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En este vídeo verás obras comentadas de Remedios Varo además de detalles de su vida. Esta pintora española desarrolló su obra en México y creo que no está lo suficientemente reconocida.


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Mexico Money Saving Tips!

**Mexico Money Saving Tips!**



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So you want to go on Vacation to Mexico? We recently went to Puerto Vallarta and have been to Mexico in the past. So it’s time to share some Mexico Money Saving Tips with you guys to help you have the Ultimate VACATION for Less!

Tip #1: When booking resorts in another country, I would recommend using something like TripAdvisor.com. You can see the ratings of each hotels in that city and what specific things other families or couples said about the resort.

Tip #2: Oyster.com is another great resource that you can use. They travel to each of the hotels and take real pictures that haven’t been edited so you can see what the resort really looks like.

Tip #3: You can lose a LOT of money when heading to another country, if you don’t understand exchange rates or how it all works. And if you exchange your money at the wrong location, you will pay a higher fee or even a higher percentage on the exchange rate.

Your best bet is to use a credit card that has a 0% foreign transaction fee.

I would NEVER pay with American Dollars and have them give you back Pesos. You will lose a lot of money and not realize. So it’s best to have Pesos on you to purchase with cash.

If you can get to a Bank in Mexico, it’s your best bet to getting the lowest fees on your exchange rate. However, if traveling to the city or bank location is out of your way and will end up costing more money than exchanging somewhere else, your 2nd best bet is to exchange at the airport right after you land. NOTE: There are multiple exchange rate services at the airports typically. So check to see what exchange rates they have AND their service fee.

Lastly, if you have enough time, you can order foreign cash through your bank BEFORE your trip!

Tip #4: If you have never traveled to mexico before, you’ll want to know that you should never, ever take a first price you hear when purchasing products. You can always negotiate. You’ll go back and forth with the shop owner until you come to an agreed upon price.

Tip #5: Shop around when it comes to excursions.

Tip #6: In Mexico, always, always, always keep your valuables in the room safe! Laptops, Passports, money, jewelry, cameras… they should all go in your in-room safe every single time you leave it.

Tip #7: For most places in Mexico, you won’t need any sort of power converter or power adapter. So that alone, will save you anywhere from $30- $100.

Tip #8: For transportation, check with the hotel you are staying at and see what kind of transportation they offer for either free or for rent. Renting a car outside of the U.S. can be expensive insurance wise and may not be your best option. Riding the local bus transportation is something our family has done and depending on how touristy your destination is, you’ll see a lot of other people doing that as well. If you do choose to travel by Taxi, PLEASE make sure that you are getting in a REAL Taxi Cab! There are a lot of fakes and look-a-likes.

Tip #9: Make sure your bank knows you will be traveling out of the country so they don’t put a block on your cards.

Tip #10: If you need access to emails, texts or phone calls on your cell phone, call up your provider and see what sort of short-term out of the country type of plan they have. For us, it only cost us $2 a day to have those services while we were in Mexico!

Tip #11: Bring any of the sweets or chocolates you love with you in your suitcase! Mexico’s chocolate is pretty bitter and they don’t use a lot of sugar in their food. You can head to one of their OXXO Gas Stations (similar to a 7-11) to buy American Snacks.. but they are expensive.

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XO, 💕Melea
hey everyone I'm Melea as promised I told you guys I would put together a travel tip video for Mexico it includes travel tips and money-saving tips coz that's what I'm all about so instead of talking about the ultimate life for Less this video is going to talk about the ultimate vacation for less so let's get started alright tip number one is to go to Trip Advisor calm this is one of my favorite sites to actually see what hotels are the best in every single city in the entire world they're kind of ranked based off of just top hotels in general they have best for families best for kids best for all-inclusive best luxury plus they have comments from people who actually traveled there it shows their travel date what they thought they give you details as far as the food the rooms the location so it really gives you an idea of what the hotels are like before you go and especially when you're traveling internationally the information is really really important so you know if you're picking the right hotel boy stur calm if you haven't heard of the site it is freaking awesome basically what they do is they travel to all the resorts and they go and take real pictures that have not been edited that have not had any work done to them because when you go to a hotel website when you see gorgeous beautiful pictures with blue skies and oceans and wonderful sand beaches well a lot of the times those are edited and then you get the resort and you're kind of disappointed so all you sir takes real pics which is really great you can see what the hotel's look like but you can actually see what the rooms really look like they also break things down into best inclusive lists a popular destinations list or even best kid friendly list it's super super helpful now that we've got all of our accommodations out of the way we need to talk about exchanging money because if you don't do this the right way you will lose a lot of money and a lot of people don't realize that they're losing money when they exchange money traveling to Mexico you're just going to change your dollars into pesos so there's an exchange rate percentage based off of what the money's worth in American dollars and what the same money is worth in pesos but there's also a service fee that's usually tied to that and that service fee can go up and down can be anything the establishment wants when they're trading your money so we need to talk about that your best bet when it comes to exchanging money is actually getting a credit card or having a credit card has a zero percent foreign transaction fee if you don't know if your credit card has this or not you can call them and ask them or you can go online and check there are other options if you don't have a zero percent foreign transaction fee credit card so the best thing to do is actually exchange your money ahead of time so you can be ready to go so you're paying pesos and you're getting money back and pesos I would never ever ever pay with American dollars and have them pay you back in pesos because you lose a lot of money that way and a lot of people don't realize that your best way to do this is actually to do that before your trip to go to your bank call them up or do it online and say hey I want this much money and pesos they can order that money for you and you can head to the bank and pick it up if that's not an option for you or you've forgotten your second best bet is actually to head to a bank inside Mexico and do the same thing now I know you guys have all seen the exchange rate places inside at an airport it's only a good idea to use the services inside the airport if the money you would have spent to get to a bank inside of Mexico would have been more money and if it's out of your way then obviously doing the exchange right there inside the airport is going to save you money in the long run versus renting a taxi or something like that and traveling to a bank in order to get the money exchange however there is one thing you would need to know if you are going to exchange your money at the airport there's typically more than one place to exchange your money and they all have a different service fee a service fee is totally different than an exchange rate so if you are opting to exchange your money at the airport double check and make sure and see who has the lower service fee for changing your money tip number four if you've never traveled to Mexico before one of the best things you can do is always haggle barter and negotiate your price when you're buying anything at a shop at a store from a vendor because the first price they give you is not the price that they'll sell it for and you'd be surprised how far they will go down a price so make sure that you're always negotiating your prices another tip would be to shop around for excursion so if you're going to go on Academy and cruise you're going to go swim with dolphins if you're going to go on a hike to a waterfall or whatever it is I would shop around because there are so many different places that do the same excursions and their price differently so instead of going with the first one that you find shop around and see which place has the best price for the best excursion always always make sure you keep your valuable items inside your inner room safe this is really important because a lot of the people in Mexico do not get paid a very high wage so leave mean valuable things out makes it a little bit easier or enticing to steal something so that includes laptops cameras money passports all of that goes inside your Ihram safe anything you cannot live without being stolen goes in there for most places in Mexico you will not need any sort of power converter or power adapter which will automatically save you 30 to 100 dollars which is great so as long as you are from the US and those are the type of clubs you normally use you will not need a power converter now it's time to talk about transportation there are a lot of different ways you can get around in Mexico but some of them are more expensive than others so let's go over those really fast if you have a hotel that has a transportation system or some sort of shuttle I would check with them first it can be one of the cheaper options for you and if you have a big group of people it'll obviously save you a lot of money to be in all one shuttle and if that's not an option for you might want to consider taking the bus we've done that a number of times on our trips to Mexico take the whole family on the bus system and if you're in a more popular area a lot of the tourists take the bus system as well so you're not alone one of the things you might not want to do is actually rent a car because insurance in another country is usually really really expensive so it's probably not your best bet and if you guys do decide to take a taxi I would highly recommend that you double check that it's a real taxi and it's not just a yellow car trying to get your luggage or take your stuff so double-check that and make sure that you stay safe make sure that your bank knows that you're traveling out of the country if they don't know or your credit card company doesn't know they can put a block on your card and you all have access to those funds so that's an a really important tip to make sure that you remember before you travel make sure that you call yourself own company before you leave and see what kind of deal they have for texting emails and phone calls when you head out of the country I know for us we will pay $2 a day to have access to all those things so it pays to check because a lot of times they have those short-term international plans that you can trade to just for the days while you're on vacation at the very very last tip tip number 11 is to bring your own chocolate and sweets with you I might sound like a really weird tip but in Mexico a lot of the desserts are very bitter more cocoa tasting and they don't use a lot of sugar in their desserts so if you start craving sugar or chocolate while you're there you're not going to get that fixed unless you go to a gas station they have a place called Oak Show I think is how you say it it's oxx though you see them all over the place kind of like our 7-elevens but they have american-made snacks like houses cupcakes and chocolate bars and things like that but they cost a lot of money so I actually brought my own bag of Hershey chocolate nuggets with me to had toffee and milk chocolate and they were so yummy in the very last night I actually ended up passing them out to everyone that was on our trip with us because they were dying at the lack of chocolate so I shared was super nice there's one more thing I actually wanted to talk to you guys about it's about duty-free in the airport and how you can save a lot of money on that we don't have enough time in this video so that's gonna be one of my upcoming videos talking about duty-free and how you can save a lot of money shopping there with some tips and tricks of mine I wanted to share so if you're not already subscribed to my channel don't forget to do that so when that video does pop up you will be ready for it and I will talk to you guys next time don't forget to give me a thumbs up if you like this video and if any of my tricks helped you alright bye guys

Ahorrador de Electricidad (Electricity Saving Box)

**Ahorrador de Electricidad (Electricity Saving Box)**



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Unboxing y demostración del Ahorrador de Electricidad

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hola que tal amigos bienvenidos a un boxing del ahorrador de electricidad pues vamos a abrir la caja para sacar todo todo lo que contiene y lo primero que vemos es este manual de uso que nos explica un poco de lo que hace este aparato y ahí está lo primerito que lo más grande es la caja ahorradora de electricidad y un adaptador es todo lo que viene en nuestro empaque y los otros que a ustedes hacer un lado igual que el manual tenemos la caja tenemos el adaptador lo que vamos a hacer es ponerlo se puede poner de cualquier lado lo compone de esta forma de esta forma no tiene nada que ver los polos y después vamos a ir a un enchufe de nuestra casa en cualquier lado puede estar escondido puede estar visible en cualquiera que tenga la entrada tipo americano y lo vamos a poner de esta forma como pueden ver no sé si se alcanza a notar aquí tiene dos focos están ya prendidos ya está funcionando no es ruidoso no tiene nada que hacer más que dejarlo conectado y desde la primera vez que lo conectamos va a estar ahorrando luz ya que estos focos nos marcan los picos bajos y los picos altos ya que nuestra electricidad es muy inestable y lo que va a ayudar a hacer esta caja es mantenerla lineal o sea estable y con esto nos vamos a ahorrar hasta un 40% en nuestros en los cargos de nuestro recibo de la electricidad y así es como se usa muy fácil no es ruidoso como les decía es ecológico no gasta luz así que es muy eficiente para nuestra casa bueno amigos si te gustó este unboxing me gustaría que te suscribas me dieras like o nos dejaran tus comentarios recuerda que yo soy genera saldrá de nos vemos

क्रेडिट कार्ड से पे टी ऍम (Paytm) द्वारा कैसे फ्री मे निकाले कैश।

**क्रेडिट कार्ड से पे टी ऍम (Paytm) द्वारा कैसे फ्री मे निकाले कैश।**



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Withdraw free cash from any Bank’s CREDIT CARD

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