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Grocery Haul for One | $50 Monthly Budget | STACEY FLOWERS

**Grocery Haul for One | $50 Monthly Budget | STACEY FLOWERS**



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Grocery shopping on a Dave Ramsey inspired zero-base budget can be tasty if it’s a budget grocery haul. This grocery haul for one is a monthly grocery haul on a budget. Made much easier by meal planning for one and grocery shopping on a budget. My secret to success is meal prep and budget grocery shopping.

What I eat in a day is coming up! If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.

Monthly Grocery Budget: $50.00
Stores: Whole Foods + Marianos
Camera: Sony a5100

I am a student of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Univerity and on a journey to become debt free. By budgeting monthly and tracking my expenses I’m learning how to become debt free and live my life by cash. Budgeting for beginners is mostly what you’ll find in my videos.

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My Debt Story: How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt Part 1

My Money Story: How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt Part 2

First Budget On My Debt Free Journey


Disclaimer: Honesty is awesome, so I share numbers and dollars in this post. I trust you’ll honor my honesty. Just so we’re clear, everything written here is based on my personal experiences + opinions. Not everything I say here will work for you, but I have faith that you’ll take the information presented and apply some of it to your own finances in a new and creative way.
this beautiful colorful basket I'm so excited about all these hello and welcome back to my channel my name is Stacy flowers and I am a student of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and on a journey to become a 100% debt-free my current debt is over one hundred and eighty three thousand dollars I am on baby step number two to repay 100 percent of my debts I earn an income of anywhere between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars on average a month working part-time and running my company quarter time in this video I'm going to be sharing with you my July 2018 grocery haul so if you are interested in that please keep watching let's take a look at what I have here in the cabinet I've been starting a little bit of work on organizing my pantry I got a gift card from Target and so I bought these although I don't think that they're going to be large enough and I think I'm just going to switch over to a hundred percent mason jars but I have a little bit of black beans I have a little bit of quinoa rice this is the last amount of my oats I have angel hair pasta that I purchased to make homemade ramen noodles I still have my banana rings that I just have not even from my last grocery haul and then I have a couple of broth and so let's talk about the broth really quick because a lot of you guys suggested bouillon cubes and when I first moved in I went I got beef and chicken yes beef and chicken bullion cubes and I put it in my red beans and I put it in my black beans and it was absolutely delicious however what happened was is I was out myself like every time I would eat like a bowl cuz you know I have it for like lunch and dinner so like I eat it a lot but every time I would eat it I would get overwhelmingly tired like even when I would eat it at work oh god why am I so tired why am I so tired enough let me look at my ingredients and when I looked at the bullion cubes there is soy but I can't remember how I don't know if it's a soy oil or soy bean I'm not 100% for sure but I just my body doesn't have a good reaction to soy so I can't use bullion cubes with soy in it and I haven't found young-kyu that doesn't have soy in it so if you guys have a recommendation I'm totally open to not using these to save money but I think people this is just something people will say oh you can get that cheaper at this place and you're right but you have to ask yourself why is it cheaper at other places it's not always just cheaper at other places because one store you know branding and marketing and it's organics sometimes it's cheaper because they're using lower quality products in addition to the thing so like for example like seasonings like sometimes when you're purchasing seasonings you're not just purchasing that seasoning you're purchasing that seasoning but they blend up other things that are tasteless but like provide the bulk so that would be my recommendation it's just I understand that there are a thousand ways to make my grocery shopping even less expensive than what it is at fifty dollars a month but me making some of those decisions winds up being the wrong decision for me because there are products that I don't want to consume and in me purchasing something cheaper I'm unintentionally consuming those products for example the bulan cubes where you can get like ten versions of this box of broch but in you getting those ten versions you're also getting the who humping of soy and if you don't eat soy you know that becomes a problem so I have chicken broth I have beef broth and then here I have some coconut bases and I'm a little bit of popcorn summarising corn mill rice flour a bread crumb with baking soda our seasonings I'm doing pretty good with seasonings have smoked paprika I have a little time ground cumin ground cinnamon pepper lemon pepper adobo this is I still have tons of that tumeric left bay leaves and a piece off from my auntie and then here in the cabinet sort of the same things the olive oil from May grapeseed oil and most of these things really aren't going down because I haven't really been cooking I haven't been cooking at home because it is really hot but also last month is my birthday month and I went out quite a lot so that's what having the cabinet let's take a look in the free refrigerator so in the refrigerator I have some celery but this is going to be turned into vegetable stock because it's just I left it in here too long these carrots may still be good so I may pull those and turn those into some snacks some sweet peppers which I'm super excited about did buy a little bit of kale I don't like the prepackaged kale I'm gonna finish eating it but I don't like the prepackaged kale I have a container of red beans a container of black beans little coconut milk that's leftover in a water pitcher not particularly satisfied with that water pitcher I'm so I likely will switch that out little bit of banana peppers have some red roasted peppers a little bit of almond milk and a little salad dressing and I'm running out of this is a little bit of frozen kale that's from that bag just because I knew I wasn't going to eat through it because I don't really like it very much but I don't want to waste it I don't know if you can freeze kale and maintain its nutrients but we shall see peas and a little bit of corn left so there are quite a few things that I will be getting from the grocery store today and yeah so there are quite a few things that will I'll be getting from the grocery store and I will also be getting some like mason jars to store things because I really want to switch over to not using as much plastic since I'm in my own home so let's go to the grocery store so I had all the plans and all the plans were to go to three different stores and then out of nowhere I don't even know if you guys can hear me but out of nowhere this brain came out of no way what I took my Mecca and I've been in the car now [Applause] these are a little darker one of the things that I am trying to figure out is how to cut all soy ouch I don't know if you guys can see that but the second ingredient second or first ingredient for most of all these male is soybean oil and I don't respond very well to soy so I'm gonna try this is the only one that I've found that doesn't have soy oil listed as an ingredient so I'll let you guys know this brand may actually be better I found another one that doesn't have soy in it from him but this has eggs in it and I prefer to not have eggs they make me a little sluggish but this one here is specifically says no GMO and egg free so I actually think we're going to go with this Mayo I'm kind of stoked about that a little closer and right here I don't know if you guys can see that it says it may contain soy and I'm thinking that that is because of where it's manufactured you know how like sometimes things are manufactured near each other which for me may contain soy is way better than soybean oil being the first ingredient so I'm gonna go ahead and try this and this speed the booty some wholefoods chickpeas red pepper flakes red beans popcorn oats and black bean I'm at the last store and I have my little bag with my cash envelopes out these are my original cash envelopes from Dave Ramsey and I'm at the third store today and I have you can see that in there I have 25 dollars left to get me some vegetables which primarily decorates my bases of oatmeal and beans every single day and quinoa this budget is $50 but I do think that I'm gonna increase my grocery budget to 75 right now I'm just in the habit of shopping at 50 and until I get a little bit more comfortable with my kitchen I don't want to waste so you guys saw when I was looking through my kitchen that and I mean technically it won't go to waste but I have carrots i have celery and a couple of peppers that went bad and I don't like that so I don't want that to happen and for that reason the other 25 if I do use it in this budget I'll just use it later on in the month if it comes up but if it doesn't then you know fifty dollars it is so let's go see beautiful color Pro basket I'm so excited about all these green I'm a pineapple and peaches so you guys can see that on the ground there this is what I got for my fifty dollar grocery haul with the exception of the mason jars because those were part of my household pantry that I got um because she's very hot all those stairs I got those so that I could make my to go salads but also so that could fill out my pantry so I'm kind of super pumped about that it is much much later in the day you can't really tell because it's been raining and whatnot but it's super hot so I am going to first watch them sorry guys I'm going to who first I feel like my my face is falling off me okay I'm gonna first wash my mason jars just a little I can as I'm preparing food I literally have a place to be able to put the food in and then I'm gonna show you guys what I got so this is July's summers grocery calls and I'll start down here I got my thing of almond milk got a very large container of strawberries this and this came from Walmart as well as this celery came from Walmart and it's funny that I have so much celery I'm not really a celery fan but it seasons things well and I'm making a lot of like cold salads like cauliflower salad and pasta salad and stuff like that and it seasons it really well I got a 1 bunch of spinach have a head of romaine lettuce I got two things of golden beets so this has two on it this has three on it got a pineapple I've got three stalks of our three heads of corn on the cob yellow pepper orange pepper red pepper green pepper these red pepper flakes are from Whole Foods I have three yellow onions because I'm still eating onion rings but also seasoning two peaches a head of cauliflower some rotini noodles tricolor for my pasta salad mustard garlic and this just Mayo and again this is gonna be for my pasta salad as well as for my cauliflower salad and then from Whole Foods I got red beans black beans red pepper flakes popcorn oatmeal and a little bit of gum bark the chickpea so now it's time to put all these dishes so what I'm doing in this jar is I'm just taking this celery that has died I'm washing it and I and I'm just chopping it up a little bit and I'm putting it in here because I'm going to and I wish I would have got to it just a little sooner but what I'm gonna do is when I get ready to make my vegetable broth I'm gonna use these veggie scraps in the vegetable broth so I put everything away we'll bring a couple of strawberries my pineapple will sit here a peaches here my corn on the cob here we look in the fridge you have my almond milk down here but this is what the fridge looks like the kale snacks are there this here is spinach it's just strawberry and then that's lettuce back there etc etc and then we go to the freezer oh there was something I forgot to show you guys I had sweet potatoes down here I keep forgetting that I have sweet potatoes down there so just so you know have sweet potatoes then we have what the pantry looks like here for the most part everything up here is the same I just move things up that's the red beans that I got from Whole Foods and this behind here leftover black beans and some new my onions are here this is a little piece of garlic old popcorn etc so this is where we are right yeah amazing super fantastic spectacular people that is my July 2018 these are so sweet grocery haul it was a very difficult one to film but I'm glad I did it I'm glad I've been able to find my mason jars so that is all that I have for you to them thank you so much for watching until next time I watch you all this

TIPS | 13 Ways To Save Money on Groceries

**TIPS | 13 Ways To Save Money on Groceries**



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In this video are my favorite tips and tricks to save money at the grocery store! Save money and still eat healthy.
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This video is not sponsored! Just a fan of the apps, sites, stores and products mentioned!
hey guys today I'm going to share with you some tricks to save money at the grocery store I know all of you love my budget haul videos so I thought that you would appreciate knowing my secrets to saving money at the grocery store let's start with number one eat in season right now it's summertime and berries nectarines grape tomatoes yummy vegetables and fruits are in season right now and for that reason they are cheaper at the grocery store I also find that they taste better when you're actually eating them when their season appropriate number two coupons I'm not really into clipping out my own coupons but you do have the option to go onto coupons calm red plum calm there's a few other websites where you can actually go on and print out coupons for foods that you are already buying at the grocery store you can also go on to your favorite brands Facebook pages and sometimes they have coupons for you to print out there too 3 make a list duh but don't just make a list meal prep and create a menu if you do this you're going to know how much you need of each item so that when you go to the store you can get enough so that you don't have to do midweek trips that often include impulse buys so create a list create a meal plan and get after it number 4 don't shop hungry if you're like me and you shop hunger you buy everything the store everything looks good so before you go to the store eat a meal have a nice lunch have a nice breakfast and then go shopping before dinner there's always a million people there especially on Monday and Tuesday's and you end up buying way more than you need so eat a meal before you go don't shop hungry number five go generic some of my favorite foods to buy like Oh cereals frozen vegetables by buying the generic version you're really not sacrificing any taste or quality you're just going to save money so don't be afraid to buy generic number six is something I do I shop around I know what stores have the best prices so when I need to do some staple shopping I'll go to Aldi because I know that they are the cheapest there four other things I like to go to Trader Joe's for some of my sauces in different condiments and frozen vegetables and then there's hopefully taupe it's actually has some great deals on things but also same with Target Sean's stop and shop we all have different grocery stores and I liked shop around to get the best deals possible which brings me to number seven use your iPhone when you go shopping I love this new app called grocery pal you enter in your zip code and then it lets you know what the sales are at the stores near you so if you know you love to eat Greek yogurt you can go and see what store has Greek yogurt on sale that week it also will let you know if there are $1 great tomatoes when Aldi has this week near me $1 for grape tomatoes I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't downloaded the grocery pal app but you guys can download it it's free and you guys can save some money by checking in to see where some of your favorite products are being sold at a discount number eight buy in bulk especially when things are on sale now if you're worried about them going bad preserve them using either canning freezing or even drying if you have a dehydrator I love buying things in bulk especially meat when they're on sale because you can get them from cheaper prices and then I just put them in the freezer so each week when I figure out what I'm having I can take them out so that they saw number 9 buy your meats with the bone in or if you're buying seafood with the shell or bones still in if you buy chicken bone in it is way cheaper and it actually does taste better you have to roast it a little bit longer but just remember to take the skin off to remove some that excess fat you don't need if I were to buy shrimp at the grocery store without the shell it would cost me more money so take a few extra minutes yourself to buy it with the shell on and just do it yourself to save some money number 10 go vegetarian for some of the meals that you eat during the week beans are extremely affordable and so by factoring in a few vegetarian meals each week you are going to end up saving yourself some money number 11 avoid buying prepackaged foods or pre sliced produce grocery stores are charging you major dollars to do some of the dirty work that really doesn't take that much time so avoid buying the prepared and pre place number 12 pick a credit card that actually rewards you for shopping at the grocery store I have one that gives me points depending on how much I shop at the grocery store that month I then get to use those points to redeem for travel credits on my credit card statement so if I fly to California for work I can then use some of my grocery points to reduce that cost between like 100 and 200 dollars every credit card has a different rate as a different point system so shop around and pick the best one for you and the last one is to take bigger trips when you go to the grocery store when you go up to the register you might have a little sticker shock like oh my gosh I can't believe how much money I spent but I kind of mentioned this earlier by reducing the amount of times you go to a grocery store each week you're going to reduce the amount of impulse buys that you make at the store each time I go I'm guilty of this I at least five two or three things that I really didn't need but either I see them on sale or they look good or I'm in the mood and then I just end up spending more money than I needed to so by doing bigger grocery shopping trips each time you're going to reduce the amount of visits that you make and then reduce the amount of impulse buys and overall money that you have hopefully you enjoyed my tricks to save yourself some money at the grocery store if you're curious what a thirty dollar grocery haul looks like for meals for the entire week stay tuned to click on my thirty dollar grocery haul for the entire week see you guys soon you





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In today’s what I eat in a day on keto VLOG, I am sharing what I ate today on the keto lifestyle / diet as a keto mom. What I ate today was an amazing assortment …

$50 FOR A WEEK OF CUTTING: Meal Prep on a Budget with Zac Perna

**$50 FOR A WEEK OF CUTTING: Meal Prep on a Budget with Zac Perna**



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Need More Help: I can create a budget friendly, personalised meal plan and my workout program at …





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GROCERY SHOP WITH ME AT ALDI + MEAL PLAN // SHOP WITH ME 2019 GROCERY HAUL. Come shop with me for healthy budget friendly groceries! I hope you enjoy these gluten free options as well as toddler meal ideas! It’s actually really easy when you’re a stay at home mom to practice frugal living. Although my baby does love pouches on the go, we also do baby led weaning.

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hey guys we're at Aldi again we're completely out of like everything so it's going to be a pretty big grocery haul I'm about to get my cart just put a little quarter in there you do get your quarter back now at the end a lot of people were like why did you have to order food carts to get it back that's one of the ways they cut prices also yes I say algae and I'm saying it my whole life like that so I'm not going to change it you can say algae like that or I'll be up to you Yolo all right so I've noticed that most Aldi's as soon as you walk in have like some to go drinks and like little snack packs and things like that and then it usually starts with the produce so here I'm kind of pondering for over a minute because I'm trying to find organic produce a lot of times they will have organic but I feel like they sell out pretty quickly just because their prices are so amazing I loved grabbing this big giant bag of garlic just because we use in so many recipe is it was just easier to just go ahead and grab that I also got grapes blueberries and strawberries but if you miss anything don't worry at the end of this video I'm going to do a little haul and I also want to tell you right away that this giant grocery shop I only spent $130 which is one of the main reasons that I really love Aldi I always grab their bag salads as well as our spinach for smoothies I get their butter lettuce and that is my favorite to put into just like the lunch salads and things like that we also just cut this up and use it for the lettuce on our tacos you will see I get a lot of produce and that's because I have toddlers and we go through produce like crazy in my house and one of our favorite things are just mangoes we use it just for snacks that we also like to make mango salsa I have a video on my channel for our fresh mango salsa as well that's a big hit also I want to mention that these little produce bags are from Young Living the bread here is so inexpensive it's 67 cents like you really can't beat that I also like to grab a lot of snacks er these little snack packs this whole giant package was under $5 they're just great for summertime like on-the-go you know little car rides or Beach trips things like that I also always get these dried fruit packs because my kids love these they love the apple and pear the most but they only had apples this time over here I just grabbed some fresh date salsa they had an organic version so when they do have organic I do choose that we're not like a hundred percent organic in any way but when there's a healthier organic option I like to grab that especially because this was only like 20 cents more speaking of non-organic I crept to Bob Evans mashed potatoes we like those for my easy shepherd's pie a lot of you know that recipe and I also just grabbed some of these tortellinis to throw in with some sauce the kids love that those little toy storage animals were a hit at Carter's birthday party and then this was a new find for us this was a Greek yogurt cream cheese spread and this was just for me nobody else will eat it in my house because they like the Philadelphia Cream Cheese but I love it because it has more protein and it's made with Greek yogurt and I've had the salmon here multiple times and it's always been delicious we've never had a problem with the salmon and it's for a great price we're also going to go ahead and grab a couple packets of chicken thighs and you can stay tuned until the end of this video and I will show you what I made with them in the crock-pot and we also just picked up some ground turkey the next thing I grabbed was this uncared bacon I've never used this bacon before I usually get there like I think it's called like light and fit or something like that their brand of turkey bacon until I realized that it says like mechanically separated on the back and then that's when I stopped buying it now I'm just grabbing some shredded cheese we're getting Mexican cheese and mozzarella cheese we always have these on stock I got plain Greek yogurt for overnight oats and then I got cottage cheese for my protein pancakes and now I'm just gonna go ahead and grab some milk and eggs next I'm gonna check out the frozen aisle and the only thing I got from this section was these veggie burgers I've had them before and they're really good random but I saw this on the side this toy story for cereal I did not purchase it though um we got some brown rice and we also got some corn tortillas and of course we have to stock up on juice I have to beg my kids to drink regular water so I just put a little bit of apple juice in their water cups and that's how they drink their drinks so it's like a quarter of apple juice and all the rest water but otherwise they don't usually drink water one of the reasons I fell in love with Aldi was because of their huge gluten-free selection I was really disappointed today I'm not gonna lie this is not my normal Aldi but they didn't have any bread or any bagels so that was a big bummer because now I have to go to a different store to get bagels and bread but we did pick up some of their gluten-free macaroni and cheese and if you have never had these chips you have to have them they are the best they are the gluten free sweet chili chips the babies section here is pretty awesome too I grabbed a lot of yogurt milk because they get sold out really quickly and my kids eat like one bag per sitting and they are the cheapest here they're almost like three dollars out of our regular grocery store and I also really like their pouches I know a lot of people have said things about Aldi pouches that like I think there was like one article that showed mold in them but these pouches are see-through don't worry I picked it up off the floor one of my favorite things about Aldi is like the two random aisles they always have a really super random stuff I found tons of great things in these aisles before they always have like some good candles some home decor that's super affordable I've even gotten organizers from here pool things for the kids like outdoor activities for them Tupperware cupcake tins I've gotten so many really cool things here for really inexpensive but I'll show you all the things that they had that I thought were really cute I love these little galvanized tins I did not buy any of them but I think they would be really cute for home decor a slushy maker I also really wanted to buy this and of course I wanted to buy this it's like an iced coffee brewing system yes please give me all of the coffee even had an ice maker I did grab this because I really need one of these they're like little clip-on strainers I like the little potato peeler potato scrubber what else did they have that I really thought was cute they did have something like Toy Story 4 things here as well but we just had Carter's birthday party so we didn't need any of that stuff I thought this tumbler was really good but also I really don't need that as well and then like some I home speakers and just honestly like the most random but coolest things I thought this beach towel was adorable but I refrained I wanted the doughnut and the little watermelon the pool is perfect for young kids but we already have one tons of little floats and cute things like that here there were sprinklers and slip and slides they even had these UV shirts which are great for your kiddos and now it's time to check out which always gives me anxiety because they are so fast bringing you up that it's crazy there's usually only one person working the register too so it just makes me extra anxious but it's all worth it because to get all of these items for 130 dollars is like incredible when I go to my regular grocery store I spent at least 200 I also wanted to mention that I did get a case of water we are not using our water filtration system right now just because they've been doing like work on our water in our neighborhood and I seriously just don't trust it and it freaks me out seriously that was the fastest shop I've ever done been about to kick up Carter vacation look at this guy see look right here stick it in she said get your quarterback and here is just a little overview of everything that we got in case you missed it like I had mentioned we were in a really big rush because we had to get my son Carter from preschool so I feel like I might have missed telling you about some of the items that I got but again I feel like this was all a really great deal [Applause] [Applause] and here is just a it's super easy chicken taco crock pot meal literally put some chicken thighs in some salsa and a packet of taco seasoning and that is it four hours on high or eight hours on low and it is delicious and I hope that you all enjoyed this video please don't forget to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you thought up it I know that you want to see more videos like this and I will totally make them for you also check us out on Instagram at TDOT Beeston you