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021 - Doing up the narrowboat (The Lounge) with some money saving tips.

**021 – Doing up the narrowboat (The Lounge) with some money saving tips.**



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I’ve been doing up the the living area / lounge on the boat with some painting, varnishing and new lights. You can see my Simple Living on a Boat Facebook …

Vlog | Groupon deals: thai & international food (REuploaded)

**Vlog | Groupon deals: thai & international food (REuploaded)**



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reuploaded, because of some issues.

Sorry for bad quality, will try to improve with time.

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How To Setup Philips Hue Lighting and Motion Sensors & Money Saving Tips

**How To Setup Philips Hue Lighting and Motion Sensors & Money Saving Tips**



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In this video I show you How To Setup Philips Hue Lighting and Motion Sensors & include some Money Saving Tips. (Where to purchase down below) Philips …

Crumbling Ceilings in a 150 Year old Mansion - Installing LED Downlights in Lath and Plaster Ceiling

**Crumbling Ceilings in a 150 Year old Mansion – Installing LED Downlights in Lath and Plaster Ceiling**



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Crumbling Ceilings in a 150 Year old Mansion – Installing LED Downlights in Lath and Plaster Ceiling

Products used/mentioned in this video:
D.A.D.E Dust and Debris Eliminator
One Hit Filler
LED Lenser Head Torch
Armeg Adjustable Hole Cutter
Lutron RA2 Select Main Repeater Hub
Lutron RA2 Select In Line Dimmer

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hi guys Jordan here from artisan electrics if you're one of our regular subscribers welcome back to the channel and if you're new here I'm Jordan and I hope you enjoy this video so it's just a brief one this evening I've been working on a big old 150 year old mansion replacing all the down lights throughout the property quite an interesting little project and I've been fitting a Lutron smart lighting system which has been really interesting it's an amazing system this video I'm just going to briefly talk to you about laughs and plaster ceilings and how tricky it can be installing down lights in those crumbly old lime plaster ceilings so I'll show you a little bit what I've been up to and a few little tricks I've learned over the years of how to deal with those ceilings you'll see some products as well that you might find interesting and I'll leave you a link in the description below so you can have a look at where you can buy those products they might help you on some jobs if you've got some similar work coming up and as always guys if you enjoyed this video please hit that like button and subscribe to the channel for more videos coming soon so as an apprentice in college you're never gonna see this but in real life we come across it sometimes it's called laughs and plaster basically it's old wooden battens called laughs often made for oak and then plaster was smeared over them to make the final finish for the wall often the plastic containers horsehair and lime and basically it's a very old fashioned way of doing things you can find it in houses of 800 years old some more this house that I'm working in now is 150 years old and I'm replacing all the Downloads throughout the houses over 140 of these down lights to replace getting rid of these old halogens basically and putting in LED downlights and I'm putting in smart controls for them by and that means of a Lutron system you Lutron are a to select but I just want to show you these ceilings because they're quite unbeliev and there's a bit of a knack to installing the new down lights neatly without causing half the ceiling to fall down so you can see here this is the plaster and it's just super crumbly and then these are the wooden laths made of oak so they're very strong and essentially as soon as you touch this it just can see just a stumble fall apart so you have to be really delicate with taking the old line fittings out carefully prizing them out from the ceiling and then putting new ones in especially if they're not exactly the same size it can be quite a delicate task so with these for example the new ones that I'm installing are slightly bigger and so what I'm gonna have to do is get my hole cutter in here and just enlarge the hole slightly in order for it to fit properly otherwise if I don't is too tight another push in the ceiling will just start to crumble away so I just share with you a very interesting so if you ever come across one of these behind a light fitting and you wonder what it is looks a bit like some kind of scary hat it's actually what we call a fire hood and these are introduced when the regulations came in about maintaining the fire barrier of the ceiling and part of the building regulations and before fire rated down lights were invented this is what we used to have to do put one of these over the halogen down light in order to maintain the fire barrier of the ceiling now it's quite well the effectiveness of these is debatable I would say I personally think they're a bit naff but they were a way of satisfying the regulations at the time now I tried to pull them out of the ceiling when I'm putting new fire-rated down right same because they just take up a bit of space and it's not good to silly things hanging around and the ceilings when not necessary so I try to remove these as much as possible and just throw them away but yeah thank goodness for fire rated down lights much better solution the particular down lights I'm installing today are the JCC one double O two in white and these are slightly larger version of the one double O ones and they are eyeball so they're adjustable and also the color temperature can be changed by just flicking a little dense which here on the actual driver so flick it this way for a warm white this way for cool white so it goes between 3000 k and 4000 K and this is what you use to click into the actual light fitting light fitting itself is here so that's what they look like yeah nice looking fitting zone or IP rated that's the only thing so you can't put them in within the zone of the bathroom and but apart from that they do everything fire acoustic rated seven-and-a-half watts good lamp life good temperature color good cir CRI index yeah I roll a very nice little product and easy to install so now I've connected my driver up and tucked you up into the ceiling out of the way I'm just going in large the hole using this eighty six mil hole cutter and my da de died dust and debris extractor which is a brilliant bit kit if you don't want to get dust everywhere and ila notch the home and then should be able to fit down like quite easily so as you can see that is just enlarge the hole slightly it does pretty burn when you cut these laughs because they're so solid you need a nice sharp hole cutter but it makes a little bit smoke but hopefully now that damn light will fit quite easily it's as you can see here it's fit now nice and flush it went in easily but there's a little bit of damage here to the ceiling where the corners have just crumbled away so I'm gonna do is get their filler just fill that in someone hit white filler and then it'll be as good as new you're hardly good to see the damage so I filled that in and what I not to do now is just go round with a big wipe and just wipe off any excess sure those it's got stuck on the actual fitting or around the ceiling and there we go that is bits missing and if the customer really wants to take and obviously touch the paint up but that won't be hardly visible from down below so that video is of benefit to you if you did and if you haven't already hit that like button and subscribe to the channel and if you hit the notification bell then you'll be notified next time a video from our channel comes out so you can keep up to date with all the news we've got some great videos coming up ahead we're gonna try and share with you some information about that Lutron smart lighting system which is really interesting and also some other great videos coming soon and if you check the links in the description you'll see some links to other products that we have mentioned in this video for example the da de dust extractor and also those jccc down lights that we like to install you'll find the links below so you can have a look at those products and order some for yourself if you might have the need as always guys have a great evening and thanks for watching

Cirque Italia- Water Circus

**Cirque Italia- Water Circus**



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Come experience the magical world of Cirque Italia – a show like no other. We are proud to be the first traveling WATER circus in the US! Our extraordinary …