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How To Fix Up An Old MTB | Mountain Bike Maintenance

**How To Fix Up An Old MTB | Mountain Bike Maintenance**



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Neil’s found an old GT I Drive Downhill Bike in a friends shed…perfect for some experiments! But first, it’s time to check it over! It’s an older bike that’s seen a lot of wear and tear in the past. It needs a full check over to see what needs replacing, what can be run and if anythings outright broken! After that, we can look at how to fix some of the issues plaguing it and get it back on the hill!

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Older bikes could have several issues that you’d want to stay away from. Scratched fork stanchions, blown suspension units, cracks in the frame, even alloy spoke nipples could leave you wishing you’d kept your money in your pocket.

So there’s nothing glaringly obvious but a few little issues here and there that you’d like to get in good working order before hitting the hill! Bottom brackets, gearing and drivetrain, tyres and headsets. Replace or maintain how you see fit!

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– You can buy old mountain bikes
for not a lot of money now. Like this old downhill
bike, you can get this for a couple hundred pounds, or dollars, off something like Ebay, or a friend. Maybe it's been lying in
his shed for 15 years. This is how to check over an old bike, and then how to restore it to
get it back onto the trails. (throwing gravel) This is a GT Downhill
i-Drive from the year 2000. Yep, it's a very old bike, but
this could be a really good bike for someone who
maybe only rides downhill a few times a year, just
to keep in the shed. You don't want to lose any money on it. Here's a list of a few things
that you need to check ideally before you buy the bike to make sure you're not gonna have to
throw too much money at it. Let's start with suspension. (hip-hop music) First thing to do is just
push on that suspension. Grab your front brake,
push that fork down. I'm really trying to
feel how smooth it is, if it's making much noise, and actually, the fork does feel a little
bit notchy as I push it down, and I can hear a bit of
sucking going on, so I think the fork would probably
need a service ideally. Whereas the shock feels pretty good. It's nice and smooth, feels
nice and plush actually, for seventeen year old shock, and I'd also check that there's some rebound control on that, which there is. Same on the fore. If it's actually poppin'
back and sort of toppin' out, makin' a noise, springing
back really quickly. First thing we do is wind
the rebound control in, see if that makes any
difference, and if it doesn't, that means that shock is
blown, or the fork is blown. That definitely doesn't
really tend to happen so much nowadays on modern suspension,
but in the olden days, all these shocks, they
would blow occasionally. Next, take an actual close
look at the suspension. The shock actually looks
fine, it feels fine. The fork, you can see there's
some pretty big damage down here on the paint, but, actually, there's no dents or anything. That's just cosmetic really. However, up on the stanchion, you see they're very scratched up here. It's definitely something
you see lot in the U.K. on uplifts for Dinobikes
with scratches all over 'em. But also, you can see a
bit of oil is coming out and sitting on that
stanchion, and on the seal, you can see that oil stuck to dust. That right hand leg
doesn't look very good. It's not gonna be that
easy to buy a stanchion from a 2000 boxer, so, if
I was buying this bike, I'd definitely think about maybe tryin' to knock that person down, because you might need to
buy a new fork for this bike. There's a couple more checks
I can do to my suspension. I already know that that fork
leg is a little bit damaged, but I'm just gonna check the
bushes in the fork, as well. I'll pump my front brake, and just rock the bike back and forth. Almost like checking your headset, but now you're looking for any movement in this part of the fork. There's bushes in there that can wear out, and that means this stanchion
can start wobbling around, and actually this feels pretty tight. I can't feel any movement in the headset, or down in that fork, so that's
probably alright for now. And on the rear end, I'm
gonna check the linkage by trying to wobble the bike. I'm holding the saddle in one
hand, rear wheel in the other, and really feeling for any movement if I flex it back and forth. You might feel some in the rear wheel, actually that feels really solid, so I would think these bearings are in pretty good condition, and also the rear wheel is nice and stiff. (hip-hop music) Now it's time to get out
my bike cleaner and brush, give this bike a really good clean. Take off 17 years worth of dirt, and actually give the
frame a really good check. Right, so with the bike clean, it doesn't look like I cleaned it first, covered in years worth of
stickers and scratches, but I'm really gonna do now is check out the sort of most important parts. This is an old aluminium frame, so go around, definite
head tube, the swing arm, just to take a really close look. Paint damage is alright, of course. Doesn't look that great, but you really don't want to see a crack on that weld. Also, actually, I can see there's a FSA Pig headset on this bike. That was an old trick,
that really deep headset. Some bikes are this, the head
tubes are actually ovalized, your bottom headset cup
would roll around in there. These pegs were really far extended, so they kept it nice and tight, but obviously it does tell me that this head tube's probably
a little bit ovalized. (hip-hop music) The final thing I check,
ideally, before buying a bike, is the wheel, so give them a spin and see how straight they are. Actually, a pretty good flat front one, I'll do the same with the back. Another thing to consider
is if they're old wheels with alloy nipples,
they can start breaking on you. If you do need to start tweaking wheels, changing spoke tensions,
they can start breaking, and that can be a nightmare. It would mean you'd have to replace the nipples for the whole wheel probably. These are all brass ones,
so they're pretty much indestructible, so I'm fine there. Also check the rim for any sort of dings, or any cracks, and that looks pretty good. Obviously, I've got a disc brake, so it doesn't have to
be perfectly straight. I've got some old wheels
in here, of course. I've got Hope bearings on the front, so just bear in mind that
sometimes all wheels, you might struggle to
get new bearings for. Having said that, Hope are
really good with their old stuff. They've actually hooked me
up already with a new old stock brake for this
bike, so that's a Mono M4. Hope are one of those
people who actually keep spares for their really old stuff, but not everyone does that. Actually, quite surprisingly
for an old downhill bike like this, the wheels seem
in really good condition. Yes, it's a little bit
scratched, but almost straight, and the spoke tension seems really good. I don't need to do too much of that. I have already put some new tyres on this. I say new, they are some
old ones from my garage, but they're in decent condition. Bear in mind that an older bike like this is 26-inch wheels, so you
might find that the tyres are getting harder and harder to come by. The bearings also spin
pretty well on that rear hub, as well, so I'mma leave that for now. It might be a job I need to do in the future, but, for now, it's fine. Now, moving on to other checks. Going to the bottom bracket,
I can feel if I rock, you can probably see that, is
the bottom bracket's moving, so both cranks are
moving at the same time, so I know nothing's loose in there. It's the bottom bracket that's worn. It's spinning okay, but it's
worth bearing in mind that, you know, I don't know how
far you wanna get into this. If you want your bike to feel like new, you're definitely gonna have
to replace that bottom bracket. For me, it's a bit of a hacker bike. It doesn't have to be perfect. I can live with that for the time being. I'll think about replacing
that bottom bracket some time not too far
in the distant future. Of course, double check that
your cranks are nice and tight. These are ones you had
in an eight ml Allen key on both sides, and I'mma
do a full bolt check on the bike at the end, but
definitely lost on here. I'll check that crank's nice and tight. (hip-hop music) Coming in forward on
the bike to the headset, just rotate your bars around
and feel on that head tube for any sort of grinding in there. Feels surprisingly smooth,
so this part's obviously been pretty well looked after. Again, I could get into this and take everything off and lube that up, but for now, actually,
that feels pretty good. I'm not gonna worry too much about that. Moving on to things on the brakes, we've already talked about
them a little bit already. I've got a brand new old stock rear brake. The thing is with brakes,
again, like the hubs, it can be quite hard to find
the spares if they're very old, and if you're pulling on the lever and it feels like there's a
lot of friction there, or it's not rebounding very quickly, that could mean there's a
problem down in the callipers. The pistons can seize. And that's definitely
now worth thinking about, weighing up the cost of that. It actually can be quite a lot of work to pop out those pistons,
find the replacement, find a service kit for replacing
the seals in the calliper, when actually you can get a fairly new set of hydraulic brakes for
not a lot of money now. That's up to you. Think about are you gonna
try and fix that old brake, or maybe just buy a new cheap one. I would always expect to replace the gear cables on an old bike. It's just one of those things
that always needs doing. Now, check the drive
train, and you can use a specialist chain checker like this, but this really depends
on how old the bike is, and how well it's been looked after. I use this chain checker anyway, and this is tellin' me that at .75, it says replace, and I'm well over that, so I'm 1.0 so they definitely need a new chain and probably a new
drivetrain on this bike. You don't want it slippin' around, so I'm gonna price that up. One of the final things I'm gonna do, and it will seem quite tedious, is actually remove the bolts of this bike one by one, and just check. That's actually really dry,
so I'm gonna regrease that, and put it in back in, because, I know it sounds like a
very tedious thing to do but if you find any of these old
bolts get stripped, or they get stuck in there and snap, it
can be an absolute nightmare, especially on this fork and these notoriously bad, the old boxes. I've had these old axles seize in there, so obviously again, it
depends on the previous owner. How well they looked after the bike, but try and get some grease into these bolts as much as we can, and then I'mma do a full bolt check,
front to back on the bike. Make sure everything's nice and tight, and then the bike is ready to ride. What I didn't tell you,
at the start of the video, is actually this is my old bike that I raced in the year
2000 World Cup downhill. I sold it to friends
and I just got it back, and coming up soon on the
channel, I will be riding this bike so keep your
eyes peeled for that one. If you wanna see some more videos, click up there for a video with Doddy, How To Check Out A Secondhand
Bike And Fix It Up. Click down there for How
To Replace Your Drivetrain. Click on the logo to subscribe,
if you haven't done already, and give us a thumbs up
if you like retro bikes.

How to buy first rental property?

**How to buy first rental property?**



View Time:8:15Minutes



How to get started with real estate investing (Buy first rental property)
I have no money or have little money, I have no knowledge or little knowledge but I want to buy rental property
then follow this steps
1. Understand the process – you do that by
Read books or watch videos or attend seminars and grab coffee with people who owns Properties
2. Figure out what strategy fits your current situation
No money –
Once you understand the process and figure out the strategy the find the deals and take it the people you trust you the most who can lend you money and get mortgage
Like your 1. parents 2. Best friends or girl friend or boy friend
If you don’t have no way get that money then first focus on making money by saving and working extra or get into selling

Little Money:
If your working full awesome all you need 5% down in Canada
In USA less than 5% down for owner occupied

if your still lost don’t know what to do then reach out to me –
On social media
Facebook: www.facebook.com/adityakumarsoma
Instagram: www.instagram.com/adityakumarsoma
Youtube: www.youtube.com/adityakumarsoma

Recommended Books
1. Real Estate Investing in Canada: Creating Wealth with the ACRE System (
2. Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner (

Social Media Websites that can help you regarding Real Estate
(Real Estate Investing Network Canada)

Remember: Formula for Success RAN(do RESEARCH, take ACTIONS and NETWORK with right people)
I’m currently living and Investing in Windsor Ontario Canada
I have no idea where to start but I want to buy my first rental property I have some money for little money I have some knowledge or little knowledge that is this something your situation than this video is for you Namaskar ah de bercy's recall when I come good morning good evening everybody this is Aditya welcome to my channel if you haven't hit that subscribe button please do so right now for an awesome content regarding my real estate investing and realtor journey so without any further ado today I wanna help you if you haven't purchased any rental properties then this video is for you if you're wondering where to start from then this is the first step for you I'm gonna share particular things in this video watch till the end make a notes if needed follow that has this I promise you you will have a rental property within a couple of months it could be you can buy if you are like really aggressive you can buy it in one month if you are like a little bit slow and steady it still you can buy it in next three to four months but stick with me with the process and follow what I'm gonna suggest in this video so step number one you have to understand the full process that involved to buy a property you know how to write offers so what is mortgage what kind of things involved in it you have to understand those whole process obviously I'm not going to detail those steps because I already made a video you can check out here thus 10 steps involve in order to you know understand the process so that's the first step go check out that video second get on to books which are specific about rental property how to invest in rental properties there are a couple of books if you're Canadian and the best book I love about rim written by I don't remember the author name but I will pop in the picture here I will put a link in the description and also a couple of other books they're like really gives you a solid knowledge on what are the you know what is the process involved and what are the type of strategies that involve you you can understand a overall picture of about rental properties so check out that then also get on to social media platform that is specific to the rental properties that is specific to real estate investors which is bigger pockets that's really really a useful resource just get on to it go meet local investors on on that group you will see people who are investing in your location if you don't find any just you know pick up a phone and call a realtor in your local area or find a realtor who is a investor specialist and ask him for suggestions so if you go through the steps and also get on to bigger and bigger pockets podcast or a couple of other podcasts who are like talk about investor stories so when you go through this multiple stream of sources you will first understand the process so that's really important before you buy a property once you understand the process in that simultaneously second thing will happen which is you figure out a strategy that fits your criteria because this is really important where many people fall aback because you know they look at some people who are like they preach that hey buy six unit building ten unit building or some people preach that buy a property which neat enough work drin you a tit and refinance your money and some of people will taste that just buy a turnkey property which has good cash flow or some of them will tell you that buy student rent out oh my god what the heck there's many strategies but if you understand the process if you learn from other people who are doing this now you know what are the strategies are available out there now take a step back and look from your point of view because everyone is made differently me and you are different no matter what it may you might have some commonalities but we might be starting from a different point I'll give you some examples for example you have no money at all you're a young kid you are like 22 or 23 but you're really enthusiastic about it you already in the process of learning about the process now where do you start from so for you the best option is to go talk to your parents ask if they can joint venture which to you if they can give you some money like 20% down so then figure out and if you want to get out from if you don't want to do any job just take the investing as a main source then find the properties that cash flows so that might be your criteria or for example if you are working full time you already have a solid job which is your active income but you want to build some passive income for your family you know to have a solid return on your money then that's a different scenario you have to look for something maybe you don't have enough time to you know find the contractors or do the renovations then just go find a property which is already a turnkey in a good location in a good you know which can appreciate well but at least it will sustain by itself you know without any negative cash flow so that might be a criteria for you or you might be someone who just started working full-time you you have a little money maybe like you know ten thousand or five thousand or twenty thousand then you can go look for property that with a 5% down with a price range whatever makes sense to you maybe you can live in one bedroom and rent out the other bedrooms like I used to do before so who how do I know or how do someone who is talking about specific strategies know your situation so what I'm trying to tell you is it's really important figure out what situation you are in right now are you with money or without money or with credibility what I mean by credibility credit history are you do you qualify for mortgage or you don't qualify for a mortgage so figure out your situation and find a strategy that fits your criteria because this is where many Falls now if you have a specific criteria based on your scenario now go start looking for properties so the third step is go start looking for properties keep on making offers keep on making offers until you get it and find the people to you know work with because if you have done the step one and step two already now you're in inner circle with the different people to work with hooray just keep with it buy the first property this will help you if it doesn't then reach out to me on social media or let me know in the comments below if you have like you know if you couldn't figure out why that way the hack to start from just reach out to me I will help you too and there are many other people who can help you too so reach out to people find out the solutions for your problems and with that thank you so much for watching this video if it's helpful let me know in the comments below if it sucks still let me know in the comments below because comments can give me an idea what you how I can help you so that way I'm not wasting your time with that have a wonderful life

Cost-Saving Appliances | Day 134 | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

**Cost-Saving Appliances | Day 134 | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith**



View Time:3:10Minutes



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With building an eco-friendly home, Allen’s first criteria for choosing appliances is energy efficiency. Well, having everything look great is a really close second!

In the Garden Home Challenge, planning, design and craftsmanship converge when designer and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith and his colleagues build an environmentally friendly designer home for $150,000 in 150 days on his Moss Mountain Farm in Arkansas. Check back or subscribe for new episodes to track Allen’s progress, get to know his team and see what it takes to build a beautiful home from start to finish.

Have any questions for P. Allen Smith during the Challenge? He’ll be answering your questions via regular video updates, so leave your comments and questions below!

More from Allen:

P. Allen Smith is an award-winning designer and lifestyle expert and host of two public television programs, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home, P. Allen Smith’s Garden to Table and the syndicated 30-minute show P. Allen Smith Gardens. Smith is one of America’s most recognized and respected design experts, providing ideas and inspiration through multiple media venues. He is the author of the best-selling Garden Home series of books published by Clarkson Potter/Random House, including Bringing the Garden Indoors: Container, Crafts and Bouquets for Every Room and P. Allen Smith’s Seasonal Recipes from the Garden. Allen is also very active on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Allen’s Blog and YouTube as well as on the new eHow Home channel debuting January 2012. His design and lifestyle advice is featured in several national magazines. Learn more at
Hey, the air conditioning is on, but it's
not the only thing that's cooling this house. Let me show you what I mean. They say an eco-friendly house can't be built
in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith, join me as I push the limits
with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow
Home. You know, choosing appliances can be a daunting
exercise. But in this case, it was actually easy, because
we were looking for a few things. We wanted the aesthetics to flow with what
we had going on here. With this galvanized ceiling, I wanted stainless
appliances all the way around. So that narrowed it down for me. We also wanted appliances that were Energy
Star rated. Now what I mean by that: You can find appliances
that are actually engineered where they'll use less energy. You see, energy efficiency is based on the
kilowatt hours an appliance uses throughout a year. If you get one that has been designed to be
energy efficient, what you can do is save 15 to 20 percent on the fuel or energy costs
that it takes to run this. Okay, you may say: "Appliances, 15 to 20 percent
— that's not much of a savings." But you gotta look at it from a big picture
standpoint. First of all, we've got energy efficiency
going on throughout the entire house, the way it's heated and cooled. The insulation, that adds to it. Plus, what we're using in our light fixtures
— the light bulbs themselves, energy efficient. Now the appliances, energy efficient. You see, it all adds up. And you think about the amount of energy you're
using and paying for over an entire year, you're talkin' about saving some money here. Let me give you something to think about when
you're selecting appliances: It's an aesthetic thing, a little thing, but I think it makes
a difference. For instance, you can have appliances that
are made by the same manufacturer, but the handles on them are going to be very different. So when I chose these appliances, I wanted
to make sure the handle on the refrigerator is the same as the handle on the dishwasher,
which is the same handle we see over here on the range. Then, of course, we see it up here on the
microwave. Now when it come to cleaning stainless steel,
the way to get these smudge marks off is to just use some warm soap and water. Just wipe with the grain of the stainless
steel. Yes, stainless steel has a grain — you can
see, it's running up and down here. You wanna wipe and rub in the same direction
as the grain. The other thing is, if you really want it
to shine, you can put a thin coat — again, by just wiping it on — of mineral oil. That'll give it a nice shine. Do not use a glass cleaner or Windex on your
stainless steel — that's not a good idea. If you're enjoying these tips on the house
and how it's moving along, check in with us regularly. And make sure you subscribe to eHow Home.

Inside Trump's SWAMPY Donor Network

**Inside Trump's SWAMPY Donor Network**



View Time:4:10Minutes



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Rebel HQ’s Emma Vigeland ( breaks down how Trump won over the very big money donors he said he was going to “drain.”

#DrainTheSwamp #DonaldTrump #CampaignFinanceReform

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if you want to know how the system is rigged just compare how they came after us for three years with everything they have versus the free pass they gave that was Trump just last month still hammering the the system is rigged point albeit in a twisted and inaccurate way because that was his most effective message in 2016 but bro you're the system now and you were supposed to drain the swamp instead you appointed goldman sachs executives galore hired over 74 lobbyists at the outset of your administration and corruption scandal resignation after corruption scandal resignation trump is the swamp but his greatest political trick is convincing people that he's an outsider despite being an enormous ly privileged wealthy corrupt insiders so it's our job to expose the reality despite being largely bucked by the GOP donor network during the 2016 primary he was embraced by the greediest of the greedy when he eventually became the Republican nominee particularly the Mercer family who also brought us Steve Bannon but with the Mercer's mysteriously going mi eye after getting their tax breaks the Trump campaign was apparently nervous that their donor network of insatiably gluttonous rich people might be falling apart don't worry Trump folk there will always be greed to replace greed in this crony capitalist system of corruption that we've manufactured the Trump political machine raked in a hundred eight million dollars for his campaign and the Republican National Committee during the second quarter of the year and the massive haul was fueled in no small part by some of the Republican Party's biggest givers according to filings released Monday evening ah so the complete Trump takeover of the Republican Party is nearly complete remember when people like Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham spoke so righteously about how Trump's bigotry and bullying didn't represent the party well now they're groveling at his feet and the donor network is indicative of that same trend the list of those giving the most allowed includes Nebraska mega donor Marlene Ricketts who helped bankroll the multi-million dollar effort to stop Trump from winning the 2016 Republican nomination since then the Ricketts clan has become supportive of the president with Ricketts son Todd serving as RNC finance chairman by the way that's the family that owns the Chicago Cubs guys I'm sure Todd got that job the RNC purely based on merit and not the fact that the rickets are one of the most generous Republican donors in America more on Trump being embraced by the donor class after shunning Trump in the 2016 GOP primary the big donor class is warming to him his campaign has launched a bundling program that allows high-powered Republicans to tap into their expansive networks for cash what's scary about this is that Trump receives these enormous contributions in the swampy Asturian zuv old while still appearing as I'm pretending to be a political outsider too too many Americans the media is too focused on Russia or emails or tweets to call this out but the most important narrative that could lead to Trump's victory is the perception that he's there to shake up the system when in fact he's the ugliest possible manifestation of the system I mean that's what's driving this which is the cherry on top of the scariness while it's unsurprising that both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have high percentages of small dollar donors what's scary is that Trump is right on their tail with 62% small contributions through June that is what I'm talking about when I say he appears as a populist without actually being one his supporters love him in an almost cult-like manner and they donate as such but the terrifying mix is that on top of his small dollar donors he has those Republican mega donors so he has the false veneer of being someone who is shaking up the system without actually doing so while actually doing the opposite he has a strong grassroots Network and under estimating that in 2020 will be our peril and the media needs to shift their focus to that he's a fake populist he's a liar and he's a swamp creature if I've ever seen

"BTC Will REACH $35K-$50K By AUGUST 4th, And Here's WHY!" Pompliano REVEALS Key SECRET To BTC PROFIT

**"BTC Will REACH $35K-$50K By AUGUST 4th, And Here's WHY!" Pompliano REVEALS Key SECRET To BTC PROFIT**



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what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the channel for another video here today now in today's video I want to go ahead and discuss venmo and Bitcoin in how they're interrelated and guys I don't know if all of you know this but Bitcoin has been absolutely crushing venmo as of late in terms of volume of transactions and honestly it's really impressive to see this amazing shift of Bitcoin volume especially as we sort of you know exit the crypto winter and head for greener pastures so anyway guys that's what I'll be discussing in today's video I'll bring you all anthony pomp Liana's opinion on this as well so if you like the info if you know like me that bitcoin is the quote-unquote killer app that will end all other a payments go ahead and drop the video like subscribe and do share for more those things help the channel out a ton and they are greatly greatly appreciated so with that being said guys let's go ahead and discuss this exactly what we're looking at with Anthony pomp Leon Oh his opinion you know with the current volume of Bitcoin and venmo and let's go ahead and break it down so before anything else I want to go ahead and discuss a payments and how they relate to crypto currencies so we all know what a payments are in a basic sense basically e payments are when you make a transaction using technology especially the internet using venmo paypal or other services to send money to you know basically another individual or an institution or a store etc the list goes on and basically a lot of people believe that bitcoin can never overtake traditional payments as we've known them to exist now for a short while because companies like PayPal and venmo and others are so huge right well that's where things get a bit strange especially for people that believe that bitcoin can't hold a candle to traditional eep payment platforms so I'm sure many of us are familiar with venmo venmo is basically a modern offshoot of paper and I'm pretty much absolutely positive that everyone knows what PayPal is I've been using PayPal for quite a long time I've used it for a long time pretty extensively to be quite honest and you know it's been pretty good okay it's actually functioned pretty well but as of late especially after PayPal broke off their connection with eBay PayPal has been a bit worse than it has in the past now basically during its Golden Age PayPal was fantastic it was extremely easy to use to send money back and forth there were no fees and I really didn't have any complaints it was just straight up simple goodness in the past five years or so I don't know about you guys but I've definitely noticed that PayPal has gone downhill and I think part of the reason for that is that the you know the company as a whole has shifted its focus to other platforms and you know sort of making themselves more mobile versus more computer or a heavy usage based I look at PayPal as very much a sort of business tool and other people probably do the same but PayPal as a company is shifting its focus more toward the consumer market okay by introducing things like venmo that make transactions a bit more simple and straightforward now I don't necessarily love venmo but I do have to admit it is a pretty big mobile payments processor and it absolutely has a place in the modern world now I know many people that would look at PayPal and look at venmo and think you know these companies must be larger and more substantial than Bitcoin surely they are processing more transactions they have more business and they're talked about a little bit more so wouldn't that make them more viable and the simple answer to that is absolutely not okay and you might be surprised to hear that but Bitcoin as of right now in terms of volume is absolutely like I said absolutely and completely crushing venmo venmo looks like a puny little child compared a two bit coin and that is absolutely really funny to think about but it also proves that their coin is coming a long way in terms of overall transactions for retail for payments for sending money between friends for a mint says bitcoin is really coming out ahead is absolutely the leading horse in this technological race and to kind of put that into perspective okay Bitcoin is moving each and every day roughly 10% of what venmo moves in terms of volume in a year okay so every 10 days Bitcoin processes enough of volume to match a ven Mo's volume per year yes you heard that right it is absolutely incredible to think about and that is just right now okay bitcoins volume is rising at a very rapid pace especially as a lot of Latin American nations and other countries begin to realize that bitcoin is so useful for things like remittances or sending money back to family members in their home countries transactions with Bitcoin are simple they're lightweight and they're very effective which means that honestly speaking they are a very good tool for processing payments even more so than payment providers and processors like a venmo or even like PayPal so anyway guys that's my schpeel upfront now I want to go ahead and give all of you a bit more details so let's go ahead and tuck in to the real concrete info here and the numbers so Bitcoin scaling solutions may be getting huge publicity in 2019 but the amount of money the network processes daily could already cause headaches before competitors so for example the current usage of Bitcoin absolutely tramples venmo so as Morgan Creek digital co-founder Anthony pompano noted on social media recently bitcoins on chain transaction volumes grew to 7 billion dollars per day earlier on this week those figures came purely from standard transactions not those done off chain for example via the Lightning Network so in other words guys all of this volume is coming from standardized transacting it's nothing unusual it's nothing suspicious this is all normal volume and it's coming from many many different sources so by contrast pomp Leone Oh notes some fiat based networks handle significantly and could even lose out to Bitcoin as it advances no question there okay really no question specifically PayPal's venmo which offers database powered instant transactions and near zero transaction fees moved sixty two billion dollars in value this last year this means that in one day Vicco achieved eleven percent of the company's annual volume yes that's right annual volume and pomp leon o stated in a summary bitcoin is the killer app which of course refers to the long time debate as to whether bitcoin will or will not become the ultimate long term crypto phenomenon currently bitcoin has a daily transaction total of around 350,000 which blockchain comm shows pretty clearly so his comments come as bitcoins price continues to grow and is actually trending upward in a pretty substantial way and for example in this past march on chain transactions reached a volume not seen for fifteen months capping a trend which had run in contrast to previously declining prices through 2018 regarding bitcoins readiness to usurp fiat incumbent market players extensive analysis has already made bold claims about a major market shake-up coming as soon as ten years time as bitcoin issed reported the figures from software start-up data light published earlier ok characterized Bitcoin as already having the ability to become the world's foremost payment network and the researchers summarized and I quote traditional payment systems developed their companies for as many as 60 years prior to becoming industry leaders they have developed gradually conquering region after region unlike Bitcoin which became available worldwide immediately in just 210 years that coin has managed to compete with the leaders of the payment system industry in other words it's done a really good job of being competitive so far and it's not showing any signs of slowing down so data light nonetheless forecast it would be off chain solutions specifically lightning which would give the coin the edge and action capacity over rivals such as Visa and MasterCard those networks at present can handle sixty five thousand and forty thousand transactions per second respectively Vic coin transaction data further sets it apart from all coins this month as Bitcoin is noted despite device ratings championing network activity of assets such as tezo's the actual value represented by those transactions as a fraction event moved by the Bitcoin network no surprise there Bitcoin has an absolutely massive volume of ice itself appear to partially acknowledge this fact by saying in a summary and I quote of course not all transactions are qualitatively the same a ten million dollar Bitcoin transfers obviously more important than a simple vote or like on Steam so in 2018 of course the Bitcoin network transferred over three point two trillion dollars despite an 80 percent drop in price guys if nothing else shows us that the market is moving forward that absolutely is okay so don't lose hope you know remain confident and calm because guys these records show us that we are still moving forward in a big way and I also want to say just as a side note just as sort of a a funny note here Anthony pompano has been tweeting at Donald Trump to buy Bitcoin pretty consistently and it's it's really display to see so I want to go ahead and mention that as part of this video but guys three point two trillion dollars was transferred in 2018 okay three point two trillion that is absolutely impressive despite the quote unquote crypto winter prices are still starting to pick up and things are moving forward everything is still looking pretty darn good so with that being said folks I'm gonna go ahead and wrap up this video here hope all of you enjoyed and learn something as always if you did you folks know to do drop the video like subscribe and share for more check out the bitcoin shirts below if you want to spread the news I think there's stickers to use to spread the news get the message out there and I'll see all of you in the next video have a good one folks and adios