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Martin Lewis - memories of Rosie Choueka

**Martin Lewis – memories of Rosie Choueka**



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Rosie Choueka loved birthdays and this year would have been a very special celebration; Rosie would have turned 40 on 15th October 2016.

Over the 40 days leading up to Rosie’s birthday, we’ll be giving you the facts about secondary breast cancer and a selection of video memories of Rosie from her family, friends, colleagues and more.

On Rosie’s birthday itself, take a moment to light a candle on a cake, then snap your photo and post it on our Facebook page or Twitter.

Please help Secondary1st mark Rosie’s 40th birthday on October 15th.

Make a donation to www.Secondary1st.org.uk and help us put secondary breast cancer first.

I first met Rosie through Elliott and like I suspect many of his friends my first thought was how imperfect if he managed to pull someone who's brilliant as that and brilliant is the right word brilliant not just intellectually and academically but a huge emotional intelligence to and when you were talking to Rosie about something whether it was personal or professional she had a knack of knowing exactly what you were talking about an almost answering the question before you'd finish your introduction and we're all worse off because she's no longer in this world her family her friends and the professional community she was involved in too you

How To Stop Spam Calls and Texts | This Morning

**How To Stop Spam Calls and Texts | This Morning**



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Martin Lewis explains the best way to get rid of spam calls and texts.
it's one of our biggest bugbears mountains of unwanted messages and post arriving through our letter boxes and inboxes every day so just how can you put a stop to it all matters here with them spam busting tips guaranteed to lighten your load let's start off with those nuisance phone calls yeah so lots of people get phone calls they don't want and it's very difficult to stop them and it drives people up the wall now the way that you stop this the official way is the telephone preference service many people will know about that on their landlines 83% of people have signed up to it so you sign up to it you can do it online you can call them on your landline and then takes 28 days to activate after that it's a criminal offense for legitimate EU companies to get in touch with you if you haven't requested that they do say what most people don't do though is sign their Mobile's up only 3% of people sign their Mobile's up so a few weeks ago they launched a new number that you could text now the first one they launched charge people when it shouldn't so there's another one now that it's meant to be totally free let me know if you do get charged for it you shouldn't be if you are charged it's gonna be 12 P so let's not let's not go overboard on this type thing and that number is 8 509 5 and you add TPS just those letters and then your email address because they need to legitimize that it is you and then your mobile number will be on the telephone preference service too but note what I said legitimate EU companies that means companies from outside the U u can call you and that means scammers from inside the EU will call you and as in two years time everyone can query well we're not sure what will happen yet on that we don't know where we'll go I suspect you're right that would be my guess on that but there's a couple of things you have to understand first of all if some scammer gets your number and once you're on their database they're gonna keep calling you if they don't care about the TPS then that will feel like the TPS isn't working the other thing and this is what people find you know you do those online forms and it says tick here if you want to opt out but one might say tick here if you want to opt out and the one underneath it will say tick here if you want to opt in and the next one else so they make it very confusing if you tick one of those boxes then you've given them permission to get in touch with you even on the TPS so many people say how can this companies getting in touch with me I'm on the TPS because you ticked a box and you might have thought you were ticking a box to say no when you ticked a box to say yes so you've got to be careful in those but if someone calls you and you're on the TPS from the telephone preference you say I'm a member of the telephone preference service you shouldn't be calling me and legitimate companies will go away that works for text as well as text is somewhat different because okay the first warning on text this gets really confusing if a legitimate company texts you when you don't want the text you text back stop and that should stop them if an illegitimate spam attacks you texting back stop tells them that you're a real mobile phone number and will often mean you get more spam not less so legit companies you want a text stop illegitimate companies you don't want a text stop and you if you don't know the company you've got to assume it's illegitimate so if you get a spam text this is the number to remember 7 7 to 6 it spells spam on most alphanumeric keyboard 7 7 to 6 forward your spam text to that with the phone number that called you what that does is it goes into a database and enough people forward the numbers then they they get blocked so we all have to work together to stop this but also then block that number on your mobile phone and if one is continuing to pester you get in touch with the Information Commissioner and you look at it specifically but we've all got a foreword to seven seven to six don'ts don't reply stop to illegitimate companies or companies you don't know we will put all these numbers on there on there also when

Cardiographic Recall by Xapkat, Martin Lewis & Bond Lee

**Cardiographic Recall by Xapkat, Martin Lewis & Bond Lee**



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A twist on the classic Cardiographic by Martin Lewis, performed by renowned magicians all over world. This is one of the best pieces of stand-up magic to entertain your audience.
The twist:
The card that first rises from the deck on the sketchpad does not match the audience’s selection. However, it magically transforms into their selection afterwards!
Advanced mechanism
Complete routine
Practical and easy to do
Two different designs: the classic card deck or the bunny in the hat
Gimmicked drawing pad
Enough refills for 20 performances

Man Was Held Hostage for a Week by Seagulls | This Morning

**Man Was Held Hostage for a Week by Seagulls | This Morning**



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They’re the seaside birds which have hit the headlines after a spate of incidents. Seagulls have allegedly snatched a chihuahua in Devon and attacked a street in Wales. We’re joined by Roy Pickard who says that he and his wife were ‘held hostage’ by seagulls for a week, suffering attacks every time they left the house. Plus we speak to MP John Woodcock who has said that we should be giving the birds contraceptives to stop breeding, as well as seagull expert Peter Rock who says it’s actually us humans who are being ‘gull-ible’.
Broadcast on: 29/07/19

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Martin and Lewis::: BLOOPERS // OUTTAKES // AD-LIBS ((part 1/7))

**Martin and Lewis::: BLOOPERS // OUTTAKES // AD-LIBS ((part 1/7))**



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Compilation of Clips from the Colegate Comedy Hour starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

“Oh look! Holly!”
ah have just a girl for you ah I'd like to meet here's a girl Elsie I think I said that is that nonfat no I don't yeah you've always wanted to lead one a mom you always wanted to conduct one of my numbers you're gonna get you a chance Charlie aren't you overreacting a little bit [Laughter] you've been going to the gym no I want you to keep it to remember me by okay we're having loads of fun I wish you'd join us one minute all we can feel like Oh No oh no what don't don't Oh don't drive the line go ahead why don't burn yourself with me you go ahead I'll just stay here by myself and die of malnutrition gather I don't talk that high kid well give the chance a kid let me try you won't give the chance a kid they didn't hear it Jerry Lewis not that hard [Laughter] [Applause] hey this wasn't a mystery just get my bad sister Marcus back come on I live it's not real grass carry no no no don't stop me when I'm saying something oh man I mean I know y'all add lemon enough no I never know what you might say well the Medina figure out what what's on your mind Oh Howie Wendell tweet three when we pick her up pick up a girl like that don't you know to pick up a girl wander away why don't you why don't we move on forget it why are we send out invitations your friends and our relations announcing our wedding day me and my gray sequined gown with the bone train I said to you decide so did you ever see a thing like this we're all die by a sequence sure baby move back while I hit them yeah forget the dog you and your frickin idea why don't we do a number together where everybody can see it you know oh good idea why don't we do it yeah lots of luck