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♥ The real tips , tricks and potential scams you need to know about before booking your trip to Las Vegas. Get cheap flights, cheap food, cheap beverages AND have more cash in your pocket♥









➳ All statements in this video are from my own personal experience. I absolutely love my Vegas vacations and you should too!! This video is just a heads up about a lot of things that I have experienced and learned from. My goal is to make your trip as budget friendly and happy as possible. Don’t feel bad about saying no – it’s your money and you should never have to give your personal information to strangers. Beware of giving money to anyone who is acting as a third party for companies, hotels and nightclubs. Always go straight to the source. The hotels are INCREDIBLE at helping with any confirmations or clarifications of any potential scams you may be experiencing.

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F T C Disclaimer ➳ This video is NOT sponsored. The views expressed in this video are my own opinion and in no way affiliated to any companies what-so-ever.

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so you want to go to Las Vegas stick with me and I'll give you some tips on how to make it as cheap as possible if you're going on a budget so you want to go to Las Vegas and you're on a budget you're maybe going with some friends maybe going with your significant other I want to help you plan your trip to Vegas as cheaply inexpensively and budget friendly as possible so that you have more money for shopping more money to really be comfortable and enjoy yourself on your trip Vegas is a great wonderful happy place but there is a side to it where you can really get swindled and I just want to help you guys out anyways let's get started all right so tip number one is the booking process so if you are flying from Canada I highly highly I have cat hair on my lips so if you are flying from Canada my number one tip is to fly through the United States it literally pays to cross the border into the States and find the closest airport to you through the United States because you will literally save yourself probably at least four hundred dollars just driving across the border and flying out of the closest airport possible to you I'm gonna give you an example now when we look at flights out of ybr at Vancouver Airport we see the prices at about four five hundred dollars per person and that's usually like just for flying now if we book our flights out of Bellingham in Washington State for example which is like a 20-minute drive from our house we will literally get flights from $89 per person to a hundred and fifty dollars per person tops I think 150 is the highest we've ever paid for flights that in itself you're saving a ton of cash on your flights so it really really pays if you're able to cross the border and go down to the United States to fly to Vegas you will see a significant difference in your costs now we always booked through Allegiant Air and I have to say it's not exactly the most fancy airline on planet Earth so just bring your smartphone with you and plug in your headphones and just relax they've got a good selection of drinks they have a good selection of snacks and everything like that all in all I've had a good experience with Allegiant you do have to pay for your bags so this is another part of it where you need to be a little bit careful about what you pack and if you can try and get everything into like one suitcase that would be the cheapest way to do it that's the amount of money that you're saving it really does pay for itself so another part about the booking process is to book around pool season now if you don't feel it completely necessary to be like out clubbing and like going to the pool parties and everything if you book in-between pool seasons in the wintertime it's significantly cheaper my husband and I won Christmas we literally got both of us for our flights and hotel we paid 350 for both of us to go down for like four days it was crazy so it's always worth a shot to have a look at the offseason and another thing is is to really consider going to Vegas Sunday to Thursday now that's usually when my husband and I go because we we've been 17 times and in some of those times we've gone on the weekends and it was just chaos like drunk people everywhere and like it was just crazy busy everywhere so we actually really enjoy going Sunday to Thursday because there's not so many people there the strip isn't as busy and the malls and everything are a lot more quiet so I just find people are a lot more team Sunday to Thursday okay so one thing I wanted to talk about is when you actually land at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas there is one big thing I want to talk about is the taxicabs there's gonna be a huge lineup to get into the taxis like this lineup is a lineup that I have never seen before in my whole life when you get in the cab the cab driver is gonna kind of fill you out so don't tell them even if it is your first time in Vegas don't tell them it's your first time in Vegas because you know what they're gonna do is they're gonna feel you out they're gonna see if you know where you're going or not and they're gonna take you the long way to your hotel when it's literally like a ten minute drive they're gonna take you for a 30-minute drive to your hotel it's happened to us now we just tell the cab driver as soon as we get in the cab can you please take us on the highway that way the cab driver knows they know where they're going I can't rip them off and ever since our cab rides have been like 10 to 15 maybe max $20 so just keep that in mind any taxicabs that you get into you need to be really clear about which way you want to go or else they're gonna take you on a ride literally on a ride so the next thing I want to talk about is the hotel now hotels are an entity within themselves so my first suggestion is when you show up is to go sign up for a total rewards card or an M life card depending on where you're staying that way I find personally the hotel pays better attention to you and there are special lineups in the hotels for total rewards customers for example if you are signed up with their rewards program they will treat you better they'll give you better deals and they'll give you discounts for booking next time all the mlife and total rewards links are down below here for you guys to sign up it's so important you guys you're gonna get treated a hundred times better than if you were just a regular customer so the next thing I want to talk about is when you get up to the teller at the hotel you want you ask them if they have any room upgrades and as cheap as you sound just do it trust me because we were able to upgrade for example at the Wynn we went from a standard room up to one of their really amazing Suites for pretty much an extra twenty bucks a night so it's totally worth it and if you want you can fly the little $20 bill to the person at the teller there and say hey have you got any room upgrades for me trust me it works and especially if it's your birthday or like a special occasion it's always worth a shot to ask them if there's an upgrade we went there on our honeymoon and we were at the Mirage and they upgraded us and they left us some really nice gifts on the bed when we got there so it was just really nice and it's always good to let them know kind of what's going on so that they can kind of tailor to what you need so my other suggestion when you get to the hotel to save money is ask the front desk if they can bring up a fridge yes there are mini fridges mini fridges and it's so super convenient and this is going to be the key part that leads into my next tip food I am not much of a foodie I do like to eat but I'm a vegetarian and there's a lot of restrictions on my diet it was kind of funny because once I became a vegetarian I realized how much Vegas can actually really rip you off in terms of food because I'm only really ordering like salads and stuff like that and like bread so I realized that there was a way of eating in Vegas that was a lot cheaper and easier and everything so I have to say getting that mini-fridge was a game changer for us because we figured out that we were able to save a whole ton of money with snacks and everything and you know ten dollars here ten dollars there to get a snack at Starbucks a snack here back there it can turn into like 2030 dollars just to get a snack somewhere and that's where Vegas kind of gets you is the snacks and the like little treats and in between meals kind of thing what we do is we will go to the local corner store as soon as we get to Vegas we got our mini fridge we get up to our room we get settled we go to the corner store like an ampm or something down the street or Walgreens and we will load up on snacks so that we are able to eat kind of in those weird in-between times and save money that is a huge huge money saver what's great as I can pack some fruit in my bag I can pack a yogurt and stuff like that and just eat that while we're walking down the strip now another thing about saving money I guess this could be considered food as well is with alcohol we will always go and grab like a two sticks of vodka and stick it in our mini-fridge that way you're not again stopping and buying drinks here and there and if we want to just pack a drink to go you know when we're heading out for the day we'll get like a pop bottle and just fill it with a little vodka and then that way we have a drink to kind of walk up and down the strip with and that saves a ton of money as well because you're not purchasing alcohol at all of these different stops and that again is where Vegas is going to get you is with the drinks it's like 20 bucks for a drink here one time in Caesars Palace it was thirty dollars for a vodka Diet Coke it was ridiculous so it makes me sound like a bit of an alcoholic but it's it really helps us save a ton of money when we're in Vegas we will go to the South outlets and the North outlets first before doing any shopping on the strip I will always go check out the outlets first and then save a little bit for shopping on the strip because there are some special things on the strip that you can't find anywhere else another thing is if you're getting any kind of memorabilia for your family and friends any of those you know the famous Las Vegas shirts and shot glasses and mugs and all of that honest to God we went that Christmas I just told you about we went at Christmas and I was like I'll just get a bunch of mementos for my family for Christmas the prices of those mementos on the strip were like insane and if you want to get like a Las Vegas shirt or a mug or shot glass or any kind of things like that my number one tip is to go to Fremont Street just head down to Fremont Street and I'm not even kidding you guys I found the same shirts the same mugs the same shot glasses on Fremont Street for about 1/8 of the price of what they were on the strip so if you want to get any kind of gifts or anything like that any clothing that has Las Vegas on it take the time to go down to Fremont Street it will be way way way cheaper but yeah it's just good to note that any kind of touristy kind of things on the strip are going to be significantly more expensive on the strip than in Fremont so it's worth it to just get away from the hype of the strip and go check out Fremont Street you're going to come across a whole bunch of people whether on the strip in the malls in the casinos you're gonna come across a lot of people that try to pull you aside and tell you about this great deal or can you pay for this rap CD all the way to skincare people in the kiosks at the mall pulling you aside trying to rope you into spending like two $300 on skin care products that you don't need and you're gonna have people in the casinos pulling you aside and saying hey how long are you in town for that is the number one thing you gotta listen for is how long are you in town for do not get roped into anyone trying to pull you off to the side to talk to you about anything don't you know what I do and I feel like such a jerk when I do this is I do not engage I just keep looking straight ahead and I ignore them and it's bad of a person as I feel doing that I I've been roped in so many times you know spending twenty thirty dollars here what we do is we respond to the people saying hey how long are you in town for we just say we're leaving tonight and then they go okay and then they leave us alone because what they're trying to do is rope you into things just keep looking ahead they're just trying to take your money and that's one unfortunate part of Vegas that is a real downfall is people will try and stop you on every block trying to get you to give them money and the first few times we went we totally got roped into it so don't be afraid to say no and just keep walking ahead now that brings me in to the next money-saving situation you're gonna have a lot of people stopping you in the streets to talk about clubbing this is a big big thing now you know those promoter guides the club promoter guys that stand on the strip if you haven't been there they literally stand on the strip in front of the casinos try and stop you and tell you to buy VIP tickets here free drinks here here is a scam city documentary down below linked for you to watch because these are just random people that buy bulk tickets from the club and they're just printed tickets a lot of them are meaningless and they just sell them to you for twenty or thirty dollars they take that money and they go with that ticket doesn't have anything to do with the club and they don't acknowledge it so that's happened to us a few times where we bought VIP tickets for like access and everything like that and then we show up at the door and they're like this has nothing to do with us so you know keep that in mind if there's gonna be a lot of people pulling you off to the side trying to rip you off in terms of nightclubs now what you can do is you can phone the nightclub directly the nightclubs actually have people standing there during daytime hours taking your name taking your information of how many people are coming with you don't get sucked into the people on the strip trying to make you pay them go into the hotel directly with the nightclub that you want to go to they actually have people standing outside taking your information and your money so the next thing of piggybacking on that is show tickets show tickets oh my goodness you guys again there's gonna be people on the street trying to rope you into by show tickets there's these little booths that are called like cheap ticket sales there's one at Fashion Show Mall and there's one out front of the M&M factory on the strip they're not necessarily the cheap tickets what they do is they buy wholesale tickets off the hotels and then they will sell them for ever so slightly lower price then that's the actual show would sell them to you they will charge you service fees they're gonna charge you all of these additional charges by the time you're done paying for the tickets you're paying pretty much the same price as anyone else who went up to the actual show box office and bought the tickets they're just go to the hotel directly go to the box office of the show that you want to go to and buy your ticket there and my last big tip is my Vegas now this is such a fun game I think I pretty much only have Facebook now so that I can play my Vegas blots now this just started up a couple years ago and it's a casino style kind of game where you use like fake money basically to accumulate loyalty points so what's great about my Vegas is that you can get loyalty points and actually spend them on real things in Vegas for example you can get free buffets free dinners for two you can get free nights at hotels it's really really great so if you haven't signed up for my Vegas it's really fun and you just play it a little bit every day to kind of get your points up and then you can use those oil tea points to buy things in Vegas all right guys so those were my tips for traveling to Las Vegas if you have any questions please put them down below I'm more than happy to help answer anything that you have to ask I've got all of the booking information down below that I utilize for our trips and that's it so make sure to follow me on facebook snapchat instagram twitter thank you so much for watching and hit that subscribe button if you haven't already and give this video a big thumbs up if you really found it helpful it helps me out and I hope I can help you out thank you so much for watching and we'll see you guys in my next video bye