the most popular social network in the world right Warren Buffett the 87 year old American entrepreneur and head of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett is not only the world's the largest investor but also a very modest man he even complained to the US government that he pays not enough taxes despite his multimillion-dollar fortune Buffett still lives in his old two-story house in Omaha which he bought back in 1957 like Mark Zuckerberg Warren prefers to eat fast food he liked one fast food chain so much that he bought the whole chain according to the billionaire he tries to avoid luxury goods because any expensive purchases are an extra pain in the neck although this didn't prevent Buffett from buying several private jet planes but what can you do even the most modest rich men have weaknesses invar comprar IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad is sometimes called the most modest billionaire in the world and this is quite right in one interview he revealed that his car was more than 15 years old but if this can be explained by some touching affection for his Iron Horse the economy class flights clearly show his tremendous modesty in addition on business trips the billionaire stays only in three-star hotels uses mainly public transportation dines in small restaurants and even eats hamburgers according to Ingvar his whole house is fit out with expensive furniture from Ikea with the exception of an old chair and a clock he has been using this chair for more than 30 years and obviously he doesn't plan to part with it after all says Ingvar new is not always better

Harbor Freight Inside Track Club Coupons And TOOL DEALS

**Harbor Freight Inside Track Club Coupons And TOOL DEALS**



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Tech Deals –

The Most Harbor Freight Thing Ever –


LTE Rechargeable Work Light –

12V Floor Jack –

Goldblatt Laser Measure –

Mossy Oak Knife –

Ampeak Power Inverter –

Auto Body Clips –

Makita Cordless Blower –

Northern Tool LED Light –

Home Depot Milwaukee Deals –

Tacklife Cordless Drill –

Menards Crazy Days –

Walmart Armor All Deal –

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hey guys welcome back to the circuit of a youtube channel so this video we have some more amazing tool deals for you all so we're gonna take a look at the latest inside track Club coupons from Harbor Freight it's the weekly coupons these go until July 30th and it's the small list of I think it's like ten or twelve coupons we'll save that for the end take a look at those for the struggle well deal of the day we have the Bosch 24 piece impact tough screw screw driving custom case system their bits their bits is what they are $9.99 on Amazon if I believe we talked about this yesterday if I remember the post correctly Lowe's has the same set for twenty dollars right now but 24 bits for ten bucks is a really good deal so we have that for you and if you're on a desktop that loads on the right side if you're on a mobile or tablet device it loads at the bottom of the page everything else I'll put the links down below to all of the deals first thing is not actually a deal but a video I post a little while ago about Harbor Freight and an item that I received that I bought at Harbor Freight and it had a peculiar problem that does not surprise me at all when it comes to Harbor free not shocking I'll try and link that down below – otherwise it's on the homepage for the rest of the day probably first we have a returner but it was a while ago is either March or may I can't remember now LED light bars from LED mercy they're 50% off we actually open up the post which I'm going to have to do to show you so we have a promo code that's taking 50% off but then some of the items have coupons on the Amazon item detail page but there are six different sets of lights that we're taking 50% off of any of these prices so you can see where these are the 7 inch – piece of five-inch – piece another 7 inch another 5 inch I don't know if these are floods and maybe the other ones were spot anyway you have a bunch of different options and we're taking at least 50% off of these because I noticed some had coupons to go along with it so if you haven't in the past gotten your led like bars like pods now is a perfect time to get a good deal on them what do we like to see oh yeah I'm thinking returns like things I saw in Amazon eBay returns I don't like those kind of returns at all those returns suck not only are you out the item because you sold it to the person new and they're gonna return it damaged and broken and so you're out the item you can't resell it to somebody else and then Amazon or Ebay is gonna charge you the shipping both ways and if it's anything over a pound it's gonna cost at least $10 so I got a refund on the original shipping $10 I got to pay for the return shipping $10 and I got a goddamn item that used to be new and it's no longer new and I have to give them their money back so I don't have the item and I'm out 20 bucks and they're not gonna refund some of the fees Oh returns are a pain in the ass why did you get me started on the word returns yeah returning deals yeah well let's just be more specific and what kind of returns we're talking about here oh okay next we have a rechargeable work light a 20 watt 1600 lumen portable floodlight it's 40 299 we're gonna cut that in half so we're gonna pay about $21 supposed to go through August 1st which is only a week away we'll probably make that I have a mild level of confidence that we'll see that end this thing was so cool and confusing as I'm not even sure what exactly I'm looking at so if anyone buys this please let me know what you think of it because this thing is kind of cool but weird it's 12 volts no plugs into your cigarette lighter in your car it's an electric hydraulic floor jack set for emergencies assuming maybe not for emergencies but it looks like it has an impact to take the lug nuts off and this little thing right here is the actually the jack it's 12-volt so it'll jack up the car it's only one ton so you know depending what you have I just thought that's awesome and it comes in a little case you can jack it up you can take the wheel off it's all in this little 12-volt thingy goofy and kind of cool and anyways it's eighty eight ninety nine but we have a 40% off promo code supposed to go through the end of August or the mid of August the mid to end of August however we don't trust the expiration dates with the promo codes because companies can kill the deal at any time for any reason or it could be a very popular deal and they sell out in either event you want to buy now and not wait till later so if you wait till later you're a crybaby with the tear in your beer everybody hates you especially your dog because he has to sit there and listen to your all day long he tired of that you know bite you right in the nuts while you're sleeping you ever been bitten the nuts while you're sleeping that's not a way to wake up yeah that's part of waking up it's fold using your cup and a bite to the nuts but your former best friend yeah it is awful Maxwell House blue can go black we got the laser measure it's the 50-footer this time so remember the last deal was a hundred-foot laser measure $35.99 but we're taking 75% off so you're only gonna pay nine dollars goes through the 28th if you already about the hundred-foot one maybe you buy the fifty foot for a friend and then you can brag to them how yours is better yours is longer than theirs anyway so that's that's a thing that's their mossy oak we got the tactical folding knife stainless steel pocket knife every day carry it's 1199 so it's twelve bucks we had a 50% of promo code going through the 28th gonna pay $6 free shipping for prime members fantastic and peak 50% off good for today only as with all and peak deals it's a hundred watt car power inverter 2.1 amp USB adapter and you got the little AC outlet $14.99 we're taking half of that cutting it in half $7.50 very nice we haven't seen a deal on one of these in a long long time I can't even remember the brand we used to see oh I remember sanaka soon it was sanaka soon used to be the company we'd see similar sets from but it's been four or five six months now it's been a long time since we've seen them anyway 460 piece auto body retainer clips plastic fasteners with removal tools and this even though mine was a different brand it looks like the exact same damn tools little plastic pry bars then you got this male pry bar for this style clip right here we out the center piece and the whole thing comes out anyway you get that and then you get all the different types of plastic clips and stuff eighteen ninety-nine we're taking off one-third one-third of 18 is 6 but it's a little bit more so let's call it 633 let's not because I can't do that math 19 minus 6 is 13 14 13 I don't know whatever it is that's that's about what the price is going to be still on Amazon we got the makita 18 bulk x to 36 volt uses to 18 volt batteries brushless cordless blower it's the tool only but Amazon was selling it for 103 possibly 103 99 by Noah was 103 and Home Depot has the exact same thing for 219 Acme tools as it for 219 so if you're in the makita platform and you need a little blowing in your life you can get this one for 103 something northern tool very kind of similar to the amazon deal we talked about earlier it's the eyes oome rechargeable portable floodlight 600 lumens it is currently on sale for $19.99 and is normally $40 if you have a northern tool by you you can pick up in door for free or I believe it was like six dollars for shipping at least to my address I don't know if that's a flat rate or if it actually calculates it probably a flat rate most places are well I kind of like this one actually like it better that it has the little 12 volt charger – and I don't think the other one had that but it also maybe might be smaller just the bender that makes it me think it's small anyway let's go onto page two let's see if there's anything else for the day oh yes oh yes there was we have the Home Depot special buy of the day and it's our Matt tastic buddy okay Matt tastic deal of the day save up to 50% off Milwaukee power tools and accessories so it's a bunch of these kits where you get the you buy the power tool and you get the starter kit but then they had other things they like a plier set in there and it's some apparel there's all sorts of things there's 25 different items so it's a bunch my personal favorite the one that I am him Hein about is the orbital sander with the starter kit I believe that's a 5 and a 2 amp hour battery you're getting with it for those of you have been following along at home I have the m18 pole saw and we whacker with the 9 amp hour battery and I need something that can hold out while that 9 amp hour battery is recharging something in the 5 would be perfect because it should last hopefully long enough for the 9 amp hour to recharge I really don't need the sander as I have a corded Milwaukee orbital sander but I'm tempted I am tempted anyway they had a bunch of other stuff so check it out if you're in Milwaukee's platform the picture never loads on this it didn't load right the last time I posted it either anyways we got the only tact life deal I think the only tech life deal for the day the toy volt electric drill half inch metal Chuck ain't that cheap ass plastic Chuck like the warrior at Harbor Freight gives you this is a metal Chuck I like my Chuck's metal heavy metal 66 97 boy twenty dollar coupon in the Amazon item detail page so 4697 currently and we talked about this and at least a video yesterday at the Barnard's crazy day sale this weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday open up that poster has all the ads scans and a full list of the free and really good deal items and the armor-all thing if you do want to take advantage of it it is your last day to do so I did get my points from swag bucks and my points so I bought four of these bottles right here and got paid how much 17 dollars or so so I get those four for free and I got paid that's an amazing deal okay let's move on to the Harbor Freight coupons that's what you came for there are the inside track Club coupons exclusively for members only kind of so if you add let's say the creeper the creepy creeper to your cart you could add or use this promo code right here to complete your purchase and get this price otherwise take a screenshot bring it in store show it to the cashier you should be fine these end on July 30th then we're going to have the huge list of inside track Club coupons it's like two hundred five coupons I actually have the regular ad in the mail actually ever here did you hear that was that very annoying that was me hitting the microphone with the ad but this ad does not have inside track Club coupons and last month I didn't get my ad with the inside track load coupons until like the 15th so we'll see what happens I might have to just pull them off online although I feel like they're a little blurry when you do it that way so we're gonna avoid it if we can anyway that's the big les 200 coupons that I'll be coming up soon and then we'll also get all of the regular coupon catalog things uploaded to the website and be ready to go all right that's it those are the inside track hope coupons maybe you saw something you like maybe see a tool deal like all the links will be down below make sure you get a view like subscribe for my subscriber check out the website struggle then that which Breyer you know but I got to eat up twenty seconds so that my end screen things don't pop up and block the coupons and I think it's been twenty seconds so thank you guys





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hey folks wisteria here and today I saw this amazing post on animal chimps Instagram page talking about a new code it's um like wow you know what this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna make an animal jam video I have a lot to go over in this video actually so we're just gonna be helping or right into it first of all be sure to stick around slim very into this video because at the end of this video I'm going to be announcing the winner into the giveaway that I put in one of my previous videos which I'll put up on the screen right now and then after that I'm going to be hosting a new cafe for all of you to enter in the comments of this video so you all should definitely stick around to the end because then you have a chance to get your paws on some juicy bears and we all know how exciting that is so yeah stick around another thing I'm gonna mention did you all know that I actually have a vlog channel that's right since literally every single day I'm getting comments from people being like man I used to love watching you like three years ago all right guys I get the message I get what you're trying to say here you're getting too old for my videos well guess what I have a vlog channel with Styria like and I just uploaded a new vlog on there which I'll put up on the screen right now y'all should definitely check it out leave me a nice comment put your animaljam username at the end and assuming I have the time I will give you an autograph on Animal Jam that is right some good old fashioned incentives I'll say this is viable for up to the first two hundred comments ya guys should definitely go check that out and while we're at it I'm just gonna throw another little March promo that's right get yourself some snazzy merch on WWE Asteria world.com link in description we've got a lot of snazzy stuff on there with all different price ranges so no excuses folks check it out get yourself some snazzy wisteria apparel and now we'll get into the main point of this video the guts so the point is that Animal Jam for the first time in what seems like years has actually just come out with a brand's new promo code we're all jammers to use which is incredible stuff so I wanted to take an opportunity to make a video about this because it's just so rare for Animal Jam to actually introduce promo codes so let's give the good old Instagram post to read and check this out so if you go to animal jams Instagram which you can either follow them on and severe more good the desktop version instagram.com such animaljam uh you will see that they post a ton of helpful animal gym update related facts and like some really cool fan art and today they just created this post called well I don't really know if post have a title but anyways it's called celebrating Apollo 11 the post reads join us as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing 50 years ago today American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldrin set foot upon the surface of the Moon while Michael Collins flew the command module in lunar orbit solo for nearly eight days honor of these three brave heroes like an animal Jim calm into the coat Apollo 11 this code will be available for three dates only Saturday July 20th through Monday July 22nd delivering three lunar den items join us in celebrating the Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary hashtag animal Jim house check Apollo 11 Wow such insightful stuff we're really commending animaljam for throwing a little education or way and while they're at it some free items I think that this is a really nice feature and an all seriousness for the amount that I'm actually like kind of trivializing it this is a really cool thing for Animal Jam to do why because animal Jim never released his new promo codes anymore now I understand it might not be in their best interest because the whole point of like animal jam is for people to try to earn items on their own and that's kind of what keeps people playing an animal Jim can't just give up free stuff all the time however promo codes are a great opportunity for a lot of people especially Animal Jam youtubers because I'm telling you it gets hard creating Animal Jam videos sometimes I'm not gonna lie to you guys but aside from that it's also a really good opportunity to get people logging in get them excited get them really into different events so I really don't understand why Animal Jam hasn't been putting out more promo codes but I guess we should focus on the positives here they finally have one there's also a catch this promo code so I'm gonna start this off by redeeming it and just seeing what happens so without disclosing any of the previous disasters that unfolded let's go ahead and type in Apollo 11 of course can't even enter this code right alright continue click to get your gift and there we have it folks rare moon hat spectacular so as promised we are supposed to be receiving the reed n items end of our hat actually I don't know if everyone gets her hat I'm actually really confused well anyways I don't really know what the deal with this is according to the post we're just supposed to be receiving three rare dine items but now we have a rare moon Hat so that's exciting see what our den items are alright so you've got Rover Trax lunar footprints and a moon rock lamp now that seems pretty consistent with what everyone's been receiving but here's the tea folks here's the tea so earlier when jammers were first redeeming this promo code for whatever reason they were getting a Finland flag instead of a lunar hat all right let's try this again here we go Apollo 11 blast off Finland thank Allah for to continue and we have our promo gifts already so first of all we have a Finland flag I did not know about this is really cute actually so yeah they are got actually all of these lunar items they got the rover tracks the gosh whatever this is the lunar footprints the rover tracks in the moon rockland got all that but the hats no they definitely did not get the Hat they actually got a Finland flag don't ask me why but I just think this is hilarious because Finland is just one of those few countries you rarely hear about please if you are from Finland do not be offended I actually feel like I have a good number of fans in Finland so I'm not saying it's in a relevant country I'm just saying you don't always hear about it it's like what are the odds of all items that animal Jim could possibly accidentally send out it would be Finland like it's just so hilarious to me I just think it's so great I think it's just such a hilarious meme I'm probably gonna be making some memes about this I don't know maybe I have a really stupid sense of humor but I think it's hilarious like come on folks it's just so great another tidbit aside from the promo code disaster with the Finland flag accidentally being sent out um we also have something else that's really interesting ajhq actually sent out some rare gifts to the gym basa ders I kind of feel like I'm flexing here but honestly it can't be anything too too special I am very curious so I'm very curious to see what they've said because I think they just realized oh hey to get word of our promo code out there we'll send the gym best or some extra special stuff so yeah that's basically what's going on here let's give this gift a good old open shall we and here we have the lunar landing pod huh I honest know if this has come out yet or not I'm really not up to date no Jim Barris I should probably be a lot more excited but I don't really know the significance of these items we've got a lunar rover interesting so yeah I'm just gonna casually look this up real quick all righty so according to the animaljam wiki the lunar rover definitely has come out but I don't know if this is rare I guess it hasn't come out in like a really long time so watch this item suddenly get a bunch of clout just because everyone's gonna all of a sudden be looking for and then realize that probably no one even has these items because yeah I don't think these space themed items have really been out for a while let's check up on the other one okay so this one according to my observations is significantly less rare than the rover because it was rereleased oh wait JK this was also read the least so I don't really know guys I really have no idea about the significance of these items all I know is that this is a special additional gift from a GHQ to the gym bass udders so you guys shouldn't really be expecting like anything other than these three items but hey if it happens you can feel pretty special about yourself because I don't know I don't know what their thought process was I'm saying this stuff out either way I'm very grateful to ajhq for the added gifts I definitely would not have had these items before but yeah I appreciate them especially given the past history of the moon landing I think that is some super cool stuff but mostly what I find funniest about this whole experience is just the disaster of the Finland flag we came along with the oh my goodness that did not sound good hopefully y'all didn't hear that anyways all very unexpected but very fun I really do enjoy that I received a pink moon hat honestly I think this fits might look pretty stunningly because you know I'm with Syria moon and I now have a moon hat that's pink and matches my pink rock like that is some extravaganza I'm gonna be parading this around for a while of course only tragic thing going along with this is that moon hats have probably dropped in rarity a lot I kind of do you think it'd be cool if animal Jim released some like unique item but whatever I I really can't expect it at this point so I'm actually gonna be logging out real quick and trying to redeem this code on my spare account to see if we get some other kind of at color because I'm curious to see how that works so I am now on the good old handy spared count but uh yeah let's just go to the redeem code option type in Apollo 11 and we'll see what we get alrighty so we got a blue or a moon hat that has some same stuff got the same color of Rover tracks in color lunar footprints I don't even think they come in different colors TV a chance than a green moon rock limps I'm pretty sure that these will always remain the same color but then we get varying colors of the rare moon hats so you know if you want to start up a moon Hat color collection just start redeeming this code on a bunch of accounts or trading for it that could be some fun stuff I don't really know how well it'll hold its value but yeah alrighty guys so I guess that's just going to wrap things up for this little image ampere oh no code redemption slash reveal slash review I'm pretty excited about this and hopefully we can petition animal Jim to bring out more promo codes on that beautiful note I'm actually going to be purchasing some good old Vinland flags as a tribute to Animal Jam failures and shortcomings gonna be plastering a good number of these all over my den all right everyone just spam Finland flags all over Animal Jam we're making a new holiday folks this is gonna be the newest meme of Animal Jam and yeah let's go and pop these in we love Finland we're showing our Finland Jam or some loaf oh yes eNOS anyways folks before I believe it is time for me to announce the winner so they give away that I hosted in my last video that how to give away the winner to this had the username me self to and this jammer correctly followed all of the giveaway requirements which were to leave the like in the video subscribe to my channel and leave a comment containing their Animal Jam username and their favorite unreleased items yes see what happens focus when you follow the rules you might win a prize so let's go ahead and attach their prize of these short yellow where spiked collar huh there we go beautiful um I'll just say congrats Oh congrats to you myself too and scent so folks now is your chance to enter another snazzy giveaway in the comments of this video so the giveaway is going to be for this glorious short black where spiked color that's right we're just stepping it up folks anyways in order to enter this giveaway all you must do is leave a comment below containing your geom username and a gift that you would have animaljam make a promo code for I feel like I've asked people to come this a bunch in the past but whatever we're doing it again because Animal Jam clearly needs some more inspiration oh and of course as always you also have to like the video subscribe to our Channel and hit the bell icon next to the subscribe button to be notified of my uploads and yeah it may or may not host a bonus giveaway randomly chosen from people who leave a nice comment on my latest vlog on wisteria life that's right you heard it here folks but I swear if it's something like just an animal gym username or own G give me a spike like nah that's not a qualifying comments definitely gotta be something related to the vlog I mean you can just casually slip your animal gym username at the end you know but it's got to be authentic and real all right at the very least you'll probably get an autograph so yeah folks anyways that is just about going to wrap it up for this little code redemption video I really hope that you enjoyed it as always thank you all so much for watching don't forget to comment like and subscribe and I'll see you in my next video