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How To Be A Smart Homemaker | Best Homemaking Tips For Saving Time And Money | Her Fab Way

**How To Be A Smart Homemaker | Best Homemaking Tips For Saving Time And Money | Her Fab Way**



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From keeping home clean to preparing different meals, every homemaker has a lot of responsibilities which need to be done within limited and budget. So, in this video you will find some amazing tips to do all your work smartly.

Hope you enjoy watching this!
Be unique, Be smart!

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SWITZERLAND ON A BUDGET | 10 Money Saving Tips

**SWITZERLAND ON A BUDGET | 10 Money Saving Tips**



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πŸ“Bern, Switzerland

I think that some people choose to go to other countries in Europe when going to the Schengen area because of the fact that Switzerland is expensive. I mean its true, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries you can travel to but it is also one of the most beautiful countries. so I hope after this video, I can convince you guys to travel here and help you save money while doing so.

Swiss people, if you have any ideas on how to save money. Go ahead and comment them below. I apologise for the mispronunciation of some words (I just hear so many ways of saying them.) I also would like to point out that I deliberately did not include LIDL and ALDI because of the fact that I want to promote Switzerland in this video and only Switzerland.

And for the MUST HAVE apps for traveling to Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­
-SBB app (where you buy train/tram/bus tickets)
-SRF Meteo (Accurate weather app)
-TooGoodToGo app (Cheap foods)
-Airbnb app
-Poinz (forgot to mention this one but it is also a cheap place to get food)

Again, Swiss people or people living in Switzerland, if you have any more suggestions.
COMMENT THEM BELOW. My intention of this video is to help the people planning to visit here have a more enjoyable and affordable time here.

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Topics that I talk about in this video:
1. Where to get drinking water?
2. Where to sleep?
3. How to commute?
4. Where to buy cheap food?
5. Cook your own meals
6. Rent a car / van with your friends!
7. Don’t know where to pee?
8. Where to buy souvenirs?
9. Luggage lockers
10. Check the weather forecasts
– Free activity to do in Bern

***For commuting: Here’s the detail about Swiss Travel Pass

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How To Save Money Very Fast & Investment Tips || How To Save Money In Hindi

**How To Save Money Very Fast & Investment Tips || How To Save Money In Hindi**



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Hello everyone kaise ho aap sab i hope aap log mast bindaas jhakkas ho….
Hamesha ki tarah aaj phir money saving k upar 10 aisi money saving tips laaya hu jinko use kr k aap apne paiso ko bacha sakte ho..
Aap log hamaare channel ko subscribe bhi kr sakte ho taaki aap logo ko how to save money is topic se related videos milti rahe…

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How To Save Money Booking A Cruise: Cruising On A Budget

**How To Save Money Booking A Cruise: Cruising On A Budget**



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Hi Cruisers,
Let’s be honest, cruising is expensive. Don’t get me wrong. As vacations go we think cruising is a terrific value. All the same, it can get expensive quick. In this episode we’ll launch a new series on how to save money on a cruise, or as we like to say; cruising on a budget.

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In this first episode we’re going to talk about how to save money booking a cruise. We’ve got cruise booking tips, ideas on how to get the best deal on a cruise, and other cruise money saving tips. In future episodes of “Cruising on a budget” we are going to look at how to save money on a cruise ship, how to save money on cruise excursions, how to save money on cruise drinks, and even how to shop for cruise gear on a budget. If you are looking to cruise for cheap, how to cruise on a budget, or maybe ideas on last minute cruise deals, now is the time to consider subscribing to CruiseTipsTV. We are going to have lots of great money saving cruise tips. It’s going to be fun.

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How to Save and Budget Money 2020 | Money Saving Tips

**How to Save and Budget Money 2020 | Money Saving Tips**



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15 Tips to Grow Your Savings Account | How To Save and Budget Money (Money Saving Strategies)

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Learn how to build an online profitable business selling other people’s proven products

🧐 About This Video

In todays video I talk about the 15 tips that you can use to save and budget your money, grow your savings account and how to implement these money saving tips into your life today and start piling up your savings account. When it comes to budgeting and saving your money, you want to make sure you have a well thought out and structured plan if you want to do it successfully. By creating a plan and using these money saving tips that I gave you in this video, this is how I was able to save $3,580 in 2 months. Also, one big tip I would focus on is not just saving but finding ways to increase your income as well. Yes, I used these tips to be disciplined to save up the $3,580, but in order to make it, I first had to shift my mind into “abundance” mode and create ways of income for myself. I’ll touch on this in the video but that’s the biggest way that I was able to save money so quick! Follow these 15 tips to grow your savings account and save money.
If you have any questions comment below and I will engage with you in the comments.

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How To Make Money Online FAST Without a Website! Make Money Online 2019:


**DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and my personal experience. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk. You should always do your own research before making any investment. If I show my results understand I’m not guaranteeing in any way you will get these types of results. My results results are from hard work and I’m showing you results for inspiration and educational purposes.