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how to save money fast on a low income

**how to save money fast on a low income**



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professorsavings.com ( a simple way to learn finance on youtube.

Low Income Budget — A guide

It can be hard living for a family to live on a limited amount of income. While life may throw some hardships to make life move ahead, there are ways to be able to pay the expenses and get the necessities required for living. Here are some tips to learn how to live on a low income budget, and still enjoy a comfortable life.

 Life insurance is not only for the wealthy! On the contrary, a person with low-income need should also buy a policy just as a well-off person. There is no reason to postpone purchasing a policy even if one is on a low budget. The benefits of some low premium insurance policies offer a decent coverage and financial protection for the family. Term life insurance policy is a simple policy for tight budget persons.

 Household budget is a good practice for a low income family because a budget helps to give a financial picture of how the family is doing even when your financial picture looks the darkest. The income and the expenses need to be balanced. If the expenses are more than the income, expenditure has to be cut.

 The needs and wants of the family have to be distinguished. There are some obvious items are cell phones, housing, electricity, water, telephone, TV, groceries, education and other household expenditure. Entertainment should be a part of living, but decision should be made by enjoying at the minimal cost and by using discounts or free passes.

 In case, after reducing all expenses still the budget runs above income some steps need to be raise income. Working from home or taking up a part time work can be helpful to a certain extent.

 Cut back on the amount of energy you use in your home. Use energy efficient light bulbs, and always turn off lights after leaving a room.

 Shop at second hand stores for any clothing that your family may need and buy only what is required.

 Collect some money in a fun jar by putting in the small change… This money can be used to treat for dessert, dinner, a movie, or something that the family would like to have. While income may be low, you can still enjoy something fun and entertaining along with the life’s hardships.

Tips for low income budget

Distinguish between needs and wants.
Save a small amount regularly
Prepare and follow the budget Thanks for watching. Please help us grow.

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Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here, with tips
on living with a low income budget. It can be hard living for a family to live
on a limited income. But, there are ways to pay the expenses and
have all the necessities required for living. Here are some tips to learn how to live on
a low income budget: • Distinguish between needs and wants. • Save a small amount regularly. • Prepare and follow the budget. Read more tips on living with a low income
budget in the article below. And, be sure to subscribe to our channel for
more of the financial tips you need.

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[APP] Smile! Coupons, vouchers, loyalty cards holder

**[APP] Smile! Coupons, vouchers, loyalty cards holder**



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Why Smile! ? 😋

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Paytm Free Promo code कैसे पाये 2017.

**Paytm Free Promo code कैसे पाये 2017.**



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Can Singaporeans Last 45s???

**Can Singaporeans Last 45s???**



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