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Car insurance made simple

**Car insurance made simple**



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Root uses AI to save you money. How? By learning how you drive, and then giving you a rate based primarily on your actual driving behavior. Better driving = more savings. It’s stupid simple. Download and take your own test drive today!
okay we're route and we save you money on your car insurance by using a I seriously sounds crazy but it's stupid simple download the app and take the route test-drive the better you're driving the more you save in fact good drivers save up to fifty two percent off their car insurance so stop paying for bad drivers agents and big marketing budgets and take control by getting fair insurance a try start your test drive with route today

Root Insurance: Why Car Insurance is So Expensive

**Root Insurance: Why car insurance is so expensive**



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Do you think you’re paying a fair rate for car insurance? If you’re a good driver, you’re probably not. 30% of bad drivers cause more than 50% of the claims. So at Root, we don’t insure them — saving good drivers even more money. Try it today and save up to 52% off of our current rates.

let me ask you something do you think your car insurance rate is fair the premiums you pay cover the accidents for all insured drivers and not all of them are good drivers well a Trude insurance we had an idea we said let's take the worst drivers out of the equation that's right we don't insure them period with route you're not paying for bad drivers accidents which means you save up to 52 percent on your car insurance so how much would you save take route for a ride and find out download the app today