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50 FRUGAL LIVING TIPS That Really Work | How I live frugally to SAVE MONEY | Cherry Tung

**50 FRUGAL LIVING TIPS That Really Work | How I live frugally to SAVE MONEY | Cherry Tung**



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#frugalliving #savemoney #frugallivingtips
hey it's your garlic cherry here and today we're doing 50 frugal living tips it is going to be a frugal living marathon so grab your 20 cent iced coffee or 90 cent avocado toast and start watching number one is that I do not chase after the newest technology as a youtuber this can be kind of difficult because a lot of youtubers do chase after the newest camera or the newest phone because it is part of being a youtuber it can increase your efficiency to some extent but I just simply don't see the need of upgrading my phone to like iPhone 11 right now and I also don't see it the need to upgrade my MacBook Air since it is still operating after using it for three years the camera that I'm using right now is the Canon a DD which is kind of an old-school camera by now it shoots 1080 instead of 4k but I think it is enough for me to produce quality YouTube videos and number two similarly it's similar with chasing after technology trends I also don't chase after fashion trends or beauty trends so I always wait for an extended period of time until I actually buy a new product let it be an eyeliner or face cream I always stick with the classics and I don't chase after the trend number three is that similarly I also only buy the very classy designs of everything from clothes to jewelry is to shoes I never go after trends because trends come and go like waves in the ocean so I really don't see any need for me to buy very trendy items that can make me like the it girl for a week and then a week later I have to toss that piece of item and then chase after a new trend I really don't see the point and honestly I am just too lazy it for that stuff number four is that what I really do need to buy something I always make sure to turn on my Ebates extension in my Google Chrome browser what Ebates does is that it gives you cash back on many many websites that you shop in they also sometimes have four times cash back or very exclusive deals that you can only see after installing this Google Chrome a plugin so I will include an invite link in the info box so you can check that out for yourself even though 3% 5% 10% may not seem like a lot at the first glance think about how much money you will save in the long run and Ebates also allow you to get those cashback even with existing discounts on the website let's say Macy's gives you 40% off and eBay's can give you additional cash back on top of those 40% off you will also get $25 every time you invite a new friend to join Ebates and eBay's will just mail you your check number five is Amazon I'm an Amazon Prime member and I saved so much gas money and also time for just ordering things from Amazon and for the majority of the times when I do price checks and price comparisons I always find that the things on Amazon cost the least this might be because Amazon does not have the same amount of overhead cost it does not have to pay rent per say so that is why the prices on Amazon tend to be a lot more affordable number six is a 30-day rule so I always give myself 30 days to decide whether or not I really need to make this one-time purchase sometimes it might be just an urge because I saw this piece of clothing like maybe these white pants look super good on this fashion blogger but do I really need white pants in my life I will give myself 30 days to think about it and nine times out of ten that urge goes away after 30 days if I don't need that item for 30 days then why would I purchase this item number 7 is shop secondhand I buy a lot of my furniture it's the second-hand that coffee table outside in the living room that is for sale right now I got that secondhand I also got a lot of my past furnitures the second-hand even though I sold all of them already I also get some of my clothes secondhand and I don't see anything wrong with that because there is really a surplus of supply of second-hand clothes and not enough demand just walk into your nearest consignment store or a thrift store or secondhand store and you will see Wow all these clothes but why are they just sitting here why are people not purchasing them and number eight is sell your unused item on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist or even Facebook groups this way you can not only eliminate a lot of junk in your storage and get more space you can also get some cash out of it number nine is unsubscribed from shopping sites and I know a lot of people might be like but you're gonna miss out on those exclusive deals and discounts but think about it how many times have you click onto a shopping site simply because it appeared in your inbox you did not even plan to shop at that place but because this discount message showed up in your inbox you clicked into it and purchase something that you never plan to purchase this happened to me at several times and I really don't see why I should let this happen again if I really need to buy something I will go to the store myself or go to the website myself and if there is a discount I will be able to see that discount I don't need the discount to be sent to my inbox in order to remind me that I need to buy something and another way to get around this is that you can also register a separate email specifically for shopping and you only look into that email when you need to shop for something and you keep your goals super clear so you don't get distracted by discounts from other stores that you did not plan to shop at and number 10 is that similarly you should unsubscribe from those fashion bloggers that all they do is tell you to buy buy and buy more things a lot of fashion bloggers do this and they use really misleading titles like every girl needs this every woman needs as pair of heels or this season these are those must buy items you really don't need these messages in your life you don't need to buy anything to make you more or less of who you are you are who you are what you buy is not going to change who you are and most of the time these titles are so click baby because these fashion bloggers benefit directly from you purchasing with the links they put in the info box I also used to do a lot of fashion content but I really try not to push people to buy things because I simply don't believe in just blindly buying I believe in buying quality products Prague's that lasts you a lifetime or at least a very long time and products that have great value retention this is something that I mentioned over and over again on my channel and number eleven might also go against a lot of other frugal bloggers tips and is that do not buy things and bulk simply because as cheaper cost per unit it's not worth it sometimes I find myself buying maybe a hundred cup noodles for example do I really need a hundred cup noodles in my life am I really going to finish those a hundred cup noodles probably not but then because it is so cheap per unit I tend to buy things in bulk that I don't actually need or finish so that is why you should consider beyond the cost per unit and actually think about what what's the likelihood of you finishing this bulk of things if it's something like toilet paper that you will finish sooner or later and it has no clear expiration date then I guess yeah you can buy them in bulk from Costco but if it's something like some food that is cheaper in bulk or some seasoning that is cheaper in bulk but you know you won't finish it then why buy them in bulk and number 12 is buy generic brands just look into the ingredients generic brands are not different from name brands when you start buying generic brands you will start to realize that it is cheaper and the content is also the same a lot of the generic branded things out there actually were made from the same factory that produces the name-brand things they just swap the packaging and make it more expensive for the name-brand things whereas you get the exactly same thing with the generic brands number 13 is use towel instead of paper towel and this is just a more specific way of saying if you can buy something that can be reused over and over again don't buy the disposable ones because disposable things are always more expensive in the long run especially if you know you'll be using this thing over and over again something as simple as paper towel using towel instead of paper towel it can save you so much money in the long run number fourteen is that I use credit cards for cashbox and I have successfully dashed the payment of several of my credit cards because I simply applied my credit card points for cash bag and I used it for my credit card balance number fifteen is that I use my credit cards for budgeting and expense tracking for my budgeting I have made several blushing videos since March of 2019 showing you exactly at what my budget looks like how much I spend every month down to the penny and it is super fast and easy for me to do this because I simply look at my credit card statements and I can pinpoint exactly where these money went where I spent these money on and since I use each Craig heart for different categories for example I use the American Express rose gold card specifically for dining out and it's super easy for me to categorize my spending within those credit card categories each and every month it only takes me around 20 minutes to figure out my spending for the entire month number 16 is automate your bills from water to gas to electricity just automate it this will save you so much time and you can use that time to produce more value and earn more money number 17 is credit card churning which is the act of signing up for different credit cards in order to get their points some credit cards can give you credit card points that are valued at several hundred dollars and for some other credit cards that give you direct cash back for your purchases the most recent credit card that I sign up for and opened is the Bank of America world MasterCard and it gave me two hundred dollar cash bag for my first 1,000 dollar purchases and past three months and for the one thousand dollar purchases I did not buy anything that I did not plan for I already wanted to get a cat litter robot before I got this cart and getting this card just gave me a two hundred dollar discount all my purchase number 18 is bank account turning so some lurch of credit card turning bank account turning also gives you a cash bonuses when you open up new bank accounts the advantage to bank account turning is that they do not pull up your credit score so you do not have to worry about having a ding in your credit score because of opening a new bank account these are just direct cash backs and in order to find out more at bank account turning opportunities I have actually made a master list of all the credit card and bank account turning with their cash awards with their application links and a Google sheets I will leave the link in my info box and number-19 is no cabl I stopped paying for cable since high school actually I never really paid for cable because I was living with my parents back then so I never found the need to have cable especially with YouTube and Amazon Prime movies I really don't find the need to get cable anymore I can almost get anything that I want to watch from the internet and number 20 is cut down on phone cost your phone bills ass around and price compare and even as your frugal friends what service do they use because paying 60 to 100 bucks every single month for a phone bill is pretty absurd number 21 is that I don't use subscription services such as Netflix or SoundCloud or its Spotify the only subscription service that I use as Amazon Prime which for my lifestyle actually saves me more money so that's why I keep on using it but I don't have any monthly subscription service number 22 is Aaron stay an Aaron stay for me as a way for me to increase my efficiency by just bulking all my chores together I have also automated a lot of my chores such as getting my litter robot and also getting of knocking robot this way I can save so much more time and focus my energy and time on the things that really move the needle in terms of saving money and making money number 23 is that I don't wash my car all right I know you might think I'm like super dirty and everything I do vacuum the inside of my car before the outside of my car I just don't see the need to wash it sometimes when I get my gas refill I do clean the windows of my car but I really don't see the need to get a car wash like every single month because it's gonna get dirty and especially because I do park outside at work and also at home it's an outdoor parking spot I don't see the need to keep going back to the car wash and just get my car dirty again when I park at home number 24 is get a free library card and you can get access to a lot of free resources such as audiobooks free Internet and also of course traditional books number 25 is just a personal habit I always make sure I turn off all the electronics all the lights all the a/c all the fans before I leave the house number 26 is that I don't have an a/c installed in my room I just use a fan and partially it is because I make YouTube fears and having an a/c would just be way too loud for my videos so I don't even turn the a/c on for most of the time so why would I get a portable a/c if I film for so much of my life and I don't use the a/c when I film living and Santa Monica I can say you can tolerate living without a/c and I do have AC in the living room just not in my bedroom I will also link the fan that I use in the info box so you can check that out I think it's a pretty great fan it's only 20 bucks I mean what more can you ask for it's 20 bucks number 27 is that I don't use my dishwasher I just hadn't wash my dishes and also I don't use that much dishes anyway so I don't have that many dishes to wash we just use the dishwasher like a drying rack like most Asian households number 28 it's that I don't use the point op dryer and washer I actually I wash my clothes since a lot of my clothes are made with silk and delicate materials I just find that it gives me a peace of mind when I hand wash my clothes I also like to hand wash my undergarments because I find that way it is more sanitary I will link the detergent that I use for my silk items in my info box number 29 is that I always pregame before partying I really don't find the need to pay 8 to 15 bucks on a single drink when you go out this can really add up in the long run I know a lot of people who spend upwards to two hundred dollars just in one night that is a lot of money and that is also money that can be put into your investments so that is why I always pregame before I go out and number 30 is that I find free events on meetup.com and this is one great way to not be judged because you're being frugal a lot of the free events will explicitly say that they're free in the title so you don't even have to be worried about being judged by your friends because you're so frugal and you want to go to a free event number 31 is cut back on meaningless social activities I'm pretty sure you have felt the times when you don't want to go to a party but you're just going for the sake of going you're just going for a sink of some of your not so close friends want you to go and you go to a party and then you end up buying a lot of drinks or food and spending a lot of money and it makes you feel really unhappy as I grow older and wiser I learned to eliminate these meaningless social activities and these people are not my true friends and these are just my social friends which in Chinese we call it chill roll pony ole if that is the case then why do I have to attend these meaningless social interactions and activities they not only drain my energy but also drain my wallet number 32 is resist the temptation of buying a food or drink just for social reasons sometimes at social events we can feel so awkward and we feel like we have to hold a cup in our hands in order to feel less awkward well see of tip to not go to these meaningless social events but even when you're out there just resists the temptation of holding a drink in your hand it's really not necessary and if you really want to hold something just get a free glass of water number 33 is drive a used car the current car that I'm driving is used is a 2014 car but if I were to rewind back to the day when it purchased this car I'd probably get a car that's even older and I'll also do extensive research on where it is the bottom of the depreciation curve aka what year of what car I should get to get the most bang of my book number 34 is don't get those bundle deals on special car component insurance or maintenance because most of the time these are just ways for the car dealership to make extra money and most of the time these bundles are pure junk I know this from experience these car dealerships they have this like listed price but then they encourage you to get these extra bundles they make it sound like a great deal and they make it seem like you have to get this to protect your car no you don't because almost almost every single time I just hear people talk about this as a complete waste of money and I probably wasted like almost 10k on these bundles that I never used ever throughout the life of me driving so what is the point number 35 is that I cut my own hair and this has saved me so much money for so many years I even tried cutting my own bangs which I will include the video link so you can check that out that was me a couple years ago so I probably look pretty different but I cut my own hair and I only get my hair professionally cut when I get my hair colored professionally which is not that often number 36 is I also dye my own hair so this is also something that I do all my own with bubble hair dye Japanese bubble hair dye are seriously so easy they are in foam form bubble form so you just need to put it on your hair kind of like when you wash your hair with shampoo and the color distributes really really nicely and evenly my current hair is not done with bubble hair dye because I did want to get highlights I didn't want to get a rose gold color but I have used bubble hair dyes for several times and each time I was not disappointed the good thing about using bubble hair tie is that it is completely possible for you to do it on your own without anyone's health number 37 is that I do my own gel nails and I will also show you exactly how I do my gel nails in a future video doing your nails on your own not only it saves you a lot of money but of course also time because you no longer have to wait in line often times for the popular nail salons even after I make an appointment I have to sit there for like half an hour or more just to get their nail technician to work on my nails the time wisdom can easily be used for more productive projects such as filming YouTube videos so that is why I decided to do my own nails so I can control exactly what my nails look like I can control exactly at what time I do my nails and I can control exactly how many jumps I want to put on my nails to blame them up number 38 is that I do my own lash extensions I will also include a video a tutorial of me doing my own individual lash extensions the good thing about this is that this can save you so much money a lash extension appointment can the lowest one I found is $100 and a refill is like $60 but you still need to pay tip and by doing lash extensions on your own you probably only need to spend like 20 bucks 20 bucks for a full kit that you can use for several months for nail appointments no appointments usually range from 25 bucks to 200 bucks and you can easily spend that 25 bucks on a nail art kit and you can use this kit for so many times I want to say at least 30 times with just those 25 bucks initial investment and number 39 is I wash my own clothes especially the silk ones and the delicate material clothes so that I can make my clothes last much longer and number 40 is that I do a monthly purge of a very specific area of my apartment every single month it can be really overwhelming doing a purge of everywhere in my apartment but I like to do a purge of a very specific cabinet for example at my apartment so I can know exactly what it's in there what I can sell and what I can stop buying because sometimes we buy something we forget they exist and we keep buying the same item over and over again because we keep forgetting that we have purchased them in the past by doing a purge you not only find those duplicate items you can also find which are some items that you never reach for you never use so that you can sell those items number 41 is that I travel with miles I stopped paying out of pocket for plane tickets simply because it is just so much more cost-effective to purchase your tickets with miles the miles I use are from like miles which is part of the Star Alliance they work with a lot of Airlines under Star Alliance and my most recent solar ship to Panama was also purchased with miles my round-trip ticket including a business class ticket from Panama to la la to Panama round-trip was only 600 something dollars number 42 is booked Airbnb and stuff hotel because it is not only cheaper but it also gives you a very authentic experience of the local life number 43 is that I walk instead of uber for a lot of Torcy things that I do when I travel number 44 is that I buy my flights early I always purchase my tickets at least a month or two before my actual travel date so I can get the best deals in the market number 45 is that I pack energy bars with me whenever I do touristy things in a foreign place because oftentimes the touristy places saw really expensive and overpriced food and I also don't want to stop for an extensive amount of time just for eating just for filling my stomach I'd rather spend that time exploring the new country exploring the new city so I always pay energy bars with me whenever I do a lot of walking and Torcy places so I can fill up my stomach in no time with minimum cost number 46 is that I have a reusable water bottle whenever I travel and whenever I do sports and this can save me so much money in the long run because if you buy plastic water bottles individually they can cost anywhere from a bug to five bucks depending on which brand you get and by packing your own water bottle that cost is zero because I can just drink filtered tap water number forty-seven is that I also use a mug at work so I can eliminate producing waste and also take advantage of my office's free coffee number 48 is that I practice zero food waste especially when I dine out I always ask for the leftovers four to go even though some people might look at this as a really cheap thing to do it actually saved me so much money sometimes my one meal can be split into three different meals just because I packed to-go boxes and if you're worried about your environmental footprint you can also bring your own boxes and just pack the leftovers into your own boxes number forty nine is that I never buy coffee or tea never ever the only time I buy a drink is probably boba which I do not make on my own but of course it is possible to make bova on your own it just takes a long time but I never buy coffee tea or pretty much anything that I can make on my own I always make my own coffee and tea I will also link some late footman's that I use in my info box and number fifty which is very crucial is that I don't order drinks at meals because drinks at meals can be so expensive especially if there are alcoholic drinks a glass of wine can cost twelve to fifteen bucks depending on what wine it is and honestly I cannot tell the difference between the wine they serve at restaurants Wein I can get from TJ's what is the point spending so much money for a glass of wine when you dine out that's a lot of cost added together cumulative Li so these are my fifty frugal living tips I hope you guys enjoy this video and I will see you in my next personal finance video if you enjoy this video please give me a thumbs up and subscribe and hit that Bell for more videos like this

10 Frugal Living Tips That Actually Work | Habits That Will Save You Thousands💰| #frugalliving

**10 Frugal Living Tips That Actually Work | Habits That Will Save You Thousands💰| #frugalliving**



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hello and welcome to my channel my name is Nicole from frugal chic live.com and today I'm here to share 10 of my absolute favorite frugal living tips that will help you save thousands of dollars for me personally I look at my frugality as a badge of honor and use it as another tool in my toolbox to achieve my financial dreams so with that said if you're willing to embrace your inner frugal then keep watching for these top 10 tips tip number one is to take your lunch to work it might seem very simple and very straightforward but it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run taking your lunch to work is something that many people have dabbled with here and there but in order for it to become a real habit you got to work at it you can't wait until you have 5 minutes left to get out of the door and try to throw something in the lunch bag because it's gonna be something you don't want to eat and then when you get to work at lunchtime you're gonna look at that lunch bag and say yeah I don't really want this and then go out for lunch anyway so by being prepared making your lunch the night before making sure that you have the foods on hand that you're gonna actually be interested in eating that is going to help you be more excited about taking your lunch to work every day tip number two is to meal plan and prep I don't know how many times as a busy wife and mother I've gotten overwhelmed didn't plan properly and just ended up ordering a pizza one time not a big deal 2030 times in a year it does tend to add up that's money that could be going into your children's college fund or into your emergency fund take out a piece of paper write out your potential meals for the week I also recommend that you do a quick inventory of your pantry your fridge your cabinets to see what you have on hand first and then you know exactly what items to put on your shopping list when you go to the grocery store tip number three is to shop for a cheaper cellphone plan a lot of times there are so many hidden fees or you could be stuck in a contract with early termination fees nowadays there is no reason to operate that way with your cell phone there are so many different competitors out there so I say every now and then do some research compare the numbers and see if you can get a better deal ya know it seems like a hassle to switch services but if it's going to be the difference between you saving hundreds of dollars per year it's worth a few minutes of your time to do the research and maybe May a couple of calls to see if you can get a deal for me right now I'm using a service called hello it's much cheaper than the service that I was using before currently the cell phone plan that I'm using is under 20 dollars per month so that is an excellent deal if I say so myself tip number four is to cut the cable the 90s have called and they want their cable box back in today's world there is absolutely no reason for you to still have a traditional cable box or even a satellite dish there are so many different options that you can choose from I think we cut out cable about two years ago now and it was one of the best decisions that we have made right now we have an Amazon fire stick we've used sling TV we also recently came across this service called soap layer and that has been amazing I'm still learning how to use it but it is a great resource for us and it saved us a ton of money tip number five is one of my absolutely favorite frugal living heck's and that is to buy items that can be used for multiple purposes who says that you have to have separate products to wash your hands with to clean surfaces with to wash up with maybe you can find one product that works for all three tip number six is to scale back or entirely eliminate paper products in your house now this one has definitely been a struggle in my household I have tried to get rid of paper plates my husband is not here for it he has a problem with it even though I'm the one that does the dishes and if y'all can't tell I'm still salty about this and we've been arguing about this for many years but sometimes you just got to give in and compromise so at this stage in my life I'm not personally able to eliminate all people products but I'm slowly trying to introduce my family to the benefits of reusable items in the household not only is it good for your budget but it's also better for the environment tip number seven is to stockpile there are certainly items that you purchase for your family on a consistent basis month after month in my household what I like to do is separate out my food budget from my household items budget and with the money from my household products our stockpile on a quarterly basis at this point I have a good estimate of how many tubes of 2-phase we go through in a three month period how many rolls of toilet paper we use I have it almost down to a science and what I do is just pick up those items I see sales available tip number eight is to try a no-spin challenge no spent challenges have been a great way for me to personally reset my spending habits even though I'm a frugal person I have had periods of my life when I've been a little more on the spending side I know y'all don't believe it but it definitely is true so if you are that person that can occasionally get a little bit spendy and have too many items on hand and your house too many clothes too many pairs of shoes then doing a no-spin challenge might be the perfect thing for you I've gone as long as a year and a half without buying clothes and shoes and for a lot of us ladies that is a difficult thing to do but I gradually built up to it you don't have to start out saying I'm not going to shop for two years that probably would be setting yourself up for failure start with smaller increments of time start with a week even you can start by saying for the next seven days I'm not gonna buy any items that are not absolutely needs for my family I also like to do specific no-spin challenges I want the entire summer on a makeup no buy I've also challenged myself to not buy new clothes or home decor that I didn't need so if you haven't done one already I'm issuing you a challenge right now to try your very first no-spin challenge tip number nine is to shop your closet this is a great extension of sip number eight and with a shop your closet challenge you basically challenge yourself to go into your closet and create new outfit combinations out of the existing pieces in your wardrobe so try pairing your favorite sweater with a pair of pants that you've never tried it with put on a different set of accessories try out different combinations and get creative with it and that will help you not to focus on the fact that you're not bringing in new items in your wardrobe as frequently as you were in the past and what this does is it gives you a greater appreciation for the items that you already own the final tip is a mindset heck if you are the type of person that's not naturally frugal this one is going to be perfect for you tip number 10 is to focus on your financial why what's the main reason why you want to get out of debt save more money and become financially independent what are your core values what are you working towards these are the types of questions that you want to ask yourself when we keep out mine on the way it makes those day-to-day decisions much easier so when you're attempted to buy that new $300 winter coat you can say to yourself does this purchase align with what I'm trying to do could I take this $300 and put it on my credit card debt could I take that $300 and make an extra principle payment on my student loans or on my mortgage so when you frame it that way it helps to make you a bit more motivated about the changes that you're trying to implement so whenever you have a temptation and you might get ready to fall off the wagon think about your financial why even better write it down put it on a post-it and look at it every single day so that you remember which are working towards in the comments below I would love for you to share your number-one frugal living heck also if you're looking to learn more about how to manage your money properly how to save more money how to budget and all of those things then check out the playlists that I've created for you here thank you so much for watching and until next time live well and speed lust

A Day in the Life PART 2 (Frugal Family of 8!)

**A Day in the Life PART 2 (Frugal Family of 8!)**



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Here is PART 2 of A Day In The (Frugal) Life! Be sure to watch PART 1 first here:

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hey phoebs nation it's jordan page from fun cheaper free calm and today is part two of a day in the frugal life oh yeah two weeks ago you saw part one and you loved it so much I decided to come back with part two if you have not watched part one you got to go back and watch it what I do is walk you through an entire day a real day in my life but I show you all of the many many ways that my family stays organized and saves money so go back and watch that first I will link it below but I'm just gonna pick right up where we left off with part two was doing call me excessive but our house has a lot of square footage and so our power bill can be astronomical if we're not careful I have it that we have created in our helps is to turn off the lights every time you leave a room shut the doors because it traps the heat or the cool where you want it also I double check my thermostats every time I walk away just to make sure the heat or air is not still on but one thing you might want to consider too is smart thermostats our house is not new it is actually it's over 20 years old and we had didn't come in and replace all of our thermostat with smart ones and so we can set them up on a schedule certain times of day that everything turns off and on in case we forget and that has been really helpful I believe I still have a coupon code for Vivint if you want to look into it we love it it's our security system also so I will link that below as you guys have seen and our other return reef routine videos our rule which means Bubba and I is the last one to leave the bed makes it Bubba was the last one to leave the bed this morning and he made it kind of I feel like if you haven't made bed your whole room looks cleaner even though I have stuff all over the floors so I'm actually gonna take 30 seconds and make this nice it gets really cold here in Utah and our room is like all windows and so it can get really cold or really hot in here one of the things that we do is we put blackout curtains in so that in the summer it keeps it really cool in here so we don't have to run the air in the winter we have a lot of blankets on our bed so at night we stay warm yeah I'm just gonna go ahead and make this real quick make it look a little nice okay now that my bed is made I'm gonna take a few minutes and get ready for the day and I can't believe I'm showing you this but this is part of my process clothing is one thing that I love I have a lot of it I like a lot of options I'm not a capsule wardrobe person by any shape of the imagination I like a lot of options and I have the space for it but I don't want to spend a lot of money so I can't believe I'm showing you this but one thing that I do seeing is how we are transitioning from from summer into fall winter is how do I turn this darn thing around hold on I like to rotate my clothes so right now I'm going through my closet and pulling out all of my spring and summer clothes I am currently just putting them in a pile Here I am making a separate pile of all the things that I didn't wear that I need to get rid of and the way that I know whether I wore them or not is I flip my hanger around when I hang the item back up so if I grab something to wear it when I go to return it to the closet I flip the hanger so then when it comes time to rotate my closet I can look at anything that isn't flipped and know that I should probably get rid of it and give it to someone else keep pile I've got kind of a toss or donate pile going here and then this is the bin that has fall winter clothes in it and I'm taking those out and then I will replace all of my fall winter stuff with my spring summer stuff I'm always keeping tabs on what I have is it worth keeping and it feels like Paulding new wardrobe every six months or so and I really I find that it cuts down on my desire or need to go shopping very often so that is one way that I save a lot of money and then in terms of the clothes that I buy if you guys follow me on Instagram I like to share my outfits with you but most of my stuff is from TJ Maxx or Ross Amazon and then otherwise shop and that have daily deals stuff like that I'm pretty simple I do not like to spend a lot in my clothes but I like them to look nice and stainer my work block is about to start and if you guys know anything you know that I live and die by my blog schedule system I've got a video about it link below and stay tuned you guys I'm so excited for the last few months we have been working on a block schedule planner and they are coming to market so soon hopefully as early as January 2020 right in time for the new year so stay tuned and I have designed the most amazing planner for you guys to help you organize your blocks and get your to dues done during the day too okay but I'm not ready yet I made a few mistakes today number one normally I get dressed very first thing when I wake up I didn't do that today and I am NOT ready for the day yet but you know what I was filming today and everything takes longer and part of the block schedule system is being flexible so I'm going to catch up on some work stuff and while I'm reading emails or watching Marco Polo's or doing things that don't need my hands I will be doing my makeup and multitasking and it's going to be just fine there's not a lot that I'll be able to show you while I'm working but when it comes to doing my makeup I am a big believer in mixing normal like drugstore everyday makeup and name-brand more high-end makeup in fact even for my foundation I literally blend a board of Maybelline matte poreless foundation with a high-end Lancome foundation I do one little squirt of each so I literally do both ignore that basket of clothes that need to be put away at least the bed is made right one thing I'm doing I'm getting ready is setting my girls preschool up on autopay I don't like having to manually pay for something every month because then there's a chance that if I forget then I'll be slapped with a late fee and those add up if we can budget for it I like to pay for something all the way up front so I don't have payments but in this case since it's a full school year we are going to pay one month at a time so it's not such a big chunk but I am setting it up on auto pay so the first of every month it automatically drafts from my account and I can even schedule a day for the payments to end so I don't accidentally overpay by a month also if I'm drafting automatically from my bank account versus a credit card it saves me about a 6% processing fee so I'm doing all those things right now in the long run it definitely saves some coin chips cheese [Applause] hello Davey's about to head off to school you eating some good lunch okay say goodbye have a good day I said hello and goodbye to the girls I'm gonna keep working and finishing my [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it is a lunchtime I am starving and today for lunch I'm eating leftovers we went out with some friends this weekend and we had a gift card so we went to Macaroni Grill I got so full off of their free bread and bottomless soup I pretty much about to take home my whole entree so I am eating that for lunch I cannot wait I'm so hungry love is here it's not mmm but what did you do for lunch I had a business meeting and it was paid for by the person who took me out what so we're both eating out for lunch and both of us didn't have to pay anything today for it I mean I bought it at one point but her 1 kiloton ended two maybe three it'll be three nice work and now we're sitting next to each other working Oh our little hour of work aren't we cute alright I just laid McEwan down whoa whoa whoa for his afternoon nap though he's just partying in his beds I don't know if he's actually gonna sleep the kids are about to walk through the door any minute from school so we are gonna get an after school snack going and then I got a rush my daughter off to dance and then we'll do dinner and we'll go from there the calm before the storm enjoy it's the second and that didn't last for long hi Guys hi Guys hi guys so here's Priya she's getting ready for dance she's got a late night tonight so she is packing her own little dinner to eat it dance to tighten her over till she can come home we buy the big packs from Costco so we don't have to go through a drive-through show you how we keep them warm so when you have these little contigo containers whoops that we got from Costco and you just put a folded napkin or paper towel on the bottom you know what go get a second one I think that's too full if you put hot food in them it will remain hot seriously all day it's like amazing so this is how we pack leftovers or real food for lunch or dinner I just dropped Priya off at dance and I just wanted to take a quick minute to talk about extracurricular activities because my gosh they can really add up and be expensive I actually did an entire video on budgeting for and how to afford or how to know whether you can afford extracurricular activities for your kids or not so I will link that below but for me a few things that we do to save money because extracurriculars for us are really important even though we have a big family we've got six kids and another two on the way we feel like we don't want the size of our family to hinder our kids abilities to develop their talents and to do and try the things that they want to do and try all of my kids do their activities at the same place so any of my kids who want to dance we chose one studio and they all dance their each sibling gets a discount on their class each month so the first sibling is full price but then each subsequent siblings are discounted we also save up throughout the year and then pay for the full year in advance for classes and costumes which is a big chunk of money up front but then we get a big discount we hand our dance shoes or as many dance items down as possible or we go buy them used from a place like kid to kid where you can get sporting equipment that's used and then otherwise I have a lot of chips in that video that I will link below now it's time to head home and get to the crazy time to get it dinner wrong it is 4:30 I've got my chicken it was cooked I shredded it up and then I'm basically going to divide it into ooh fourths depending on how much I need two servings for the two casseroles tonight and then one or two servings for the freezer we'll see how far I can stretch it one of the things that we have done to cut down on extracurricular costs is we canceled all of our music lessons because the piano lessons we're getting astronomical because they were like 30 dollars per lesson for a 30-minute lesson per kid for a week it was just it was crazy instead we found a couple music apps one of them is called simply piano and it's $10 per month and it teaches the kids how to play piano with the iPad and it has been great and then there's one called use ition like y-o-u and that one you can actually have other instruments and Priya likes to use it to do voice lessons because she loves to sing we have saved a ton of money this year not doing lessons it's a temporary fix I do think they will need to do lessons when they're a little bit older but for right now it would just really helped us cut down on stuff almost everything you see in this room including the piano itself with all secondhand globes from a yard sale the piano we bought throughs and lots of eyes these were wedding gifts that's above as old guitar from high school right which one at a trade show for tech companies you know people do an easy contest where it's like you drop your business card in a bowl but but I had to like take a picture playing air guitar tweet it you did you like five steps and he was one of the only people who did it and got a really nice guitar these are all secondhand our Halloween decor was purchased after Halloween's to a grocery store actually and they had all of their Halloween stuff on clearance because it was already November and then otherwise a lot of them were like I said from yard sales but I just went shopping in our basement we have a cold storage or cold yeah cold storage cold room in our basement if you build a house make sure they build a cold storage room it's usually like under a deck or a front door or a garage that's normally wasted space and then it stays nice and cold concrete walls and you can store food in there we like to buy extras of things so when I go to the store if pastas on sale I would buy one for now and at least two for later or as many as I can afford depending on how good the sale is and what my budget is that week and it slowly built a stockpile also we will stock up during case lot sales which is where grocery stores will have like a week where instead of buying per can or per package or per bottle you can buy a whole case of usually between 6 or more cans or containers and you get a big discount on that stock up drink a slot sales and keep our own little store in the baseline so everything I need for dinner tonight I did not derive to the store for I like to keep a stash of disposable baking pans I like having various sizes but this 9 by 13 is typically what I use these are also really good for taking dinners to people or for pies or cornbread things like that they are pretty inexpensive you can get them pretty much at any grocery store or in bulk on Amazon so then when I double a meal I can freeze it in something that isn't glass this is kind of a funny frugal tip but one nonetheless is I like to keep little mini spatulas on hand of various shapes and sizes because then when you have a can of something you can get in there and scrape every drop out again sometimes you think those little pennies don't add up but they do you paid for your using it scrape every drum I have another tip for bulk food if you've got a big container of sour cream or cottage cheese turn the container upside down once it's been opened it helps create a better airtight seal on the lid and it helps it last longer and then of course like I mentioned earlier once you get about halfway down the container you're going to want to put it in a smaller container it will make it last longer dinner is done and in the oven I've got two bags of shredded cooked chicken that are ready for the freezer that I can then pull out to make an easy meal in the future I have got my second chicken spaghetti meal ready to go for the freezer I am feeling pretty good about life and the best part is with this meal it only dirtied one pot and one slow cooker so all things considered it was very simple for veggies I have not been to the grocery store today later tonight I'm actually gonna sit down and order my groceries to do a grocery pickup tomorrow the easiest way for me to keep track of my budget because then as I add things to my cart I can make sure I'm within my $200 a week budget the budget recommendation I have for families as $100 per person in your family per month so for my family that would be $800 a month and then you just divide it by week now if you only have one or two of you in your family you would want to start at 300 dollars go up from there so tonight I'm gonna sit down and order my groceries to pick up tomorrow I didn't have time to do that today I'm a little skimpy on fresh veggies so I'm gonna do some frozen peas some frozen corn and then some leftover salad from the other night we're gonna call it a day are you boys up to over here what fixing it yourself instead of taking it to a shop okay so you bought these lights at Walmart and he's teaching how to do it installing in themselves and Hutch finished his mandatory chores or obligations if you will today and so he's been working with Bubba for about an hour so he is earning allowance our kids have daily like mandatory things they have to do that's on their clipboards you kind of have seen our clipboard system I will link that below and then above and beyond that day can earn allowance so he gets a couple bucks for working for an hour with dad so there you go nice work kay dinner's ready another random little frugal tip is at night we give each of our kids a different colored plate Priya's not here which is why we only have four but I make sure there are different colors so that if somebody doesn't finish their there's like a pile of food sitting on someone's plate we know whose it is and we can wrap it up and save it for them for later if they don't get any snacks but they're welcome to reheat their dinner and finish that later if they want a little tip for your parents another frugal thing we do which is kind of funny is if we get takeout or order pizza or whatever and it comes with napkins instead of throwing them away because we hate that it's wasteful we actually keep them and hold on to them we just have this little pile of perfectly good but to shovelled napkin for dinner or whatever it is this was from catering that we ordered for an event they left behind all the napkins and all of the silverware so we reuse these and give them to our kids right $3.99 we actually have our kids shower together I have my three little kids in a shower until they get old enough that it's inappropriate but they're all young and so and we keep an eye on them but it consolidates water then they're in and out in like a couple of minutes and all of them are clean at once they even can help brush each other's hair and wash each other off and it's really great so that's actually something we do otherwise if we were doing six individual shower actually eight individual showers every single night our water mellowed be through the roof and that's a lot of ways so call us crazy ones what we do that's pretty much a day in the life nothing too exciting now got home from Dan Smith Priya cut her some dinner put her to bed Bev and I cleaned up a bit and now we are headed to bed because we are pooped so hopefully that was helpful to show you some of the ways that we save money day to day one of the things I didn't get to today was grocery shopping and I figured I wouldn't so I am going to get ready for bed and then lay in bed and order my groceries on my phone just for grocery pick up at Walmart tomorrow because it doesn't cost anything extra as long as your order is $30 or more which mine will be drop my kids off at school swing by a Walmart they'll load up my groceries and I'm done hopefully that was helpful if it was will you give it a thumbs up please leave a comment below I'm curious to know you do any of these same frugal things or what frugal things you do on a day to day basis now if you guys don't mind I gotta get to bed I'm pooped frugal mama oh hi guys you're supposed to be sleeping you should be sleeping remember say I love you

How to budget using Dave Ramsey's Cash Envelope System on A Debt-Free Journey // Cash Budget Setup

**How to budget using Dave Ramsey's Cash Envelope System on A Debt-Free Journey // Cash Budget Setup**



View Time:8:24Minutes



A beginner’s guide to budgeting using the Dave Ramsey cash envelope system. Walking you through the basics of how to use the cash envelope system and how it can help you stick to your budget!

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hi I'm Kristen from life of stones comm welcome back to my channel today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the cache envelope system what it is how it helps you stay on budget how to use it and why I feel like it is one of the top reasons that allowed us to pay off thirty five thousand dollars of debt in only seven months so let's get into it if you haven't heard of the cash envelope system before it's a means to control your spending and keep track of your money using only cash so that means no credit cards you can use debit cards if you prefer debit cards over cash but the idea is that you're only spending what you have so if you're putting something on a credit card often it's because you don't have the money for and if you don't have the money for it you shouldn't be purchasing it so switching to a complete cash system can be a huge change but it absolutely can help you really make good first step towards getting out of debt fixing your finances and really living on a budget now how does the cash envelope system help you stay on budget it helps you because you are allotting a specific amount of cash that you are figuring out when you do your budget each month and you should be doing a budget each month and when you do so you're allowing a certain amount of cash to each category in your budget and what you're gonna do is you're gonna take those categories you're gonna make an envelope for each category and then you're going to put a certain amount of money in there and that is all you're going to spend when that money from that envelope is gone you are done until the next time you fill your envelopes you're not going to spend any more money in that category so for the categories that we use personally we use cash envelopes for food for our weekly grocery shopping for sam's club which is the discount store if you don't have a near you the discount store we shop at near our house where we get all of our other consumables laundry detergent paper towels toilet paper etc we use the cash envelope for eating out at rest we use a cash envelope for our miscellaneous budget and entertainment any entertainment we do for our family we put that in a cache of elope as well you can use plain envelopes like this this is what we use we just label them each one that way when they get gross you can buy a whole box of like 100 at the dollar store so when they get gross we can just throw it out and make a new envelope if you don't like using envelopes or when I get sick of using envelopes I switched to cash clips and I just put the money in my wallet and I put a clip around and mark down these are just little paper and I'm gonna link these down below and you can just write the category right on this clip or another common way is to use small little binder clips you can either take a sharpie and label them on the edge here or make a label or just color coordinate them it's all the same thing it's all the same principle just different personal preferences of what works better for you so here's how it works take your budget ease of example you're gonna use fifty dollars for every single one of these categories I'm talking about you get your paycheck you go to your bank and you take out the money that you're going to need for these categories then you're gonna take your envelopes you're gonna put fifty dollars in your restaurant envelope fifty dollars in your entertainment envelope fifty dollars in your miscellaneous envelope fifty dollars in your food envelope and so on and so forth if you budget every two weeks then those envelopes are going to last you for two full weeks if you decide to go out to dinner and you spend $50 on your dinner then your restaurant envelope is now empty and the thought process behind this is now you take it out of your wallet whatever you need to do now you do not eat out in a restaurant until you're able to fill your envelopes again so if you're able to be committed if you're able to be disciplined enough to stick to this and not swipe that credit card when you want to go to the restaurant then that's going to help you stick to your restaurant budget some people as I mentioned they don't want to use cash they don't want to carry cash they don't want to deal with cash there's a couple other options you can either use a digital cash envelope system on an app is usually the most popular an app like Dave Ramsey's app every dollar you can download it for free and you can designate digital cash envelopes so you will digitally move money to a cash envelope whatever you want to a lot for that category and then when you go to the restaurant and you spend $30 you're going to note that in your app and it's going to virtually subtract 30 dollars and show you that you have a balance of 20 dollars in that cash envelope for the remainder of your pay period another option is just to use your debit card I personally don't like using the debit card I feel like it's a slippery slope for me it's still easy to just keep swiping that card and swiping that card and the reality of what you're spending doesn't quite set in until you sit down to balance your checkbook now I know it's not like that for everybody that's just how it works for me I don't I don't prefer the debit card I feel like it's too easy to forget to log a receipt or to forget how much money is in there when you're out and about I prefer cash it has helped us immensely but if you are someone that can be a little bit more meticulous that doesn't mind sitting there and reviewing your bank statement every couple of days to make sure you're not missing something and you find it easier than maybe using a debit card is the way the cash system will work for you so the last question I get is how long are you going to do the system for this is a very personal question it's going to be different for everybody we have been on this debt free journey since February of 2017 and we have used a cash system ever since we've tried to switch a couple times when I get sick of envelopes they'll switch to the cash clips that I showed you and then I'll switch back we have tried the debit card as I mentioned that didn't really work for us we have tried stopping altogether and what I notice is each time little by little by little almost it's almost unrecognizable we start sliding and sliding and sliding and spending a little more and a little more and going off budget so for us personally I foresee us always sticking to some type of cash system now last year we have kind of blended some of our categories so instead of being so strict with each envelope we've meshed a couple of them together and now I kind of have our whole miscellaneous is just miscellaneous eating out and entertainment all mixed together in one so when all that money is gone it's gone and if we want to use it all and going to restaurants then that's fine if we want to use it all on miscellaneous purchases that we need and not going out to eat then that's fine we've blurred the lines a little bit and that's working for us however we again have been doing this for almost a year and a half now and we have made some huge huge changes in our habits so we've been able to stick to a rigid system you're gonna have to be the judge you're gonna have to see how are your habits how are you a sticking to your budget and you're just going to have to do what works for you and I hope that you'll find this advantageous as we have this system it's it's been so helpful for myself and my husband you just really will have to figure out what works best for you and I hate to keep saying that but it's true because this is not a one-size-fits-all journey your journey to paying off debt living on a budget is going to be relative to you and your life and your lifestyle so if you have any other questions about the cash envelope system if you want to leave them below in the comments I'd be happy to answer them the best I can I'm also going to link a blog post that goes over this and a little bit more detail down below in the description and I appreciate you watching my video I hope you give it a thumbs up if you found some value and please subscribe

10 Frugal Habits for Saving Money and Growing Wealth

**10 Frugal Habits for Saving Money and Growing Wealth**



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We saved $100000 last year! Check out tips on how to save money: –~– To us, the best thing about being …