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CHEAP household items// Tide, Gain, Charmin// Target Pricematch

**CHEAP household items// Tide, Gain, Charmin// Target Pricematch**



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Price matching may not be for everyone! The chances of you getting a “no” are jus as equal as getting a “yes”

when you search the item then click “nearest store”

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good morning and it's Saturday and I wanted to get this video up quite early just so you guys have the chance just because I know a lot of you guys may work or what not so Saturday Sunday the weekend will give you a lot of time to go out and do these rites matching deals so I just posted on the like a little post on the community board which is basically like a timeline or where I can post like pictures and text itself so if you guys haven't been able to check that out you can look at it it just says community and under that I've been posting like a random deals and stuff like that it's easier for me that way because I don't have to make a whole video and if you guys don't know how long it takes to make a video filming the videos not too bad it's the editing that takes forever so it's a lot easier for me to make a post but anyways I asked you guys last night if you guys would be interesting and getting zip codes for Walmart as far as some really good priced items to then try to price match at Target so what I'm gonna go ahead and do because I don't want you guys that know how to price match to be waiting for the zip code so I'll tell you what the zip codes are for the different items and then after I tell you guys that items if you guys don't need like any type of instruction then you don't have to watch the rest of the video but after I tell you the zip codes I'll go ahead and kind of do a little bit of explaining of what you do I am no expert at all I literally have done this twice but I know how to find the information for you guys that are experts so I can answer as many questions as I feel like I know the answer to but if anyone else would like to answer questions as far as if someone who's just now starting to price-match have some questions that'd be awesome but it's not totally understand okay so getting right into it guys the first one I have is gonna be the Charmin ultra strong toilet paper this is a 16 mega rules and it's $5 a piece at Walmart the zip code for that is 75 two for three so that's a super easy one then the next one that I have is going to be gain I have two of them actually so it's the flings I have a fifty-seven count um I think that one target might not carry but anyways I have a 57 count that is four dollars and the zip code for that is a nine one three zero seven and then I have the 51 count on the flings as well this one is three dollars and ninety four cents a zip code for that one is gonna be nine one three is zero seven so there's those two good ones and then I have tied as well this is gonna be actually for the big bottle so for the 150 fluid ounces of the tide it's four dollars and fifty cents and then zip code for that one is two two four zero one I think for this one right now if you buy two of them you get a $10 gift card so these would be free and a moneymaker I have heard some people say that you don't get gift cards back when you were price matching some others have said otherwise so really it's gonna be based on I think maybe your cashier again I don't have 100% the details on like gift card situations and stuff like that but I did look over the policy and everything seems to be good as far as price matching so that's all I have for right now guys I'm gonna look for a diapers one because I think that you guys would really appreciate that one and that one helped you out a lot so for those that don't know like what I'm talking about or how you can get these prices so basically these prices are specific to a target and I'm sorry a Walmart and that's why you have to switch your zip code on your Walmart app to the zip code that I just gave you guys so once you switch to the code to the zip code that I gave you guys you're gonna be able to find the item in the exact price so you go to Target and then you get the exact item it has to be set and all of that is what I've heard and what I read and so then you go to the cashier that you tell them hey I want to price-match to Walmart you show them your phone with the price for the item whatever which one it may be and then they either say yes or no so some people say that they have to scan they on in a little machine and if it pops up then it works and if it doesn't it if it doesn't pop up then they're gonna say no it really just depends on your cashier whether they're in a good mood bad mood the store policy you like as we know wild games has crazy different policies throughout the states so target probably does as well as far as like how they train their cashiers whether every price max they have to scan and everything like that so really it's it can't like if you do price matching as you can see we'd be getting a 150 ounce bottle of tide for four dollars and fifty cents like you're saving tons of money um it actually seems like more savings than couponing but again you don't know whether you're gonna get it or not so that's what I have for you guys today like I said I'll go ahead and try to find it diapers do hopefully I can bring you guys that one later today if not tomorrow thanks for watching guys and drop any questions like I said I'll try to answer what I

How to Save Money on Plant Starts & Vegetable Seeds

**How to Save Money on Plant Starts & Vegetable Seeds**



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John from shares with you how you can save 51% off your edible garden plant starts including fruits, vegetables and herbs near you. You will also discover how to get seed packs for as low as 25 cents, or 50% off. You will also learn about some of the other useful gardening items on the 2014 Spring Black Friday Sale at Home Depot and how to save 10% additional off the sale prices. Along the way you will discover how to get the best value when purchasing seed packs as well as tips to choose the best plant starts. After watching this episode, hopefully you will be motivated to pick up some plant starts and seeds at 50% off retail prices and start a garden this season.

How to Collect Bamboo Badge & Win Free Weapon Royale Voucher? || Free Fire Cricket World Cup Event

**How to Collect Bamboo Badge & Win Free Weapon Royale Voucher? || Free Fire Cricket World Cup Event**



View Time:3:28Minutes



How to Collect Bamboo Badge & Claim Free Weapon Royale Voucher in Garena Free Fire New Cricket World Cup Event?

How to complete new Rank missions?

Play Rank match and also get match rewards & login rewards.

Full details about how to win Free Weapon Royale Voucher, Banner & Pine Tree.

How to get or collect Bamboo Badge?

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Match.com Coupon Code 2013 - How to use Promo Codes and Coupons for Match.com

**Match.com Coupon Code 2013 – How to use Promo Codes and Coupons for Match.com**



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eHarmony Coupon Code 2013 - How to use Promo Codes and Coupons for eHarmony.com

**eHarmony Coupon Code 2013 – How to use Promo Codes and Coupons for eHarmony.com**



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Check out: and find out how to get a great discount with any of our eHarmony coupons. This video shows you just how easy it is to find the love of your life by using eHarmony coupons from Offers.com. Sign up today!

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