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Homemade Carpet Cleaner/ Rug Doctor Copycat Solution from Dollar Store

**Homemade Carpet Cleaner/ Rug Doctor Copycat Solution from Dollar Store**



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Get the complete homemade carpet cleaner Recipe here:

Get the powerful DIY Spotting Solution Recipe here:

Watch the video where we show how to mix and use the DIY Carpet and Clothes Spotting Solution:

This DIY Homemade Rug Doctor Solution has only 4 ingredients and smells fantastic. We use it in our Bissel home carpet cleaner. We’ve even used this Rug Doctor solution to clean the upholstery on our couches. It’s easy to mix and easy to use.

If you want to get a home carpet cleaner like the one we used in the video – check out Amazon’s Best Selling Bissell Cleaners here:

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Money or Gold || money saving or gold saving || #smartthinkers

**Money or Gold || money saving or gold saving || #smartthinkers**



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Hello friends,
এই ভিডিওটিতে আমি তোমাদের সামনে তুলে ধরার চেষ্টা করেছি currency অথবা সোনা কোনটা বেশি মূল্যবান সময়ের সাপেক্ষে। জীবনে টাকার প্রয়োজনীয়তা অস্বীকার করা যায়না তাই কিভাবে আরো বেশি সঞ্চয় করতে পারবেন সেই নিয়েই আমার এই ভিডিও।
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How to Manage and Save your Money | Tips in Hindi

**How to Manage and Save your Money | Tips in Hindi**



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yo dude he's dead there's no way he just died what's going on your eyes i'ma come to Ventura and today we are back on faithful for episode 2 of living in the smallest claim and I'm not gonna hold you guys up let's just straighten in this video I hope you guys did enjoy the last one if you haven't watched it link in the description first link in the description I'm actually giving away a legend rank on it so if you go over to that video make sure you click the sub button comment your IGN and join the faithful discord those are the three steps you have to do to enter the giveaway but other than that let's just read in this video hope you guys are ready I'll see you guys in a moment I just logged on and there's already people outside of my base I wanted to build some type of trap today but then I realized I'm doing living in a 5×5 so I can't really build anything unless it's like a wilderness trap but there's so many people outside I don't think I'm gonna be able to do that there is a sky bridge right here so I definitely want to try and fight on that there's not really any water anywhere for people to fall into and survive I think that might be a trap right there though oh we didn't ever want wait that's a silverfish okay wait let me hit it okay it is a diamond guy dude I'm not gonna get used to that you can literally disguise as animals until you're in combat obviously so Emily let me do F who he is that he's a freakin five man okay we're not fighting that let me actually try slash disguise so let's do silver fish though I should be a silver fish right now so when this guy leaves my base I'm gonna be able to run out and no one will know it's me until they come tag me but I'm a silver fish no honestly they might not even see me I just left my basin I should be a silver fish right now so no one should be able to see me but I F listed this faction he's so low one DTR twenty minutes until region but he's not at his base okay I'm gonna have to find another faction here you can you can leave coal oh oh oh you can leave leave my base dude Oh see me has died dude can we not go oh please how did you all come up don't me to come up no I'm not falling about it are you in my base I mean come down the fence gate dude how are you guys in my base what wait what what is what are your teammates about to die it do wait you guys are under a table you guys are 3d to your pots I'm ready to start a pool I make what am i right time isn't it our ratable do it or not what's fine no box is done : wait there's no way how'd me you just have to be dead lose keyboard is that come on if I win this to be one you guys are writable I mean don't pretty money come rain come on you guys are three to two yes what's going on why are you panicking the piers why you panicking rest 34 through the parts cool cool yes she talked to you CPS don't die it's all up to you CPS oh it's over it's over Oh what did I just open how's it goin grapple crumpled but the Box died what you know what you guys got out didn't you you're only gonna be one to do some stunts good soup alright I just mean it up pops is currently stuck in a trap apparently and CPS is in my base so they are to DTR if I can make them ratable right now that would be crazy let's go and get some more pots these are instant health ones what am I using I'm fighting CPS again dude CPS why did you guys have instant health once I'm a come on don't kill him I knew those were helping I forgot to put glass my DTR and I I could've killed you I coulda done it so is the best youtuber I make him stupid what who's the best ever cool you know I'm kidding it the – cool Nicole Paul who's the best youtuber guys they wanted to be disrespectful and say another youtuber then you know it's not the not the best but uh we made a minimal we actually made CPS in the Marais – well they were talking trash alright and they ran over and they went ratable why did they have instant health what dude look at how many it's the health one pots I had I'm gonna have to brew and change those an instant health twos but we just made them ratable I think they're gonna defend those so they should be able to get their stuff back they have a sky base I have no idea what just happened but I was watching RL craft videos like because I was looking to get into that I was watching Calvin actually and someone got into my base I I don't know what just happened but I just got a free set pretty much a jump down place cobblestone and he died a fall damage but I'm gonna go ahead and f home and is there a way in my base I literally was just I have trade at the top here and they got inside I don't know how these people got inside my base but there was multiple people that got inside my base what was that dude I'm not even kidding I don't know if I did I record that I don't think I recorded that but the exact same person just got into my base again and I killed him the exact same way how are these people did it inside my base I am so confused but I'll keep taking the sets I just got some more John leggings and a dodge sword good and is weird I'm up here now so if they ended up glitching into my base again I'm gonna no I'm pretty sure they're doing something with this fence Jay wait let me actually go out here ice also and sustaining in a second in your chin okay well I don't know how that just worked but I literally just purl through the glass so I'm gonna take a video I'm gonna send that to Killa and that should be fixed but that is the weirdest glitch I have ever seen yo dude I just I've phoned I was about to record another clip and there's a lot of people outside of my base but there's another guy okay well there was another person inside my base and we just killed him and he didn't have any pots or anything but I'm pretty sure he was gonna try and kill me I don't know how he got in my base yo dude he's dead there's no way he just died this man just walked up and hit someone into my trap dude oh crap I need to fix that he didn't even have feather falling on his boots yo there's two god sets in here wait when did these people die we literally have two sets in here someone Taliban pearl got killed and custom painting well I just got a lot of pots dude honestly I didn't even realize how rich I am until just now this is not from any of my kits these are only from pills dude I have eight sets eight God sets from just killing people or in my trap that's actually crazy I started last episode after I died if you watch the last episode I started last episode with only one god set and now I have 9 in total so right now I'm just effortless and factions thinking about what I'm gonna do but I do have a question for you guys it's like you loyal subscribers that watch through all the videos and know what you like of my content I want you guys to comment this down below do you want to see me play with more factions cuz I'm thinking of doing the solo series one map play with a faction the next map like did a standard faction or like get a faction that I play with almost every map like get a faction the other like coal would probably be in it Pingo I mean no no we're gonna quit drop with bingo but a lot of people loved me playing with him obby when he comes back do you guys want to see me playing a faction more honestly cause it's easier to get clips but it's harder to get loot like right now I'm very rich like I could PvP all day every day but the part that's hard is me getting clips because I'm being allied on as a solo I love playing solo I've done it for so long a lot of people enjoy watching me play solo and that's why I do it so much but do you guys want to seem to plan a faction more maybe that strummed be something new refreshing I don't know if you guys want to see it but comment it down below dude I just realize if someone gave me a switcher ball and honestly I haven't used one in a while should not try and do it I might mess up dude oh I did it dude no way please I could combo this time back into my trap oh no the other one didn't die okay I'm gonna have to jump down the other guy did not die oh I'm going to clutch pearl much oh I'm gonna die no I just switch her when he has a switcher ball he's truce in with me drop the switcher ball no drop the ball I need my ball back Oh what the heck drop drop switcher drop switcher I don't even want your set buddy drop the switcher ball I saw it in your hand dude I don't know what all this guy had but he had two sticks on him that are not – and he had another switcher ball so I mean don't mind if I do thank you for dropping your lewd I didn't even ask you to drop all your set or the broom sticks or whatever those were uh but uh yeah thank you I'll see you later oh my I was cleaning out the trap and we got a godsword eluding five unbreaking five fire aspect one sharpness one that is the best sort on the server we got so much loot from this trap dude we have over nine sets we have two broomsticks knock-back sticks didn't even know that was a thing and we have one switcher ball from that guy who this trap is working well every time I've done a living in a 5×5 the trap in front of my base is always worked out oh dude how are you just walking over that well that kid's gonna get him dude that's not good dude what is that guy doing I'm gonna come in with you I don't know oh oh you just died I can't asshole I can't have folk cause I'm smart I'm good you killed what is going on yo oh there's a loot over here there's a bunch of loot everywhere what is going on there's a kid up top yeah wait yeah see that wait he just clutch bro what are you guys doing he's like glitching how do you know it died he's uh he's uh yeah that's some frozen minecraft I don't know what's going on later oh yeah he's dead what is that you'll call what's up yeah I kind of did you die all right Cole I'm gonna give you a chance who's the best youtuber yeah oh my god Oh who's the best you know what's right I reckon students is what he's the best youtuber I keep like any youtuber not even close to his standards he's the best one out thank you alright guys that is Rivia for this video I'm gonna do it in the in the video off with my biggest fan to the another you know and another amazing person right here that actually I've no idea who it is but he just walked into my base but yeah Cole I appreciate what you said to me and you better fire I'm nervous I'm never gonna forget what you said dude I honestly really appreciate everything I forget I was all with you thank you again dude I'll see you guys in the next video let's go

ITV This Morning: Making Money with Sarah Willingham

**ITV This Morning: Making Money with Sarah Willingham**



View Time:8:19Minutes



Get up to date with the latest money making techniques, brought to you by financial expert Sarah Willingham on This Morning.
shanell savings week so it's probably the right time for this Tara Willingham is here now with her top three savings tips so what so let's start with those I started with the first one I thought premium bonds you know there's so many people out there that spend two or three pounds a week on the national lottery well actually why not spend that money in a year buying premium bonds they're safe and at the end of the day somebody could come and knock on your door and you could win it win a million places you can catch them in whenever you want to yes exactly then it but while they're there they keep you never know I never know it's a fun way of saving because because they are safe and yet you never know you might get really advanced and every so often she'll open up should get serb units a25 eight or 50 yes we always give God children premium bonds right blessings just the amount of money you win or the amount of people who win change depending on interest rates and things like that no it's and it's all tax-free as well when you win it so you can win up to between five pounds or a million pounds which is great another thing that another thing that we used to do piggy bank savings what we used to do at home will have a massive big glass bowl in the living room all the spare change went into it once a year is to empty it all out all over the carpet and the kids used to count it all in decide row we're going to go once a year nice way of saving doesn't have to be for the special day out could also be for the washer breaking or whatever well you said that if you if you buy a coffee every morning on your way to work and you stop doing it and put your two powers into a jar around 250 working days per year you save about 500 quid exactly cash Isis I know everybody thinks that cash eyes is boring but when we start talking about things like that this is the place to put your money five thousand three hundred forty pounds a year you can put it it is tax-free you should be looking out for around three percent then if you're taxed at source how does it I don't understand how it then saves tax-free in that account you're allowed to put three that's up to five thousand three hundred forty pounds into a cash icer every year and you don't get taxed at all on the interest okay so no matter so if you're a 40% tax earner for example you're saving 40% so more you're self-employed then that regardless your that that is everybody whether you're a 20% 20% 25% 40% tax payer you're allowed to put that amount into a cash you say you should make sure you look for one that's giving you about 3% there's loads of rubbish should be honest there are loads of rubbish ones out there under 1% it's not worth the effort frankly yeah look for the look for the around 3% okay eBay yes this is my make up a name this is the principle of to sell it before you buy my friend Sarah needs to buy some new things for her holiday so I'm gonna help her find some items in the house that she can sell so that she can afford to do it Oh whose are these so once you've got all your unwanted items you can start selling there are many online sites where you can sell your unwanted items I'm gonna use eBay we're gonna start by setting up an account so most sites gonna charge you between 5 or 10 percent commission but make sure you check out the fees before you start so once you've set up your account I'd recommend you set up a PayPal account this is the most secure way of sending and receiving money so you'll need to link your online account with your PayPal account so the first thing you'll be asked to do is put in a title and this is so important this is the bit that the buyers actually see so sell your item brand-new in box pop-up they're brand new in box so when you're filling out your form you must be really honest about the condition of your item if it's got flaws take photographs of those flaws most people want to see what they're buying a photos free to upload so use it and take a good one the secondhand items on average you can get up to about 50 percent of today's selling price if the item was new so start the bidding at 99 Pete then it's free to list after that for a valuable item make sure that you set a reserve price how big is your parcel it's a packet it's 40 grams it's going to the UK get estimate see how easy that was now all we've got to do is wait and see how much money Sarah makes and we have that amount now here's how much she made three hundred and thirty two it's not amazing in two hours well everybody freaks out when you start talking about selling stuff on the internet because they think it's so complicated I mean look you know eBay have done some research the reckon everybody has got around 450 pounds yeah so you – I bet you've got a lot more than that what I will say is that these scams you get in your junk mail that are constantly getting these hoaxes and things if you do sign up for this and then you get and it will probably be completely unrelated as someone saying your PayPal account has been compromised please give us your details on this yeah yeah yeah it'd be really really careful because it's no don't what I don't want people to think about scams when they thinking about trying to making some money from syrup from a site like eBay this is not difficult open the Wardrobe you will fly so just give it go my mum put one item on at this weekend yeah there are loads of other ways to tell as well if you are scared of the Internet yes loot magazine for example that's a that's a free newspaper local adverts still in your local post office your local supermarket car boot sales ok cool a bit standard a car boot sale stands somewhere in the middle don't stand near the loos and don't stand near the exit and take lots of change with you and check the weather basically ok I'm a space guys lots of the ways gets paid for your space you can rent a room in your house look at spare room co uk free of charge to rent free of charge to join you can rent your garden camp in my garden brilliant earn up to 25 pounds a night renting out your survey you idea of like a festival exactly rent out your drive my parking space or park at my house again if you live near an airport or sporting venue you can rent out your parking space and your front drive fantastic and rent out your home as a film set that's always a good one you never know really thanks to it sorry I'm just think about the pocket if you live near a train station I think like that every day and that's a regular income it's fantastic I feel home for film sets you do have to live in a castle you don't have to live in a castle they need very normal places exactly if you wanted to be for example a film extra exactly the same they're not necessarily looking for 6-foot tall gorgeous models they're looking for normal people all this information is on the website which is on how to make money from your opinion in the last version swell interesting everybody uses lots of brands out there these big businesses want to know what you think of them so register on loads of these sites you can get paid from 40 to 150 pounds just for telling people what you think of using your shampoo it's fantastic all the details are on the website that's brilliant very good indeed thank you and also we're gonna work we're gonna tell you how how you can get paid for your talents as well that's online so you don't have to be academic for that one no you don't cupcakes flower arranging whatever everyone's got some kind of skill get out there use it sell yourself all those details on our website Icom /this for you and we've got loads more money making tips and some special money-saving vouchers online as well and sarah's heading to the hub now for a web chat so get in touch if you want more money-saving advice still to come today berries are on the menu with phil Vickery's duck and blackberry sauce we've got joanna lumley it des O'Connor and a performance on the other and the woman who can't get fat Carol French on a condition that makes her life a nightmare will meet earth