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Decoration Farming - Complete Strategy Guide - Monster Hunter World

**Decoration Farming – Complete Strategy Guide – Monster Hunter World**



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This guide covers everything you would want to know about finishing your collection of Decorations – including drop rates, farming priorities, First Wyvern Rituals and the Elder Melder Glitch (aka, the savescum exploit). We even talk about how to finish this exploit on the Xbox.

You can watch a full video on making a cloud save on the PS4 here:

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decorations are one of the few things in the game that make you powerful decorations and augmentations I would say and so finishing your decoration collection it's not only tedious and difficult takes forever and if you don't want to be playing this game for 2,000 hours to unlock all of the rarest decorations then you'll want to listen up to the advice I have here because I have great advice on how to farm for them efficiently but also I'm going to be telling you how to use the elder melter efficiently and I will finish with telling you how to do the elder elder glitch aka is a safes come I'll tell you how to do that as well I also want to point out I'll be able to tell the Xbox players how to do it the best way cuz I actually play on the Xbox and I fiddled around with it and I found the best method so I'm gonna be doing that in that order and I hope you guys will stick around for it all face stones are a tempered investigation reward you are interested in unlocking the Warped and the worn face tones because they give you a 5% and a 2% chance of unlocking the very valuable s tear decorations if you just focus on the sto decorations all of the decorations underneath it will naturally become unlocked as you pursue the decorations with the lowest drop rate so the question is how do I get more warped and worn face stones you want to get yourself into temperate investigations there's two types of temperate investigations you want to get into threat level 3 and threat level 2 tempered investigations threat level 3 Investigations include Kieren Nagi ghonte Kassala dota t Ostra val hoseok and probably deviljho the threat level 3 investigations actually have a lower drop rate for the Warped face tone 13% as opposed to 26% literally half but the reason you should still be interested in doing these is because you get a 12% chance of a warrior's stream stone those are used in augmentation and 8 3% chance for the hero stream stone those are used in augmentation for the rarest weapons in the game ok so you need those stream stones in order to upgrade your weapons it's one of the only other ways to become powerful in this game and so the reason I would prioritize those threat level three investigations first is because you're going to get those augmentations completed and once the augmentations are done you're gonna jump right over to the threat level two investigations threat level two investigations do not have a chance for a hero stream stone and they only have a 3% chance for a warrior's stream stone however they have a 26% chance for the Warped face stone that's the highest rate for the Warped face stone and it's really what you're interested in so let's recap real fast you need these warped face stone and worn face stones for a five percent in a two percent chance of the rarest decorations in the game if you focus on unlocking the rarest decorations you'll naturally run into the other decorations so we're not going to worry about any of the other face stones you're going to get yourself into tempered elder dragon fights I would focus on the ones that give you at least three rewards for would be better and five would be best as you fight the tempered Elder Dragons you'll begin to unlock the Warped face stones which will give you a chance for those very rare decorations but also you're gonna unlock the stream stones that you need to augment your equipment once all of your equipment is augmented you're gonna swap over to focusing on threat level 2 monsters so that you have the highest drop rate for Warped face stones threat level two monsters include Azur Rathalos regular Rathalos Basile use black Diablos Diablos lava cieth if I'm saying his name right leg Jana Auto Garen pink ray Thea and organ okay and that is going to be how you should farm for your decorations in an efficient way okay so let's say you're farming and you're farming you got all these decorations coming in and you're getting duplicates that you're never gonna need because you only need like three decorations for a skill some of the some of the decorations require five first skills so pay attention to that too right and what's gonna happen is as they begin to pile up you're gonna save up your points as well and then you're going to eventually go over to the elder elder to perform something called a first women ritual it's a transaction you're gonna choose the strange stream a strange stream allows you to trade in a whole bunch of points as well as a whole bunch of decorations and in return the elder melter gives you worn face stones I call this reroll encase achill II what you're doing okay now recall the worn face stones only have a 2% chance of an sto decoration so when you're doing this transaction with the elder melter you're gonna have to do a lot of these in order to get even one good decoration even one decoration that's hard to unlock so I've been doing this for like 600 hours and I still have decorations that I still need and I've turned in hundreds of decorations to the Eldar melter okay so let me just give you a quick tip in case you didn't notice this because I know when I started I didn't notice this either when you're filling out the melting points needed you'll reach a point where you're at the end and you only need let's say you only need four more points for the melting points needed the game will actually allow you to put in I don't know like a decoration worth 64 points and it will just eat it up and not count it toward your next transaction so you have to be real careful that you actually use a decoration worth four points you don't waste it some other tips I can mention is that you're not always able to see all of the decorations that you currently own because when the decoration is equipped it won't actually tell you that you can use it even though it exists if I probably the last tip I would give you is be sure you know how many levels there are to the skill of the decoration you're turning in since some decorations you only need three of them you can turn in everything except for the last three but then there are other decorations where you need five or even seven of them so you want to make sure that you will always have seven of them in reserve or you'll be trying to earn them back again that's especially important if we're talking about like the defense gems the attack gems critical eye gems you know you don't just be wasting those and that's it for the elder milder there is one other thing I'll mention is that every time you perform the first wyvern ritual the game will save to make sure that you can't look at the role that you got decide you didn't like it and then just restart the game it doesn't allow you to do that and that gets us on to the next point how to save scum the elder elder so I think the first thing you guys need to see is the list of s tier decorations so that you know when you've run into an S tier decoration okay because we're going to be testing for these after that is pretty simple what you're going to be doing is save up a bunch of decorations save up a bunch of points and you're gonna create a cloud save before you begin trading with the elder melter you're gonna do a whole bunch of transactions with the elder melter if you don't get one of the S tier decorations you're just going to back up to the cloud save really straightforward now let's say you spend a ton of your decorations and you do like six or seven transactions with the elder melter and then at the end you get an s2 your decoration well there's even a way to be more efficient about that what you're going to do keep track of how many transactions you've done with the elder melter and then what you're going to do is you're going to back up to the cloud right and when you go over to the elder melter if you try to get that sto decoration from that previous save point right the cloud save point you're gonna have to do all those transactions all over again because you have to keep rotating the elder melters elute table instead what you'll do is you'll go play some investigations and every time an investigation ends the loot table will move by one or by two okay so if you've seen like six or seven transactions go by with three warp stones and the one you want is at the end you need to play you know three or four investigations and that's going to get you a lot closer to that sto decoration without using as many of your decorations in order to get to it does that make sense okay so keep that in mind the elder matters of loot table moves when you've done an investigation now for the PlayStation is really easy to perform this saves come glitch because you can simply create a cloud save wherever you want to or you can save your profile to a USB card since I don't have a Playstation I'll simply leave a link in the description if you really need to see how that's done you can click on the link and you'll be able to see all of the steps for it now moving on in the Xbox the Xbox is more complicated because the Xbox constantly saves to the cloud in the background you can't really control it too much I guess the first thing you should know how to do is how to actually backup to your latest cloud file right so remember Xbox is constantly saving in the background so even right now if you were to go back up to your latest cloud file you'd probably lose like one esta Gatien but hey you would be at your cloud save file right and what you do is you're gonna manage your game you're gonna go down to your save files it's going to give you some delete options where you can delete from console or delete from everywhere don't hit delete from everywhere that'll get rid of your cloud save files and it will remove all of your console saves you want to choose to leap from console okay make sure you're very awake when you do this and very sober and take it slow don't be in a rush right so choose delete from console and when you load the game back up its gonna pull your latest cloud save right so you've successfully backed up to your previous cloud save remember Xbox automatically created that one for you but again I think the way that it works is the Xbox tracks how many times the game has actually saved and I believe every three saves that's when it creates a cloud safe right that poses a big problem for working with the elder melter because you can't do multiple transactions because every time you do a transaction with the elder melter it does create a save right so the trick for the Xbox players here it is the trick is to unplug your Xbox from the internet make sure that you've disabled the Internet and then you can do as many transactions as you want with the elder elder if you didn't get any of the sto decorations you'll go in delete from console plug your Xbox back into the Internet right then you're gonna have access to the cloud again load your game back up and it's gonna pull that cloud save down and you didn't spend any of your decorations you have them all back and again to move the Elder melters loot table you'll go ahead and play some investigations right and after you done with the investigations you know it depends on how many transactions you did with the Elder mendler let's say you did ten transactions go play I don't know 20 investigations come back do the whole thing all over again right you'll test for your cloud save file you might lose an investigation doing that or maybe you can try saving three times and it'll actually generate a cloud save file for you there right so test for your cloud save file disconnect from the Internet do all your transactions if you give what you want you can just stop plug your Xbox back in and play like normal until you get another cloud save right but if you go through all those transactions and it was all for naught right you didn't get you didn't get any sto decorations that's the case where you'll delete your safe from the console plug the console back into the internet and pull your cloud save down when you look you know that it'll happen automatically when you load your game you'll get the latest cloud save file and that's the trick for the Xbox players I hope you guys appreciate that I want to thank everybody who left a tip in my previous video that it was a fairly popular video I want to thank you all for giving me that tip I terrifically and yeah so let me know how it goes for you I can tell you from somebody who's very experienced in the game at this point just playing the game naturally you're probably going to unlock all of the decorations in about 2000 hours that's my guess I'm already at 600 and I have plenty of the s tier decorations left to unlock and I even have used the elder elder safe scum glitch to give you an idea of how the drop rates are treating me alright well I want to thank you all for watching if you want to help me out you could share like comment just interact with the video that really helps with how YouTube ranks videos so if you feel like this video deserves should be ranked higher go ahead and help me out by interacting with the video and with all that being said I hope I'll see you guys next time