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of every and it's mean air today we're going to talk about credit card money how to get massive credit card rewards and make money at the same time what prompted this video is I saw a clickbait video that was aimed at the average credit card consumer and it turned me off in it it kind of got me feeling some kind of way and there were some things that were clearly misstated look guys what we do here at every man is a mean there is we're teaching you to be exceptional we're teaching you to be more than you currently are we're teaching you how to have an abundant life if you want to be average or if you're looking for a hack to be an average this isn't the channel for you there's hundreds of channels maybe thousands of channels out there that are going to teach you how to hack something without increasing your economic frame what we do here is I'm only to you how to be beyond average I'm gonna teach you how to actually have high credit card limits and get great credit card rewards and have the money to pay it off here's something and also since I know how credit card companies work I saw this person's credit limits they make it as much money as they would have you believe because those were some low credit limits for a person who's giving financial advice and just to show another receipt this here it might not be here but let me look if this is your first time here and any man is a mean there I'm in Cameron you're hustling Godfather what we do here is we get money we stack money we protect money and we have a way to grow money that's what we do here we do it through entrepreneurship and we do it through hustling it's about getting more money not shoehorning your life into the money you already have let me see if I could bring us up just be on here we go and then we'll show you some give me a second here we go here we go right this is a payment that I'm need to my American Express card this morning an American Express card that I got last week that's how much I've spent and I've already paid off and I probably spend 25 to 30 K this month this isn't for me to brag or boast this is to show me to show you I'm doing what I'm talking about because typically when you get a new American Express card most people have an exposure limit of one thousand to about seven thousand I put it into the spinning tool twenty instead of proof so I have a very high spending limit out the gate and my goal is to get it up to 100 K now I'm showing you this because once again I need to separate and differentiate myself from the rest of the herd because what we're doing here is being exceptional what we're doing here is being beyond average what we're doing here is living that abundant life alright so me get rid of that just to show you some receipts because you know people like receipts people like see that the person who is giving the information actually has done or is doing the stuff about the information right it's fair because what I have spent this month is more than half of what this person's credit limits are in terms of cards sounds like really no more so we're gonna talk about something else to it because we got this one and we're gonna go with these these are the these are the two main cards right and I can show them cus the numbers are on the back now this card here I went to London Los Angeles Orlando Miami and I forget this other trip because it wasn't that port but all of this the first-class minds you all that was done through points on this card and I didn't pay a lick of interest the plane flight and the hotel was from heart points from this car this car already got seventy thousand points and I just got it last week sixty thousand from signing up for it and ten thousand spent alright now how did I do this first of all you need a business and I've seen many people talk that's McAtee smack why do I have to start a business to be exceptional to be beyond the average to actually have the money to get to Kruk the credit limits because the new thing is you can have a great credit score and they're gonna cap you at a certain limit in this person's limits were capped which tells that their income isn't what they're saying for you to get the $50,000 but it limits the $75 thousand credit without $75,000 credit limits to a hundred thousand dollar credit limits you gonna have to show some receipts they're just not going to trust you unless you have a count with that Bank where they can look in and see what your account balances are okay then they may bless you with some high credit limits but you go show some receipts and and all of the credit forms I see people nodding up about this look living on credit as an extension of income is a very dangerous thing don't do it if you don't have the money don't spend it we'll stay straight and you'll never get in trouble so a part of what we're talking about here is developing in this for this car it was business spent and when you said oh god you have a business if you have an Amazon FBA business and you're spending 80 hundred K a month and you're not doing it on this you're not doing it on this you're stupid you're literally letting tens of thousands of dollars in travel hotels cashback whatever go down the drain because you listening to Dave Ramsey proper use of credit cards is not a bad thing proper use of credit cards and credit can help make you wealthy faster there's a lot of you cash-and-carry guys understand I understand I used to be one I know where you're coming from but you're gonna have to embrace a new model first of all five checking accounts last video I love that you're gonna have to have those five checking accounts you're gonna have to have a budget so you're gonna have to take care of the money that you already have coming in you got to take care of that you got to make sure to get the most mileage out of Zek anomic bullets then you bring in new income and this is where you can play this game I spent way 300k on this car last year then pay a lick of interest so if you have a business and you're spending money why not get an additional benefit you're already spending the money why not benefit I still got points from then I took all those trips first class you could do it too and once again let's just talk about this did I arrive at this level yesterday No I arrived at this level last year no did I arrive at this level about 10 years ago after investing 10 years in business yes it's gonna take you some time get rid of these jacked-up expectations that because this is one of the things that kills people and I inherent knew the first time that I built business credit not to do it if you don't have the cash flow or the income do not set yourself up or fail because let's say you have a 747 60 you pretty much getting anything you can get Americans fresh at them you can get lines across you can get anything you want now once you spend that money and you don't have cash flow to come in now you have a little debt that you must service with your salary that's not fun you're gonna have less money because you didn't take the time to become a seasoned business owner by starting off part-time let's be real most of you are not gonna have billion-dollar businesses most you are not going to have 50 million dollar businesses or even 20 million dollar businesses but most of you can create a six-figure business and get wealthy over time you can climb into the 9.9% in time you can have a net worth of 1 point 8 to 5 million dollars you can do that if you adjust your expectations in time and stop wanting all the stuff because we've been up and I'm getting back into the game because like I said from a cash-and-carry guys I mean I use this cart like a debit card I paid it off several times per month I never even got to my credit limit cash-and-carry but to get economic benefit from using a credit card now where we're gonna be is you got a scale up to this because and been their forms and this is the credit card game people will go out good credit to get the crash cart and get the reward and then they can't use the card anymore or they must get authorized users on so they have enough money and look once again to get the 60,000 points for this card you just got to spend five thousand dollars over three months that's like sixteen hundred bucks a month car insurance cell phone bill that shouldn't be hard but these folks out here playing the a I'm a game to game the credit cards and that's not bad but see I want to teach you to play a real game a game of abundance because I'm gonna move all of that spin to this card and I'm gonna get 5x points on hotels and travel I'm gonna get way more points because I have the economic spend through my business and let's just say you start an Amazon FBA business on the side your goal was not to be an Amazon eBay FBA seller your goal was to create an economic gambit that maybe it makes you 2,000 them off but you spend ten you get the points you get to spend you get money on top of it and you get free travel free travel one of the reasons I got this card is I'm going to be going somewhere every month and you know go through the American next portal and see what you have to do the qualify but every time I buy a plane ticket I'm gonna get five points five extra points every time I get a hotel I'm gonna get five extra points plus their dual spin and the way that you could play this credit card game is like a boss is to start a business a small business you won't have to play these games because once again I'm teaching you about abundance I'm teaching you about create your own chessboard instead of being a piece on the chessboard and you've got a lot of folks who are trying to play this economic game with literally one hand tied behind their back because they don't make any money that's the problem and they see it as an unfair situation like when I did the video like when my client got a one hundred thousand dollar limit on his chaise-cart well ain't nothing for the average man the world is not set up for the average man the world is not set up or per an employee all of the benefits all of the game are set up for business owners so if you know that's the lay of the land you know that's the game become a business owner don't sit back and yir become a business become a business owner start a business start small on the side keep your job in overtime build your economic engine where you can play this game and win like a boss put some money in your pocket and change your family future I did a video in or the channel this morning livestream talked about people don't want to commit to anything and this isn't about come into a woman to marriage many of you will not commit to an ideal a concept a cause does she want to keep your options open the reason that I was able to speak on one credit card in one year was because I committed to this business I think you me do go on the club whether what was a strip club's name I don't even know the strip clubs names cuz I don't even go what Club Nikki's is still open no magic city I don't go up in there that's a poor allocation of resources to throw money and the to be teased but I digress you can do this you can do this if you won adjust your mindset think abundance think ownership if your Facebook friend of mine I posted something the other day it's six million dollar mansion owned by a brother and I went a step further I posted the property records and I found all of his LLC's yet like five or six of them holding company car dealerships once it yeah cuz I get a lot of people there like I know judges ain't no judge living over there these people are high-level executives and most of them are business owners that's how you play the American game that's how you realize the American dream you start a business that's what you need to do it once again it ain't gonna be easy I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you like oh you know it's it's gonna be hard it's gonna take personal sacrifice it's gonna take delayed gratification it's gonna take you having money in the bank that you don't spend it's gonna take you getting your credit straight alright I just did this because there's so many people who are trying to play the game and they don't even have all the game says the primary piece to any economic game is you owning a business hands down the indicate that's it small business medium sized business Lori you need to own the business if you want to play the American Dream game you need to own the business and right now it's the best time to start one right now all of the chaff all the sorry people who think that there are geniuses because they can have the ability to go out and get a business card to put I'm a CEO on it with no receipts no result no money they're about to be decimated this is why I me didn't you know and I had people talking smack when I closed that offices cuz see you got people who are in love with Big Willie style but they're in Louisville to sleep by celled business practices that make money long term at one fool he was like oh you you can't keep this blah blah blah blah blah blah I am in a better economic position this year because the decisions I made last year in the beginning of the year in January I'm in a much better situation I have no debt moreover I don't have a monthly obligation of rent on two offices in about $50,000 a month overhead and salaries didn't need them to do what I'm doing and once the clients win the way I was like okay and this from a business owned when you change your business in the current set of employees that you don't have that you currently have and they don't fit into this new vision get rid of them quick as you can don't be feeling like I need to be mr. guys guy and then you need to pay people for six months eight months and then you working that is not being good to your business I know it sounds cold I know it sounds harsh but the reality is success doesn't care who makes it success doesn't care if you're a good guy success doesn't care if you're a bad guy so sex doesn't care if you're a serial murder if you have the ability to follow directions and stick to a plan you can be successful in these United States of America in this I think our thing cuz I'm seeing all these people and I'm seeing people with perfect credit good credit like 760 X 800 bucks but when I see their videos I look at where they live a lot of these credit gurus are not living well they have legitimate good credit but what they don't have is money you need to have some money along with your good credit because uh one guy he's very good but he's living in a dump he got a great credit score but he's living in a dump he doesn't have an economic engine for him to fully utilize that good credit when you have the money to let its good credit in five years you could be leveraged up 1.5 to million bucks starting from scratch if you have flow banks don't care if you have medical bill collections on your crep or banks don't care if you had a hiccup or two or a late payment ex care if you have the ability to repay that's what they care about and like my client he didn't do anything with his credit he helped other people with cosign for a car and they screwed him that's why I bad credit it was nothing that he did and the bank was able to look at that the underwriters I know you didn't do this hey hydric aid based upon your cash flow and I don't know what it is with the credit repair credit building community where very few people talk about there some who talk about you sliding that credit to enhance their wealth position but most of them don't most of them don't talk about making more money most of them don't talk about LLC's most of them don't talk about you know they do talk about business credit but business credit without the seasoning and experience of running their business is like putting a gun to your head that's that's usually what the case is because you can get the money but you don't know what to do with the money and everybody that asked me hey Glen and I got 10k I got 20k at 30 K I got 40k I got 50k I got 100k what business should I get involved in and my answer is always the same put your money in your banking or the small business learn how to run a business because I don't care if you have ten million if you had ten million and you invested in a business and you didn't know how to run that business you gonna lose your money Sean John no Daymond John ashton kutcher and someone else got into this clothing line collectively they put seven million dollars in it and it failed they overestimated the star power of Ashton Kutcher didn't move the product seven million in two experienced operators Ashton Kutcher what 1.2 million dollar net worth Daymond John see a billionaire I don't know close to it another person these are all rich guys they've been down this road before and they sunk millions of dollars in this business but because they miscalculated they lost their money and these are folks who know what they're doing but you who have no clue to what a marketing plan is what is a research and development plan what's the sales / oh yeah you're gonna go out and get 150 K and put it in this business but you don't know what you're doing that's great great that's cray-cray don't do it my people don't do it take your time just keep your job start a business on the side which means you will not be able to watch TV which means you will not be able to now with the boys for two to three years you go to work you come home you work harder because you're working for yourself that's what it's gonna take for you to accelerate an escape average everyone is talking about how to be more average I'm not talking about how to be more average I'm talking about how to be exceptional I'm talking about how to have money seven days a week how to be having money coming in how they have money in this bank account that bank account that bank account or credit card in your pocket I'm talking about you having money 24/7 up in your life not you utilizing credit as an extension of income that is stupid because sooner or later it's gonna catch up with you you gonna get sick you gonna lose your job something's gonna happen in the whole financial house of cards it's gonna fall down on your head don't do it all right let's see let's see what's up in these comments I give it all up in this because I just like to want some stuff man I know what it's like but you gotta do it the right way or it's usually gonna turn out very bad at some point what's up people what's going on what's going on Galen hey men for the receipts yeah thank you welcome rock and roll of Chase Sapphire is a great car I would say the AMEX is better and you used to be able to get to chase sapphire in the chase reserve but now it's one of the other I could upgrade this to the new product but I like the way this car looks like you know what I'm gonna do cuz you get 3x points I think for travel on this car but you get 5x points on the American Express it's a no-brainer all right is there both metal man the sapphire and the American Express Platinum yes it is Ben I know and this is how you know when you go out when I got this I got this car five or six years ago and I remember when I put it out every cashier every clerk was like oh this is kind of heavy cuz they they weren't used to that and this one is actually a little more heavier than that one and I know they did it intentionally [Laughter] donna's craziest real-life game of Monopoly absolutely or play credit for play at school then they won't commit to themselves oh okay people with student loans big booty very big booty Betty if you're doing entertainment that actually is true but I my my class don't need me to be a pastor quo rock and roll diva they ran C's plan for the basic person who just needs to do things simply I will agree with that exist in nature media everyone should have a business absolutely been the bartender most of the credit gurus only talk about getting cars because you had to get more cars to take advantage of the specials they don't talk about like my goal is to spend five hundred K on this bad boy next year and to do it heavily in traffic because of the business model that I talked about earlier Li like January this year I'm gonna start employing it because if you get the YouTube course essentially I'm doing the YouTube course go somewhere take the drone for a weekend whole trip is a business expense and I can't point Thank You deuce D I love coming to this chant it's like being the room with mentors what's up taboo smash thank you for the two dollars how old were you when you change your life I was 32 I was in that boarding house I was going through a divorce and 32 I remember the day I was in that bathroom which was actually pretty nice because it had the subway tile and all of the antique Fisher fixtures and I looked in the mirror and I said dude you got to make a decision and that that day is when I committed when I let a lot of personal drama go and I've been on an upward trend ever since it's the same as my youtube name Kristopher leviston my parents never taught me about credit and business stuff I had to learn all this stuff myself and I'm glad I made that decision uh you're probably really good people they just didn't know how for them get a job work hard it worked for a long time that just doesn't work anymore for most people a Hollywood movie that's funny how long did it take you to move it from 30 to define make it because I'm gonna challenge you guys I'm gonna push on because you'd ask better detailed questions and this will help you with your businesses Erica P how do you feel about starting to drop shipping business as a hustle either the video on this I don't know where it is but if you can find local vendors to ship your products drop shipping and work if you want to wait two three weeks from China Travis Riggins did you start an LLC first week the boarding house I did not let me tell you let me go ahead through the whole process yeah I'll tell the story from the beginning I will used to work for voicestream power tail which now has t-mobile I was a Salesman in the month I was rockin that was rolling the guy calls me in the office and says hey we gotta let you go I can possibly get you two more weeks and this was one of those moments where there was someone who I came into its agency and they were a direct hire they kept a person who didn't sell as much as I did because they were a direct hire and in that born house I learned so many lessons of wait a minute oh so I do a good job and I still get fired now keep someone who's mediocre and when I back in my life I saw that happen all the time I just didn't pay attention to it because typically when I did a good job I got rewarded so I'm walking home on Peachtree Street and I go home and I tell him I don't need to two weeks I gotta figure some stuff out fast cuz two weeks I mean that's just like hanging around why the daggers in over your head so I leave that day I go home I have a little money in the bank and I got enough to pay my rent for like a few months and I get in my room and I actually started to think so I took our sheets of paper and incidentally in that boarding house I had a computer I know it's crazy I mapped out my future and there was two paths go to school finish up undergrad to the MBA and go into the finance field the salaries look good but this was 1999 and I was looking at you know if everything went right finished in school like 2006 and then I was like okay I don't have the right skills so I'm gonna get me a job that's gonna give me skills and I didn't have the background for a lot of jobs I was applying for because I made a decision that I was gonna create my backstory my old reference I find five jobs I create five different resumes one of them called me back I get in and I created my own reference mr. Patel I was on the phone oh yes he worked for yes he was a good him right very good loved him good guy they asked me two questions did he work there and would you hire him again that was it I was like guys are off for leather worked that for about two years and was that rental crate for eight eight months then I went to pay systems I was there six months then I went to business environments I was there almost a year then at business environments I started GC Lucian's my first LLC because we had a customer that needed some furniture sold but my boss Ken didn't want to do it I created the LLC worked out a deal and that's how I made my first 30k in a month and I was like whoa I need some more did you stuff and that's how I got in the storage auctions after spending a year trying to well I was selling use for new furniture but margins were stupid stupidly bad I sold 1.5 million dollars for furniture made a lot of mistakes and had a profit of 38 grand in people hey staying man you made a profit sure first you know how it is I didn't want to hear that I was like because I had that taste of selling that used stuff and those high margins so that led me into the storage auction business where I spent until I started this YouTube channel so that's what that's how I started mr. Patel superstar customs I'm trying to get my personal credit limits to over 100k you lost 5% of it we're recessions hits do you think they would cut my limits even though I have excellent credit that's a very good question have you noticed now go to my fault my FICO calm start reading the threads credit boards and you will see a lot of people like they cut my limit remember what I said about they scan your social media when people who are credit gurus and they have good credit they know every trick in the book but they don't have high limits it's because they don't have a high income so if one of the ways you can I'll talk about that later one of the ways you can do that I'll put this in the offer because I have a one time you only pay once it's not a monthly offer for the credit the credit card blueprint and I'll talk about that because there are certain things you can do even though it's a recession your credit limit goes up see there's a lot of steps you can take all right cool Christopher Levinson Riggins I'm gonna tell you something you probably don't want to hear once you start your LLC more likely you're gonna need to keep your nine-to-five for two to three years after you run after you get your business going on and one of the reasons is there is a seasoning process in a mental process of going from an employee to a business owner and you're better to do it with the safety net of a job because there was times in the storage auction business when I oversee I have money for a payroll it little fire under me I had to go make it man so I'm telling lieutenant Miz coach was the underlying for business credits it varies from bank to bank institution to financial products there is no one underwriting there are several different on the writings that factored in several different factors James Mack after starting your business when should you apply for credit you should start setting up your LLC for credit but you should not apply for a credit in the business name – you have business income and this is very important and you need to have money in the bank I'll talk about this in the credit blueprint some of the things you need to do to make you look more attractive to their underwriting guidelines like what a reasons apply actually apply for a lot of cards why I apply for a lot of cars right now jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way doing Christmas most credit card issuers relax their standards because they know that you will be spending money Christmas presents I got all five I applied for five but did they Apple drama and one of the reasons like it doesn't work like it used to be first time I did a Paloma essentially the bureau's were much slower so it didn't you you got all the inquiries but they didn't put them on the same time so every time you apply they look like you and the plaque I think that doesn't work those wires go on instantly and they could see them but I did this on the same day all of this new credit will have the same average age of credit so four years from now all of these will age together see fill me uh I don't know about the UK man that that's a different animal over there I don't know let's say no from the credit standpoint but the business stuff will work over there yes it's under you know I was gonna make that as an offer as I close but the link below the business credit profile and let's just talk about what you asked it's gonna be what I call a living course many courses just have information and sooner or later the information it's gonna become obsolete once again I got I got like a lot of stuff what else I got here just make sure and I got another one the only and carry I just got it for the credit limit but I got let's do like this and we'll talk about how to use these cards and I got this one this is cash back card and this one I got all of these except for the chase which I had and another one and I'm a and this is something funny to my credit score only dropped eight points from applying for all of those which cuz I thought I was gonna drop like you know 20 points cuz I applied for a lot of stuff it was very interesting just hit the link below it just go get the link below take you straight to check out adonis big data is everywhere because the thing is they have the ability to monitor your purchases monitor your social media monitor you and i'm gonna tell you and you will not hear this from anywhere else where you live is a big part of this algorithm you can't fake where you live well actually you could theoretically but I live in the me in our neighborhood I apply it from this address I guarantee you the algorithm like houses in this neighborhood there's seven hundred and fifty up to five million I guarantee you that was a factor that my exposure limit is because I put twenty five K in there and it said you know cuz with American Express charge cards which have to be paid at the end of the month there's the spin tool so you can go in there and put in how much you can spin and it's gonna tell you whether you'll be approved or not now also about the spending tool don't play with it and do it like every hour some do before you make a purchase didn't make the purchase because this looks like natural typical behavior to American Express I've had the American Express before I know how they operate oh and this is one of the reasons I made that payment today even though I have another 13 K before I bump up against my limit I don't want to have that kind of profile where I run up 25k and paying them off I want to have a profile where I'm paying ten you know five to ten every week cuz that's gonna trigger other things because I'm showing them I have the money I'm not trying used I'm like I used this American Express as a debit card even though it's a charge card I use it as a debit card robert de corn I want to get my trucking company off the ground do I need to use my own cash or trying to get 30k from crazy trucking company are you gonna be a driver if you're gonna be a driver just get a regular lease-to-own deal and drive if you're going to try to buy a truck and hire a driver that's a whole nother ballgame sleepy gee oh it's on the burn Pierre kind of my 1099 job money into my side hustle LLC to make it look more profitable you're gonna have a problem with that because you're getting this 1099 that's saying hey we gave this person X amount of dollars you gotta pay taxes on that so if you take that money and you don't do it the correct way and put it into your hustle you're gonna be paying double taxes on the same money I don't think you want to do that player the way you breath you know what you know what's funny I've gained weight I've gained weight and I'll talk about this briefly because I had to eat more I know this sounds crazy but real quick your body has a set point so when you lose weight really quickly your body's fighting to get back to the set point so what I had to do was literally eat more than enough to mess to maintain my set point and so once you eat enough in your set point is achieve you can stop eating and you'll lose weight really quickly but then you have dirt and colors I think it's called refeeding where you do like a lot of mini cuts but I've actually gained 5 pounds because this this used to be kind of tight it's loose I've gained five pounds for this muscle because I'm doing the workout but yeah we'll get to that all right you're gonna drive cool yeah just go ahead and use your good credit and get the owner now I will say this if you have a job I would get all the credit cards I can and I'll get the line of credit so everything I can get right now while you still have a job that's the minute that you become an owner operator and you're starting and you're year of operation starts now it's going to be impossible for you get most credit so yeah man it's crazy cuz well I'll be talking about this because once again I want to do it like with the disruptive male in the blob dating I'm out here with you guys and I gotta say I am never dating presenting beta in that that's a nightmare buddy me we're gonna stay back on point alright so for those of you who want the living course and once again I'm gonna put some stuff in there I'm gonna give you profiles and I'm gonna update it because I'm actually doing this stuff cuz before I got all these cards I only had two credit card the chase and a capital one and I just spent all my money on this chase and I had like a 780 score Oh two cards so one of the things that I believe in and the only reason I did that is that they've changed the game they've changed the reporting game they've changed how credit is reported they because once again as a disruptive male if they gonna change the game I'm gonna change my methods I'm not gonna sit here and go yeah they changed my score drop 50 points now you really do that no I'm like oh whoa how we gonna do this this is what we're gonna do and this is what we're gonna do in this tour we're gonna do let's see for those of you who want to do PayPal good lord that would not be it that would go to nowhere those of you who want a super chat that's the email address for that yeah because well everything is changing but you want to get ahead of the curve because I got a question for you and please answer this in the comments how would you feel if you had five credit cards for $50,000 limits and you also had $500,000 cash money in the bank and you also had cash money on you how would you feel if that was your life that you can spin each cart up to the limit and pay each cart off and still have 250k in the bank how would that feel because well a lot of people are teaching you and I'm not saying their teeth you're wrong they're teaching you how to manipulate the credit card companies get the car get a high score get all these offers use the travel benefits there's nothing wrong with that I'm trying to teach you how to be a boss for real those are paper bosses they're playing the game they're winning they're getting these points they're taking these trips awesome I want you to be the man I want you to be the woman and you're gonna need some money to do that alright so with that I'll see you folks later for those of you who want the credit card blueprint I think I got it for 399 it's a one-time fee and I'm gonna upload a lot of strategies because I have a strategy for all of these cards and I'll put that strategy in there and I'll share it with you because one of the things you need to do you probably need five to twelve cards I know that sounds crazy but these this is new rules so you gotta have do things differently I would not normally have as many I got what seven now apply for five yeah I got seven and once I see how these report cuz they're not even reporting yet they're not even though I'm credit profile yet this is how new they are then I me three months from now do another app Arama for another five cards and the reason is you always want to have way more credit than you need way more credit than you need and a lot of people they get scared think they're gonna do some stupid so they start closing accounts which in this new environment closing the cool that's just my real estate agent told me of a client she had who a great credit but for some reason this guy closed all of his credit cards and he could not get financed for a house a true story so that these are new all right so I'll see you folks later and there will be a play this so look for that and now probably posted in the comments for those of you who want to tighten up on your credit game talk to you guys later

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hey I'm Adam Jessica love and proud money calm Apple has just announced the new Apple card credit card that we'll be launching this summer and I'm gonna tell you some details about it and give you my personal review of what I think of the card but before I do that I would ask you to please subscribe to this YouTube channel if you have not already and if you have already I thank you for doing so so Apple just announced onstage at their special event some details of the new Apple card that is going to be launching this summer as rumored it is being issued with goldman sachs and it is going to be a mastercard now the card does have have some interesting features but I think it's not nearly as exciting as Apple would have you believe based on the presentation that they have given at their event so let's take a look at the specifics of the card I'll tell you what I think of as being sort of very interesting or what just is sort of run-of-the-mill or what is hard to understand so first off this is a no annual fee card it is called the Apple card and it is built to be used with Apple pay and you know managed within your wallet app on your iPhone and it's easy to say that but not only is it built to be used that way it actually gives you more rewards if you use it via Apple pay and use that wallet app then it would be if you use the card in the real world in terms of a physical card that you actually gave in order to make your purchases specifically when you use the new Apple card via Apple pay you are going to get 2% cash back on all your purchases made in that way if you make that purchase at Apple you are going to get 3% cashback now if you take the physical card that you get and make a purchase in the real world otherwise you are only going to get one percent cashback on those purchases so that's a big disincentive to use the card in the real world or to use an outside of the Apple pay ecosystems you can see that Apple very much wants to tie this card to Apple for you to use Apple pay in to you know manage this card via the wallet app on your iPhone so getting the physical card and using it is you know sort of the last resort in terms of how Apple is hoping that you might use this card now an interesting new feature of this card is what Apple is calling daily cash which essentially means that they are going to credit you your cash back on a daily basis so where some credit cards may hold that cash back until you know your monthly statement comes or whatever Apple is essentially going to credit it to you immediately or at least on a daily basis which is a pretty nice feature a lot of people who you know would like to access their cash back quicker well like that feature and especially when you compare it you know to some cards that make you actually earn up to twenty five bucks or something before you can redeem your cash back this is something where you're going to be able to get it right away okay other things to know there is going to be an instant approval feature here and the Apple car which basically means that you are going to be able to you know apply for it via your phone and you will be well I shouldn't say you will be you could be approved instantly and assuming that you are approved for the card you could then use it immediately via the wallet app on your iPhone the transactions I think are sort of interesting here in that what Apple is going to try to do we'll see how it actually works in the real world one of the things that can be frustrating with credit cards is that you you know you get your bill or you look at your list of transactions and you see sort of a lot of gobbledygook so what Apple is trying to do is do a better job of figuring out what those transactions are they say they're going to be using machine learning and Apple maps in order to give you sort of a more transparent look at what you are you know past purchases are so instead of getting something that says like you know I don't know app green whatever cook and you don't know what any of those words mean you don't know what that purchase was and you don't know if that's you know a legitimate purchase or if it's you know some fraudulent use of your card they are hoping I guess to get to a place where they're going to have do a better job of you know you being able to know exactly what that transaction was so we'll see how that goes like I said this card will have no annual fee it will also have no late fees that will have no international transaction fees Apple is also saying that it's going to have lower interest rates than many other cards on the market but they have not given any specifics of what that means the card is not going to be available until into the summer so you can't get it right away so we don't know the specifics on the interest rates portion of this situation here but of course you should be paying your credit card bills off in full every month and hopefully that interest rate will not matter to you one way or the other Apple promises there will be no selling of your information and that Apple will not be able to track your transactions themselves so it's a little unclear what that all means other than the fact that you know they are really trying to make you feel good about the fact that you know if you are going through Apple and sort of sticking in the Apple ecosystem here with your credit card you know not neither Apple nor goldman sachs is going to be selling your information or mining your information in order to market to you further I think a lot of people will find this next feature pretty interesting the physical card that you will get if you are an Apple card customer will not have a credit card number on it it will not have an expiration date on it it will not have the CVV number that little three digit number that would normally be on the back of a MasterCard or a signature thing none of that will be there so you can sort of think of it as sort of the classic Apple aesthetic in terms of the fact that they want to have as little on the card as possible so the card would be very clean and in terms of what they actually showed at their event it looks basically like you know that sort of clean white card that you would probably expect from Apple with just the card holders name on it now if you're wondering how can you get a hold of your credit number and that CVV if you needed to make a purchase you know by phone or if you have the internet not through Apple pay you would have to go into the Apple Wallet in order to find that information to use so while the card will look really nice that could be a little frustrating if you wanted to use the card you know outside of the Apple pay ecosystem there finally it looks like there's going to be no bonus on this card I know you've been waiting to find out what the bonus is going to be on this Apple card but as a 2% cashback card is not surprising that at least as so far as they have said it doesn't look like there's going to be any bonus for new card holders but a pretty generous cash back offer here at least when you are using it the Apple pay so it looks like this will you know sort of stick in the you know with other cards that have 2% cash back and not give you a bonus opportunity upfront so overall my thoughts are that there are some interesting features here with the new Apple card the you know daily cash back getting that cash back almost immediately in particular is something that is very interesting there are interesting things that they are doing in terms of like you know trying to make those transactions more clear and I think that will be something that you know people will appreciate in terms of like you know what you're getting from this card in terms of rewards you know they're really trying to tie you to the Apple ecosystem here in terms of using Apple pay and getting your greatest reward there and actually sort of I want to say punishing you if you you know use the physical card otherwise but giving you you know a much smaller reward to try and keep you only using it in you know a certain way here which is a pretty interesting thing to do now you do have the 3% also on Apple purchases which is good although I think you know for most people you know I mean so many Apple purchases that is going to you know be a huge incentive for that reason so for me there are plenty why shouldn't say plenty but there are other 2% cash back cards on the market that are flat cash back that you can use you know on all your purchases you could just as easily get one of those 2% cards put it into you know your and you know use it through Apple pay so I don't know that there's a huge incentive to get to this Apple card in particular so I think it will be interesting to see you know kind of how this plays out whether people are excited about this maybe if you don't really pay too much attention to the credit card industry you know getting that 2% cash back and getting it daily is going to you know sort of draw some people in for those of us who you know spend a little bit more time looking at these things a 2% cash back card is nice but this one actually has more restrictions than other 2% cash back cards have in the fact that it has to be used via Apple pay in order to get that 2% cash back and 3% on Apple is nice but unless you're making a huge amount of purchases with Apple then that's not going to be you know a game changer for you so that is it for this video it will be interesting to see how this how this plays out we'd love to hear your comments in the comments section below otherwise I thank you for watching and I would ask you to go to prod money.com where we do credit card reviews and a of personal finance news and deals news and all sorts of other fun stuff too thank you for watching

How To Get Approved For Your First Credit Card

**How To Get Approved For Your First Credit Card**



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How to Get Approved for Your First Credit Card!

Here are some of the best secured credit cards in my opinion:

Here are some of the best student credit cards in my opinion:

Give me your feedback and any questions you may have down below!
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hey guys just a credit card maestro and today I wanted to talk about getting your first credit card you can be young you could be old does not matter I really wanted to talk about this topic today I get a lot of questions on people who may not have credit cards again you can be young you can be all it has no age requirement I'm gonna give you my experiences on how I got my first credit card how it benefits me today and how you can get approved for your first credit card – I hope you guys are excited for this video let's get into it so the first thing I always like to do is I like to have a game plan right I want to make sure that we solely meaning you or me the person in this situation or the person who wants to credit card we are ready to get a credit card it's a commitment it's dedication you have to really be punctual if you really want to have this credit card work for you and so really improve your score so let's make sure we're ready we're committed to getting a good credit card and you know making sure that we're really ready to do everything that we have to do to maintain a good relationship with the bank that we're gonna lend from because this is a relationship so that's the first step making sure you are ready if you are committed that's that's a really good step the second thing about being ready is we want to make sure we have some income coming in you can't have a credit card without any income coming in typically banks want to see income from yourself so if you're employed if you're young I know people who are younger are in school so it can even be part-time full-time some type of income coming in generator from you if you are signing on the credit card by yourself meaning that nobody else is going to be on their credit card with you so let's just make sure we're ready for the commitment make sure we have the income to get the credit card definitely an important factor if you don't have the income then there is no way that a bank will be able to approve you for any credit card because you have nothing to pay the credit card when you swipe now there they don't want to make sure you are not a risk to them and their money so income is very important so here is my story with credit cards when I was younger about to say age 20 to 21 I was always trying to get you know my own phone plan looking at cars first the first time by our car and I would never have any luck getting these things because I didn't have credit and for example that's a cell phone carrier I try to get they approved me for a lot of credit but because I didn't have any credit I'm sorry they approved me for a phone line but because I didn't have any credit history I had to pay the full price of the phone they did not trust me because I didn't have any credit history and I know everybody says well I pay my bills on time if that doesn't reflect on your credit score or if you have no credit it's not going to show up in our system it is what it is unfortunately even if you are somebody who pays all their bills on time if it's not improving your credit score there's no history to it so that's the downfall to it but we're here to fix that we have a way around that that's my story I obviously found a way to get around that and I'm happy to share this with you so let me get into the two options that I definitely suggest when getting your first credit card my favor one to be honest is secure credit cards I love the secured credit card method it is good for you and is in your best interest it is good for the bank and it is in their best interest a secured credit card is just like a credit card you won't be able to tell the difference between a secured credit card and a regular credit card so there's no shame with walk around with this card I actually took out a secured credit card my first time because I had no luck with any other credit card companies nobody wanted me because I didn't have any credit history you give them a deposit down of what they're asking for so that's safe for example they want $300 down and they will give you in return so what you would do is you would give them $300 they will put that $300 in a savings account that you cannot access and your credit limit will be $300 so typically some of the credit cards they'll say okay give us 200 or more and whatever you give us will match you that on a credit line so if you give them a thousand dollars they're going to give you an a thousand dollar credit line now for the four six months to a year you are using that card against an under 20% and honestly when you got a secured credit card I'm even saying stay under 10% put a very purchase on that thing go to Subway wherever you eat McDonald's chick-fil-a wherever you eat one like a $5 to $10 purchase and pay it off and fool and don't do that again until the next month just do that and do that do that I was making very small purchases gasps for $20 a month I was just putting on my 20 bucks down for a month and you know beautiful and after a year my credit score I had a pretty decent credit score was very surprised I was in the 700 just by only putting a $20 purchase a month down it kept my utilization definitely under 10% which is extremely good and I was paying my bill on time they they were amazed they loved it they extended me an offer for a better credit score and then they give you your money back so after that year six months to a year we call it graduation they give you the money back that you gave to them and then they gave you a credit line for that amount without the money so they trust you now so now they gave you a unsecured credit card okay that's what it's called an unsecured credit card so that is my favorite option there's a couple of really great secured credit cards I'll kind of put some of the credit cards that I like the secured credit cards down below for you guys in the comment sections and all that so you guys can read it my favorite credit cards really a great option the second option is student credit cards now I know everybody watching this video may not be a student so this is more aimed toward students sometimes again I didn't have any luck with it but there are some credit cards that give you you know an advantage of your student they know you are in college you may not have the best credit score they want to help you okay so they're going to give you a credit card with probably a small limit just to get you started interest rate may be a little higher than normal and then to get you going they kind of aim towards people with no credit or very small to no history so I'll put some you know some of those down low as well for you guys there's a couple of student credit cards that I really recommend my favorite is the Discover card so I would definitely letting you guys know what that one is those are my two options for credit cards and that we went over at the two options on getting approved for your first card let's go over what we need to stay away from okay we need to stay away in my opinion from retail cards retail cars for example let's say any retail store you may like in the mall they may have their own credit card stay away from those in my opinion I don't like those cars they are really high when interest rates typically 29 to 30 percent when a average credit card may vary maybe 17 20 % there are 30% okay I know it's really it's something when you're at your favorite store male or female store and you know they're having a sale and then they actually get the credit card and you get another 25 you know 10 to 25% off if you get the credit card and all that good stuff it's very tempting but you're going to get ahead of yourself possibly I don't want you guys to get into the you know that gotta have it and then you're maxed out and then you got a high interest rate and you know your back a square one again so stay away from retail cards another card that I want you guys to stay away from there is a card call an ominous you know so you have Capital One they have this card its credit one and I got this offer two back when I you know didn't have pretty much any credit you had to pay interest typically you pay interest after the month is over I believe you paid interest each day okay it's really crazy a bunch of fees just I don't even want to get into it if you guys want to know more about that card you know we can if you want just let me know I can do a review on that card but that card is just not I would never ever suggest that card it's a credit one card from credit one bank yeah I'm not bashing a company you know they're out there and they're doing what they're doing and aiming towards people who have little to no credit but I just think the way they're going about it is wrong and that's just my strong opinion on that so definitely in my opinion I would stay away from that card even get that offer don't go down that road I gave you really two great options best option in my opinion secure credit card teaching yourself how to maintain your utilization and you're giving the bank the option to actually trust you giving them that you know that chance to trust you okay so those are my two options guys I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you have any more questions maybe more personally towards you I'll be more than happy to answer those questions please follow me on Twitter like this video share this video of this to help anybody else that you know and also subscribe I'm going to be doing a lot more content on this video again a video a week or more I want to thank you guys for tuning in have a great day

How a Credit Card Cash Advance Works (and why you shouldn't do one)

**How a Credit Card Cash Advance Works (and why you shouldn't do one)**



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Easy, but not smart…

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NOTE: Credit card information in this video is not guaranteed; we have attempted to confirm all information to the best of our ability but we could simply be wrong or the information could be outdated by the time you watch this video. We are doing our best here, but check our work!

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hey man I'm Jessica and proud money.com and in this video we're going to talk about credit card cash advances how they work and why you shouldn't do one if at all possible but before I do that I would ask you to please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you've not already and if you have already I thank you for doing so so I was on a discussion board today and I think it might have been reddit or another board talking about credit cards and someone asked if a cash advance is the same as a purchase when you you know do it on your credit card is it just treated the same and it gets put on your balance and if you pay it off at the end of the month you know where you good is it all good just the same as you know any other purchase you might make and the answer is no a credit card cash advance is not the same as a purchase is treated very differently and so I'm gonna walk you through what it is how it works and why it is something that you should not want to do if at all possible so it is true that you can get money from your credit card your whatever credit card you have is going to have some system set up that allows you to take money from ATMs you will have to set up a personal identification number or pin and then you will have you know a network of ATMs that you can use to take money out with your credit card now your cash advance limit will be different than the purchase limit on your credit card using one of my own credit cards as an example I just talked about the uber visa that I got got a purchase credit line of $11,000 on this card but the cash advance line is only forty four hundred so I cannot use that complete purchase line if I want cash although if I wanted to get a quick forty four hundred I could do that which is quite a bit of money right there right so this all sounds good right you can get cash out of your credit card whenever you want to if you could just pay it off by the end of the month well then it should just be okay what's the difference really why does it matter if you are paying you know if you're taking money out with the difference between buying something there really shouldn't be a difference right well maybe there shouldn't be a difference but you would be wrong in thinking so because they are treated very differently when you take a credit card cash advance three they this happen and all three of them are bad number one you are going to get a fee up front so just for taking the cash advance you are going to be charged a fee number two you are going to get charged interest immediately so there's no grace period you know you don't get your twenty five thirty days or whatever from the time you make that cash advance before you have to start paying interest on that you will start paying interest on it immediately so obviously that's very different from a purchase and then third you are going to be paying at a interest rate that is usually quite a bit above what your regular purchase interest rate is so we using again this Super Visa as an example if I were to take a cash advance from it it would cost me three percent of the amount of the cash advance or ten dollars whichever is greater which means I would pay at least ten dollars in order to you know take a cash advance regardless of the amount if I'd shut took out like you know maybe over 350 or what however the math works that could go even higher but if you think about it if you took out less than that amount you might even be paying more than 3% you know if I took out two hundred bucks and they charged me ten dollars that's a five percent fee right off the bat so that is something that you need to know now the regular purchase interest rate on this card is a sixteen point seven four percent but if I took out a cash advance they would charge me interest immediately at twenty six point seven four percent which doing the quick math you can see is ten percentage points higher now it should be pretty obvious why you don't want to take a cash advance those are all bad things you're going to be charged a lot of money you're gonna be charged it right off the bat you're gonna pay a big fee right now I have to make a confession here so it doesn't sound like I am just you know making a speech about this I have done cash advances in the past probably once or twice when I was a lot younger and much more in much more desperate financial situations I can think of a time that I took out a cash advance I can't remember what the reason was for it exactly may have been to pay rent or something where I knew that if I didn't come up with the money the penalty for not coming up with that money was going to be worse than the penalty for taking the cash advance I knew I had some money coming but I knew I wasn't gonna get that money in time to pay the rent or whatever the other thing was that I needed to needed to get paid so I took the cash advance I used it to make the payment I needed to make and then as soon as I got that money that I knew was coming I immediately paid off the cash advance but I got charged you know I got charged for that cash advance and I did have to pay some interest on it and that was just sort of the consequences of doing it so I tell you that story lets you know that you know while cash advances are a terrible terrible personal finance idea sometimes you know you get into desperate situations but I want you to understand what the consequences are of doing that so that you don't believe that taking a cash advance is just the same as you know making a regular credit card purchase that you're gonna be okay as long as you you know pay it off at the end of the month it is a very different animal and you need to understand that upfront and try to avoid taking a cash advance if at all possible so that's it thanks for watching please go to private money DICOM where we talk about other personal finance topics and do credit card reviews all sorts of other fun stuff too thanks for watching

Phone scammer call from Card Services

**Phone scammer call from Card Services**



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I am constantly getting scammer calls while I am trying to work. This is an example of one. My Amazon Storefront: …