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Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard

**Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard**



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Hey guys! Today I am sharing my top 10 favorite life hacks for traveling! These tips will save you guys time, money, and space in your suit case! Thumbs up this video for more life hack videos!

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11 Quick Ways to Save Money at Home

**11 Quick Ways to Save Money at Home**



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Looking for quick ways to save money at home? Here’s 11 great ideas to get the ball rolling. Which one will you try first?

Get a quote from one my trusted professionals and see how much money you could be saving:
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– You guys, I swear by
those three recipes. They are so good, so good. All right, here are 11 different things that you can do at home to
actually save you money. Number one: Make snacks. So instead of buying the
little individual packs of your kids' snacks, buy
the big thing at Costco, and then put it in little bags. This is what I do. It's kind of a pain, I know. But listen, you're gonna
save so much more money doing that. I promise. Number two: Have everyone bring a dish. Yes, so if you are hosting a big party, have everyone bring
something so you're not the only one cooking and
spending all the money on food. Number three: Learn to turn a wrench. I'm preaching to myself
here, people. (laughing) This is good. I've learned
to do a couple of things, and it actually saves you
money if you can fix things like your toilet or your air filters— you can change those out. Different things like that
can save you a lot of money versus calling someone to do it. Number four: Learn to sew. Now I'm not talking about
some like elaborate, beautiful smock dress,
even though I love those. I'm talking about just fixing a button or something that's torn. Sewing it up so you don't have to go buy new clothes. Number five: Organize, organize, organize. Yes, when you start to organize things, you'll find that you don't need half the things you have. You can throw it away
or even sell some stuff— get some money that way. But also, in the end,
you're just gonna feel more refreshed and more organized versus going out and spending more money on stuff that you don't need. In fact, I did this. I took the minimalist challenge. If you don't know what that is, check out the other
episode with The Minimalists, because it was amazing. And I threw out and sold so much stuff, you guys. And it was incredible, trust me. When I say to organize,
oh, I love it so much. Number six: Always negotiate. Winston is famous for
this, calling Comcast every quarter of the year to see if we can get a better rate on our cable. So when you get prices like that, don't just say, "Okay, we'll take it." Ask if you can get a better deal. Number seven: Hang dry your clothes. Now, you might be a little
bit iffy on this one, but trust me. When you actually don't dry your clothes and you let them air dry,
the quality of your clothes lasts longer so you don't have to pay for new clothes as often. Number eight: Share baby gear. Now, I'm not talking about old
bibs and that kind of thing. I'm talking about swings,
like the big stuff. My sister and I did
this. The way our babies have lined up, we don't need a swing. I don't need the swing,
so she takes the swing. And when she doesn't need
the swing, I take the swing, because I end up having a new baby. It works perfectly. So if you can find those big things, find a mom in your area, do that. That will save you a lot of money. Number nine: Don't pay
full price for kid clothes. Listen, they grow out of them so fast, especially if you have little babies. So, do some things like swapping with other moms in your area. Swap clothes or even do consignment sale. My spiritual gift: I
always find the best things at consignment sales. I love them so much, and
you save a ton of money. And number 10: Learn to
say no to fundraising. When there's a knock at your door or the doorbell rings, it's always some sweet middle school kid
trying to sell you things, and some of you, it might be your sweet middle school kids. So there's a part of all of us that wants to help, but when you're dishing out $20 or $30 for every kid that knocks on your door, you're spending a lot of money on stuff that you're not gonna use. So, learn to say no to certain ones and have some boundaries. It's okay. All right, last but not least, save money on checking your insurance. This is huge. And I'm talking about your home insurance, your auto insurance, all those things. Most people forget to do this. They just set up their insurance, and they don't look. But go and see if you
can get a better deal. Go check out our endorsed local providers. In fact, people that do this, they save on average $731 a year. That's a lot of money. So those are some quick,
easy ways, 11 ways in fact, for you to do things at
home to save you money.

Alison's Life Hacks to Stay Cool During the Summer | This Morning

**Alison's Life Hacks to Stay Cool During the Summer | This Morning**



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It’s set to be even hotter than Barbados this week as warm winds from Africa make it a ‘scorcher’ across the UK with temperatures hitting a record-breaking 36 degrees! So how can you keep cool and sleep in these conditions? The very chilled Alison Hammond is here with her helpful tips and tricks.
Broadcast on: 23/07/19

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now you might wonder why we were standing here leading because it's hot why we're leaving me on a bed hotter than Barbados apparently this country is going to be these warm winds coming up from Africa it's gonna be an absolute scorcher temperatures are set to hit around 37 degrees will be there that'll be the record it would be a record breaker for July yeah and tonight that's saying the weather forecasters saying that it will be 25 degrees so really hot realistically very hard to sleep Alison we know what that's like you know we love the Sun and it's summer and how lovely but when it comes to bedtime we'll be hot you're a bad tonight so why it's hot babe oh I am just naturally my everybody you could owes me that got you so hot and I'm not I know wife says to me go away it's one of those things but listen I'm a genius in keeping your cool which is exactly what we're gonna do today we're gonna start with the basics obviously a Sun Hat in this sort of weather get a Sun Hat on daddy not wearing ice at night when you're gonna cool you down also this is a weird one but it works I don't know how it works because I just don't know the science of it but big pants cool you down sounds weird but I thought you know what I'm always I feel cool all the time and it's because I've got the cotton pants yes whether we just keeps all the cool air in but literally wear big pants and it's nice also these are lying all over your house all the time hot water bottles well we can change it up we can put some water mean put it in the freezer cold now I like this idea and you can still put it in the cupboard so it's not yeah it's not I see on your face I think you have to be careful you don't fill it right up because the water exposed on your big pants will be sorted if you've got kids who get really hot in bed you can also put your teddy bear into one of those ziplock bags put it into a ziploc bag put it in the freezer for say an hour or two hours and just before they go to bed you give them a teddy bear and it's nice and cool it's gonna get them to sleep on their face on their face or they just couldn't let any chess quite nice oh also I love these Ziploc bags by the way this is gonna be a rubbish strand if you haven't got a freezer you know because everything I'm breathing if you haven't got freezes turn over listen this is a sheet which you can put into the freezer as well because it lock and yeah what I tend to do cuz I've done all this you say just before I'm going to sleep put it over me and it's literally just cools me right to duvet off oh this is what you're gonna put over yourself yeah a cool throws and sheets a call for quite a while then it to sleep yeah so you do I don't know by the morning it's nice and hot but it's a really really good hack bags would be a sponge wet the sponge again in the ziplock bag put it in the freezer and you've got a cold compress so if someone has an accident you can put that on or if you just want to call yourself down but another one of your Oaks nice clean sock yeah put some rice in it can be any rice pilau jasmine rice rice cooked put it into a clean sock put it in the freezer one hour two hours it's entirely up to you and this molds to your body okay come and join me guys come over here to this section over by myself and have a look at this next happy that I've got so you get one of these water bottles really cheap in the shop quid put some icing eat some water in it and you've got your own personal cooling spray if you want to add a little bit of lavender that's really good that gets you to sleep or if you want to put some aloe vera gel thinking why she got a spiky plant because that's obviously really good for sunburn spray it on its gonna call you right down do you like that yes I'm gonna make sure it's a fine mist if you haven't turned the nozzle properly thinking you may or may not have noticed but someone gave me in January a small cactus plant this isn't our bedroom in a pot where did that come from I've seen never been watered January – I think it's a fake that's some real cactus I'm gonna check it you don't you really don't need that much more with the cactus literally can water it once a year it's fine this one's really good one of these cloths banging that in the freezer again and view the freezer and then just put it around your drink so if you got some water or a drink that you want to just put that in the freezer for 20 minutes and you've got a really cold lovely drink really good at doing ice and diluting it yeah this is ice cream yes please slow thank you it's a veteran at the ice cream all this is is banana ice cream because you're an LLC yeah this is just a banana you put it in a blender a frozen banana put it in the blender and you've got ice cream just that you haven't had and that's only a banana that you're eating don't put milk in it nothing in it whatsoever just a banana freeze it and then the freezer that's very nice we've got a nice cooling healthy snack like really is nice with a bit of chocolate sauce so if you resize your banana and put it in the freezer yeah one of those bags freezing its a bright slightly looked take it eyes the weird one now a lot of people think you gotta have cold drinks in order to keep pool it's not true have a cup of tea this falls your body into thinking that you're really hot yeah and then your natural system kicks in to cool you down so we have a nice cup of day and literally that's gonna cool you down in this weather I know it sounds weird but it really works hold on a sec well I feel cool my uncle Tommy Bell who was in the Navy in troubled world during the war he's tell us as kids when you're hot drink hot tea these things stupid old Tommy we take it or I take it all back that's genius so this is a low-fat milk believe it or not this is really hydrating when it comes to hot weather not full fat this is a low-fat milk I don't know what it is but again drink this milk and it will cool you down again hey that's not a milk isn't low fat milk Oh llamas milk oh no okay this is a great hack that I found out write this in my house about my hat about and naturally due at my hospital I open my bedroom window and then I open my son's bedroom window then I have the fresh air coming the drives I create a draught it's a really good hack if you've got that sort of house and you can do that do that alternatively you can get yourself a fan you can get a bowl of ice yeah and you put the fan behind the ice a bowl of ice and then you blow it you literally cool the whole room which is yet that don't make sense yeah really works because the ice is that the water is evaporating and then you're blowing this out of the old droplets or what else you can do is you can just put this fan facing out in the window put it on and again it just kind of done wrong because you don't think that's a bit odd but they're saying actually the sort of having the fan on you that you're cooling me out it's coming in as it comes in to fill in the hot air these hacks are really simple again you need a freezer get yourself a freezer if you're the one you've missed died on is the one my wife insists on which is blue on me that's the truth that's another two story I just want to sad I don't know anyway you

Why saving money doesn't work.  (And what does...)

**Why saving money doesn't work. (And what does…)**



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Ex-Google TechLead tells you why saving money doesn’t work. Check out Ting mobile service for a cheaper pay-per-use cellphone plan and get $25 off your bill:

Should you buy that $5 latte? Quite frankly, it’s just not going to matter. We all know that $5 never changed anyone’s life. But it’s not about the money. Rather, it’s the mindset of consumption that will be your ruin.

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hey template here and welcome to another episode of the tech lead I'll be your host a tech lead and for those of you who don't know me I am an ex-googler tech lead it is coffee time with the tech lead now given my level of success and as a multi-millionaire I believe that I not only have the credibility but the authority and the right to tell you about how you should and should not save your money how you should spend that money and when I'm here to tell you about is why I think that saving money doesn't really work should you be going out and buying five-dollar lattes is that okay whether I think about that and my reasoning for you is that sure it's fine go ahead go buy that latte it's not really going to make a difference Indian anyways it's really more about other things though you know for example if you were to go buy a shirt like this shirt there respect the Tecla shirt which you can go buy a 1995 link in the description below amazing quality is just not going to make a difference in your finances but to me what is really disturbing more is about that hunger you have for this shirt and how it's not going to release upside if you don't buy it right what's going to happen is you're going to steal my other stuff you're going to want boots you're gonna want shoes pants car right you still might want a Porsche a Louis Vuitton bag you still want the good stuff that high life and so my concern for you is that not buying that single shirt is just not going to solve the root of the problem that source of the problem that hunger that desire is still there and at some point in your life is going to crop up if several years from now you go and you buy yourself of the week wheat on hand back for a few thousand dollars that's going to wipe out all of the savings that you've had over the past few years simply because you never really quite solve that initial problem so if you want a shirt if you want the shirt then I recommend you just go buy it and you know Who am I to tell you how you can and cannot spend your money so to me saving is really all about the right habits and if you can come up with the right habits then over a long period of time say throughout your whole life is going to save you a ton of money when the example of this is actually your cell phone bill every month you may be paying $60 for it and that's fine here and there but if you calculate that and sum it up over your entire lifetime you're going to find out that it's actually costing you a ton of money and that's where our sponsor comes in I've got you guys set up with t-mobile check out my tech lighting calm ting is a pay-per-use cell phone plan provider so if you're using a contra cellphone plan where you have to pay like $50 a month $80 a month and you get a bunch of random stuff that you don't really need you may be paying for a ton of extras that you're not really using in your contract and you just have to pay that month after month like maybe you're getting unlimited texting which you don't really care about you don't really use that that much because these days you're just using apps like messenger Hangouts whatsapp and these days I also just use Google Hangouts to do my voice calling and they even data I don't use they thought that much most of the time idea on the Wi-Fi network when I'm at work we're at home so several years ago I moved over to a paper use phone plan and I got my whole family on this sort of plan as well so I would highly recommend that if you're not on paper use you check it out completely contract free they send you a SIM card for like a dollar you plug that in and then you're set to go I'm getting you guys $25 off your first bill tackling.com so on the topic of that habits another good one is to avoid drinking when you go out and I've managed to save so much money it's not just that one time cost right this is something that accumulates day after day month after month and over the course of your lifetime it really starts to add up learning to cook taking care of your health choosing your hobbies wisely and so we need to focus your own or not those one-time savings but the savings that can really add up over long periods of time and I think that's one reason why if you look at the old sites these deal sites maybe they save you a few bucks here and there but they don't really save you that much because it's just a one-time thing they're still fun to do but to me there's not so much a way of saving money as much as just a hobby I might also suggest that you ditch your stupid friends if they're the type of people who peer pressure you into buying high-end brands and materials and they laugh at you this is really just a lifestyle decision a lifestyle choice that can pay dividends over the long term by getting rid of unproductive people in your life now another tip I have for you here is to understand that there's more than one way to save money you can also save time because time is money your time is valuable it's worth something and it's easy for anybody to convert their time into money you just pick up a freelance job go drive some uber cars going up work Craigslist there's tons of people are willing to pay you for your time for skill list labor oh really and you can make some pretty good money that way and so if you were to just be able to free up a lot of time for ourselves to be able to do other tasks then that's another way you can save money in fact so the key here is avoid things that are highly time-consuming watching TV is one example of a hobby that is highly unproductive when I hear people say that they save money by stitching their cable and they switch over to Netflix because it's a few bucks cheaper a month they haven't saved much at all really because they're still spending all of their time watching TV and they may even be spending more time than that they may have actually lost money lost value that way to me it's not so much about self in few bucks a month but I'm concerned that that habit of watching TV for two hours or three hours a night every single night that's still there the habit of consumption and wasting tons of valuable time that's the elephant in the room that's still there what we're really looking here at is given that extra time and money that you're able to save what are you able to do with that and I would say for most people one goal is to start a side business and they can even be freelance work but once you have a side business you're able to take tax deductions on all this stuff if you're to go buy a laptop with a side business you automatically save like 30 to 40 percent just on the taxes on that stuff you know any business expense you start saving a lot of money on all this stuff it is better than any deal that you can find online and you need to keep in mind that $10 spent is not the same as ten dollars earned due to taxes right if you want to go spend ten dollars you actually have to earn like fifteen dollars or even twenty dollars for some people now another major tip I have for you here is to learn to leverage your family a lot of people like to ditch their families they think they're better than them and they just want to go up and make it on their own be all independent and all that but you end up wasting tons of money that way your family has a whole bunch of resources and you were living free on those resources before you decided to move out and so a lot of your personal expenses I'll say 50 to 100 percent of your personal expenses don't really need to be there housing is a big one it Trump's almost everything and if you were to live with your parents for a while you could save so much you know around here in Silicon Valley housing costs at least two thousand to four thousand dollars a month I pay four thousand dollars a month you imagine how much money I could save on that if I were to just go live with my parents I could be buying a Tesla every single year and still break even if I just chose to live at home your family may also have a bunch of appliances furniture vacuum cleaners spare cars all of that stuff can be shared these days it seems that everybody wants to be a professional chef because it's become consumer eyes you just go to William Sonoma everybody wants a high-end knife set everybody wants their high-end pots and pans you know all of this stuff can actually be shared though in reality if your parents have a really good pot or pen you just go bottle that if you have a really nice steak maybe once every month or so and what you want to go try and cook that another tip is really tracking your expenses and I mean really taking a look at them I know a lot of people they don't really check their monthly expenses they just kind of haphazardly do it but really took a look at where money is coming in and where it's going now and tracked each expense and question each one right like as we mentioned before your cell phone bill that's a pretty big chunk actually I would say for a lot of people it's like 60 to 100 dollars a month and you know you can question that like think about do you really need to be paying that Netflix is another one which I think a lot of people are paying for which you don't really need so much right like I don't subscribe to any TV services I just watch some basic YouTube i watch a few ads here and there and that's fine it's OK for me and I actually enjoy watching advertisements speaking of which check out tackle eating calm and you can also buy my shirt here a few years back I started to really look at my receipts at grocery stores and realized cookies granola bars cereal that stuff costs a lot those were some of my biggest expenses it would cost like ten dollars for a box of cookies and for ten bucks at a supermarket you can actually get like a steak or something like that so I used mint.com which we're not sponsored by but you know services like that you can check through all of your transactions across multiple credit cards I'm just watching off any outflow of money very carefully especially because I won this such that any time money leaves it is intentional another good habit is to learn to resell your stuff anything I buy i buy with the intention of reselling i save all of my boxes I keep the gear especially electronics in good condition and I regularly go on sites like eBay or Amazon sellers to resell my stuff and then the last tip here is about changing your mindset which i think is really the core of the problem you have to understand that not everything that glitters is gold in the sense all of us are already rich compared to people in lower rungs of society we just keep wanting more you know and that's really endless you just keep climbing that ladder of all these Jaguars Porsches or if it's clothing you want Deb Banana Republic diesel Burberry Louis Vuitton you just keep going up that ladder if you want to and what's really going on is you're getting into consume what sorry I call it that you get yourself into this cycle of consumers and where you just keep wanting and wanting more and that's the source of the problem you need to learn to stop wanting so much stuff right be focused on what you want know what you want and just get that only right but you don't want to keep getting yourself into the cycle where you want this you want that you just want everything and it's really aimless for myself I'm not really interested in consuming other people's stuff I like the producer side right I like to be the one making this stuff like this shirt and then I won't wear this right I don't really want to go wear a Louis Vuitton shirt I want to wear my own shirt as a photographer I don't want to buy other people's photos I want to frame my own pictures I take and as a video producer when I watch TV i watch my own videos so let me put it this way to me saving money is not about being cheap it's about the type of person you will become if you get overtaken by consumers and you get out of control that way right if you're always thinking about the latest brands which car you want which heart you're gonna drive which shoe you want to buy all the hobbies that you've taken up all of the TV shows and movies you're gonna go to the concerts the events it's all of that stuff that's going to cause the most damage for you because it's going to consume all of your time and you're not going to be able to produce you just become a pure consumer at that point that is the point of saving money it is to help you develop the right habits and mindset to avoid becoming a pure consumerist so says some limits for yourself and realized that it is not so much about saving a few pennies here and there it is about the lifestyle that you create for yourself let me know your top tips on saving money if you like the video give the like and subscribe and I'll see you next time bye