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Should I Stick With My Help to Buy ISA? | This Morning

**Should I Stick With My Help to Buy ISA? | This Morning**



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Martin Lewis offers financial advice to callers.
hi Gemma hi this is I sir help you would like yeah yeah am i open to help to buy i sat in february and i paid in a lump sum and then shouldn't have been paying in months where when I heard about the lifetime I saw and I've been told that it's best to use the lifetime access to buy some bits on whether to switch over to that one I was doing my road trip for my show last few days and that's the number one question I've been getting from people helped by a lot eisah verses lifetime I said and it's complicated so let's go put money in both of them if you're a first-time buyer under 40 lifetime I sister under 40 helped advice for anyone and they've both that 25% on top when it's used towards a mortgage deposit so the amount that you get out of them is similar there helped by I so you can put less in a year 3,600 in the first year and it must be done by the month 2400 after that the lifetime icer 4000 pounds so if you've got more money lifetime I see as a winner lifetime I see you can also buy a house worth up to four hundred and fifty thousand anywhere helped by ice are only 450 in London 250 outside of London so on the surface the lifetime ice is looking a lot better here and you put four thousand in a year but here's the two issues with the lifetime icer number one when you put money in it you have to have had it open a year before you can get that bonus towards your house their help to buy I see you sounds like you've already got enough you can use it tomorrow so if you're not back are you planning to buy within the next year not in the next year now okay so you're okay in a lifetime I so the second thing you can take your money out of or help to buy a house or whenever you want no penalty take your money out of a lifetime i sir you take an effective six percent hit it's complicated why just go with me so you take a hit to take you money out or you definitely double definitely no questions going to buy a house yes within the next couple of years yeah if you're going to buy a house within the next couple of years then I would transfer your help to buy money into the lifetime aye sir while the rate is lower and just a check you can put over the two thousand four hundred in a year can you yeah right in that case put your money in a lifetime I say it you're gonna be able to put more money in while the interest rates skipped and building societies the best here at half a percent Barclays is two point two seven percent and the help to buy i sir but while the interest rates lower the fact you can put more money in outweighs it and as long as you've got more than a year and you're definitely buying a house then I would transfer it into the lifetime I sir

🤑 10 Expert Tricks to Save Money Fast

**🤑 10 Expert Tricks to Save Money Fast**



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Saving money sucks! It’s tough cutting your budget when there’s nothing to cut. I pulled these top 10 saving money ideas from our list of 40 expert tricks at

The best thing about these budgeting tricks is that they don’t make you go out of your way to save more money. Many of them don’t involve any effort and all will save lots of money. I tried about half of the money tricks last year and saved nearly $10,000 – just in one year!

You don’t have to try all these ways to save money at the same time. Try a couple out to see how much money you save and which ones work for you. I guarantee you will find ways to save money fast and change your financial future forever.

I’m always looking for new ways to save money so leave yours in the comments below!

I want to thank all my money saving experts: Whitney Hansen (whitneyhansen.com), Tracie Fobes (pennypinchinmom.com), Robert Farrington (thecollegeinvestor.com), Paula Pant (affordanything.com), J$ (budgetsaresexy.com), Grayson Bell (debtroundup.com), Mara (bargainbabe.com), Tom Drake (maplemoney.com), Philip Taylor (ptmoney.com), Cait Flanders (caitflanders.com). Not only are these some easy money saving tips but these are some of the best financial experts you can follow.

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.
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I asked 40 personal finance experts their favorite money-saving idea and then picked out the top ten for this list put off making a budget forget about the envelope system if you like but don't miss these top ten ways to save money Joseph Hogg here with another video I want to thank you for joining us we've got a great one today saving money is so hard because they're so little to cut out of your budget that's why I reached out to 40 financial experts and bloggers in 2016 last year I tried just 15 of these 40 ideas and saved nearly $10,000 so I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas that will save you thousands of dollars in this video click through to the full article in the description where I'll leave a link for the other 30 ideas starting off at number 10 is from Whitney Hansen a podcaster and blogger she says save for your future by pretending the government is imposing a 20% tax on your finances you have to put that 20% in savings automate that amount to your retirement accounts so you never have to think about transferring the money you'll be shocked how quickly your net worth will grow now this is a great idea and we've got a huge opportunity coming up with the new income tax rates coming out pretend you're still paying income taxes at those old rates and just save the difference you'll save thousands on this one alone and if rates ever do go up you won't even notice the difference next is from Tracy pops the penny-pinching mom she says every year so contact your cable company provider and let them know you're gonna be leaving for someone who offers a lower rate they'll usually will do nearly anything to keep your business which means they'll often lower your rates to compete with those other companies now I say don't be afraid to play hardball when you're negotiating you can negotiate anything I like to use another idea I like to let this subscription plans like cable and other subscriptions lapse for a few months during the summer you'll save hundreds and compl and family activities around the time you used to spent in front of the TV number eight here is from Robert Farrington of the college investor now he says he recently switched all his light bulbs in the house to GE LED light bulbs the bulbs themselves are expensive about seven bucks each however they use about 97 percent less energy than regular bulbs what did this equate to for him he said he spent $200 on light bulbs for the entire house with no change in usage he saw his power bill dropped by 65 dollars each month multiply that by 12 and he's saving about 780 dollars a year and I love these savings hacks that involve absolutely no effort Roberts saving you almost eight hundred dollars a year just by buying a different type of light bulb number seven comes from polyp Antep afford anything now this hack is a little ambitious but she says if you're a dual income family she recommends living on just one income and saving the other you'll automatically be saving between thirty and sixty percent of your income by doing this and if you ever decide to become a one income family in the future you'll be more than ready now this one is a little extreme but even if you don't make it to saving half that income you can still save a third or even a quarter of the income which is way more than a lot of other people save it's a great way to be ready for anything make those drastic changes now before you need to in the future to see how easy it is number six here comes from j-money of the sights budgets are sexy and Rockstar finance he puts all his extra money comes across into a separate savings account and just watches it add over the year all gift money pennies he finds around stuffy cells on Craigslist anything that's extra money it's amazing how much it adds up over time and since you're not already counting on that money for anything you won't miss it now this one takes no effort at all you can boost even more by adding raises you get throughout the year basically you're living on only your paycheck at the same level you did the year before so it's not like doing nothing at all like a lot of the tips this doesn't have to be a forever thing try these tricks for a few months or a year you'll save thousands and will be able to pay off your debt and get out way ahead then you can keep saving but still splurge a little as well our fifth savings hack comes from Grayson Bella debt round up the money-saving hack he is the impulse purchase savings plan basically when you make an impulse purchase you transfer that same amount into a savings account if you have an impulse purchase problem your savings account can grow real big or real fast now this is a great one to control your spending too now those impulse purchases are gonna cost twice as much as they did because you're putting the same amount in savings it'll make you think again if you really need that new watch number four on our savings list is from Julius Scott the bargain babe she saves more than ten thousand dollars buying a used car instead of a new one her brand new to her 2013 Prius five had 48,000 miles on it drove like a dream when she bought it and the gas mileage is out of this world what is it they say a new car loses half its value the second you drive it off the lot you don't even have to buy an older car you can save thousands just buying a car that's just a few years old tom drake of the canadian finance blog gives us number three on our savings list he says if you want cold filtered water without paying for packs of bottled water or even hauling the heavy water cooler bottles from the grocery store get a water filtration jug for your water cooler it looks just like the water bottle that would normally go on top but it can be refilled with tap water and then runs through a filter not only does he save money from this but it's a much it's much more convenient – we're almost to the top of our savings tip number two here comes from Philip Taylor of PT money buy refurbished electronics now he loves Apple but he doesn't love the price tag for that new MacBook Pro check out the refurbished section on the Apple website you can get certified Apple refurbed products at a 15 to 20 percent off full price check out local electronic stores like bet Best Buy which also sometimes discount the products of electronics that just had open boxes be sure you shop around for a good store or a website now a lot of people don't want to buy old or used electronics because they want the newest tech but well with these refurbed gadgets you're still getting new you're just getting maybe scratches or an open box and you get that discount and our number one savings hat comes from Kate Flanders have blonde on a budget she suggests going cold turkey on stropping put yourself on a 30-day shopping ban don't let yourself buy anything outside of groceries gas and toiletry she promises it'll show you all you really need to be happy and you'll save a lot more money in the months that follow now I love spending challenges and you don't even have to go cold turkey you can do a general challenge like Katie suggests or what I like to do is just forego one or two things a month from your budget even if it's just for a month you'll save hundreds of dollars and build great habits you'll be surprised how fast you realize some of these things that you really don't need and don't miss from your budget there you have it the top ten ways to save money like the experts a couple of points to remember here don't feel like you have to do all of these at once try out a few for a couple of months then move on to the next make a challenge out of it try to save more each month make it interesting and involve your neighbors in on an idea to get that competition going click through to see all 40 ideas in the article linked in the description that's all the money saving ideas you'll ever need now I'm always looking for good ways to save so leave your own ideas in the comment and I'll be sure to give you a shout out in a future video subscribe to the channel for more on saving budgeting and paying off debt we're here every Monday through Wednesday with a new video and you can visit peer finance 101 calm / ask and ask your money question

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Best deals on Amazon products

**Amazon Prime Day 2019: Best deals on Amazon products**



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Money saving expert Andrea Woroch discusses the best deals on Amazon products during Amazon Prime Day.

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well Amazon Prime day is finally here the 48 hour shopping marathon on the site is underway and that features over 1 million deals for members around the world so joining us now to break down the best offerings is consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Warrick and Andrea when you look at it I mean there's a lot of deals out there but what are the best ones in your eyes right now well when it comes to prime day the best deals you're going to get are going to be on the Amazon product so we're looking at the fire TV stick streamers the echo speakers like the echo dot the echo show Kindle readers these types of Amazon specific devices also anything smart home we're gonna see a lot of deals on I found a really good deal on the ring of video doorbell for instance it comes with a free echo dot essentially so instead of paying to 74 you're paying only 169 for that deal now you can also find deals on Amazon basics and Amazon essentials these are their own products for fashion and home goods all right so really pushing out their own goods but there's also ways to save even more like using the Amazon app to get money off that way or roping in some of the other offerings that Amazon's pushing so it's not just pushing their own products but also their services as well is that right exactly right so you need to be a prime member to take advantage of these deals so they're hosting this 2 Day sales event in hopes to rank up their membership now of course you could sign up for that free trial if you haven't done so and within the last 12 months and then cancel after the 30 days or before the 30 days are up so you don't get auto enrolled and that's a great way to take advantage of the deals but if you are not a member and you don't want to sign up you don't have to competitor retailers are getting in on this action and hosting their own sales so for instance eBay launched this morning their crash sale and that's going to be going on through Tuesday with a ton of big deals across popular brands and categories like home home goods fashion tech as well and so you're gonna get deals like 64% off the Google home hub they have 55 percent off a cuisine five and one griddle seventy percent off the men Adina's preeminent shoes and then 55% off Milwaukee toolkit again looking at deals across different categories yeah and that's available again through Tuesday and Andrea do you see this opportunity that brands are taking to get involved in prime day and basically build a relationship with customers that just simply don't want to sign up for a service do you see this as a risk or a threat to Amazon or do you think it's something that is primarily an opportunity for other brands but Amazon doesn't think much about well you know I think it's definitely a big opportunity for other brands you know brands are coming in and really trying to compete with Amazon they've been wrapped ramping up their free shipping offers Walmart is offering free overnight shipping like I mentioned before it I pay will be offering free shipping on a lot of these deals target has some really great offers as well so the point is that these brands are trying to get a bite of the sales action and of course there's a little bit of a threat to Amazon but Amazon knows that their Prime members have a little bit of you know other added values with their membership I mean there's the video streaming service there's the e-book readers there's a lot of other benefits that they're hoping that when people sign up that they see these deals and take advantage but of course I love that the competitors are getting in and saying hey you can shop with us and get these deals and you don't have to be a member you don't have to pay to get access to these deals yeah so that's something that you really need to think about hey Brian Chong here so I'm just wondering obviously with the competitors kind of in the swing here on this prime day it really should be days but I'm wondering what other types of categories are you seeing I mean you had that list just now there were shoes on there there electronics on there are there other terms certain types of products that you would expect to be competitive when you price match it's a Target or Amazon or other sort of big-box retailers as well yeah I mean if you look at any really popular product that's sold across these competitor stores you're gonna see a huge price cut so for instance insta pot was Amazon's biggest seller last year during prime day so they're offering a big deal on that but seeing huge price cuts on that across the competitor stores as well so that is a huge point that you need to be aware of don't assume that Amazon's going to have the best deals just because it's prime date we're just because they're this online retailer that's known to offer better prices you have to check competitors you've got to run comparison searches which you could just do easily by typing in the product name in Google to see who else sells it there's also a site called camel camel camel and that gives you price history of products sold on Amazon and that'll let you know if now is in fact the best time to buy that product or if it's been sold for less previously I love camel camel camel or it's another classic sorry I cut you off I want you to hit your last point there though yeah no I'm just saying that you have to check that price history and if you know right now isn't the time for you to shop if you just don't have the money and you don't really need anything don't feel like you're going to miss out Black Friday and November really gonna offer similar deals as you're seeing today and tomorrow yeah not too far away either we should highlight seven out of ten US consumers according to ad Lucent are expected to price check these prime deals so don't be like the three out of ten who are just buying because it's prime day all right Andrea Warrick thank you so much for joining us appreciate you taking the time

Mortgage Best- Buy Comparison - Money Saving Expert

**Mortgage Best- Buy Comparison – Money Saving Expert**



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Mortgage Best- Buy Comparison -Money Saving Expert

Compare the ins and out of debt. Best buy when there is a loan comparison is to compare some features. Four of the most often overlooked, and perhaps the most important in terms of credit, credit insurance even for loans taken out.

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Become a Money Saving Expert | Brian Tracy

**Become a Money Saving Expert | Brian Tracy**



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Resolve today that you are going to save and invest at least 10 percent of your income throughout your working life. Take 10 percent of your income off the top of each paycheck each time you receive one and put it into a special account for financial accumulation.

Starting this early in life will insure that you become a millionaire before you retire.

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