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In this video I share 5 FRUGAL DAILY HABITS that I have implemented over the years in order to save a large percentage of my income while paying bills and paying off debt. What are some habits you have that save you money fast???

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💰My MINIMALIST Money Saving Tips / FRUGAL Money Tips (LESS is MORE)

**💰My MINIMALIST Money Saving Tips / FRUGAL Money Tips (LESS is MORE)**



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So you want to save money like a minimalist?? You want to learn more frugal living tips?? Well this video goes over my frugal lifestyle everyday of how to save money from just a few cents to thousands of dollars.

1. Library 0:43
2. Water at restaurants 1:09
3. Leftovers from restaurants 1:37
4. Survey for gas 2:34
5. No food at movies 3:32
6. Ninja at movies 4:26
7. 2 meals a day 5:06
8. Keep money in MM 6:27
9. Use credit cards 7:11
10. YouTube as entertainment 9:06
11. Video games are cheap entertainment 10:17
12. Walking around block for leg day instead of gym 11:01
13. Planet fitness massage chairs instead of chiropractor 12:07
14. Investing personally instead of using someone else 13:34
15. Use high interest savings accounts as much as possible 15:21

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#FrugalLiving #Minimalist #Minimalism #RealLife #SavingHacks #DebtFree
I am sure that you have heard of multiple other frugal living tips how to save money and everything like that but we're going to be talking about a little bit more specific things that I love probably a little bit more than I should to actually save money and if you want things a little bit quicker I'll leave timestamps in the description so you could jump around to what you might seem interested in hey guys how's it going and thanks for coming I'm Nick and this is real life money where we get you debt free so you could start making some real money and start living a real life so frugal living tips there's always ways to save money we're going over a bunch of them in this video so let's get started the first tip that I do a lot like usually every weekend is go to the library I just like this to one you can get free movies you could get free books you can get free audiobooks which I really love I learned a bunch of this financial education stuff over the years investing saving money real estate or really anything you get like a college degree while just driving to work next couple of tips are involving restaurants now obviously I would try to avoid restaurants because they are a bit expensive but every so often going out isn't horrible so if you do go out to restaurant number two would be just ordering water not appetizers and desserts basically so I always get water one just because it's healthy for you right I don't like getting soda and everything like that so it is healthier and it's also cheaper but focusing more on the food going on to the number three is just to make things easy let's say it's like $12 for something that's a little bit pricey for food that you could probably get in a supermarket for you know probably few bucks several bucks whatever well sometimes these entrees are actually larger than well everything is larger than a serving size we all want more but what I sometimes do is actually eat half of the on yeah entree and then I use the other half or like leftovers for the next day so that $12 meal ends up being split into two meals which is six dollars and six dollars when you're looking at six bucks it's actually not to bed of course you have to factor in the tip and everything but still it's saving you half the cost number four I do every single week I think I'm smooth about it but this is surveying the area for gas and I'm talking about gas prices I am NOT talking about going five towns over to get two cents cheaper on a gas what I do I just survey throughout the day so when I go to work I look at all the gas stations that are pests and then I go home like a separate way and then you kind of just look at the cheapest one so if let's say the cheapest one is coming back from work then I just go to that gas station when I go to work the next day I mean you kind of hope that that that cheap price is still there but again you just survey the area see what's cheaper you're not going to save a million dollars this way it makes me happy if I save you know a few cents especially when you don't have to you got to get gas anyway that's what I do next couple is with kind of geared toward entertainment which is the movies number five would be just simply no food while going to the movies now we all love going to the movies to see whatever is out there my personal I loved inception or interstellar and I like movies that make you think because not many people do that anymore anyway you know when I was a kid I always got like popcorn and you get soda and everything like that as I got older I actually don't eat anything at the movies most likely you're going to have lunch before after the movie so there's food for you or you're probably going to like dinner and then a movie or a movie and then dinner like you're gonna have food close to the movie so you don't need that extra food one you save money but it's also healthier for you and that's what I like number six is being a little sneaky if you wish to bring some type of snack to the movies what especially what my brother does he loves those sour gummy worm things so you go to the dollar store which is a dollar you pick up a box or two versus if you get candy at the actual theater is like five dollars so you know you're saving a few bucks there which is very nice and then you simply slip that into your back pocket or something like that no one really cares and then you just go into the movie theater you save money on your candy and you still enjoy your movie now before we're moving into number seven which I've recently adapted and I'm actually saving a bunch of money with it if any of these are like relatable to you or do you have any separate ones that you love doing to save money definitely leave them in the comments section below to help others out save money just like you but anyway number seven we're talking about basically skipping a meal or combining meals let's just say most people they go breakfast lunch and dinner you got to take time and money for each of those meals so obviously I usually do this during the weekend because you have a little bit more time I kind of have a later breakfast and an earlier lunch so you combined one giant meal like a brunch I guess you can call it so one meal it takes less time it's less money and then you just have maybe like a smaller dinner later on in the day so you're not wasting your time and money on two meals you're combining both of them and I think that's great during weekends because it just saves you it's not only the money part but it's also time you want time to relax during the weekend or do anything that you actually like to do so I think this is actually a great tip number eight which I get a lot of joy from for whatever reason and I don't think a lot of people utilize this as much as they should a lot of people have no idea to focus on their bank accounts I focus a lot on my bank account so I put most of my money in a money market account right now I'm getting like 2% rates could be dropping so it might not stay like that but I'm keeping all my money in a money market or most of my money in a money market account to get interest instead of like a savings account that doesn't really give anything or your checking account which gives absolutely nothing so no matter if you're getting you know a few extra bucks in your money market I keep it all in there so as we're talking about money markets we're gonna be moving into number nine is using credit cards a lot of people are gonna hate that you Dave Ramsey fans I completely understand for most people they're horrible things you just spend a ridiculous amount you don't even think about it and you lose a lot of money like that and this cash back option is what hit people even more because hey spend more save more spend yes spend more you save more no that's dumb don't fall into that trap but if you're smart and wise and could actually manage your money a little bit that's why I personally like it is that one I get cash back on credit cards again you're not going to become a millionaire from it but I get a few bucks back of just necessary purchases by the way I'm not just spending more to get more cash back I spend it on gas food that's it and wile I pay that money back every single month by the way never pay money on interest just pay it off every single month I set that up with my money market account so going back to number eight so I try to keep all my money in my money market account I schedule the credit card payment for let's say the 25th so I keep all the money in the 25th and when that comes around there's an automatic transfer from my money market to pay off my credit cards it is probably insignificant I might save a few cents maybe few bucks depending on the amount of the bill but when you keep that money in that account as long as possible you maximize your interest if your frugal this could definitely make you happy a normal person probably won't so if you're liking these so far and you're not a normal person whatsoever just like myself give this video a thumbs up if any of these are helping you so let's move on right into number 10 which is entertainment I think entertainment is very very important because of course we got to enjoy life a little bit but a lot of people spend way too much money on entertainment they go out every weekend they go to concerts all the time and trips all over the world and I'm not saying to not do that but when you really enjoy the small things that's what life could be about so for my entertainment I actually find a lot of entertainment on just YouTube I'm crazy enough I think I find myself entertaining sometimes but just other channels not only no financial channels I'm into video games so I watch that maybe some cooking maybe some people falling down stairs or whatever you find interesting YouTube is a great platform because it's free it's entertaining and you could definitely it's like a part of a community you could leave comments piggybacking off of entertainment number 11 I used to be a huge video game nerd in school still play it not as much thank God it consumed my life but that is a pretty cheap form of entertainment for me personally I enjoy it and you really especially if you're into like older games you could enjoy for hours days weeks even years after spending 10 20 30 dollars and then you're just entertained forever so that's why I enjoy video games and I usually play with my brother so it's good quality time as well number 12 I just started thinking about this it kind of works it really depends on the type person you are but this is I am involved with a gym membership and I do believe that people should be active possibly go to the gym if you want to save a few bucks there by all means but I do like going to the gym every so often to just stay active lift some weights just to you have one body you got to take care of it however to save a few bucks and this is just to like save money on gas essentially to not go to the gym for a leg day or if you just want to like walk around instead of driving there driving back if the gym is far from you you save even more money miles on your car you just walk around your block it's quicker you walk around your block around your neighborhood you could walk with someone you get outside instead of just staying inside all the time and just enjoy it that way number 13 which I recently got into sticking with the gym idea sponsored by Planet Fitness no I'm kidding maybe in the future but I do go to Planet Fitness so if you guys do plan on going to like a cheap gym it's ten dollars a month to take care of yourself for ten dollars a month that's not expensive that's actually very very cheap so I actually have the black card membership and I'll tell you why because I have an office job and I had some back problems and in the past and I used to go to a chiropractor so no I go to the chiropractor he cracks your back you get scared you think you're gonna get paralyzed he breaks your neck and everything and that's not cheap chiropractors I mean the one I went to have forgot the exact price but they could definitely get up there especially when you go there often some people go weekly I used to go monthly but you know you spend a couple hundred bucks will Planet Fitness Black Card membership has massage chairs so for an extra ten dollars a month I kind of have a chiropractic massage on my back for just ten dollars you enjoy it you say down so you save actually a good amount of money might not be like to the maximum benefit of a chiropractor but it's better than nothing so that's what I like to do next number of 14 of course i goddess peaked on my investing side is I personally invest my money versus using some like a financial adviser to save me money well they don't save your money at all really because you're gonna pay them expenses you're going to pay them fees so you're overpaying for usually under performance if you guys are interested in investing of course I have other videos like that but a lot of people have no idea so they pay these people which usually aren't the best so I usually just invest my own money a lot of people just love index funds and you could save a ton of money that way just fun fact for you something that I found disgusting 401ks if your company you know provides this for you you would want to save for retirement and everything the average person for a 401k pays a hundred fifty thousand dollars in fees without even knowing when I found that out I thought that was disgusting because they're just fees for the 401k there are fees for mutual funds when you minimize those fees you know that could be saving you hundreds thousands tens of thousands or even more throughout your life especially with compound interest and everything like that so that's why I just invests in my own investments even just like Vanguard because their fees are very very low that's a huge benefit of being frugal that I love it's not only being frugal it's just a smart way to invest and the next thing that I like saving money is more of just like accounts of high interest savings accounts or any other types of investments so if you don't want to let's say in best for you no more risky things this is more on the safe side so you can get into money market accounts kind of mention this a little bit before but it is separate from a savings account they kind of have benefits of both the checking and a savings I go to a credit union definitely recommend it because they're not for-profit and you can get more interest better rates even forever other things like mortgage car car loans or anything like that so definitely recommend a credit union and they have good money market accounts so I like money market accounts versus like a savings account if you're into t-bills that's investing in let's say like the government you could invest like one two three months I'm not going into much with that just interest rates are really weird right now it doesn't make sense to invest in them right now because like a lot of money market accounts are actually paying the same as a t-bill so right now might not make sense now that's just me personally some of these make complete sense some of them make no sense so you would have to make the decision on that whether you like that or just hate some ideas I do believe that you know saving a few cents doesn't always make sense since since anyway I would actually recommend because we have limited time sometimes I would actually spend more money to save time so that's something that I would definitely leave you off to think about so if you guys have any questions comments concerns please leave them down below I love would love to hear what you have to say so thank you so much for watching guys really appreciate it and I'll see you in the next one

13 HABITS FOR A MINIMAL LIFE | minimalism & intentional living

**13 HABITS FOR A MINIMAL LIFE | minimalism & intentional living**



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Today, I’m sharing 13 habits that can help you lead a more minimal and intentional life. These habits have not only helped me live more simply but also more purposefully. Sometimes it’s the small ways that we embrace minimalism that have the greatest impact!

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10 THINGS I DON'T BUY | Minimalism + Money Saving

**10 THINGS I DON'T BUY | Minimalism + Money Saving**



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10 Things I don’t Buy as a Minimalist. We wanted to share our thoughts on Minimalism + Saving Money by explaining what things we stopped buy. Thanks to minimalism, we are able to live healthy and simple life with doing what we dream for years. I hope you enjoy it.

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Closer – Laszlo
LUV U NEED U – Slushii
Lighthouse – Ookay & Fox Stevenson

Me and Engin both are digital nomads. He works as an editor and I`m an interior designer.
We started our journey 6 months ago with an idea of living 12 different countries in 2 years.
Welcome to our adventure!
#homesurfers #2year12country #Vietnam

Things we talked in the video:
If I buy something, it should match all the clothes that I have. Be practical and you can combine it with all your wardrobe. And definitely, I have exactly those clothes which I use every week. I don’t buy something that I will wear 1 time.
2. Shoes
I have one shoe and 2 sleepers. Everything match all my clothes.
3. Bags
It’s enough to have 1 backpack for the laptop or towel. And 1 small bag for the wallet, phone and some small stuff.
4. Cosmetics and makeup
From small bag will appear a lot of stuff
Just my daily things. No less, no more.
5. Books
We read or listen to books by phone Apps. You can have tones of them without any problem 🙂
6. Dishes
I was buying a lot before. And that was one of the biggest and heaviest parts of my house. Of course on travel, I don’t need that at all. But you can definitely minimize that.
7. Coffee
Would be nice to make this shot in a coffee shop. Or with coffee to go Most of you know how often we can buy coffee outside. Coffee to go, a cup of coffee with your boss, or friend, or college… It looks like we spend so small money for it. Just a cup of coffee. But when you count monthly – this number will surprise you. It’s easy to have coffee in your house. Try that 🙂
8. New gadgets
Our laptops and phones, earphone.. I don’t buy a new phone or new earphones, or a new laptop every year. After 1-2 years they still functional and productive.
9. NO impulsive buyings
/just buy those things that you really need. Plan your buys/
Sometimes we became emotional when we see something cute or with a
super price. HOLD yourself 🙂 Ask yourself – Do you really need that?
10. Souvenirs
Oh, this is definitely doesn’t worth any place and money. If you want to make a present for anyone – buy some interesting exotic food or spicy. Or even better just meet with them and have a great dinner.
I can show like no impulsive buying okey together do you find yourself looking around your
house and thinking why do I have so much stuff? you can think we have a time, yes I know that feeling Engin maybe not, but I do know the reason actually I do not know, I never had to much stuff I was living in a village before I know
minimalism. I guess I was kind of actually minimalist but she introduced me what minimalism is and I become a minimalist so when I was living in Ukraine and just quit my job I started to look on all my things like clothes, different kind of dishes, glasses and so on and I was thinking "why do I need all
those stuff?" it took me two-three years to filter everything well and still my
parents are keeping some amount of these things but right now, since we started to be like a digital nomad, we have only two suitcase, two backpacks and one cosmetic bag of Lena, which you can maybe put me inside too 😀 you know girls cosmetic bags but anyway we keep everything we need for life in that small bag exactly exactly today I want to focus on things that I don't buy as a minimalist clothes actually if I am buying some clothes it should match all my wardrobe. so I
have just that things that I wear every week no clothes which I wear like one or two
times shoes. please, don't throw them each of us has just one pair of shoes and one slippers and actually everything also match all our clothes bags. actually it's enough to have one backpack and one small bag, where I can
keep my phone, my wallet and some small stuffs Engin doesn't need that exactly. OMG I don't need anything the thing is I'm keeping everything in small bag for both of us cosmetics and makeup things. just my daily things. no less no more these daily things can
change person to person and books. we don't really buy books right now. we use applications, which you can listen books which is perfect for us and it's easier. so we don't have to carry all those heavy books dishes I was buying a lot before, it was the
biggest and heaviest part of my house of course now, when I'm traveling, I don't
need dishes at all. But you definitely can minimize that. Coffee. Most of you know how often you go outside and drink coffee with a friend, whit a colleague, with a boss, with a girlfriend and in the end when you count in a month it makes a lot of money. And we decided to make instead of like going outside and buying we decided to make it in the house which ended up good, but at the same time little bit bad, because we started doing it too much because Lena likes it so much. And there is one thing that we discovered on this journey to make some savings there is something called "Latte rule" something like this. So we started
put $5.00 a day in somewhere and in the end of the six months we gather like $1,000 which could be saving in our trip so instead of buying coffee outside you
can just put these money and save that and you will see what you have in six months. it's perfect. and think about, in two years or three years. New gadgets. I don't buy every year new laptop, new phone or you earphone. actually it's like two three years still productive you can see, she still actually have iPhone 5 and I have iPhone6. They're working great. Yeah, and we are happy. And souvenirs. You can see, I don't know
why people buy those kind of stuffs why do they really need it. if the things
gives you a volume – we keep it usually but if it doesn't give, we don't buy it. We
decided to buy more things that we can eat or try like spices in different
countries, which ended up really good for us yeah it didn't take place, at least you can take it from country for example for your friends or something. they could try it yeah they will not keep anything in
the house. exactly. And it's cool No impulsive buying. Sometimes we are coming to market and see SALE. yeah? all girls know about this.
and you can see that nice price and think Maybe I need that. But it's better to do all
buying just that you planed. Just that you need. And it will save a lot of money and space. I know that sometimes it's hard to let past go and start something new but by little steps one by one you suddenly can find yourself more happy The one thing that on this journey that I understand and most probably Lena understand it too. Whenever we see people especially the people will always smile – is the people that who has less. They are always happy and they are living their life with the less things. So it was so emotional and good for us and it taught us on this and it taught us on this journey. And we wanted to share this Minimalist philosophy of living but those people who has no idea about Minimalism already living that way and
they're so happy, which actually I didn't know too like in the beginning of the
video I said to you, guys Yeah, and I can to add that one of my favorite proverbs it's like "less is more" So it means like… it doesn't mean that you don't need to buy anything, you need to keep your self tight it means that you need just that things that you really need yeah. so you can pay good money for good quality things but that you really need for example we have some cameras, laptops… they're really expensive, but it's our dream to work with these things. exactly. You can spend money, but spend them exactly that way that you want. In a smart way. yeah, I hope you enjoyed the video, guys We wanted to share what our view on this. If you stopped to buy also something then comment down below, let us know,
what exactly you stopped to buy and why? okay enough trying to be cool let's go

Frugal and Minimalist House Tour | See How I Live

**Frugal and Minimalist House Tour | See How I Live**



View Time:Minutes



This is a house tour from a frugal minimalist. How Frugal Living Really Looks. Enjoyed this video? Here are a few more to binge watch How I paid for my …